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Mike Mayock, NFL Network: Mallet did not play poorly. 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network joins the program to talk about Ryan Mallet's start, and how he compares to rest of the league's young QBs.

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Late word just got. Heads up from -- across the glass in fact we'll go right now to the AT&T hotline and welcome to the program a guy we've been talking about a great deal. Mike may shock. Talking to us -- an NFB Christian Fauria -- Maloney into men's. About Ryan -- last night Mike I know you're a big fan of Ryan dollar what you saw during the course of camp practices against the Washington Redskins. Was your opinions sway you at all based on what you saw last night in the game itself. Against the skins from -- Well I I watched the other coaches they are warning of all put the effort term. In the first. And basically my take away -- he was sacked one time it was not at all old apple got eagle and apply it to port throw wandered. In the reward short -- -- who were these and other touchpad for a running back screen -- -- -- -- growth. You can disconnect with wide receivers and running back where I don't think they were all. Exactly walks while growing in the near where he really good road including a thirteen your feet were wearing it. By. And here we thought so when -- at -- -- unique it's okay by eleven. But when he had a clear vision and and the police to step into while it's really good enough. The common denominator a lot of talented young quarterback. I think what I I what. Not great in our hit the ball got to come out more quickly but when you eat it it's really good and that's pretty common promotional quarterbacks. -- him like me out of NFL network in my getting the the report of a lot of run around you that's down about. How he looked do you practice popping in practice now a lot of the local guys that -- I don't think this offer -- predetermined that practice because they didn't feel like they were seeing a different Ryan melt the one that you -- Under current and every area. You know I haven't seen him in action perk up here. And when you're watching -- pocket you look a little bit like Tom Brady and it works great interest and a lot compared -- -- -- don't. You've got to take away. But watching a big guy like that climate that talking. And ripped a football there's never been any -- that he got first well on how. And -- my perspective boy I I think what I should the other pick up. Play way -- contact the order. It being a big deal what I -- they use -- all the teams that need to quarterback. In addition to looking at all college quarterback next year. I look at this cute I look at it doesn't I I love you some logical guy back up. We're actually right now and because of his arm strength inside. I think you're -- considerate. Yeah Mikey -- it it it's you're right on some of the plays -- didn't think that he got a bunch of help last night. But it always feels like it has to be perfect for him to have success. And if the -- that. What do you see that he needs to work on that you would what does the glaring I guess issue with his play. Well I would compare him a lot of acute with the action eagle the third pick and address. From your virtual Central Florida late portal big strong guys -- -- All when I watched cable portal where you're when he put that looked -- in order equally it would be really good. But when the pocket broke down and it redirected eaten it all out. Sometimes young quarterback draw or bad iron and a ballot he's going into -- your ego -- not why we're in and that. -- There really now that it cal quarterback with norm -- and people aren't that structure. Only can develop that pocket where -- -- with with reps under fire he can't do in practice much. And that kid doesn't have many -- fire so I'm looking a lot like developmental first quarterback like like portal in the a lot of -- and if he developed he could be very very good. But until it -- court young quarterback under fire you don't know what streak and redirected -- He -- down you'll get them all out. Boston College product Mike -- guest here on middays with MF -- -- Malone acres and four in -- men's and WEEI NFL network. -- giving you all sorts of NFL action this year and lots of different conversations that we've had Mike about the quarterbacks. With New England backing up Tom Brady keep combat the fact that there aren't a ton of reps to be had. And we get -- drop below into the game. He did Jimmy drop below a lot of playing time last night any flashes as he does does people are getting excited and I thought that there's a lot to be excited about from what you saw with drop below last night. The learning curve maybe not as steep as we initially thought with him getting his first wraps. Well. Again. I want to and practiced for two days. And and I thought what I call log remember I really like grapple. -- quick release got four feet and and there are two. Nice thing as common just naturally. I thought. He looked a little bit overwhelmed the two days of practice on all and that -- -- for young quarterback who minded are reacting quickly. At Nikko and and sometimes -- can slow down in the game you're you're you're playing in the second half against -- Rookie who were doing the same thing won't be -- so. That's the way I look at it right now I think now he's significantly ahead of -- oil and that's only because he's got three year consists. Electric tugboat. Ryan mallet and and the team should be adjusted. Is that something maybe after this year you think there's a market for him even before the season's stocks were honestly. Well I think the trading deadline and Wada -- late October -- so. -- New England won't -- get value for him it would have to be in that time for. Because -- want to see him go or either recurrence client sign a or you're gonna go to create interest. So you kind there's really two pockets of opportunity if you're not working at the border trading deadline we're -- here. So what do you think. I mean we're talking today a lot about -- of -- drop below maybe. You know take you know that number two spot over Ryan mallet and -- the pressure is gonna get exceedingly higher you know maybe a little more tougher for him. It would you think. That he needs to do to to you know to continues to having that number two spot. I think we all get carried away. In the media all. I make a comment the other day at practice and everybody off more on what it. And I don't think there. The that the second team got a clear the way. Right now now. In America they don't create a crack. When when you talk about preceding game not even see -- at night and I watched the coaches -- this morning only -- So. I'm basing it on a couple great practice and I think that growth will go a long way to go and I think Allen has the big export. But a question for Mike -- -- -- this from the NFL network you can see Mike on NFL now the league's next generation video service providing fans access the largest digital library of NFL video anywhere and it failed dot com slash now for more information. On that Mike the patriots in general patriots large -- put a lot of their starters on the field last night obviously against the Washington Redskins. Your thoughts on how far they can go if the core players stayed largely healthy. Of course many many of those guys who sat out in the first pre season game yesterday. Look -- they went well -- -- last year in an I didn't think they had a prayer of Africa record. You know I younger -- in nineteen against the jets. And without. That -- significant tight -- bracket they -- creepy -- with all the all white Ebert with Abdullah on now. That the fact that they want all in your old testament that the bill ballot check in the coaching staff and to Tom Brady. About one of the twelve of fourteen now. Fifty -- looks significantly different such an act and the -- linebacker. Are too personal record second round and they look like they called it could be included any group of football and say they help the people -- apple. You know between world war Cali and her -- could easily. Secretly -- at all for what this year. And then offer a complete gonna come down to you know a little bit helpful dropped out in the health preventable it it'll happen on both walk because -- war. Number one wideout. Well don't go get a jump ball and you know I hope what shall become the diet because -- -- option for them but. They know what they about it I mean Tom Brady makes that -- go. You're on the modern guy and it felt on on this here. I'm sorry your NFL AFL on a Boston College this year. I haven't done any solid state yet so I could even tell us are trying to give you a free plug here for you out -- the Eagles. While they want thing Obama -- through their coaching staff I thought they did actually job last year. I'll winning thematic in great -- it will all want and I'm I'm really excited about direction of the program. Mike thanks a lot appreciate -- thanks for coming ominous. Richard I thank you I'd that is Mike mail out here and I 37 WEEI. Formally -- -- because now the NFL network after his Ryan now comments -- a couple days ago literally gotten on to play here. Especially after last night's performance -- allege. What was problem now and not talking up the -- with about an -- in poor performance or that -- -- -- -- from -- no I'm not what I said pump the -- a little bit. Why did it again army -- on -- and defend his stance and what he saw now. I think much like this coaching staff -- before he hasn't -- the second half yet. You know series just not gonna vote we're Ryan now as compared to drop below. Well what sets second half and then tell me what you saw from run from from Jimmy drop below. It hasn't seen EL -- is what everyone else reporting an absolute mess in practice for a couple days we watched that second half he might have a different mixing two different --

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