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Ryan Mallet: Unimpressive in pre-season debut. Rapid response and (over) reactions

Aug 8, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Greg Dickerson discuss Ryan Mallet's performance in last night's first pre-season game.

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I love this place were -- only in sun. Are good friends in Connecticut haven't done your from time to time I was here a month or so ago and enjoyed it very much brought wife here for the very first time here for the part and yet she never meant missed them. Now now we we're here have nice meals and -- talk show that's all night c'mon. Come on now let's get yeah carry it like a guy and I don't expect a but those up and on ovals like last night made money last night raid executed -- I gotta say yet the show yesterday said. On all the Redskins went. -- You guys talking at the end of the show yesterday out of and up -- I don't know. What kind of degenerate that's not a pre season game I don't know that beat that I don't know like their turn your run at him that's like why it's a judgment. -- Aren't as good judgmental like yeah. Yields on trying to help you -- all we all have different things that entertained by all that different things that we like Michael you understand the first step to know we have a problem. It's having a problem are telling -- problem. -- approach -- problem making money again coming up and all of that what you're probably your -- making it on. Anybody can easily political event and it did I can argue that that's what I've always learned to go in expects -- ever look what. Think we did say yesterday and and we said you know it it is phony baloney football this time ear and out -- end up watching it anyway because. It's what you do. But we. This is the overreacting season we talked about the lying season and there is such a thing especially for general managers right around the trade deadline this is the overreacting -- You know Ryan mallet can't play electing Jimmy rob -- on his way to -- based on last night. Based on pre season game so don't look as we look at Michael he looked great and it was fun to watch him and Eddie was very good and and you know all good stuff but. But boy or do we overreact to stuff positively and negative. All Ryan mallet that it's amazing that we all openness and and I'm a different that nobody else I get caught up that it. I got caught up -- when I was a kid watching Tony -- and Steve -- start it went through the -- year's -- of the Brady years. We make such a big flippant deal pop back -- quarterback. I don't get it -- -- once -- players. I play we don't wanna see the field one more big deal on a backup quarterback then they sold what went awful game. While because an important definitely don't have to pay attention to admit that to the black quarterback if -- one of these games. Short order it whether whether you're an elite. What you're one of the five or sixty truly elite quarterback. Or -- the rest of the -- If -- Cleveland you pay attention to your second slightly I think Cleveland and different category one alternate to just throw and Johnny and tell him that -- the over. What little rhyme nor lawyers that's based on tomorrow at their particular -- gotten myself but if that if the patriots beat the Broncos today. I think you have to admit that the Packers yet to hit it to the backup quarterback. Because if that guidance appears that the starters out for any reason for five or six games. You need somebody who can who can step in and do the job like that let Packers last year they were fortunate. That made the playoffs but -- -- without Aaron Rodgers what was public and private runners and a direct rookie quarterback Clijsters is back quarterback that she would it was a mistake. -- fit in in three years as a member of the New England Patriots. Ryan ballots thrown four passes he -- what his team and won the other team but he's thrown for pass up its entire three year career here. I know that the backup quarterback matters if your guy goes down. Thankfully you've got a quarterback has been pretty durable I mean other than the one season he lost because of a shot on his sneak. He's been healthy he's been terrible you don't see the backup quarterback and affect even if erupt. Fifty to seven you've got to coach them but the back -- quarterback in anyway you just don't see him here. We make a big -- a lot of it I think because we feel we have do. We're not gonna see him when I can seek to make a -- well. Well I don't know I made. We are -- the same conversation with you in 2008. -- we talk about 2000. I was wrong at the time because if that laws that -- the season's over if we see the backup quarterback and we wound up in the back -- quarterback Matt Cassel season wasn't over. They lost the tiebreaker. -- 11 o'clock. It bit them in the playoffs. Though I don't and by the way that but you bring up -- point out of it because it's been that year Michael in the pre season. Matt Cassel who are all. -- he was horrible and it was as bad as what you saw last night from Ryan mallet. If not worse and and the minute Tom Brady hit the ground seven minutes into the first quarter of the first game against Kansas innings over we are when are you kidding me. And make him play and execute it. That all typical response as the backup quarterback was that it was a with a year earlier eras there at the time. Polar. Gutierrez to take over for now the idea let's go to restaurants -- But -- with about Mallon last night in the -- for years. If you wanna -- Ever seen him get better