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Jackie Bradley Jr Player of the Game Interview 08-08-14

Aug 9, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Jackie Bradley Jr who made the play of the game with a leaping catch into the wall in center field in the bottom of the 9th inning as the Red Sox beat the Angels 4-2.

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All right Jackie early in the game for two -- from what an impact that two great catches. First the second -- which was actually spectacular did you think he had it all the way gets a great center field wall. Yeah I felt like off the bat it was going to be one of those ones where. And not try to hit the wall as quick as possible and hopefully a water I think cut me off before I get to it. Yankees the key you'll play like dead the jump that you have to get. Yeah that that young and not being afraid to hurt you know go there and get after. To where the wall he had a long you know something that might. You know Malone and LA gave birth and I felt like I can make the play right away so I had. Wanted to -- with it and the that was so critical because at the next batter hit the ball too high for you can get you almost got the second base with -- hectare beautiful. Yeah slip done a little bit. Then I made. Do you stronger over the road those two time. I'm glad that note no runs scored though. The previous inning Jackie with a committed terrific plays well on the sinking. Shot by Josh Hamilton who uses a runner in scoring position that proved to be a critical play which of those two plays is the tougher one. I'm thing in the one into the wall. Probably the toughest one because I -- would you know there weren't running and I think with Mike -- by the way you want to not. But now -- -- backing him I'm on the whole time. Downed on the one going back to wall I think my golf club it down to try to get a little more speed and -- -- there -- times. How about the place has -- his -- that was huge does that -- like you gap shot that would have made that one run game at that point. Yeah definitely -- cut on. The second speed boosters -- you know I made a great play. Jackie where are you offensively these days -- watching you struggle with the battle for your last 27. What are you doing it is in the in the time before games to trying get yourself to. To this level of getting to commute via I'm I'm again back to doing me you know nothing wrong with -- think in our tinkering around. And get back that the swing that's made me successful. In the past. Jackie what about the working at defense as sometimes it's a lost art. You really work hard you prepare for each game defensively in terms of throwing him the routes. Tom you know just working only your footwork. During batting practice is what I try to do like the NFC balls off the bat live. Your MVP. And you know just gauge how my legs are feeling that day and you know we were going -- on the faces and you know necessarily throw on air out but you know it's gonna make sure that the work there and an -- -- there. Well lot of heroes tonight Jackie congratulations on a wonderful catch up there. Thanks so much Jackie for joining us no problem all right Red Sox winning here. 42 thanks to great outfield defense.

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