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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - What if? Edition - 8-08-14

Aug 8, 2014|

We tackle four 'What If" topics in Boston Sports... if this had happened... would that have happened? Play along with us.

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Not calling this. -- -- brought to you by AT&T. AT. He covers more than 99% of all Americans WH better network. That's. -- -- but. It is. You know there's a I don't know if that's the patriots production. Or. Somebody else but the other views. But they used to do things like rookies. But that hole. Hold on that across this football football basketball IQ. GAAP. And they sound the sound track with this song it isn't really impressive. So we'll struggle a little so. -- little tour of America and I cannot remember I don't know that there at the corner. You might be picking of there was a city of champions dvd to humanity in the old Biden did the same thing like it was great is that right really -- Yeah it was really I saw the pictures to show something to their rookies. With just also the rookies alike Elvis bear. While. It is -- -- -- pride. Well I got us thinking about some some dream on since the audience and what things than a little different then. Well first we will start with Alex Rodriguez wouldn't know. But some muscle wasn't back there -- countless public ahead one foot -- -- Red Sox uniform. He's this good for the game. I think is good for the Yankees. Apart from -- no. Surplus. How are. Sorry got -- -- We'll get is this summer. We'll get you. We welcome you to the umpire. Credit and. If -- if the Red Sox had acquired A-Rod for a man with the Sox have won two World Series. -- -- -- as a -- I won't be able to start with -- -- no I would be -- no because I don't trust Alex Rodriguez to put up the same numbers. As what that many were having it was -- what it was put up those numbers back then that opposing. I don't know in the policies but if he's definitely -- that. Part anyway. Maybe it's just because I know too much above the A-Rod of the last five or six years that I say that but. -- -- take -- or I'll still take -- merit taken the World Series as opposed they reviewed everything else you have to play it all out to him. Because Nomar would be gone he was part of the fact that you don't ever ask David I -- -- -- Lester would have been gone he would have been part of the package. You would have been able to make the trade of Nomar that brought to the other guys. But -- back then was still pretty darn good. You have some -- -- -- -- -- last -- purposefully playing shortstop -- we still have Curt Schilling. Is still have to fault. I'll say yeah this they. They have at least in the world at least one at least one during that -- the list goes through -- side -- that it went all right candy. -- yes we are Michael next up Kevin Durant. With the second pick in the 2007. NBA draft. The Seattle SuperSonics select. Kevin Doran. The note in the in the respect entering so it would have been direct snaps to. If the Celtics had in fact win at the top pick in the 2007 draft and drafted to -- with the Celtics have a championship by. -- have -- Eastern Conference. You probably don't have AG and LeBron. -- and you're still bad enough. Much like Oklahoma it was that it will get a up like that so let's Celtics get the top five top seven pick. To go along with the rant. I think aren't you don't have to have ray ray and Paul it. You know I felt I Rondo we ought to got to go back to what you just heard now what prospects. -- was taken -- direct family that I believe may be true it may be not mean he didn't go first overall remember. And the guy who did go for overall Greg Oden running some more problems is vastly. Assuming that he would they were telling the truth and that it would have been Iran. Yet they haven't -- although it's funny. All the things added over Oklahoma City to rant they get Westbrook hard and they don't have not yet and they don't have a title -- -- spent on. They'll let you know that have a title to play in the upper. True but they haven't got the -- they have a coach who's dock level yet so Doc Rivers coaching derail it. -- -- -- -- Like Scotty Brooks got his work. He's helped out as -- fly out -- -- that the not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like all right let me go Russell Westbrook and -- for every battle. That played well. -- -- you guys up. If you got most why not aren't as services are -- anti European victory. We come out June -- again I was. The fully. Fully sure what was going company knew Pittsburgh was in the mix. As far as with Boston and they're both. Amazing city very successful organizations -- great teams and you know when it comes down. That the stress that I had in morning the other. It's it's really hard as a player to pass up consider -- the opportunity to play can sit in and Malkin and the role there on in the successes. If we -- -- did spurn the Bruins in favor Pittsburgh at the deadline two years ago with the Bruins have beat the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals. -- -- Well thank you got to remember. Because yes yes yes they would have they would they would beat the black with -- yet some guys hurt yeah a lot of guys -- yet. You know Bergeron with a punctured lung and a and a broken rib and a separated shoulder and you had. Zdeno Chara you know -- around like he was. But another top six forward. I think of reasons now. That you had at. That point man on hold true. -- -- -- She got an awful well. Yeah it was so big of -- model look event here it is such that the authorities got you there. He did not want it do. Yes Michael I say adding McGinley and -- younger yeah you might -- managing the -- The market and nobody else got a technical equipment and and I'm not giving it but I. There are upset about it a sense -- -- made it a creative I think I've -- Andy. -- Time now for the AT&T what if of the -- finally we come to Wes Welker. Yeah. Two -- New England for. For the -- six years there and all of trust and everything they've been mean and you know opportunities -- gotten. On the Denver -- now and and on the side about it. And on not within the past on a much support suit in the play with Payton and and -- -- receivers and good offense and and definitely complete important. If the patriots it's act -- consigned Welker with the patriots have. The super blow us what do you want to get an alliance into that department -- -- -- an -- If I don't I -- Are very eager to I guess that. And how Walter Cronkite as its objectivity just read the question is -- is commendable. Oh trust me I read it as it was. Well you know what if it -- if they had Wes Welker. That -- things that would tighten doesn't have as well it if you'll have to leave the game if one of the worst way. Gotta keep making its championship game so yes they definitely have eight a Super Bowl a bowl here. No no -- but after the game. They're trying to reach fifty. Welker makes that catch on a hundred times out of behind. Under that under what I want what is Wes Welker do when Richard Sherman bearing down on August -- It's all right I don't know they would not out of some trouble though they would out of -- -- win with they would be. The -- on it would it would I it would be Denver and Ian welcome 86. -- an offense that needs about. This. -- evidence defensively you didn't have enough men and Welker would have helped your defense at all. Unless you somehow think that rating would have kept the Denver offense off the Hewlett war. I don't know that it would make that big difference Wes Welker and in -- 21000. You know. Especially that Juliet -- -- -- eighteen catches against the year right 6177797937. Like what if everyone's one that was on.

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