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What's in a name? If you're the Washington Redskins, a heck of a lot of controversy

Aug 7, 2014|

We discuss the controversy surrounding the name of the NFL team in Washington DC, including reaction from different sides of the argument.

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Fourth and final hour dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Michael Holley Brad night and is with -- says well. And for the people who -- saying on the text machine is it cool or pull. I thought I pronounced that very clearly thank you the code word is cool much like Michael -- cool. Well I should just use that one I did the whole -- -- brands in the house as well as we've been talking a lot of football today needless to say we're idea. The patriots and Maria Washington Redskins I do wanna go back to some because -- -- by the way says you may -- the tribe in Texas is not telling the truth. And hanging mark mostly out to dry while I'm trying to figure out why they do that. -- -- -- you know why would they do that but while mark -- do what he did you know I -- you can you can play that game all day long he he's telling the truth and he hate you -- He was on a TV show. Called sports talk after the game. You know he's the one who said quote I grew up with them. I know they don't take this is a racist word it ticked me off when people started saying this was a racist word. He said and and he said the reaction he got was quote what I expected like I told you. I grew up with the Indians down in Texas. He mentioned specifically the and help on this pronounces the Alabama who shot -- tribe. Which was the tribe and and he said he said I personally grew up with the Alabama -- shot Indians down in Texas I've been around Indians all my life. When I came to the Washington Redskins there was elation in the reservation. They love the fact that I was playing for the Indians they considered it an honor. Well then they went talked to the tribe and the tribes said that and this is a quote now. The tribe and tribal members took great honor in the fact that mr. mostly played in the NFL. And he played in a time when the mascot debate was not an issue. Times have changed and the tribe has not advocated for or against the use of the Washington mascot -- was it for -- to finish the -- The tribe has more pressing demands such as providing our tribal people goes on to say. He then says while mr. mostly once associated with the tribe. It is incorrect to say but the -- supports his efforts to maintain the mascot name. And it goes on to say that the the tribes have been quote adamantly opposed. To the Washington mascot name. The release says that the Alabama who shot that is a member tribe of both organizations. And that they support the position. At their adamantly opposed to the Washington mascot name. As interesting as -- had its interest seeing that it. That is just. That so much conversation is happening about a right now and stuff I don't know where I mean I remember this this. I remember this being brought up. In early 1990s as matter of fact maybe even earlier what was you you remember when Chris Rock was on Saturday Night Live your number that. A lot of people don't but he -- when Chris Rock was on Saturday Night Live. He did a whole skit about. Not like can can you believe this team is called the Washington Redskins they'll be like cabinet team called the it's Chris -- -- where we're at with the New York City and black people -- there you know -- -- That this is something that has been in the public consciousness for the long time. And we're still talking about it and it seems like. There really won't be any change until Dan Snyder Lee's war. Until NFL owners decide to have an opinion on -- that would that's what I it -- -- -- -- -- guys it's amazing the mean that. No one. Has had an opinion positively or negative I would appreciate. That -- -- how would have respect for the owner who came out that. I don't mind the name at all I would disagree with them. But at least it will be an owner saying something. These guys have nothing to say. They mean they protect each other more than some folks say you know I know the whole blue wall done about cops and how they way they take care of each other. Guys guys -- worse. They all they have nothing critical to say about each other absolutely nothing. Some courage so it's tough like today somebody -- the name like we hear from both sides. I think it has do with money. All these and they all make money off of dirty is being sold and endorsements right and rights and everything with each team there's a pot of money that goes and the owners from what I've been told. Yeah you're right -- the money's gonna be there whether they're the Washington Redskins. Or or the the Washington senators. In fact I might might I make an argument the pot's gonna get bigger it could pick -- a whole bunch of people who've got jerseys for the team now it's -- want to get jerseys for the new team. It got to make their money you you have to be a moron not to make money