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It's time to seriously reconsider having 4 pre-season games in the NFL schedule

Aug 8, 2014|

We discuss it... too much pre-season football is not good for the fans, coaches, or teams... but it's good for the owners bottom lines, so will it ever change?

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6177797937. Its telephone and we're down here Mohegan Sun. People are always a nice who has done here we love coming to visit or at the ball and era sports bar. I'm my proposal is to get -- sports but he spoke to watch. Because my proposal is. Don't do with a pre season games play one at home one on the road. Have a couple of weeks of these joint practice things that coaches seem to love so much because they've got so much better control over it. Solves everything for everybody with the exception of the owners and their -- like it. There the money. That must mean they are there's not a charismatic as some older and NFL. Was struggling with football that's been committed to good point now maybe they're struggling with your other businesses I doubt it. But if you're an owner you're an NFL owners. Who are struggling with your business. You should sell it to somebody -- terrible business. Because you're worse at this and that they are. You have to be a great and really have to be awful have no business sense mean to the point where you don't know how to spell business. Destroy. -- but an NFL team is the best deal going. You can't you can not lose money you can't this can't you wouldn't go so Matt to Natick Matt you're next on Sports Radio stale holly. Take. In order to make your your network L. The -- after about another way you recoup that income and why why well because it -- they're they're very. And so they're not doing -- that's gone out. Right there and you know -- make less money but I have a right here if you know I'll get to pick it back you know I think about the joint practices. Note they could open up those sort of pop charts emissions in -- -- artistic merits or an actual game. But they could conceivably. You four and number of practices. And you know get get and in the dorms -- a number of different occasion to. Though some already do that that Washington. Charge -- -- -- short of the equator and -- -- the -- spirit and then they can open the season ticket holders and history I think by. Baker. You know -- -- greatly expand. And recoup some of the revenue that way. And the other thing you know would be what -- sorry -- you hear what the job. Here are. Peacekeeping games the last. On game one prize in your -- some more acres. Absolutely that's different but ultimately -- -- -- -- higher fees upon. -- -- -- Allegedly taken them -- like your thinking realistically you're saying and holders are gonna do anything just because it's the right thing to do they gotta have. Some incentive that involves money. Well that's what they should. But I don't like Matt's idea in this regard Michael we've been down there and we are seeing what it's like. And it is that rare opportunity. Where -- -- the mom can bring their three kids and ankle watched real live NFL football players and not have it cost them the monthly mortgage. I mean you -- hall all the families down there in the kids down there you start charging money even a reduced rate that's gonna folks who can't do that any. That's -- that's what they should they -- It make it look like arm. And say hey we're gonna do this and we know we're we're losing money on this but this is all about the fans they -- somewhere else let us. -- rob rob rob you somewhere else where it's not a job but everybody that that the games a lot of ways where they're making money to -- there. Michael they can -- -- other ways and they can still still -- money with these recent games and that they -- Like take out. One source of the good look I mean that's the good government look if I go look we're all addicted to the NFL and it's not -- or whatever would do whatever -- tell you exactly NFL. It if if an NFL franchise. At one fewer pre season game. To play with the money wise. What kind of a difference would it realistically make to that franchise as you said Michael you make money before you ever sell -- ticket before you ever opened the doors you're already in the black. I you've gotta the you know you can have salary cap to ensure that you don't go crazy in and blow your brains out financially owning this thing that you took -- One game away you know they'll hear. It here most of them don't allow football. Money that the business it's. Tool that's what he would just for the team that it was best for the bottle on the support -- on the scorecard for them it's just like. A play player acts. Sorting it a 150 million dollars in his career why aren't you take 45 million that thirty or what its stake millions that a third -- Historic well it's one thing I don't like where ordinary but for their part for a player that's a finite thing right your career got a limited all of got you got -- that the -- of this thing nobody here is an -- -- You made 200 million dollars why do you need another. X number of dollars. What else can you do when an extra five million dollars. I'm with you Greg they're not going to they're not gonna do -- give away money so. I've seen it it looks -- it would look good this is how it would happen. If they could figure out a way to make it look like we -- here for you for eons as we've listened -- you -- hear what you think they can do that and then make money somewhere else. And then double the price