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Brad Faxon on Tiger's poor play 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

Brad Faxon joined the show to discuss round one of the PGA Championship.

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Tell that idiot calm down relax ticket chill pill cops -- that upset. Things John that was vehicle -- of that that it stands episode wreath at the coffee shop and he put the dollar and when our head was turned out so we tried to pull the dollar out because that she'd she'd -- he -- -- -- -- -- -- just yet it is our 3-D NC tiger. 74 yesterday he is tied for 109. At the PGA after one round -- pal Brad Faxon joins us on the AT&T outline. -- Brad are you. Dario cells like these this back situation is contagious out on tour met -- drops out Jason doctor drops out. I dropped out last week to Bridgestone I guess it's a occupational hazard in your -- Well you know it's it's fascinating to see what's going on with -- athletes in all sports and how much bigger and stronger guys get -- is that the detriment of their game you know. I don't remember Larry Bird since you know he used to practice basketball to play basketball you can go to the weight problem Dustin -- go -- and I know times have changed but. So dramatic injuries Dorsey and players and the greatest player that we are -- player game is out again and there was a fascinating interview last night. On the Golf Channel the golf analyst Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo. You know really disputing whether tiger's playing poorly because he's hurt or whether he's Hercules -- Portland you know and it's a great debate you know probably there's going to be people on both sides but that's but there's no question of my mind whatever -- -- to -- -- it is hurting his back he didn't hurt his back. And then start playing poorly. What do you think his motivation is to be out there this week by almost everybody's account it would be good for him physically to shut this thing down. Get ready -- -- -- workers he talked about after round one yesterday and get back to you know square one physically come back for Augusta National is they panicked because he sees the window to catch Jack. Closing on him. Well I know we have this big that it doesn't look good for me anymore but. You the listeners don't know like I thought he'd get to eighteen in year you wanna collect the money now but. It's amazing to me you know tiger went down pretty hard last week of world book -- world auction -- in Akron or dominated morning. This this week he shows up on Wednesday doesn't timing is commonplace practice -- like you've never been hurt before. And you know shoot 74 and you know. There's a case Porsche has now altogether and you know things is the last. Term would be for the Ryder Cup team -- and you know tiger probably want to -- -- team and everybody does of course. And you know he wants to showed some opportunities. He's there have been able to play and it was a big day for him you know it's. He's three over par cut going to be around even par maybe yes -- well into the sixties just to make the cut. And you know you want to show lots -- that he can play in again he's he struggled hitting the ball -- issues. -- that -- the greens is is not there are nothing like it used to be -- You know what it and I'm gonna say -- -- -- get a lot patrol but she only needs to raise his hand and say I cannot help this guy anymore he needs to find. Somewhere else to go to console other great players like Justin Rose and Hunter -- but he's not helping Tiger Woods. You know the last five rounds of four rounds of the British Open round yesterday -- seven shots behind his 65 year old Ryder Cup captain -- are so what is it just pretty -- probably not a good -- -- -- its own forgetting for a second Tom Watson -- -- on the -- 500 yard course yesterday -- seventeen pars which is. Unbelievable. But when you look at we look at tiger now. -- you know. I was sad to shut out for the -- you teased me to say what -- -- of me to think that he comes back next year so please help the year in Europe to appear to -- Injuries and he has to get better in your forties and fifties -- the legal way. Well you know he's got major knee issues. Now he's got major back issues is third or fourth time we've -- struggled this back is actually. Had to withdraw from target. And like you said you know he's he's later thirties guys have played well you know Jack Nicklaus won a masters in 86 at the age of 46 so. You know tiger in good shape and still win and called term he wants by the last year let's not forget that that's that's a career for most players. But he he hasn't known as sharp as he hasn't had anything this year at all and that's mind boggling. You know these -- I will -- in his defense -- to be done somehow getting the -- he knows how to say this golf tournament you know we. We see him do miraculous things but it's it's getting further and further away in. It's been a long time since you Wanamaker 2008. You know Brent. After he will be tapped out at the WGC. Tiger said well you know what that I've heard so I have been able to get to the gym and he still looks to me to be the most ripped golfer in PGA history and I'm. Is it may be being jacked up. Doesn't help. -- be a golfer I mean you and -- Parma play -- same courses chain smoker with his gut hanging over his belt. David Ball. Well you think about the great players -- smoked Jack Nicklaus was a smoker Tom Watson was the smokers and -- Ben Hogan. It's summed up its