in the NFL is the easiest way to make money in America right now NFL owner you don't have to hope before you open the gates you're rich for -- hot dogs for a -- Acela parking space. Or -- Jersey. -- get the best TV deal in North America and you gotta make money. There. By the way in 91 -- -- -- not -- -- -- look at bad by a man ahead you know why we brought him in here -- -- -- work Saturday Night Live info at. But don't these guys it you know it in the commissioner -- -- what did you Nokia is in these situations when it comes to a ownership. Now we got an owner who was caught with a lot of money in his pocket and he refused to take the -- DUI tested and he had what do you between a thousand dollars in cash and some aren't some prescription pills. -- And we haven't heard anything. From Roger Goodell on -- -- And an M the last time we heard from Roger Goodell most people in America thought that we were here in the right stuff. Because the last time we heard from Roger Goodell -- had to do with the Ray Rice punishment. I feel like it's. Everything that's happened the last couple weeks the last couple months has been kind of tight -- no one's really stood open and taken a voice and that something and -- their own opinion. I don't know if they're all in this together. They recovered each other's backs but on this is -- time where where someone needs a voice an opinion whether it be pro or con. Then you know people need to tick off that rather than just being in the dark curtains and I can I just say though that there are there are valid. Discussion points on both sides and I don't mind listening to them -- what I what I think is stupid. Is is -- world I got ready -- offended by the word vikings. I mean you know they they they try so hard to make can attend an argument right that they go so far overboard. Well I'm not offended. OK you're not offended you know you're probably not a native American. Or if there -- native Americans who were offended is their opinion any less valid than yours. And and the discourse let's be honest hasn't exactly been. Top of the shelf now. No no -- it hasn't been ethnic you know as did this yesterday. Where and when -- Saturn came out and say you know this is what would this what do redskin is to me this is what it means for our football team. That he he brought up there are some things that he said that I liked. I'm not not necessarily his interpretation of what redskin in his. I didn't like that he was talking about some the issues when he went to visit reservations he said he went to reservations in -- Dakotas. I went to reservations in Arizona. He saw people without electricity. He saw people with an adequate. Health care inadequate. Educational systems in place. Environmental problems on and on -- that we got to do something about that and I am doing something about that okay. I think that is legitimate you can't really. No one can really disagree with that that's factual. And I'm glad that he brought that to the table and he mentioned that. Home. My issue is and to have a hard time. Have a hard time seeing. How Redskins counselor. That equated to. And words it's a slower I mean. Unless unless somebody can convince me I actually. Almost. As a term of endearment this is wonderful -- -- or merger would get that idea. -- and that's where I disagree with Dan -- -- the crux of the issue how do you view that -- And the other part of it that I don't quite understand and I've heard this a lot. The people who were openly rooting for Dan Snyder to stand tall here don't give in to the PC police quote unquote. Because you don't think it's whistler you mean I mean you guys I mean -- you know you personally person that is inside right and and your. Don't give in -- don't give him. So the people who do feel offended their opinion just doesn't match. Or if they feel offended it's not real they don't really feel offended they're just politically correct there is -- tells. He's gonna have to give it it so you want you'll. If it changed. I think I and I might watch what you hit the nail on the on the head earlier on it's when his fellow owners say. -- -- Enough for this you know we don't we don't need any more than negative feedback. It if this could actually end up being a positive thing you can turn to a positive absolutely -- to a positive. But he's gonna get. Tagged up on -- the other owners and he's gonna have to -- and why do you think he's still married to that to the term. He grew up their -- are -- since it's his team it means. It it means more than a name to him it's it's the the experience of of going to -- football games but it is. With his family and seeing people in the community all that stuff made its debt at the same reason. That the majority of their friends are married to a. Well look darker -- Virginia it's an hour south of DC. Ever ones that are Redskins -- everyone. And you know that's that's the culture you're brought up on coming from that part of the country that that's like -- nation but. Doesn't have the glory years like the pats have had recently they did back in the eighties