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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Patriots Pre-Season

Aug 9, 2014|

Ryan Mallett's showcase was terrible as the Pats fell 23-6 to the Redskins.However, rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo looked pretty good against the 3's and 4's. Craig and Larry open the show talking about the younger guys who could be backing up Tom Brady.

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Us another Saturday morning -- mustard and Johnson essentially keeping the seat warm for Danny for card at 1 o'clock Red Sox. And angels playing. Game two tonight you know he's my been mentioning the Red Sox Larry Johnson right now is on Jackie Bradley junior high. I he is beside himself and Ecstasy a sense of euphoria. I've never seen him so elated over one defensive play in my life. Larry wanna go up into a couple cartwheels before you begin your analysis of Jackie Bradley sketch in the eight inning as usual you. Always. To stretch the truth which is sort you people are known for. Or I would money out my -- shame -- admitted that I was up last night -- five. And watching the game Webster. Very effective once he learned to stop walking. The first batter an inning. Six I think to third innings very very effective. For any angels is not the easiest lineup to get through which you got trial laurels and Hamilton but he did a great job. But it was late in the game and I forget who they -- it was for the angels but he. Drop the blooper -- shallow center field and Bradley speed was just amazing how he caught up with that ball I mean he he's say definitely saved and out there. And then later right in the eighth a deep fly to center field and Eagles just flying through the year. We're the greatest cities I'm serious that you would be serious for a minute. Their defense I feel very bad for him as a hitter I think he's struggling. You know I don't have answers I don't know what he needs to do at this point by. I. Personal opinion I think he's certainly makes the team next year if for defensive purposes alone he's good for saving you know. A number of games VO I thought it was a you'll see it on sports center -- ally is just that it's a great play. It was late in the game and if that ball drops and I believe they were two men on base. Very. -- on his -- what I want and hours. Why you're up that 1 o'clock or yours complain about the late wife has like dark kick me out of bed what you did I get. I've got maybe you were doing homework for the show that you felt it incumbent upon yourself you only do one show weakened. At least if short prep it was show -- 105. This morning Larry Johnson cheering. Other Red Sox who now according to baseball prospectus don't even have a fraction of the chance that it officially now are now 0% at Jacobs even as the green he's back in. Ten and have back in a -- cut. You know it's funny these are very very exciting times for any sports for him right now which really makes it different -- the cram everything into. One show when people say geez you guys are all over the place it's not us that dictates. The subject matter is the reason we mention all the various subjects is because we know if we mention of people won't call about it if you don't and -- don't think we're interested. Certainly the patriots game -- it is what it was. It's an exhibition game I I see where their ratings were up 5% increase in TV ratings and why you think that's the case. I think it's just think people waited so long they just want I said it to you before we went on the air existed mansion as they have some football back in the mix is just. It's different than any other sport it even if you're watching via an awesome game at Atlanta aren't. Somebody else you don't care it just makes a -- great exciting intriguing. -- sport in what I like also is it the people UC on the draft -- Usually are running around on the field and and that's like unlike some of the other sports where you have to wait awhile. Well I think the big thing is of course the Red Sox although not officially mathematically eliminated at all as they said baseball prospectus and everybody else well you have to do is a look at this. Addition of the Red Sox and now it's been a long time since they were truly. In contention so. I think the gays certainly turned toward Foxboro they came out huge numbers as they always do for. Summer training camp but this year more than ever with the Red Sox dropping out becoming a non factor. The anticipation has been used certainly with the around Revis coming aboard less so we're Brandon Browner. A lot of optimism and I think justified so even though Brady didn't play and what only nine of the 22 starters actually saw action in that game. We all -- target that first pre season game that first one and August can't wait for football the start up again. And the numbers even bigger than last year probably because the Red Sox this year like last year irrelevant even though they are playing the -- series opponent. On the other channel so