mind boggling Crenshaw I mean. Spoke. You know having perfect health doesn't mean you're gonna have great score and I get worried you know -- look at the size and even road -- -- how much bigger he's gotten Lee Westwood the tournament leader. After round one these guys looked Shaq and I don't know. That that means guarantees any kind of success long term on the PGA tour. So let them deal lesson cute kids Brad Faxon says light up and have a cheeseburger. And go play yeah he's eight -- you know -- would story from yesterday you heard this. I have and I saw that he played well he's played well a few big. This is hysterical rarely -- they give you people you professional golfers as demonstrating a tremendous amount. A mental toughness but this certainly is an example. The englishman Chris would. Squatted to read a putt on his second hole of the day and split his trousers stem to stern with -- black underpants hanging out. He made the putt. After you split his pants up on the next hole with. His britches blowing in the breeze he borrowed by the week's WG six foot six he borrowed a pair of rain pants from his playing partner. And put the month but the playing -- six foot two and so they didn't beat him at all that he borrowed another pair of rain pants and wore them. Until -- manager Stuart page showed up with a replacement pair of regular slacks. They came but the story seemed when -- went back of the hotel to fetch them initially walked into the wrong -- much as brides and naked female occupant there anyway to get back to the golf course. Gives the guy -- pants and new -- -- puts them on and goes out and shoot 66. Now a lot of guys would've said. This is gonna ruin my round issued 66 with -- but hang out dispense. -- No I knew you wanna know it would make it you know not -- was it was a problem apparently he went next door of tomorrow my point is that not have distracted a lot of guys out there. Absolutely yeah that's and that's a good excuse you know person to today's players that. You know they have -- animals matching outfits on -- you know that they get responses tell what they're gonna Wear on certain days it's. That's what you detect it but that's the great story. The feeling -- -- you look at the leaderboard you know Westwood chapel Palmer and few Erica and NEC macro is a shot behind. I just -- macro is gonna shoot another 66 today she is sixty and on Saturday with a 68 on Sunday win by like five or six should just. Feels to be right now it McIlroy is like almost like -- tiger was 1011 years ago -- he's gonna dominate here when he's playing his best he's gonna win by five or six shots. What do you think about Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods the two best players have ever played the game the one thing they did better then. Their -- would drive the ball further and at their best they were the longest hitters and you know whether that's fair but that's the way it is and McIlroy it was amazingly yesterday at the first of these -- one of the marquis groups off the first in the afternoons -- the TV group is violent bubble up in the masters yet and probably the longest -- The last few years to play and then. Is also planned. With the market timer who's played so well. This year as well and he gets up in public -- to drive and McIlroy it's lap. And McIlroy it's it has Bubba Watson now. If you think about the size difference of these guys who are different it's it's amazing how much power disguised generating from a smaller framed -- 95 and under sixty -- seventy pounds. And he's using that. Not only distance wise but he led the field yesterday. And what they call total driving which is you know the combination of -- -- into the house parties in the -- He's first in driving distance and he was a third night and driving accuracy. And that's just it's such an advantage when you're doing mister McIlroy. You know yesterday when he played the technical part but he's going to discreet and to be -- He -- double its seventh that he had been to the provisional ball which went out of company gets dispersed ball makes double in many birdies five of the last seven holes. Like it was not -- And you know I I think we've seen him mature. In a lot of ways because he did win he's what he's gone bad a few times he's thrown away you know -- almost thrown in the towel. And two comeback from the you know hole should be making four. They -- double and then to birdie those last post put himself one shot back. Real upside back to Bob Bob -- much above a real quick that this this long this long drive the -- you know as long drive the Bob -- hit a three iron off the -- to -- that it is charity thing to do with the. He's a child he told the -- what. Well you know what I think it's you know public in his own little world out here and you know it's kind of like. The three point shot the basketball. Game at home run contest some of the superstars think they're above that. And you know they don't wanna get heard they don't want to show people. You know anything and and book Bubba could news. Really clap their -- up around this and had a great time and gained a lot of supporters. If it's a three iron -- -- -- and then. Kind of blamed the PGA of America you know this as a PGA championships not run by the PGA tour with the PGA of America came up beside the other. After the bombings and entertain the crowd which is kind of what we -- particularly the right. It's Qaeda Brett you're the guy does that they donate money the year. You're giving charity to. Yeah I don't understand this