and early ninety's but to this day it's that that's redskin country -- -- -- when they used to -- team called. Baltimore colts there isn't any more there is a team called Baltimore Ravens do you think the football enjoying. Experience for football fans in Baltimore is sullied by the fact that it's not the team their their parents or grandparents grew up with the name -- it's a different name now. Yeah but it's different and -- bit I'm short is different form. Many years when you had that you had to along gap closing was fifteen years. Between the colts the colts leaving town in the ravens come back. Or the ravens going to Baltimore -- -- character for thirty please yeah you -- you had a gap vote of no football there I'm sure there are some ransom Baltimore. Who identify with the colts. And haven't quite caught onto the ravens there I'm sure. I just don't understand how how the idea of changing the name would somehow rule when. The historical. Enjoyment to people of Richmond Virginia that you grew up with that it won't. If they had a different name when you wore a different -- you wore a different it's T shirt -- you wore a different sweat shirt it's that just wouldn't be the same. And that's that's -- Still the team from DC it's though the team from from Maryland they just move the stadium in the change and that's. Takenaka. I think you'll. You'll sell the team. Who sell the team before it changes the name I I cannot I can't see. A scenario in which he changed the name he just doesn't seem like Erica I. I -- -- -- changing. Or selling the team I can't see -- selling that team that's his team. And like you said he grew up with that it's his. Ali can I don't want that Donald Sterling type thing where the rest of the owners gang up on one owner and say it. Wanting to that you gotta stop with this something to that line that's the only way. That he he's gone I am taken to an -- -- Make him change I think -- I don't need I don't think this places. You know. Concrete -- I don't see him leaving. They can make you gentlemen. They -- the NFL can make him do. And it always comes down to this I guess and I can live like I can't imagine -- -- trying to think it was the last. -- biggest ever. Wear a short happened but it's been a long time. Them. A team being in in one place changing its name I mean obviously the LA Iran has become the St. Louis Rams and they. You know the Chicago cardinals become the St. Louis Cardinals become the Arizona Cardinals and -- A team that studies in the city. That is changed its name McCann we think. Yeah that ever happened. -- -- -- -- In the NFL Boca. Yeah there have been teams not in the NFL but there have been teams who changed and I didn't hear that oh yeah that's. Mean it's just that this is the this is the standard this is the money making standard in north American sports. It's just. There's certain things just don't happen I can't. Can't imagine Daniel -- saying aren't. I have been out here publicly. Stating my case. And I have been I've been passionate about it. -- you know went to get religion. Hicks figured it out when it changed and -- is -- -- not gonna happen. 6177797937. As -- telephone number. I you can Texas if you like 37937. Marks and Burlington Haymarket NATO. It he got so we're out basically the threat against them because nobody cares except the politically correct. All the so there are no native Americans in the country who care. Well you know it's never been a slower after work if there were indeed a slur you guys wouldn't be using it because you seem to be fairly politically correct. And I tell you and it's it's if you guys that mark Mosley lied he didn't lie. He he grew up -- those guys they admitted that. They said it -- -- she then it is now okay well then why would -- not lured them. Because people change their attitudes. Okay well nobody in Washington I grew -- in Washington and I -- the -- camp near LA I root for them and you know outside -- but. You know nobody cares about this issue except politically correct people. Mark mark you didn't answer the question when I asked it before I'll give you one more try -- their native Americans in this country who care. I don't know I know -- then you haven't then you haven't read mark. Well you know it may be politically correct people Ganassi -- LC mark again everybody who cares is just politically correct. -- exactly. Did not only for that's ridiculous. You don't know what you're talking about and you do. I grew up -- I don't I don't owe it to -- -- I know that. What does -- -- and listening to your mark. That's -- Switzerland was that was -- me. Not a -- director is like. -- believe a black person. We're you explain that please elaborate a -- and I confusing -- you're confusing the politically correct god help me out. And what went to the restaurant. Yeah. I'm rich can't you know the end -- happens to be yolk colored differently than a white person. Right it's like saying somebody is black but because somebody black it's not a word Alitalia rescue and has never been and will never be slower. I think -- mark I think he's