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Cowboys wining and dining the head of officiating Dean Blandino? Not a good look for the NFL

Aug 8, 2014|

We discuss the controversy with the Cowboys and Dean Blandino, and how this might be yet another major scandal for the NFL.

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-- will say this Michael has -- over in the slot machines during the commercial breaks. Net effect right away and got everything here but I. The care that I'm not all about money it made double. Elimination money. I -- though it's what you gotta you gotta be able to use. Make money and walk away as not a knock out the Albany all but. Michael Jordan like. It. -- -- restaurant right here in this building. Sort. You talk about. Jordan. Love that. He's divorced. Quite a bit of money divorced billionaire. That. Can money on -- -- that jump man on this. There was a poll. Maybe last month where. LeBron. Jordan as Apple's popular aptly. Yeah well years. Two. The wizards. Of the years. The most popular. Just -- off the year two. He probably make more money now that he did when he played. Her. Way possible short -- quality what do ideas that go with go. To war. Nine year old Brian. And going strong thirty years later. Well I program -- just this is a place where the athlete likes the wandered through here from time to time. A lot of athletes here today there are a lot here today. There will be many more of the week angles along and they will be stopping the table all over the place and abetting like Michael Jordan but I'll bet. There will be a lot here tonight there was more here tomorrow and this has become a basketball Mecca here they've they've argument for a lot of different reasons. I got college games here to India in November they've got a whole kick off plastic type thing -- Smith picked off plastic that they'll be doing down here lot of hoops in this field. It's nice place them as witty gambler now right I don't put. Lot of folks do around here it's nice place -- the -- I just don't figure right now and he can afford to lose a chopper there I don't know what the heck am I think positively. Make got to make some Smart that -- have them losers mentality ought to close at all odd tale as we go back to the call that one Penske guys this. It might make it too big deal out of this team bland -- thing for people who don't know -- land you know was Canada the head of officiating for the national football. He's the guy who who sends down edicts you know they did a good job and it came into the bad judgment in the head of officiating. So they have video DMZ has video -- And giving awful party boss. We is Stephen Jones the son of Jerry Jones for a owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Apparently heading to a strip club. There apparently though the bulk of the -- days Jerry Jones. I seen those pictures now now I've I've read both ends of the spectrum I have heard some people say. That there are NFL officials around the league who are really pissed about this. You know because at least the inference is. It is due to the Dallas Cowboys get preferential treatment be because dean led you know as a party with Stephen Jones sort of like the last few years. And then I've read other -- course Michael Freeman always takes the contrarian point of view Michael -- itself people probably don't have any issues with this at all. Have a hard time believing they don't have any issues. Affect my guest is Roger Goodell has a huge issue -- You're mad Mike got his there was a call to -- Lindy does it. Are huge issue of going to a strip club you know punitive you have now. Go to a strip club with the owner's son. That's the thing -- not a party bus with Stephen Jones just looks bad. I mean let's look who look worse for -- or don't know it's fun for Stephen Jones that's bad for blame -- now. And for Roger Goodell all entirely. -- -- associate -- a situation like I want to head of officiating. Coming around with anybody who's in a position of ownership or management the NFL I don't know have to think about it. It doesn't bother you about or what I mean what -- both be bothered okay. Not the also apartment and I don't care about that he's come off a party plus I don't know -- the owner's son of a football team yeah he's supposed to be this independent not a senator -- are volatile and I don't know I don't know -- the vice president runners up on her right let's not make it sound like -- rectum. -- Al Assad right. He is part of the ownership and management group for the Dallas Cowboys it would be like. And I'm just using this as an example dean blamed the you know getting off party bus with Jonathan Kraft. OK and I am -- that other owners in the National Football League would have a hard time with that have a. They've been happy with the patriots have a that you look at okay. Well look at the other side of though there are some people and -- Had a officiating. But the commissioner. The commissioners seemed to be very close. To Robert craft. That's another another franchise that a problem for. Not if that's not a party -- thing. But I got the dollar has a relationship with every owner but does he Blanton but he -- out of -- but he's got -- lately he seems to favor. Is it fair to say he seems to favor. Robert -- you look at a handful alternate yet besides Robert -- the right thing -- at about eleven Jerry Jones Jerry Jones. Very well as one of them but Michael it's totally different here -- this is the head of the fish out of position as head of officiating whose job. If if he has no other job which should be being completely unbiased and neutral. -- if you even -- the inference. That there is a team that might get the ball breaker to hear because you've