and he just -- line or three years now. OK I mean really we -- about what we think we talk about this guy like we have a clue. It's likely to go -- practice we get pre season. And and the pre season numbers they're not similar reports -- last night. I don't know what Americans to beat them up to this point. Is pre season number have been pedestrian is regular season numbers don't exist and yet well we tried it for a second round well forget -- we can't get -- form. -- -- -- it all -- -- is what you -- program and the priests under your greatest thing. Does -- look different in the pre season. Now compared to Hollywood and his rookie year or second year on at all it's pretty much the same thing got a brief question don't you with you might -- couple little bit. You know based on the -- I thought maybe he's got better but he a -- for President Clinton. It was fun watching -- drop below last night he played more than I expected probably because -- now what was worse than I expect that. -- -- -- -- that you know we moved around pretty well I was I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised -- is -- ability. He didn't look overwhelmed by the moment -- meant that for it you know what he looked like the guy. Who's been in this program for three years and -- -- looked like the guy who was making is and it felt they view and oh by the way attending his first NFL game ever. Which is Jimmy drop story never been to an NFL game before last night. I went into thinking he was missed just gonna be so nervous who's gonna be happy feet up the football it was 123. Bull 123 throw the football. It was -- like. And then you know on that and it worked out that support them play so it's a good scrambling ability to get its capability. And I meant just what you got -- with that kind of -- I got to come up with that. So we got robbed. In the drop of them it's a good plan. Talk about the one that was it reviewed. Don't notice I don't the -- the -- a couple of them sort out and the what was reviewed was done the -- yeah I mean regular season game Belichick challenges if they get a touchdown. Or -- reports now when you've -- exactly. What about sports I've. That the path toward -- The defender was there adamantly over the top but -- -- It would also make an argument that when he got out of pocket. It for a brief moment that made you run that. But. And maybe echoed that totally crazy is erratic. You know those -- A pre season that's now -- on the way. Without a riot -- I don't expect it yourself answered is good outward but the rest of the yes but you don't repeat it might be in the -- he's a little. I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of jump along the way it's gonna Wear these. Totally discount places. Like okay. The ones that that. -- -- them. At the bottom clothes while and that's the reason he's like a lot of there's a lot about it really matter. Whether it's Ryan now let. Brian him it may be -- but again. It would -- him. Your boy just following it all of that -- -- -- all -- rival batons. And I thought. -- The first -- I can't I at five guys on my list -- drop below Ryan Tim's. Brandon fell Malcolm Butler Jerious Malcolm Butler five guys and I completely did something last night. I hadn't seen the patriots defensive back on the football -- well. Bolted. They're not but I do I get him out. The football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are. There ways. That. -- Even thinks about two Israeli Kerry to be honest with -- -- as I was in this the Michael earlier he'll never admit this and and I'm just guessing here. My guess is Belichick likes what happened last night. Because he's gonna rag on these guys now you're not so good you think you're so I mean he is gonna rag on he likes what happened last night. Because he can work on some stuff and he knows you know most of the starters didn't play out and play in my action. He knows what he's dealing with here but a little stuffed -- not he's got some meat and on now. Who earned -- a guy you know bill totally ideal and I don't. What happened. Coaching points. The most you're -- like about that we. See you just hope and I take you want but look this holiday it would just be. Dale. Actually got a boat veterans -- and -- -- well all I seem to get him posted on yeah. Market not the passing game the running game we stop the run it and stop the specialty unit every single part of it is -- same -- -- -- -- would -- You know we're about to apple -- ballot. As well well -- it'd be better all I'll -- them. Right. -- -- -- another question. In my notes pretty standard dry answer and then of course this -- and yet he. -- get off. Our state. A you get in a week of practice with a and other team this week I'm convinced that those are much more important than the and a you know what this last one last night football. That was a friendly last night. You know I'll I'll I'll steal our our soccer term from earlier in the summer iron you'd. They are all friendly. And it and the practices that they have against the other team I'm much more important in the game. By the -- Brady. East for crying out loud on it in the three hour practice earlier in the week. No Brady no Revis. On the other side of me you know in that note John Jackson an open -- cars alone. It just got -- Played ten snaps and get him back off -- was glad to see -- at least out there for lol yeah it means he's fully recovered that is no warrior bottom there's no concern but you're right. Belichick paid more attention on Monday and Tuesday principles the last those -- the -- those with the days that matter last night was the