got solo homer but he if there are some there is great this great debate on this. Some for some for some against. But even the people who are on your side so to speak. Don't simple flat like you did. Now you can do this you can go. To guy writes for the Boston Globe whose name is Baxter Holmes. He's native American I didn't realize this until. He wrote a piece in Esquire Magazine. And you can Google it. Check out his piece and Esquire he talks about. -- What it means. In and why. He believes that name needs to be changed now here's a great thing about. He recipes. That -- doing guilty pleasure of mine entry in the comments section. So he wrote the piece he's got -- And you go down into the peace and there are some really. Thoughtful people. For and against what he wrote giving their interpretation. Of what it means none of them -- mark from Burlington but. It's it's pretty interest in check and. -- not looking up I didn't even I didn't know what you told me that he's native American and I have read -- so I appreciate the the input 'cause like I'm kind of anxious to read them myself now. Mitch is up in Maine hey -- I don't. They got during -- you don't I also lived in the DC area from literally early seventy's just few years ago and -- first thing. The belt this whole topic is you can probably chart there would have retired in the mid year elections come up. This gets -- every single time and they don't get a bunch of politicians. Often out their chests with a distinctive look. And issued a commute. There may be I mean maybe I'm I'm sure looked at any time any time you have. Politicians weighing in on any topic you wonder. It is is is this purely Ernest is it's sincere or. Is their political motives so out of the politicians the politicians have weighed in on it in them and you're right yeah yeah yeah I don't know where they're coming for a. And -- -- and I'm annoyed I. I've been born on this Pol Pot that the indictment conviction literally I grew up with the Redskins and and it but by it. And now it's like my life I looked at this and I think it's -- it changed -- Talk about attitudes changed I think my attitude has changed. I never looked out it is -- -- note drawing up for thought about outweighed you know like. There's there's there's enough. You know opposition update from. It is just that I have read things about native Americans who are. Having a problem -- -- tonight acrylic it would need to do probably do little more vocal and they would fight. Something would probably out. Yeah I don't know I -- to see. I think a lot of it you know dislike with any kind of political power. It is numbers. And and the numbers native Americans. In this country. Are not that -- you know compared to compared to other groups. If you're talking about a small percentage of the United States of America we have over 300 million people in this country and at most put 4% 5% native Americas -- hot -- yeah I guess probably hot. So I think that's part of it. And also. In this is what this is what makes the conversation that we're willing to have a conversation ways to be had. It can be interesting and fascinating because I'm sure. That every native American group is not against. The name of the team. You're absolutely right I've read some articles of -- spoken of groups like that. Right at the the only disagreement I have with the previous caller and I I hope people understand this who mark from early yes. I had I had that go that well only that multiple you have multiple disagreement with the biggest disagreement I had. And it's it's so prevalent in this country is to somehow. Completely. Eliminate the possibility. That somebody has an opinion different than -- on other just being politically correct. So it's not possible that there are people out there who were offended by the term in his mind it's not possible knowledge is being PC. Well. I mean nobody else can have an opinion. Nobody else can say you know I don't like the name very much be honest with the I really impact probably shouldn't I should thought -- -- before this I should have been offended by it before this but I'm offended by it now. And yet not and you're just being politically correct. I am I agree I think like you said I think it's it's the spot where. That wouldn't say your piece and elect unchanged and that the namely the change on fourth and one. 6177797937. Is telephone number dale -- Brad -- Sports Radio WEEI. What is a Redskins. A redskin. Is a football player. Redskins are fans. Of Washington redskin fan base represents honor represents respect for -- pride. Hopefully winning. And and if it's it's a possible. Take that context you can think things are contests all over the place. But in this particular case it is what it is Xperia X it's it's what. The name actually means. I would like people know the history. Whether it's loans Ortiz wouldn't want to Walter blocking was so. In Montana. It's just historical truths. And I thought alike can understand as I think most do but beneath the name really means honor respect. We sing hail to the Redskins. We don't see