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Three For All: Training Camp Shenanigans 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

In the three for all the guys discuss training camp shenanigans, a quarterback throwing up on the field, and ESPN suspending Dan LeBatard for his anti-LeBron billboard

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These guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man -- at least three or wrong. Three. Countries three raw red shirt. It 834 wrong these days with him half beat. Free throw brought -- upon symbolic instruction needed new roof they've got you covered this court's -- lot of different things under the roof of the three for all and sometimes sport sometimes is not a believer in today's sports related -- perform minus -- related. Christian when you're going to -- long trying to boring days of training camp did you ever do anything to keep herself entertained the dorm room we were always in dorm rooms were -- Did your -- keep myself entertain any shenanigans that we should know about now that you're beyond your playing career you can share with us. And a lot of things to keep myself in some non revolving coconut oil Viagra and I'll buy it now now -- -- that expected to. Now -- tell us a lot of things just boring you know yet. End up just. Acting like a twelve year old you know breaking guys -- -- in the rooms. They are doing is maybe you can do just to kind of let it makes time go by about me like Chris Rainey formally of the Indianapolis Colts. Who just didn't putt for spraying some -- with a fire extinguisher. From. Yesterday after being cut he was tweeting about it while watching the colts game and seeing his former teammate boom Herron scored a touchdown and then ratted him out for being part of the fire extinguishers and law. Where he got cut in Boone did not. Let's keep in mind crystal has over the checkered past of two including. Sending threatening text messages to his girlfriend bought the University of Florida and having it. Confrontation with his girlfriend with Pittsburgh -- brother is -- he was let go from there as well. But fire extinguishers shenanigans in the -- doesn't seem like a big enough deal to get somebody caught does this affect -- deputy is. Ego bigger -- you right tell you how much they value have behavior is valued. You -- -- caught fire -- yeah it really Cottam domino and I spent a little -- always list of things just don't mess with you know I was. Fire alarms something I would never mess -- not even as a joke you just don't pull that thing -- just back. And fire extinguishers are the other one it just. You're asking for a whole low -- trouble when you start messing with those types of the -- medical or edit item as well last night you know what the football related item that's been pulled the question do you guys did you see Matt Scott. Back -- quarterback back get back up quarterback for the definitive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pregnant with the Syracuse and he was he was -- -- up big time in I don't know fury at desks and I don't know I did it is so creator QC a real glamorous feel global cameras -- -- Maybe but there -- field level camera zoom right in on him. Swirling all over the ass of stable Obama went on a player for the Cleveland Browns eventually did puke right on his ass yet call timeout -- puke in the -- to that made me think of that movie. Did in the super -- but it may just pages. Team and will it be human and not go. Unnecessary roughness though that. The actor. That we forget this guy. Any given Sunday look at any given Sunday early payment for the event yet and that's right still in it. -- -- game as it's ever been have you ever been that nervous -- what's -- nervous you've ever been before any status sporting event already kind of event really that you would think it would cause you to throw up. I was pretty -- my first time on the -- Dear here bell the first ever went out there are a lot of eighteen but what would they throw up. To myself all that I thought a hundred degrees in Oklahoma -- -- they got to look at -- defense orders look at a picture like the Paul George injury. Our stuff like that all I totally grossed just more of a constitutional all of -- my stomach is another kind of constant. Usually never I never threw up but first big league game at Kansas City first game at Fenway Park first game Yankee Stadium. And in 1999. Game during the playoffs I started short stuff downloads to -- -- but before those games. Yeah I got a lot. Things going on but I never ever -- go throw up. -- Now I can't I'm trying to think it it was there any -- time in my life I was so anxious is so uptight about what was become. That I may have you know hurled an -- and not to be really running really hardly had never all the running I've ever on all -- training. I've never came close I've never sort of one of my life. But I know guys that would -- that -- -- they just they just third there bar for their throat they they throw up yet some people just have that in their. System and that is obviously this kid because not the first. Today's seniors only -- up against USC. First -- them April later on -- against Utah yes I don't just -- it before games yet I -- with a guy. Years ago and whatever -- start working out like his heart rate would get to a certain level he would go throw up in the trash can it would really nothing was coming out to dry heat vehemently. You can stop this -- -- just don't fill that ball. Nor much you loved bill not a big fan of the debt limit -- show. Or just taken a little bit more weight he's been suspended now for two weeks. OK for a billboard. ESPN's call it stunt. -- are big billboard out Miami and I got to see it -- -- -- the article. And it's a huge billboard out there and highway -- a top it says you're welcome -- LeBron. Love Miami and is a picture of the two world -- to bring 20122013. That's -- you're welcome LeBron love Miami and picture of the two ranks. An ESPN. All but hurdle this thing or know why would you so they've suspended him. They like the stunt that they'll have a targeted -- to -- straight or are they upset because dating clear case of start it appears that two weeks ago candidates. -- is being clear with him. First or bureau aware of it not they want us part of this this is it was a new land is -- Adrian logo on it in its -- -- -- -- will be off the year for two days returning Monday. His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN's standards in brand. Additionally. We're not a -- would not made aware of his plans an advance. So basically. He is -- the end like LeBron James you know. He gets up that against LeBron -- and certainly value that is like it'll it LeBron James lawyer after I screwed them and went to SI with the story we -- project dangerous amounts of ESPN but they don't edit and all the time. They know better all the good sound -- are going to be coming soon it doesn't go to Cleveland have a love all these new players and are going to be in the championship break. Mean they they know better they need to protect him wouldn't want anyone anyone in the future they want to protect it wasn't like he said you know. Ghost world LeBron you don't know -- or whatever all you're welcome LeBron love Miami now did you hear outlets started. -- so that was it was basically just doing his radio show and he was just trying to do start off as a joke. And the next thing you know actually got ladies and and it actually pulling off his. He was trying to I guess ruin the whole welcome welcome home abroad like ceremony that -- have been out Cleveland. It's such a joke in this guy's -- -- editorial page content your editorializing and fought again this goes back the Stephen A Smith that. This is different than what happened here when that was word policing this is thought policing. This is the second time their guilty in my opinion a thought police this Bristol this is funny like LeBron James you looked at it is as the billboard. You're welcome LeBron -- Miami I mean. Fear Alicea we're always there who was offended why is ESP -- -- that they got to step then it's a -- it's either two days. Because of a billboard that he put up -- -- -- LeBron and god forbid you defend. Offend branching out there. And a terrific who runs -- ridiculously easy skipper skipper something. Don't skipper some like that. I'm certain -- -- was LeBron had nothing do with this is what you find out that you ripped off 45 -- -- playing here perhaps trying to -- you posthumously that's yeah RA. No you don't own that I don't that I don't now.

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