of your jets to that's something. Which wouldn't exactly it's all allotment. It at least get rid of couple pre season games 617779793. Sevenths tell -- number but I watched last night you guys watched last night. You guys all listening to a swat last night. You can watch because it was great football it was horrible football you watch because it's football and it was on. I wouldn't mind having to fuel well we'll see what you guys think we come back -- Ali Sports Radio WE yeah. Fourth and final -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Greg Dickerson with us we're broadcasting live from the bow and -- sports bar -- beautiful Mohegan Sun and on this -- Connecticut. Always love lining up where with these guys down here and enjoy these folks. There was some -- that was here we started today talking football we will end today probably talking a lot of football as well patriots. Pretty ugly performance last night called by the way by my partner here. I thought they'd win by like three touchdowns. -- that were gonna win by like seven point two Michael that the it was like ten. That was even light but. Well let's. Go to camp it was good for business that's on the that's not. I don't all that. All trying to -- -- and tax -- -- are trying to say that there was some body heals. Marty England you know even don't know. Getting heard that I want all my money at one. -- all -- us. I -- -- it -- in the open at top of the hour you heard you heard Mike Mayo and and it was the cut from earlier he was now watching the practices in Washington. Any kind of went rape a little bit about how Ryan -- at his term not mine pop. And then looked like he was starting quarterback in the National Football League I was half joking with you guys this morning when we first started talking and -- it. I want what may out what might may not thought after he watched last night. Yeah I think you know MF -- Mike may not gone earlier today and they talked about that he talked about watching a couple of practices in. He's he's basically. Gave you what he saw on those practices -- one thing that stood out does that. He said he watched the coaches' tape of last night's game. In the first half. He did not watch the second half of that -- just. And I don't know why you know made some -- gives way to know rob hello all right so -- -- it will be interesting to hear his analysis after watching the full -- -- but there's something else he said and it wasn't. Last night's game it really got my attention he was talking about last year's patriots team. So they won twelve games which was amazing to have. He said that was not a twelve win team. He saw the Thursday night game that Tom Brady nutty game we've gone off on the receivers and they only picked up to prefer two or 33 down conversions. And he said they won twelve games it was simply because of Bill Belichick and operating. That was more like. Nine or ten win team. You buy that yet -- you have so they're they're offense last year. Wasn't that talented. They struggled at times in the defense was banged up all season -- that ten. That's sure been -- ten maybe eleven -- today and what's great house Q and -- lineup. I mean I thought they were dot I had I I do agree -- that it really was it was it was on the backs of. Two people have they have they done enough defensively this year. Where you say that's not going to be the case is going to be dominant team because offensively. The major upgrade obviously would be brought right if you know healthy ground that's that's the big difference between the 2013. Patriots in the 2004 you also you also hope your rookie wide receivers. Develop and mature in their second year that all got it well I'm not really counting on that because. If -- happen Greg -- right let you know Dobson is still out with an injury. And voice command voice. I've been on that train just voicestream in. And -- think that can get audiences but you better wide receiver and it was a year ago. But he's not have all the drops like OK now let's -- back to my original point. The major of ever. -- -- -- Kimbrel out to major upgrade is is -- -- is healthy there at different office. But but but I also think that Bill Belichick went into this offseason trying to take some of the pressure off. Brady in the office hasn't done enough. Yes that exactly just like getting healthy I think they didn't and an improving the quarterbacks I think goes a long ways towards it now. We haven't seen -- yet in in real football. -- released -- Brandon Browner real football last night Biederman let's be honest these football friendlies are quite the same thing. But I think their defense which was pretty good last year. Really good before they started it and got it by injuries. And I think is really good this year going into the -- you go through their first couple games last year that was three or four games. It's went down in the Atlantic game which was what we four week it was on early next week for week five. And I know the competition wasn't great early on. What that defense played stellar early on that we are well early in the year. Four -- went down and they count -- and then mail to rhetoric that result. I think going -- last last season they have the potential Little -- good defense last season but this this season. -- those guys. And in the two quarterbacks and -- that got like Jamie Collins. Played the regular season like in the playoffs last year you know what what was surprisingly I was looking this up the other day. Points per game with Seattle Seahawks. Average last year but we think