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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Cherington has a plan 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

Kevin Millar, the Real One-Five, joins the guys to discuss the Red Sox potential off-season moves, the struggles of Clay Buchholz, and Tom Werner as potential next commissioner.

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Start in the noon hour on a Friday though the same way we always do with Kevin Millar of MLB's intentional talk. Former Red Sox player brought to us by a RS restoration specialist and ready and smoke shot Kevin. Are you this Friday. More. Good -- they'll last night it be awesome to see that Jonny Gomes interviewed. And a solid practice in my referee calls as well that was one of the funniest things I've seen while I analyze. Little -- on being -- out here I'm going to go earlier or 49. He brought up. Who -- career interview -- victory eleven guys thought last year that we went out behind the gap hitter now we sure are we achieved there -- He has little Indian Bradley eleven and got brown and and yet they're all access adult you don't show that yeah. Our network numbers might bring directly at me like okay whatever that they not see your. No dignity that he getting money together recollection for you to get that -- they -- got that Bob Clarke at too yes Johnny but what tattoos he wandered off. And -- city's gonna hit collections are looking at the -- hard and do that Pamela Anderson the Cubs are now. Well and I'll put it like I got on the worst -- at -- news on my. -- -- -- to ball at the Bob why -- what was called report and -- and got it I think a year later. -- -- -- Actually everybody is would have any in my -- a record that are left edit out or are -- on -- Atlantic. You -- commercial any tax you need to. Look Kevin last night I guess this has got to rub salt in the wounds is it not when you see Jon Lester go out there and twirl a gem like that I think most of us in New England were distracted by the fact the Red Sox rod laid the Patriots had their first pre season game. Maybe a lot of folks woke up to the news that he threw a shutout for the a's against the twins allowing just three hits but I. That's just that fueled the fire for Red Sox fans are upset the -- is gone. Yep but in the totally put that Brittany what are you what our media victory in May -- -- pack up even at 8% chance but. The epic at the paper are what. That Peyton got looked like as a -- thought and you get forgot how -- -- -- next year and I think that's the biggest question mark -- -- that started picking it. Assembling this club because they've let him the most odd years. That this game ever seen a baseball last place 2000 well World Series champ and 2013. Last play 2000 Ortiz. He can't make up it never happened and all they have. I think that you are so pretty nice to get a couple nice and -- a World Series in the top ten picks an eagle here it's -- -- You you answer before about the pitching staff and -- Jared -- immediate. You know a couple of days ago. And I talked I listen whether today's tonight we're not gonna sit there is that we have to get an ace we can still. Wind may be out of he thinks for the budget twos and threes or put a staff together. Do you believe that on bench Arrington says that maybe this offseason we don't we don't need to get an -- to be successful with he put up some teams that are contention right now without that so called. Number one -- I would say gap with those guys get no shot at winning it either. Yeah that's the question you ask are you trying to win -- World Series try to make it -- Orioles. Are playing great. And they don't have a bonafide number eight in the -- Pitchers separate and -- -- -- -- an unbelievable as far as you know stay out of Shelton made the starter they allow somebody all the but. If they're competing. I'm all hell bent the unions and -- won the World Series sure yours right you don't -- -- -- -- but at the end of the day. It's how you beat quite Kershaw. If you're playing the -- in the World Series and Zack Greinke went out in the World Series or. Sure there are playing with tiger are not the beat. Partly evaluation you know trying to court that a matchup with a white white walker. At first. I think at the end of the -- what record -- You know -- final prompting Bjorkman drinkers are one and two. Not every day that you picked her or -- in now and development Arab and -- -- -- -- for tomorrow -- tiger. I think they're very -- technical director -- Where Iran and -- our call Derek -- -- and Albert corner of my opponent -- eight iron to about Utley and like I got there. Great arm when he -- to -- around barbecue out here but. They Kevin but -- -- tiring. So Tom orders to his name has come up as a possible replacement one of three names of would -- co sign on him being the commissioner firm Major League Baseball. Want to try to write you -- on how odd. What -- sooner you -- a second and then. Well I'm -- you know and I'm the quiet -- look I'm I'm at UW aren't more Harrell are. We got circled on the plane that you -- all our club well all enemy that you've -- It back in early on about like sure people while -- the third most popular how about