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Mallett struggles 8-8-14

Aug 8, 2014|

John, Jerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the Pats first preseason game.

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And Jerry -- -- show Ken Starr and Jerry for featuring Jerry Horton and loving Jerry Horton by the way. Written produced and directed written produced and directed by Jerry Norton and there's already a text review. On our AT&T -- line from the 860 which I believe it's an advocate good morning Sachs. Has to be out. It only could be good morning sexy. My head is the only -- it's turning to be fair right I mean -- I'm -- making right now agreement agreement agreement. Jerry hey good good good to be back felt and I will try to tone down my hot this good in the guy out I I eight. Know how do you feel Kirk a boat people that have made it in the media only on the basis of Villa looked at Seattle which is why I defend people like myself assets that are generally gets -- a hot body salaries and you do. You had a wish come true no one's ever. Should you I don't understand that I mean all of these bumpers what you mean I've I've really I've been on. Just about every shelves this for that this station has I've been with just about every color no matter oh no matter who I'm with its. It's any Picard and I and I'm just -- like you know below I I mean it's so now I've just taken to. You know Dennis -- and Jerry Horton and -- -- reasonable does do my I'm just gonna carry like a recording of my own ball. Anybody got a game he cares about their name being on the show or bumpers frankly you know well made shallow -- -- the way I play no O'Donnell. I let my -- and -- -- and all right out sloppy are run intrepid producer had dental surgery yesterday he did yeah -- it was a blast. What was root him out of it replace account -- as lucky as it did you. My dentist does that at the drive and a regular plain and when I go to my dentist by by either Oreo cookie amicable work. -- I just let's go -- -- -- -- are your earned -- keep edit its outlook add dental surgery and I felt bad for out. No pain involved there right. People out of out of me to drop names but did joy that this happened to win in 1967 Cy Young award like mine. There was -- -- long. That is when I. George when the 1982 side like mine people could rich. It is if he does good work here and you that you. Yeah he's looks a lot -- England patriots -- -- -- -- up -- I -- his daughter in -- I knew it after. Al-Qaeda will come down here yeah well you'll -- -- your neckties I can't imagine going -- being able to get those. Huge meat -- of fingers. In somebody's mouth and I well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even -- located -- British Ike it's gonna they had no idea -- us right. -- -- -- any gives them an an autograph dire picture of himself which -- -- on the while you can put on his. -- and they are hall of fame. You get to Wear it when you go to his office. As well right. That and the looking after the onset and it's a -- -- switched and I -- So what they had dental surgery kind of and that's a bad day. -- the worst day. Right now that Carl Crawford. -- -- hard. Well dale and -- and Brad tighten. -- help is that. This -- a crawl and -- its auction bid now the guy that's who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tiger Woods. Mike may in apps that adds that we'll be fair to Mike -- I think -- man up just like. Traded in his credibility for three free rides on a five rings is that Belichick -- you've always wanted to going yes it is at that it is and the east side of faux pas to be watched. If -- the worst day obviously was man out because as the annual Ryan mallet Groundhog Day. Time to show us with the -- and show us why he's gonna be starting in the -- And do this in and create some value for a track every time I seem now play in these games I think you wouldn't -- quarterback like 1994. But the pre mobile Porter galleries that Mark -- brother. He goes back east and there he takes forever he throws in the ground -- happy. He looks he's got a great arm yes snaps of Graham and be one really good threat unless it was boys. Over the middle on that third nine to be there's a flag removed the back yeah that was a good throw me can obviously make the throws but the guy is not he's starting quarterback he's not. It what I found with him is that any time the pockets squeezes even a little bit. He completely is his feet come out from under him he comes off balance in -- how many balls -- he throw right at people's feet he's like a first. Baseman had like infield warm ups right and this -- -- guys are open I mean in a guard for Beatty asked yes the role the pocket now I mean. Haven't said that he didn't look any worse than Matt Cassel used to Matt Cassel was a terrible August quarterback who. We clearly proved that at least for a while he -- as an NFL starter. -- so -- yeah I'm just not seen it your Lloyd. -- liberal although there was plenty of wonderful things that Drew Bledsoe did of course it was a good NFL quarterback for you know five or six -- offers -- through tough. But the things that Bledsoe did really bad. Really bad Malick has works which is the worst parts of Bledsoe -- none of the good parts that's an icy. Happy feet and throws into the ground gets nerves -- the ball. It is indeed a big -- to -- -- drew huh so that was a good hop step and he knew I don't quote finger fastball but you know I just. I may be people disagree I don't know you know I don't know anybody thought. The -- played well last night and again it's it's it's half of football game effectively it's not fair -- all we have to judge him by -- I thought I have of twelve for 55 yards and one half four plays zero points. And converted two out of 61. Downs it -- I'm sure that the Texans are rushing to follow Farrakhan. Give them a first round draft choice did does that constitute popping. My match said he popped and practice the other guys. Maybe it may -- -- misheard or maybe city pooped I popped out at I let dispense doesn't like -- I salt a legitimate NFL starting quarterback today backing up Tom Brady -- melts the starting quarterback in this league he -- I think the league is expanded to Sydney fourteen marketing