guy and he beat. Continue to speak in the league lead among almost tears. A bread not to get that too far ahead of ourselves but with the Ryder Cup is the will be pressure on Watson to pick tiger who clearly doesn't deserve it but a lot of people make a lot of money if he's on the team. You know we talked about this maybe a little bit last week earlier this week we're talking about the Ryder Cup you know. The PGA of America again this is their championship in the Ryder Cup. Makes this PGA championship so fantastic every other year because the Ryder Cup itself now in the even years and there's not an automatic qualifiers and the captain now get three picks they've had four picks in the past is that two picks in the past. And and the captain actually have a decision how many picks they get to date they have these three picks and if you look at. The list of the Ryder Cup players on this team you know there's some good players just outside that top nine. Mickelson and Keegan Bradley and bill don't get -- quickly and automatically qualify but you know tiger is going to be. A really hard decision for Tom Watson because I still don't think. He's the right got to pick out and -- his back and it is form but like you said. It is there a back door channel and NBC televised in this or the PGA wants to see. Think tiger's gonna you can bring ratings whether he plays well or not and and we need that. You think the cuts going to be even today. Well yeah I don't know if you're watching theater right now now pouring rain and they suspended play. And you you can automatically if if you watched the players or listen to some of the players' comments about the golf course yesterday. And -- always amazing C long golf courses you know Valhalla some of these forcibly 500 yards long. It's par 71 they they changed the second hole which is an amazingly difficult par five into an amazing -- more difficult par four that was. Second highest stroke average score over -- four point -- have to shot over par yesterday. But that the players in Europe mainly in -- will be on that Ryder Cup team said he can't believe he was pissed that. The ball wasn't rolling it's the fairway and and that really helps the longer hitters -- straight -- is not alone hitter he's as steady steady player. But. Earlier in the week the players -- who were more discourses hard and fast and it didn't stay hard and fast and I think that -- a huge advantage of the guys we can really bomb the ball long late in the year you know and Rory right there. Again benefit him and if you're looking at. Forecast for the next few days there aren't enough thunderstorms the whole week. If facts before we let you go there any career professional announcement you're ready or able to make. All the news I'm asking you know there -- -- not been released a -- -- us. Went out Tuesday and I'm very I'm happy to say that I was hired by fox to become law. One of the announcers for them for the US GA event fox signed a big deal would be associated twelve year. Deal to televise the US opens for them and the seniors the women and all the amateur events of US GA conducts throughout the year so -- to an eight or nine weeks of talks. Joe -- and Greg Norman will be the lead. The lead guys in the eighteenth tower but -- -- derby -- second guy -- -- -- There they base that that I could so I'm pretty excited you know golf is a game -- great chance this year to do some events and a I still need to -- Donna you're gonna be the first call. I can now I can handle that houses every segment that you should suggest backs and getting observations. Back to backs and -- or somebody else would you like I do that's fascinating. To Alter whatever it is. Right now -- Brett thanks for the title talk to your. I appreciate it Brad Faxon Dennis and Callahan on the -- like that -- sent to keep her cotton -- copyrighted now starts all the -- to -- and -- it would take a great -- he got worse. Here's what tiger should be on the Ryder team and and you alluded to earlier it's all about reading. I'm afraid US is in the rear ends kicked so war really in the Ryder Cup it's going to be embarrassing. -- seeking get to negate that a tiger. You know meet meet her ratings -- only -- between -- she brought people. It's going to be a lot on on. And ironic if he has sub par and by all accounts he is at the very least rusty if not hurt. Doesn't that increase your chances of getting your ass kicked if he's out there -- not contributing. I don't think it matters annually to the bottom line is to have that name Tiger Woods in the event just keep reading a big one gay. It's gonna be over -- like maybe wanted to eight this is going to be open your yankees and so staff are now. It's not even going to be caught. That's to be tough to when it's read it's it's -- it would be surprised if the US won Michigan's so it's so quirky but you know what. He's playing terrible right now he's awfully good -- podium now we don't -- what don't you want Tiger Woods and erratic and doesn't Watson seemed like just the guy has enough -- we there yet he's not say all right I want to know what about it I go back Chad Watson is is old -- -- right now a great argument but you -- if you want him on there it's only fit for the TV revenue it's not going to be for the Ryder Cup points to these. At his best he was always like mediocre -- it to say the least at this event when we come back got quite a night for Jonny Lester and an awkward moment for a television. Football announcer.

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