reading what you pres 98. Spent secretary and Rick are great but like number 3 -- where I am I yeah. -- I helped army get away let's not patient. You know and Hollywood right. Was -- -- play -- up you got an owner of a team that immediately jumps to roll like this how's that gonna play -- I mean you were called back aways and Selig did it I mean since then. You get this many. Change in tone about how they'll be received by other teams in Major League Baseball account. Yeah I don't know enough about it to really comment on I don't know I mean is that what you are a little bit out I think and what the court right right now in Milwaukee. So it's been done so that you know that I think -- transition I don't have -- out of not have been involved happens just trying to watch out. Yeah welcome -- over here who's -- camp and allowed trots what he had to lecture. It it helped children a great double of the year -- and now you know I'm an English turn eighty. He -- all these -- air. Liked -- back a lot of work out I want what he wants it back to my beautiful west while street reps. You've got to sort of argue back that number one question because I agree with uses different to being an ace and number one it was got to number one that -- only few -- out there but I do think -- your number one come post season. There be a ticket to another level. And I think that's who we saw last year. With this Red Sox team. You expect. There is this loss to the Red Sox haven't had that a sexy you run that team in all five you know and -- was the kind of ugly later on. Do you expect the Red Sox to go out there and get that type guy go after a guy like -- maybe go after Jon Lester gander. What is strange for the Red Sox this stage not to have that replica. I think it straight because the money that finances very able to do so little sort that you're very collapse that's debatable. There's some great at shield sure heard laughter -- Cole Hamels -- that you get creative with. You know I think that's part of the fact. We sat what do we want you are trying what do we have a moderately. Let's go get our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Economic remote little talk about August could beat they're terrible at every group I've ordered. I mean at that basically ventured in the Red Sox don't have -- land -- be obsolete and you're also. Are picking and that and that has been out -- going to be better. But I'm gonna come together and aren't here I have to pick I picked the right into the wind -- the last. Looked at the I have brought back up at the back in the world played great -- looked like cool yeah Aaron I am a -- not thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fell basketball buckles right because you know -- I've always locally buckle to stuff and and and I can be patient man sometimes you let me be a little more patient even though. He's now thirty years old -- and is a -- in your zone where. Oh yes and shown physically and get through a year mentally can be consistent he is the -- a veteran on this staff right now. Start to be concerned about him Regis it wise mechanics. Because at this point his career thirty years old it's each available consistent. I think here I think yet buckle that same question we the year back like. Right I mean I don't Q can you get personal weakness has looked to buckle. Here mentally I don't like it back on the right track when they all walk a lot and I just -- a little bit. So I think that's a strike he can work on like figure out what we go back I'm like what we do we get a little Alley where you act those peaks. We're quick players too so buckle outlook on that would think -- -- not -- Hewitt and you know you're in how we let. You or are almost here but about thirty or so look back. -- about 453 run -- your trouble. The record and I think that it factor that swagger impact -- you first sign that they are picked third rounder. It back that swagger that we so well when he was not an hour and -- per start last year Horry got hurt. What were -- accurately -- -- -- I am not back there among a point right now. Quite -- actually hit it in the middle of location. How much Albert in though that 91 and I are all a little -- my -- a great change -- figured out. It back it up and play -- are there -- that year complete all act. After a year little and I would have confident quite it would be my number one now going to be my don't want. Right and your net report watt light in the gulf area and not being able Bible and not support up here in that your. Buckle let me quite -- well. Finally to have an hour watch a Little League World Series here before you say goodbye I've noticed so far in Little League World Series broadcasts that at least one team as a girl on that one team as a shortstop doors of face mask and one team as a -- thrown a mean nasty knuckle curve. How much is slowly changed your plane. Well. I don't rent the -- already did it all. -- but I have a shortstop we're to face mask really threw me yesterday and I saw that. Yeah about our -- epic eight may got a great. Debt of thanks to bud man appreciated Pataki yen. -- -- here right next to animal are from intentional taught in the MLB network.

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