incorporated protection advocate on the fly it for them adults I don't you know. I'll tell you what. On -- -- time amend my dreamy eyed about this imagery -- look he's -- does he. Watch right he he I was not a practice that initially looked. Abysmal just as bad as you've heard Greg is what is what I -- I just. Bad picks they start throwing behind people I watch him have to run a penalty lap. -- a -- of punishment leopard idea for an infraction I didn't want last night last night he was he was nails. I mean you just just everything we heard about him back in April he confirmed that. You don't. Quick drops and played in his feet and making quick decisions and get the ball out in Roanoke where it can't be you know picked off that might not be caught but it's not gonna get picked off. I know. -- -- -- Scott just -- day you know. Third man in unveiled it -- desperate to play by play left out India for the patriots I was pretty eat what giving the broadcast. Here's that -- about the broadcast widgets. It wasn't it Jerry said before the show wasn't as busy as it was last year yet talking before that state that was a concerted effort to make is seen as last. Foray was fine. But -- is fine. I understand Bob's sponsors for your paper that's -- -- I think the thing with for a low in an anti art is creepy reporters -- like you know prison video stuff. The Terry Anderson I don't mutter that's our -- pull off it is and I think roaches is the terrible play by play a man that ever would says is a very nice guy I don't know him. I'm sure it's -- nice guy I just he can't -- league a football he shouldn't be a play by play guy in the football. Down and distance should be like broadcasting what one should not yet he's just too. He's -- to start at twenty and that's one yard run that means it's second in nine. I generally generally yeah. Right that's historically -- and and I and I and I think. I still think your baby Davis despite a classic polish guy read in the when the newspapers this morning they said he's sort of more conversational and not traditional -- maybe some people like that I hear just seems to me like he's confused he gets. Players writes that this is right messed up fumbles he seem awkward at times. I don't I would spritz for -- -- who cares remain strong. You know if if sponsors sponsor in this and that's part of what they do the cut a way to -- in in -- -- with whom -- worked on this station great guy doubled as a bookmark. I'd like to see the -- cuddle and on that couch in -- and. They look like they practically orbit just go well like like -- you -- out -- let's -- this demonstrates that a -- -- -- it was -- in the US have disabled -- and connected it out like a gutsy but it can totally unlikely new way to make you watch like you know a lifetime will remain with their you know just tests -- with each other but as far as like. Last year I get that they wanna say you know its pre season ended so it's a waste of time to sit there and talk about it I was trying to put it. At least tell me who's on the field who's not like the things that are relevant and I wanna know. Who's in because they making changes somebody who's so quickly -- they are literally ninety guys on the roster I'm a little curious we SA. Where is Jake back. Who they drafted two years ago in the third round easy on the field I didn't see him but let let me know instead of just. I don't know got a ticket to him now gonna jump over here in and we gonna have another awkward like role. Would you agree though in the big scheme in the big picture this was as about as significant. As the Red Sox beating. Northeastern and Boston College in mid February on back to back double Saturday yes yes we had this -- -- -- panic in panic at the wines each of the last two years during the pre season everybody thinks the world and doesn't. Pick a 150 nothing last night the win no matter how you did it. As a matter -- pleaser. Grapple plays of Brady's -- we know the year's over there was no Revis is no gronkowski. 88 twisters weren't there but you know. It was fun to see guys front row spot as he gets the patriots uniforms run around for couple of hours that's it. I. I make this analogy it's. It's not like CN a band it's like seeing a cover band. You know it's icy and you too it's like seeing Joshua Tree it's just okay this is sort of familiar it's almost practically like -- in a real patriots game. And right now given the state of every other Boston sports team that's good enough and I'm sure the ratings will be huge in reflect that there will look like that's something to glom onto. What does what do Ryan mallet and Mike Carp have in common. Untreatable. -- and both should be DF eight correct. Guy you know I am. I'm sure -- will be. You make through beat back up on this team that started the gas well I knew that I said the other day -- -- started for the patriots to win the deceased here that you don't know that knowledge. I don't you play. You know I I watch -- play and I think is greatest Belichick is he's the best coach in the history of football injury disagree fan but I think. I think that you know you watch -- played you think. If they drop somebody else. Says Tom Brady yes Belichick might be defensive coordinators correct I mean it that's it does not -- and knock on Belichick it's just how much a great quarterback jeans and it's. You see a guy like -- and become -- technology that -- starter. He's terrible we've seen the play how many times now. -- pre season games. This is his fourth year soul irritate and well yeah whatever is if you ever said while never had a couple tricky so while this guy is -- Brady went down. This guy could be good NFL quarterback. Know what I -- it but I felt the same way about a Goldman and that's it and have a good defense diet but it's it's all we skeptical -- and like. They -- track record with backup quarterbacks which is a hard thing for us -- The sort of grasp in these pre season games because it's it's always have to go on there be a track record is pretty solid the guys that they attend to to give up on. Don't amount to anything yet you -- Kingsbury general -- DV camera angle Kevin O'Connell. Arm and then the guys that they have kept around castle be in the had a classic example of hand out not to mention