thing we got to go through OK we. The the price we have to pay for these. Joint practices is we got to sit through this game at FedEx Field. You know it's -- And -- on other matters. Are gonna make. -- -- -- the first quarters court you know. Go out. With it was so wet optimize. Your your -- money. I. Pay off for the Redskins fans anyway. It. -- all our remembered as a partial exhibition game to watch that. -- I remember in in the way it really. -- Right it was either Friday or Saturday night it would destroy nationally televised game. If you're not at a they were destroyed. Like the -- you look. Analyze what the patriots. All the lines -- the team -- ride out what to do with likable. With three Democrats. Detroit Detroit it finally figured out why they want. Taking stupid penalties. And look like it's going to be like one of the greatest. Compliment MySpace. That about Africa. It take half a mile and like you know they've they've had several those in the OK it's not gonna happen and now -- -- and now Omaha. Last Super -- season correctly. Stomped in Cincinnati. And Atlanta that year they go back and the questions and I don't. Think. Like I I I watched more than I expected to do because it was horrible football it was I mean your patriots and it was awful thing to watch. But it was either that watch baseball leaving about -- -- watched particular. Change the channel it'll all court yeah I didn't I. I nobody thought it would I would I -- I -- I don't. A lot. Were you tired I know you even out to the final minute where where forget it and wrote was afraid of -- -- hike up that road. I'd -- game outlawed that you've got them. Final couple minutes. -- won 35 left. And Fauria says something that the wrote about day. You know we're going to be talking about this -- the Dale's point there's going to be a lot of overreaction out of the honest. Support I don't know -- so it's worked for W media. Or support. No -- -- listen to show that it should vote for him to forget with two other guys -- don't. I don't know for is that you know we talk about this on talk radio or something of that effect -- goes all of its other sports out. The sport that OK we understand it at CBS radio we understand you have sold your soul and that you're afraid. That that it Robert Kraft Jonathan perhaps it's gonna -- all tournament you can't take WP -- on the error or hey it's CBS radio I don't know what he was afraid of man. Christian -- works for WEE you don't have to go out of your way every second through to shout out the master there are all right. As I do stuff over contest we have to -- radio station goodness and I both do stuff to contest the you're obviously it Manson and what we're Comcast. We can promote the sports the -- -- People it's okay. For two months we don't exist lack got to be honest I was shivering in the the broadcast while -- -- guy but yeah and and and I I thought Christian was really good last night. But when he talked to me about the positives of the Ryan mallet performance I sort of lost me a little better I feel about it is not just gonna tell you I didn't feel a whole lot of positives from the Ryan -- performance last night. In fact I'd be hard pressed to give you throw the ball. He does something -- all -- all got a lot on our. He's got a struck -- -- ball at least one. One thing about them. He doesn't get into trouble like it is well. That is college pastor about the L owns a rate that we know it has played. On. I looked out how to help me last night. I got up and -- 6177797937. With telephone number I you can text that's if you like. A young man's got the attacks like don't panic yet at the table 7937. Dive into the phone call earlier than normal here today. We're broadcasting live from the bow and arrow sports bar. Right in the middle of Mohegan Sun beautiful place -- Europe as -- Connecticut. Easy to get to meet little over an hour from where I live side the people here -- nice week we love coming down here visiting. We're going to be here all day long till 6 o'clock and then I chance -- allow this when Michael. I'm gonna stay here for more. I am serving as the master of ceremonies. For the ring present -- presentation ceremonies. For the national basketball Altman. Bill so cool and we know they are all things vote -- at the rhetoric it was on May not score. Now what happens is tonight they're at Springfield tonight the induction ceremonies I'm not involved with that. Tomorrow night they all come here they outcome of the Mohegan Sun. And it's a huge big party and and everybody gets introduced on stage and they are presented with there rank near their actual hall of Famer -- all of vibrant and all of which are really cool all the papers that the -- when it rains tomorrow. Tomorrow here David Garland I was there. Who apparently won't be here what. -- he's got he's got some travel issues and family travel plans I'm told so it's not going to be able to be here the whole thing. And I -- all of hey I just thought on the bottom outside I don't want some things around my area. All in the all the pay you apparently the object it'll take up on Saturday elements I mean I'm so AM. Let that don't know honey we will go to the beach she. Would go to the beach Sunday OK I promise we'll go to the beach on Sunday. The that I got a local somebody important like Stephen they dismiss it. I mean come on now but I'll be here tomorrow night as well 617779793. Sevenths telephone number hop on -- we're gonna dive into the calls early on. This is the overreacting season so you guys get ready to overreact. Yeah hate Ryan mallet elect Jimmy drop below let's trade