it was fun to watch meaningless. As always wary in it and it amazes me. And I know we have nothing else to do this is our job is to analyze what's happening in the moment in what's happening in the moment right now. Is this little quarterback controversy between the backups -- drop below. And Ryan mallet but I'll tell you what. Europe patriot fan if your member of the organization. You are in fine battle if the only thing the you have to worry about is back up is going to be did Tom Brady. This is of rich guys who is in -- very very good -- while. Here's month. Thing that needs to be stated it it's the same thing when I hear people say it was not my money sort of like here. And then the next thing this is at the only an exhibition game weekend only thing I understand man but I probably said about an exhibition game. You might not be able to tell -- -- guy can play. Richard dog -- and don't think he said disagree that apply if you're an exhibition game. In even if you're -- again if Iran -- third in -- stringers and you're struggling. Well that should be of greater concern than accurate against that of the first strangers so. Certainly mallet the guys -- with a team from four years at fourth year coming out Craig. My garage he looked he looked nervous he -- his timing was off he was throwing -- receivers feet. I -- this they want they want things that out of Q awards for your playing. Com the number to me one of the number one stories aside from Prague but the patriots coming out. Is. The retirement of Dante Scarnecchia because it's going to be very interesting. If rob -- -- perhaps this new offensive while lying coach's name warming I'm a little confused the -- about. The -- Neglect. -- -- problem I think it is the operative line Carter Colin day at the -- and definitely it. Payable man about it and that was that. It's. Interest paying and it's going to be disease development of the top of the line because in fairness the mallet he did have the pressure on him. Tom Barack below on the other hand could uses the NC we you can use your field that you could dance out of probably danced out of once -- rice and not allowing out of it. It's fine. It's interesting. I certainly don't and if anybody even dreams of coming up with him like comparing him -- it may be taking Brady's that you sound foolish. I don't mind -- anybody say that now and I hope it doesn't happen I don't mind the the -- comparison however because. I expected a lot more right mumps are he gets its chances that. The game and I thought he. It was terrible -- ask you can ask a question the sounds it's a simple but in the seemingly stupid but I think there's a reason for it. Why is everybody's so concerned. About Ryan mallet performing well. Because if he's in that position Murray has to do it at any link that time. It probably doesn't matter anyway I guess people -- looking for another Matt Cassel not to lead them to eleven win season out of the Brady go down all the reason of people are so concerned about it is the same reason by the -- to grapple what you're doing your show hoping that mallet which oh. Some ability out there and running the offense to what degree -- you could trade him they don't wanna sign him a contract. I just say if he came out the little lights up last night it was a complete constraint for a lot. It all well what a fourth round pick a fifth round pick -- I don't know. Depending how -- -- -- Katrina is accurate about why do you think they'd take off your patriot glass towers like it not your IE if he would not -- -- -- -- up. In play exceptionally well that would bode well for another team out there that might be struggling it might need another quarterback in or -- -- goals down. That's what you think -- style that twit network -- hoping for I understand what they're hoping for they also were holding out for a second round pick a couple of years ago how'd that work out well and again. Yeah he's only at a bar for -- fitness the -- -- only had about four snaps in there I went to post game afterwards said. That's that prize he doubted it pretty great what was his -- the sick. Just say -- a lot of worked at or got to work on some things that -- as patient as I should have been. I don't again I was just glad to watch a football game and you trying pick out certain things that but that defensive back -- land an economic game. And again you don't even know -- playing against half these guys in and and you realize all that I am not tennis that. You'd pick apart a game because they're a second and third stringers in there I'm just an injury -- the way it is and try and focus on a couple of plays that might stick out for you that -- finch and he messed up upon returning. Across -- back out well not locked out as an offside -- -- and birds steal but he. He looks like -- -- I don't know I don't know anybody looked at this point -- -- You don't quite well this this stuff and I'll tell. You to because people playing against third fourth triggers I did watch that kid Jones the that tight and whose huge 68275. He had