whether he thought their defense swarming at -- points average. Like one. I think so. They weren't -- everybody and they -- a -- had no idea what they what they were it was a very. The very quiet. Eight -- Italy in terms of point in Europe 26 point -- game 2627. Of fourteen. That is so Michael bonnet if your defense. The defense team first. Here's your offense great positional right. -- so you know if if the patriots can get to that level if they've done enough defensively where. Rivas and Browner in the maturation of Logan Ryan and the return to health. Jerod Mayo and Gulfport and Obama factory shipments Jamie Collins in -- to old high towers they've done that they've got that level. That's that before they'll score. Scoring in the regular season is not going to be a problem for them but a -- -- had a legitimate defense. The New England Patriots that take that much to look at that -- -- -- again. And they're number one receiver last year I think they wanted to -- -- but because of injuries that happened or receiver last year. About Golden Tate who they lost to free agency -- -- Golden Tate Baldwin. These are not rely a lot on fortunately slows spectacular. Yeah -- give -- think about it Marshawn Lynch it to anybody running back. And we're not talking silently -- -- about a Frank Gore type running back where hey -- -- academic accurate -- to -- gets up that I autumn in the passing game. Is pretty much a bruising. Bowling ball running back. Four yards here four yards there it is not the most both dynamic. Off I think if you look deep into the stats that the thing was off a Seattle offense and defense last year. I think -- final lot of turnovers a lot of times which Seattle's offense gets the ball but the forty record the opponent's thirty. So they're going on a short field they're not trying to drive seven theory here I'll -- I felt that don't know what the numbers arc as that I don't -- hear from me. When they talk about points per game that also includes the district supports -- correct and Seattle's defense I would bet scores scores are out there yeah. And I but the patriots finished third in the and a balanced scoring 28 point seven points a game. They were one point away from the second in the and a balanced score. Last year and that was with -- -- missing out the year. If they can just take some of the the offensive pressure off. Just -- Tom you know you don't have to give us twenty point seven points you give us 24 points. And we're going to be good. This team's going to be fine. And I think that they built the defense that can help do that I'll mics on the cellphone Mike you're next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. -- got -- or the next couple points well first all pretty even I don't see why you need to -- two games. I'm -- and increasing board -- but that's what it is. I don't know why we can't leave everything alone couple balls buying related if they wanna keep changing everything. Well -- acknowledge that it's that this is commissioner Dale Arnold -- what are route that what it but but I'm just curious Mike as you said pre season football is war. Oh OK but then why would you wanna change. There. -- coaches or you know grown older model. Thanks so other coaches what that the coaches say they -- the patriot the other day in my the patriots had a three hour practice. That is that without being too graphic that is a dream scenario that could ever dream scenario. For Bill Belichick the three hour practice we get to work in operating at ninety snaps. In a controlled environment you don't actually have to go to a game where the possibility of the pre season. Somebody does something stupid can happen in your quarterback courier or your defensive lineman has now for eight weeks that's great. Well you won't -- -- changing football sickness I mean rarity -- ball Thursday night which is. God awful you know. Off got a different -- -- -- it -- -- different -- we were trying to change football for that matter -- Syracuse and somebody's got hired Roger Goodell wants to change. Really wanted to try it carried it package in the future dual format as well every day but that's basically what sort -- -- under Larry. You know what's right what's -- -- supply as it was bad football football. Last year football football football special credit -- one day a week yelling at them and in that game now you know we weren't doing every night. The. Mike you just at it that they their ticket too much football yet I wanna get rid of a couple of bad football game boring football games by your mission. But you don't wanna change that I guarantee goes Thursday -- football games. Highest rated show on Thursday about. An -- I'm coming -- there is a lot like I'm at a number one. I -- its. Colors I don't know Greg I've heard it. WW he is moving smackdown the Thursday night sell. You know I don't know all. But -- I don't know you don't I don't I thought it. Other the only part of Major. -- -- -- -- number of all all of joke on our own part I -- I'll go where they -- what precedent what was it like that last year. On OK and can -- on network after a year ago. Done now -- -- -- one because. Those gains. Personal used to have just opened that of the Americans into that happened there at the get ready for it because you'll publishers are on there I'll take that bet right now. -- development of oil -- the Jakarta friendly audio on out of you -- -- go -- sought by the terms yeah yeah he -- here you see the paper at your -- -- what you're currently has terrorized. Right one of those suckers out docs now and it's