Brady and let drop -- play quarterback we'll get some of those two I'm sure. 6177797937. Were bought era sports part Mohegan Sun in Europe Sports Radio WB yeah. I think you what I said those hurt but I mean we're back with the film and officially that was you know we we can do enough things. Well enough. And we got a lot of work to do and that's office. And I'm telling you right now in his darkest heart of hearts. You don't mind what happened last night is -- backgammon rag on them for three or four days. You won't wreck anonymous but the Phillies here because Terry Williams to -- that but everybody else them up until land there off the how would that be addressed. -- that -- -- situation you know what happened already it's Bill Belichick is set nobody says the world. About him. Nobody speaks his name nobody talks about about what he said nobody brings up the word cheaters. You know you're just trying to worry about it yourself better as a football player -- That's exactly how and I was taking care of probably five days ago. -- -- -- -- Obviously we've brought this up yesterday with Terry Williams. Or Williams -- burst your -- was 2000 external Tennessee that was the Baltimore after that. Until 2008. Post like. Patriots from the current patriots won that apple TV. Milosevic -- I mean he could have said yeah if there's Brady is Vince you can have ten guys. On this team who were on that team of Logan Mankins was on that team. And Logan. You got that's. You got -- -- -- -- Adamant that it was on that now now. You know it just tells you this because if there the partner with -- -- -- you know. You -- know what they know what that was not on that team yet now you probably you probably under ten you probably have. Six guys -- type of thing you know what he's what he's really good that. Among other things you know Belichick was -- This has it what what's being brought up here by -- Williams has nothing to do with most of our team we have coaches. Here now who weren't here then you have players here now who work who weren't here then I mean. We're not gonna talk about this has nothing to do what we're trying to accomplish. That you'll see that now -- do -- will do our talking on the field. But to the media absolutely nothing -- everything the same thing when it was the first. What is great all time lines. Before they played ourselves in the -- The bill bowl. As Parcells -- with Allison. And obviously Belichick was here and they -- talking. The whole thing goal Parcells Belichick thing. And it was the story leading up to the week any got a team meetings that let this has nothing to do with you guys. -- were together. You know war years ago five years ago. What you're doing five years ago. Were you went five years ago you know like. That. One. Were both Eagles. But we're talking about this that made it. Let's get called the -- 6177797937. Opt out I'm sure when we see the TV numbers you guys will watched in huge numbers. Do you know five times that the viewing audience of the Red Sox game last night. Pre season. Except no football -- In this football friendly product -- That's this football friendly globally huge number because all watched I watched you guys watched. We don't we just some some of -- just launched in the -- one did all the way to the you can problems -- will probably order out of their. Read a back -- -- I was get to the calls and actress down on the cape Chris Europe -- on Sports Radio Dele -- Hello Chris. What do -- -- and secondly I think they'll quits on the cellphone. -- I you don't. -- -- -- -- -- All right now but just let me explain one thing about right now the one positive that we -- all right is he get the ball he could draw any perception. He looks like he Brady go about that report gave them a -- -- right. You might be able to managed to work and you know auto plants so. That's exactly what we are all fourteen years ago from but Tom Brady himself in preceded you thank. I'll Brady was better god -- I mean you look at that's Brady YouTube Brady and 2001 go out and looking up. -- 2001 pre season was great he was able to. Tell it what it. He wasn't he was much better right now you're using the same thing with -- Brady we saw. In an extremely. Improved Tom Brady from year one a year to 2001 and I went from the fourth quarterback the second quarterback -- went -- what -- expect that in the backcourt that with John -- at that time. Who was in front of many past. Now this is this is not -- like at all. Note that I'm not a great positives that -- -- positive person were not yet. That we operate like I absolutely yup agree that -- just. I just think that maybe it's possible that he's you know. Just that you agree but our possibilities there OK let's start. I didn't see anything positive from his game last I mean other affected it as as -- said -- you can throw any interceptions okay good. I mean that crossing pass the -- fell -- threw it right it is the right. And I'm just go come on I mean how -- you missed that play wide open I mean if you if you can't make that pass what past canyon. And and I am again I'm not gonna overreact to what terrible performance but Littleton attributed to a you know wasn't that yes. It was not good at all 6177797937. -- tracked Chris down on the Kagan hey Chris I don't. And I gotta go today are -- -- I just wanna say it like on her whole Powell this kid. Four year being -- cooperating not knowing how to do much like. How do you not going to see now All Saints quarterback Tom Brady in dollar from the guy. Sure he's not out he's not Tom Brady well I don't come here and you know dot com. Our Tom Brady