gotta relate a social relationship. I don't know if if you're -- you know. Going to be smarter than that I mean you and I promise and that's what Goodell told Andy in this day and age it's not 1982 he can't sneak around. With the owner's son -- A strip club coming out party boss -- -- altitudes around I don't to keep quiet -- -- as the I don't -- I don't know I -- expecting something to be there. Maybe I'll be outraged with with more information. How long -- these guys know each other what was the nature of the the well I don't nature. After. -- it's politics let alone president. Oh well we go -- -- split into my head in great way to beat these guys as you put -- little -- out about. Talk about football and let it. -- jobs no matter right now you're an executive cowboys. But right now is it about women and men out of that. -- I don't know how long they've known each other if this as it plenty though is close with other owners in the league or so of the -- totally. I don't know I hit it may -- up just dismissing the cowboys because. They seem to be on an 887 and nine track for forever the last four -- five years. It may be happy warrior. Concerned if we talk about the Seahawks with the Broncos of the 49ers are Packers patriots. You know actually fifteen originally. I don't know Michael it is the team does matter is not fired up about it and added I'm not really -- team I don't care I mean it it wouldn't matter. The fact that the head of officiating is that own death. I mean you that you really would have to be a bit dense to not think that this would be a deal for some idea and I know what attic yet how how confident with the strip club or anything I tell you. A YE. A while it may be. It is a possibility. You know if you walked right here at the table and who. A lot. Right there at the table. With pressure. On. The call that you know we appointed him. So he probably thought. -- Even now -- -- and -- I can -- with the problems of people like that yeah Jones in England you know walk to a strip clubs giving go to a joke. But it -- -- -- at the beyoncé injuries you're joking that they were now. I don't know if not -- -- -- if it parity. If if if if something happens with the cowboys during the season if if there -- some. Egregious. Call that goes in their favor. Then it will have -- talked about we go back -- that night August when he went to strip club. We're talking about football that's like a -- to defend and Assad ordered not to talk about. Fantasy football. I would almost guarantee that Roger Goodell has a much harder time with this -- you'd. That Roger Goodell is Steve. It could you just don't need. Look if they're sitting in the national foot and I only got so much -- Michael -- officiating in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and deserves a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- we -- last -- If that's what the regular season is going to be widely. -- all my god it for the first couple games it will be -- -- people get used the social experiment last night. I mean it was horrible and and the officiating in the NFL gets enough crap as it is for the head of the officials to -- usher out while with the son of the owner of the cowboys nobody cared nobody alone no audience away and many -- what. Was he and here's with giving it -- -- With that in Dallas. On balance. I don't think so I toggle back and check -- I don't believe it was now. All right so another. Work or not it was I thought it was because the cowboys training. -- -- -- don't want -- maybe you'd gone out spoken to do. Several teams he was in the area he's there anyway so. -- an area vocal was. Good I like our guys. I love conspiracy but the next. That's what it's really about problems with him mr. that was. I don't know that I was -- Six -- seven -- haven't got a bigger problem. If they left with some I I have -- I don't -- I don't pour a little bit -- -- 6177797937. Paulson -- -- I don't. How I am doing great what's up. Taking you accomplished what you please. And he went easy on your -- We spent one point three honestly didn't know -- even the playoffs now all I speak that. Yet and there the other. And. I don't think we're don't think about it too much little thing about the cowboys. Know. Yet -- probably isn't Stephen Jones the problem is Jerry Jones is what Michael. -- -- -- -- -- A -- a thoughts there. And then again it's not the ownership part that's the problem Jerry Jones spends huge amounts of money meaning. You know -- elaboration is the money on that organization the problem is results of the general manager. And that's where I think that the cowboys get most heart is Jerry Jones stewardship is that GM is where things fall apart -- -- Yeah -- -- if you really want to. If you really what the franchise to take that next step. You have a look at your team it's been a lot of money for it and and your best if it so I'll what did -- whatever you want it to your money. On the other hand if you really want the best team and tell me there's not a team builder out there. Better than Jerry Jones that Jerry deals can employ. That will help. That's all -- Ed Smart is Jerry Jones is at some point in time don't you think he realized himself to take. You know I'm very good at this anymore. It's been sixteen years hire somebody else to do this work at altitude well and everybody around that he doesn't want -- there's failure at 9 o'clock let's not gonna happen. Archivist. Of the -- but if you wanna admit that you -- but -- sixty but it is. It's the public that he loves being the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys and the you know. Well we all of the that you really want to be involved he wants you well.

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