one pass thrown to him to rappel off for items that that was unfortunate commitment to seat him. In the open but you look key was modeling some people at the line to I don't know other than that I enjoyed it. The broadcast itself. It was okay it was. I think it jamming with eight praise Leon and I think everybody's excited to get it going -- I logged in wrote classy guy and I don't -- -- illicit. I don't criticize any of these guys to a certain degree because I couldn't do. So I mean I always look at it that way and turn the sound you sound like -- -- -- wanted to watch out as I do think that for area in Chatham somebody has to tell them in this happens or Red Sox games to -- -- guest in the -- The guest is talking you know like there's a line drive off the center field wall in the -- just harks right over. When you're doing these football games shouldn't you have to stop on the place dot. And then you can pick it up again but when you're talking. In answering a question three plays ago it's anoint. -- interest thing channel four's approach last year remembered their approach last year where they almost had a talk show going where they had everybody talking. Not that it was much better I like that -- -- they were just chatting and they sort of a shoot the the standard conventional play by play -- -- the play by play guy in the analysts in the sideline reporter. They went back to more of this this standard conventional mode. The other night were they the may have parole when Andy heart. Back in the studio commenting. Last year it seemed to be more of in easy going free flowing conversation. Which I liked I liked that unconventional style -- the Thursday night game was basically a stand up say watt. Anything. Any thing and I but Dan -- was fine but he was unduly criticized by some. Not every sound named names and -- and there are people -- -- despite this web sites you know we're very -- that this I thought it was goodies conversational he was on top of that. In -- an excellent broadcaster. I thought Christian was great to. All I can say is is long as it's not act as tricky. As long as it's not. -- cross your mind I am happy. I can't they are so bad I didn't mind them unaudited alienated. The patriots they have zero. Out of the TV that the main thing is John Dennis says it is you want to know -- now and is it is hitting -- in Yemen right. In -- fairness and that I think by the way adding one of these one of the superb jobs done in broadcasting a football games is Gary ten anyway. When he does the high schools Super Bowl games he does like four games in a -- in how he keeps track of the rosters and and the like. I still think locally -- of the best football announces I've heard in you know I would appropriate hurt him on there as well but that's -- If you're gonna go away from the game in the aren't the get a dart about as the broadcast all you talk about this is this is why I gotta go back to my opening statement you know your franchise. Is successful when you're worried about the broadcast approach. You're worried about the back up quarterback -- if Ryan mallet. I can play that well. Now it in all honesty though I expected him to look better than that Craig he's been in the system for four and this is his fourth year I expected him to come out. In look bad of an actor wrap hello I understand he was going up against. Third and fourth string is I don't care you still have to throw the ball accurately and I thought that deep route to at times it was it was fantastic. It was fun when the game was boring his -- until he came in the game. In in -- out. I don't you know out of that he had a good game because he's he's been lousy -- end at the practice seven on 7011. On eleven -- has about nine impressive at all but. Some guys like that some guys that you know turn the lights on and it's a whole different ballgame. It was fine I don't see much of it going on except what will happen with a mallet will he get another shot that if they play the Eagles this Friday. How much more time Canadian -- spend on him I don't know. Well here's the question I guess will Brady play at all is a -- going to. Makes a few more of the veteran players and is only nine of I wanted to aren't what he did -- with experience the other night and played one series I wouldn't surprise be surprised if Brady played a couple of series -- where everybody knows what he can do so you're not interested. I I still think you have to. -- showcase him now one more time to see if you can get in the -- to be fair to him. Though and I'm gonna take on the Larry Johnson or let's be fair. And he does need some legitimate receivers -- got to see at least handle cattlemen in there perhaps -- -- -- -- -- protecting him and build all the injuries and everything else certainly rocks -- See any pre season action but give them at least a decent complement of wide receivers. And in a full office outline but boy you're really making us less worries though. Well one thing Rob Lowe was playing as you have said several times he's playing against second