can teach me for four years how much can it get treatment right I think about. That it products such fast from Mikey just horrible like we all know you -- -- arm now. Why got -- -- arm all the time I want it I don't guys that hasn't -- passed over the lot and it's just. How would that that aren't like -- you enter a -- like child know art I'm not into. Well I think this is what it is that we were talking yesterday. We were talking about expectations for the patriots. And we had a St. Louis Rams caught that guy out then call up and say you guys are spoiled. And I don't think we're that's fair and I I don't think it's fair well I think we are now it's not what it's that you get used to a certain. A certain standard. Did you come to expect that standard I don't think that means oil but maybe. A compromises. You're seeing people do things. And you get used to seeing seeing them do it -- it -- make it look easy. If you kind of say like you Ryan -- -- that Tom Brady makes playing quarterback. Look easy. You know the great ones do Peyton Manning makes it look easy Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers they do very difficult things. They make it look so standard that you think okay. Well hey you put this guy under Brady put this guy under Manning. You put this guy under -- needs -- for three or four years what a great in terms of what a great apprenticeship they'll get it now they don't have the talent. Which you know you know with the phrase always is around here number he's just a but he is the beneficiary of the system. -- system quarterback they put the quarterback and you realize if not the system as much as it is the guy who's on the trigger. Because you can't just stick anybody in the what it used as a state they use the eleven and five or a Matt Cassel makes a -- anybody can like quarterback in this. You just can't hang around it didn't work that way by house most of -- that they're gonna. I got that Tom -- stuff now I'll go out there and how to do would break -- As a basketball analogy I'm Kevin Garnett. Sorry Michael you get the -- Patrick O'Bryant OK you're Patrick O'Bryant Al Lawrence from me now beam me exactly like me the work that way and happen. 6177797937. Jays on the cellphone AJ I don't. -- they don't they're doing great though my thought process on the whole thing is now like he just does not. Q not to admit it looks like he doesn't trust an offensive line at all and when you -- pretty good reason last night to not trust a man. If he looked like her but so did that before concussions. Longer surgery in. Immediate blown out looks like he's just happy he no not a bit. JAJ. Should deal started started. Say this do you. Should -- through all of our angst and anger not towards the backup quarterback not a big deal picked up. Along with a it straight -- hours. -- angst and anger should go -- the offensive line with our budget just aren't different or what starters were terrible last night. Actually. Regarding what. Mallet so into the quicksand that everybody talks about what football one guy does something bad and that gets in your head now you have to be perfect -- -- -- up into the fall onto the ground and yet here you got people buy your seat -- call and you. Well I will say this and and -- the whole theme of today is not to overreact to anything. We went into this season knowing that they had made a a major change in the coaching staff. And that -- a long time assistant coach. A legendary assistant coach your Dante Scarnecchia was retiring. And and I'm gonna screw up his name every single time I try to say it it's Dave did Coakley Elmo. And and you know he's coming in and he's got big shoes to -- which showed a -- camera. A couple of times last night. Look it's offensive line struggled last year with Dante Scarnecchia running well built like whoever currencies and all -- -- about the last season. And they gave up forty sex or whatever that number wise and Tom Brady was running for his wife at the time. If they can't get that fixed even Tom Brady's gonna have problems here. Yeah I was career high last police forty sacks for for Tom Brady. And and I I don't even know where you started easy place to start is is on the tackles and you know -- said earlier dates older. Very early in the game looked like he was struggling it was not a great game for older but I don't think that's where the issue it. I think soldiers is pretty good tackle was you Saturn Outlook the year ago at a it's up the middle. It's up the middle yet -- look at the dark spots -- -- but never worried about. You know wasn't that sentence. Logan -- season 2013 and don't worry about Logan Mankins. But you look at you look at with his guard with -- right guard with the senator. And and that's the that I have to hit that button up pretty quickly. I do think that they might have some plans for stork you know get its major -- -- he's hurt right now and his team practicing. But he's the Remington award winner you know the best veteran college football last year but he. You know I think it was a fourth round pick here magic they plan for him to play some but it's gonna get healthy enough place -- Hopefully he can help give them a little more -- in the middle of line 617779. 7937. Is telephone number Texas if you like 37937. The National Football League has got a credibility issue. And do you think dean plan you know it's making it more of a credibility issue will let that into the mix as well but a lot of patriots calls a lot of patriots overreaction. From us not -- from us Iran Sports Radio WE yeah.

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