in which they dock -- They like you're I can't believe if somebody were watching these -- but may think I want it stated that. You got this thing you know it's gonna change it but you're lucky -- -- made the proposal and it was this. Player's union it's decided they would. Oh often -- yeah I think I did come as a bit different now you're talking about. He wanted to eighteen game regular season -- -- -- he he wants to stick -- twenty -- they -- stick with what games why because that's how they make money so. Before -- it will be -- with a two game. Pre season if they could have eighteen games in the regular season. But that's something that -- what that nor does it. Because I think it does because. Eighteen games yet that's who you can't tell you that you cannot you cannot talk about player safety with a straight face and then at eighteen games they are not. And what game is not gonna get much different except for expressing -- you're in conference games -- -- -- conference yet it's better. It did make the play not being clear up so loud that he -- got to start. Once we started -- are covered in making against it and you know it's time to -- Want to recover from a bad start me up but I'm eighteen that you -- I think that you're here that or get very -- In a conference game because. -- And also it is not that many ways that it decided. During -- unit and -- is basically make up in my. The chain can't go to the hole and it is ridiculous and needs did you. And -- -- -- they don't have to game. I do agree cut out game that we get real alternative but like -- and -- -- that the capital. Twenty gains if you get a -- that you're receiving gained eighteen game. These need to be out -- not because beginning here it's during a -- -- -- game well. I'm gonna say there's a -- to say can I say that's your your name your name is doc obviously that's the name. It goes here you are you're you're turning you're you you gonna turn this into. Straight up gladiator. A gladiator sport going way back we've seen this that we've seen movies about it. But you're trying to make it a reality and -- first street I just think it's irresponsible reckless -- -- that it has gotten out there for eighteen games this kind of what. It's no more games left so dangerous then. I have seen a -- that it regrets maybe that maybe the patriots should not try to make the play happened I'm for the we're gonna play the rest. I don't see how hard it is for him to get any team to get to sixteen games. Harper James -- song -- -- all of us. It would that would come -- -- we -- and are you getting as two weeks to recover I mean it would make. So much more a daughter in my prayers are against it I mean they're getting paid for not -- I worked hard my job's dangerous -- Six sort it out now it's about it maintenance and I got -- job may be dangerous but c'mon now. On the -- talk in the same thing here NS and outs they right now the players don't wanna play two more. Real games in fact I'll take one step further as a reason Tom Brady didn't play last night. There's a reason you're gonna see almost none of Tom Brady in the pre season you know why because NFL football is dangerous even football friendlies are dangerous. At two more real. For real football games and to suggest that out -- two more games what's the big deal it's a huge deal. That's in this league they cannot go around talking about you know head trauma in which is trying players' safety and do what's best for the players which by the way nobody leaves they they really athletic and long term health. Can't talk about like hypocrites and then add two more regular season games. Would be an absolute joke. I gyms in Concord -- Jim I don't. Good guys a couple of things first if I don't think rock in a big help because they think -- -- kind of -- that at any of big target and they didn't go well and how do you know the one. It's a legitimate question -- argue. And so I don't think I think they'll have a lot I think I'm expecting there to be a lot of offensive pressure you know I think they're. You know it's not going to be -- great they won't have -- a lot. But important it I read what they're doing down in New Orleans with their defense that kind of an all three feet back CO. And I'd love it was an -- in -- sport and people who try a new week to win. And I -- that'll work out the web all try to basketball would all run all -- Approach. That it is it is thought defense wasn't too important. -- who worked -- -- you get a chance to go for this sport -- for the saint I just think it's very intimate. Well elected it it is innovative but I don't disagree with that and and coaches are always trying to let. We -- what these new friends in football -- every year to get something new something different remember. Remember the K -- remember mouse Davis remember I mean running issue. You know the Miami Dolphins coming up with the oh my god look what they've rolled the patriots nobody there ever seen the sport while cat in that you got -- three looks at that you know this doesn't work anymore. -- I'm sure short term maybe this ankle -- somebody off guard. And then really Smart offensive coaches will -- on huddle attack that. OK well let's do this. Smarter offensive coaches and I am I understand guys figure that out -- part of that group you know that's that's actually -- walk me. It's not hard to be a smarter offensive coach than me 6177797937. We're here Mohegan Sun bought -- sports bar it's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WB yeah.

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