you don't date back in 2000 they had a fourth stringer who they kept who's worked out for fairly well. -- in the national football other than the patriots not the patriots. Needs a quarterback or might be in the market would be. Texans. The raiders and maybe one or two others I guess do you think that -- was or it is to showcase this guy. For two and a half -- three and a half games and see if you can get up. Will be -- this guy a third round draft pick for him I guess out here about how often done. Those -- happen you know three or four weeks in the train him not very often right guy comes in this start over again with the new office -- out here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I think they almost have no choice because this is clearly there are invested in grapple oh yeah boy are you ready to just make him your backup right now on the basis of what we saw last night one half of football against. Guys are gonna be or can -- jiffy lube and a couple weeks you know I think. These these backup jobs tend to be one. In meeting rooms and in the practice bubble and and what we're seeing is a tiny little sample. Right and they would not make that decision based on just what they saw last night but they've watched practice after practice they -- drill after truly -- seven constantly watched eleven on eleven. I guess is that bit. Belichick and his staff have an idea whether Rob Lowe is NFL sort of kind of almost ready vs mallet. Yep it's it's got to do a lot with I'm sure what they do on the white board in an immediate Rome yes -- Does this guy know woody woody CN somehow lasted four year after its economy is. I watched that you watch grapple last thing again -- it's it's one pre season game -- are playing -- open play you budget guys in the street. The wall that fourth down play they went for a fourth down -- about the ten yard line I think. Any sort of got out of trouble in the deeply passes across his body was good for the boy -- -- Bob -- yes yes it voice dropped a pretty good throw. I set their watch has said he would we can't you would never make like -- -- -- or five plays last night incapable grapple I have not yet seen from now so I'm ready I've known them a jump on these comic in the back -- quarterback sure why not about a -- -- credit of seven and nine. Six attempt grapple -- an eight -- with your screwed out of sites on the way out of a fun. With your backup quarterback you don't need a guy is gonna set the world on fire in the the last thing I want to hear about a quarterback is -- his arm strength. We can you know he controlled the ball to a skyscraper or what ever immediately you know. Where would woods is name from JaMarcus Russell don't control ball sixty yards on his knees which which by the -- -- is the skill that comes in handy in an NFL game. I'm with Malick -- just Nazi like maybe he's get all the reads -- maybe he can do his progression in his checked downs. But -- he can't make a simple -- And I'm talking a seven yard throw right I mean some -- -- last night were. People ask and Tebow is so bad at this time last year I was wondered if maybe he's not really left handed. Like maybe if they try to mold right handed people -- really does erupt -- like natural left the right track a tip that's how we throw lick balls coming we're coming out his hand like a nerve ball beats the -- squeeze water out of it I'm stunned to see that out of mallet. We're talking basic throws from a guy who's open right in front of him and he's -- our Major League Baseball umpires have gotten the touchdown. Correct. If they were doing the review all -- to build the one that was -- call pal and -- right yeah. You know what I I think people of the catch was not it did I never saw a ball at the ground. I didn't know made it shows too many angles and I think in a regular season games is no way Belichick doesn't reach for the right -- challenge right -- In this situation don't wasn't worth the the calories you -- burned off to reach into his -- to pull it out but absolutely that that was a catch it's good to see that the rafts by the way are in mid season form -- -- and incapable of -- a play in the I want. -- more action from the Red -- I'm not enough flags from in the first real -- about 25 yeah I like about fifty like with the feature bright and so it's a -- is ultimately about them but you're right. Our strike is important it's great if you have a but you know Jeff Georgia three times on the up and and I I mean you know it the end quarterbacks it's not about that it's great happy Manning's arm is not great. Strong rain but yeah -- had a mallet has -- has number 6177797937. It is the jury for show held at. DB. V have a ticket -- -- yes LD. Be. BLO initials lesbian gay note these are transient well let me enter the the BBB. Think about them are so Ryan mallet had a bad days so Carl Crawford soda damn Lipitor which by the way I can't believe I'm going to spend some time. Defending gambling to her it's gonna hurt it's gonna hurt but. Hell is going on. In our broadcasting world. It's it's frightening place to be sure as -- as he shot -- except. That. -- -- Off or what we have a minute what is your what measure would save Brad night you're saying that they're -- -- -- -- what is not me. He has a I don't know -- -- is why -- -- -- he brings nothing to the table and CEO dale is try and way way way hard to look like gate. Soccer -- to dale operation. The whole show producers they have code do you think orchestrated -- -- being the third man in on the deal -- shall -- deal. The producers of big soccer fan -- out and pictured a hot. I guess -- intention is a huge soccer -- -- does a great podcasts and forever -- remote Arctic. You know there are using -- Ben's idea I don't know I don't I don't know but it's not being dale show a partial to the Jerry -- correct this is the dale and Holley show at all so holly signed off on this wouldn't have to. Well if if you listen and Tuesday afternoon when you know that it doesn't take any qualifications to be the third main brand. That I am living breathing -- -- that and he was way better that I was up Chris woods Tiger Woods. Mike may -- we already got two and Carl Crawford on the open issues as well.

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