her hurt anybody we Singh hailed the Redskins braves on the warpath by -- TC. We only saying it when we score touchdowns. That was Daniel Snyder in his interview on that ESPN he and his wife I had an interview on ESPN. It is. I guess somewhat surprising to me. The the passion and emotion that the argument seems to engender. Among people who aren't native American and and for the most part people who get. Tumbled unbelievably offended at the notion that maybe the name should be changed. I I -- I'm actually surprised by now if you were Redskins fan. I would understand more apt might team I've known that team my whole life. I'm assuming most of the people listening to us -- Redskins fans at a substance does not gonna go out on a limb that the other not Redskins fans. And yet they are so vehemently opposed. To the idea that Daniel Snyder changed the name of the team. Well I think for a lot of people. If this is not a discussion about. A sports teams name being changed so I think a lot of people look at a personally -- like you're losing something. It in their personal lives are losing me. Cultural war in naming wore their losing to the PC people. You can't say anything anymore in this country can't do anything to one's gonna I think it's that kind of mentality from folks and that's what they take it so personally so passionate about it. Maybe that's at and maybe I'd I'd I'd have missed red white people care as much as they do though the ones who care about changing. And I'm talking about people who have legitimate reason to be offended by the term. I understand their passion I -- little mystified at the people who. Which is -- that they get so upset if you even suggest that there are people who have a case to be made out there but. People look at things differently sometimes Johns on the cellphone -- John. They'll Michael -- jobless. Michael first. I can get a million times on TV and let me apologize I had no idea or I didn't -- -- -- but so my apology. But anyway. Fifth let me ask you and what all the respect that Daniel Carter I I loved one you know. People a lot of money to pretend to be a lot smarter than they seem to me. I don't know what you guys I mean I I happen I would think -- -- like a lot of topic they had the cover in read about what the true native American tribes lived in an end. And see what they have and don't have a bit the people. We can all agree that you don't is that Germans were slight negative yes like it. Like execute this charge at the end work well no not at all not even close that a little quick to put it at the same time. Certainly don't want the -- fly these people and birdied the people whether speaking on behalf. Well the native American. I think the -- could be concentrated a lot better in their living condition. Trying to open in those ways during the grinch came at banks or -- at all that and -- guys. Its name will change at some point what you're gonna get these people it's. John John it's it's a good point I think. In all fairness people who were four and again it's like I so. Daniel Daniel Snyder is for keeping the name he has brought that up Daniel -- saying. Look I visited there in there are some. Really. Unbelievably. Unbelievably bad conditions on these reservations that we have -- talk lots of Snyder has brought that up and then dale just read the statement. From the tribe and Alabama the mark Mosley was talking about in the -- any. Seeing it yet we have other things that we need to be concerned about but oh by the way. A we're not crazy about the mask -- so I think people are not mutually exclusive yeah I think people are both sides of it is that we do have they are bigger things but if you're asking me. While my opinion is about this particular topic -- -- tell you what it is. And the texture here says you know I'd. I I think this is about exactly what Michael's talking about as I type this losing to the PC people losing one. I mean that's the and I guess it's the part it's part of the passion that I don't get we're losing to the PC people with if he changes the nine. And that'll -- I think. You can be yourself of it either way but on the road the name's gonna change one way or the other I think and you know which have the report from. -- is in marsh field payless. They they don't they Michael is that I'm. Going to take my call. Ahmad black Americans. In the I can't speak or. Native Americans. Put to work redskin. I mean your column before me took my quite Brenda. It just doesn't equate. To go to. Doesn't sound like minks but native American. Feel. Like he Edward makes me. It it just. It doesn't mean that derogatory. It doesn't. Seems to seems pretty derogatory to me but you know let. As you said you're black American I'm a black American. Well we don't know I just go with the you know he -- all you do is go with the information that. Get all the information that you candidate and go to -- It just seems like it's not a it it it doesn't seem like a term of endearment to me at all. I'm solid state -- -- -- -- thanks last.

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