and third stringers. Who web best will be OK practice corporate chiefs that have heard -- -- like celebrities that their -- were -- to -- fuel Brighton where -- farm -- that. Barack what -- I thirty or forty. I love the way root authority says like it hot as he managed that not a hollow -- my garage I'd like that they did anybody that's driving their career released -- again out of but let's say it was fine. I love it by the way if you have NFL network -- Cleveland is playing Detroit tonight so you get a chance to see yet. -- out is just fund the NFL -- just -- Teddy Bridgewater playing with the vikings I think. You get all these rookies portals was running Robert Jacksonville's somebody very impressive. It's it's fun just the Jacksonville at 59000. Has silly thing get 59000 people for a regular season game I just telling you it's fine football brings a different. Passionate even if it is the only sport that I know that you can sit there and watched two teams that you don't care about you still have a good time. Well we know it's a perfect marriage television football. -- a perfect union to save -- and Rob Lowe obviously. When he came in about what eight minutes left in the third quarter. That's where the entertainment portion began really could have a second touchdown that pass -- -- nice pass I think you might even been caught. They were talking about it afterwards why did Belichick go to the replay and see -- that ball. Was actually grab before it hit the ground -- drop all the good that he threw that that desperation pass in the in the back line of the end zone yeah -- could play extended the play kept the play going. He is a lot of fun to watch. In all I'm saying about him is regardless of who your play. How do you throw the ball. Like you have a nice touch to have a feel for you somewhat accurate is to where you're throwing -- kick coverage obviously when you're playing against better competition. There's got to beat tiger in is gonna be more pressure on you to make that play but. It was -- that -- times. Had a great game out cry about five passes got a nice deep ball a -- to wait the last second he put his hands out. You know the irony -- that is in less he continues to do that. He's another guy you will not be seeing what you might hear on a practice or maybe it's what I like about him a society sixth through. So. But I for wine but the main thing that I got out of all of this and we don't know when to we get the starters back in the areas. The offensive line in the office -- line coach is going to be for his name again dot days can Nacchio was one of the best what's his name Larry. Who's -- offensive line coach. Got a -- him. -- -- or treasure. -- model -- no amount I listen you get through these names mean everybody come up with that let's have a product that's come up -- nicknamed real fast were you -- surprised I think maybe he's bending over backwards in the other direction we are listening to the safety blitz we have our border Rodney. And Rodney was saying. When asked by DN Schwartzman who had the better off season. Denver or the patriots in Rodney. Again may be trying to sound objective on a national show. Bought the Denver. Did better than the patriots did as far as shoring up there well they got to. Players on defense where where has an up any any tread left on the tires. Into our key to leave. So they showed up with two really good players episode of the patriots got the best cornerback in football. Sherman is right up there I understand that Peterson but. I can't wait. To watch a game. Where one side of the field is completely shut down I I can't wait for that brown is cut -- one another story that we got out of this is. Browner is how -- learned how to play less physical -- he's gonna have to he's gonna get penalized a lot right. And I think you know defensive backs throughout the week to do the physical ones like Browner. Brown won't be available for game number five anyway so that will be and then there was all this panic I was listening to all the reactions. Almighty god they can't call it that closely. This game will not be the game we once knew everybody's gonna benefit the -- don't think the patriots will benefit Robert closely called game. Can wiley calling it closely -- protect the quarterbacks in because they want -- of course they want a right the ratings and look at the attention span. Market let me get secondary got to go to break we've got to -- and not just about the Red Sox but about baseball in general there is a major story that broke his three bit surprised. More people on talking about. Wait a minute hold on a second I just wanna let this wash over -- did Larry Johnson. Just come up with a broadcast -- one -- If mr. Durbin let's MF be too much at that about the difference to me is if I give UT's when we come back out jumped right into. Can't wait for that 61777979. DE 3737937. Is the textile and some of those take your telephone calls as well mustard and Johnson its Sports Radio WE yeah.

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