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Tom E. Curran previews Patriots at Redskins, Pre-Season Game #1

Aug 7, 2014|

We check in with Tom E. live from DC, as he gets us ready for the kick-off to the NFL exhibition season for the Patriots.

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Let's see what's going down. Down in our nation's capital FedEx Field patriots in Washington Redskins tonight burst pre season game for both. Tom. Doctor Robert Leonard Tom. How worried about -- great thanks. I I would I would assume there's not a lot of surprise that the fact that Tom Brady's not gonna play tonight. Well -- party ticket aperture I really hit. Feel all the reps that they got premium on Tuesday. The Brady actually estimated that there -- eighty or ninety. And a lot of reps on the situation legal -- well it so well it doesn't really didn't. Call. You know what some I have a feeling that that Brady Quinn. Is in talks -- Courageous act like they they they gonna do something with his backup quarterback situation beyond Ryan mallet which leads me that Ryan mallet. I'll what are you looking to see from him tonight woody the patriots are looking for. I think it a couple of things and error this earlier this year and any thought all he. Needs to forests. I think the patriots. Don't wanna cut IPO regular -- -- get value back tactic because I don't really good or leave so that they will vote for him to market rise. So tonight they are showcasing the situation where one hit squad. Your -- or are rare opportunity. To do -- already Amador an element. I can put a -- one well sort of but -- go -- wouldn't be able to do. She needs to be more accurate because people like they are credible -- this group this week. It wasn't that good. It that we actually it was pretty mediocre. It was it was a very which -- military not a bad player. It definitely got has reached out and in the ability to take charge of -- lot better. But it's the accuracy in the heart the -- one of the little ball. Audit I am not just a heartbeat and. There's no doubt that Jimmy -- apple is not even close to being ready to play in the National Football League. So are they safer to just keep Ryan mallet around. That I think it was and other public has followed place. You'll ride it out to look terrific. But it -- -- will come out you know fired up under the direct. -- -- all go back -- They'll say look we cannot have -- in a heartbeat from the quarterback position when the patriots you know we're in a record here is Brian Hoyer. Situation. They still. -- a level of got caught in typical -- for years to build back confidence is to write because I can put that they would go in the go drop below. As the world back up -- -- sure the level of competency. Our I'll say to your face what I said when you weren't here. And I said to dale and Brad night here say hello Brad by the way and suddenly go down predator -- about power aren't so. I said it is there a possibility everybody saying you know my -- as we often is there a possibility. Mike -- knows a lot more football -- a lot more football demeanor in about his conversation. So awesome things. That you guys could not see in the -- for was confident. In his analysis. Ryan mallet is also a chance I know that you know maybe a friend of Bill Belichick has dual -- something for bill but there's also a chance that the guy. Who works his tail off saw something that you guys and say. -- I think you know acknowledged it is like they are probably knows more actually knows that I did. But I don't interception and a lot of one drill. Erica -- I don't multiple interception and one on one drills are good thanks. I'm not sure any of the complete abject disaster that -- I'm also trigger war erupt -- now -- -- without the warriors much more than like they -- racquet club to -- English saying. That he -- -- extreme or -- which intimate and it felt starting quarterback right now. So -- did so well. So what how to explain what would let -- out. Again I wrote it earlier today why -- out -- -- to try to elbow checked that the patriots try to -- both -- -- make. Ryan mallet market rise and what better way to do what most restrictive -- And yet so I think with the back scratching and are able to hoping that what does it feel like. I will absolutely to sort. It and number at times to. Border while Matt Chatham. And warrior -- -- steel gates. Because they've been in there but they're all the time when it gets breakdown -- if you get a quick burial and a if if you -- the league -- and watch the game that -- or not and we can. -- -- -- Thomas got a question for. So. What is mallet have to do tonight. To make -- state for four number one and what do we need to look for for for him going forward and does he play in in the second pre season. Yet what it was like a pre season game and -- to make a lot for being number one somewhere in the week. -- Get a minute now. A lot of. Checked out shall command. And really shall accuracy to meet -- 01 spot. That it it. The probable. You're the -- be in the new watt who wrote. O'Grady can -- waited to go Archie in both great actor and maybe a bad -- -- a little more typical. A little more Arctic coast of -- on interpreted Brady. By acting bit. Those are -- yet the bill or feel like you've been. More anybody else might be a market and it Peter picked up connect the -- it on the. Yes -- has a good showing the night what's the likelihood of the turnaround for him move and to Houston one of those other clubs like you're saying. It's gonna pick and he picked her to order out. Look he ought to -- -- Brilliant situation where it all crap you look great we need now you looked at my ultimate the end of it. Retreat yet bowl but it out there -- the patriots have a very competitive brought. And -- -- come out wouldn't it be the patriot. Three player including Ryan mallet a decree without him because it -- what -- No it -- when -- player they are all going to be most likely available -- but what we. I think that the main thing tonight it would be command of the offense like he set I think that's that's the accused think how how does he run this team with the number one guys and and that's. I'm about to figure out we're looking apple Apple's that he hit the -- the children. How much are -- Tennessee. The starters on defense the big guns the guys were all talking about. You know Darrelle Revis and -- and Brandon Browner and Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo and those guys how much do you expect them apply. I think they'll probably play again -- at that particular court here in Ramallah their -- What outlook -- gruden. Well I would say they peak period partly -- I think some guys get a little bit more -- -- whether. Will work Kelly and we'll look sloppy out there and I'm going to be there and -- -- -- A veteran. Who worked together. Picker operate them all up injury had. And now you'll have to achieve what are they who worked well together and very true I. I was curious -- there. Around Washington. What do you put -- what's your sense about. The whole name controversy. Would. Daniel Snyder came out this week and said. A redskin is not a slur that's about honor and it's about pride and legacy -- -- wouldn't would not do anything hurtful. You get a sense at all that. That this is a big topic. Among Washington fans or was it just something that. Senators in the intellectuals are bringing out. They're very target. They're they're very very targeted. I think in a dark and local team are out here. Bob let it security situation without. Everybody else. Who elect decides. The record but I'd like Oreo earlier today ordered all that they'll grab some. Pressure from the law under which really hasn't yet come that there will be -- pretty -- up there -- -- look the universe human sort of -- through. But like you who would -- -- Want to recuperate at the bar this dispute an adult court read in on any Kirby. Promote the game at the kind of -- will it on the market it will be that really not what -- Amenable to look -- of the -- are -- it now. Well a -- earlier the guy who -- Tom we appreciate timing to a game there tonight we'll see you next week. Thanks so much or earlier picture. Don't. Tom eat current CSN any dot com brought you by Leonard hair transplant associates Tom currents -- doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard. You know we haven't even mentioned the the controversy the name controversy. Some more information actually came up earlier today on that Michael about. -- piece in the Washington Post. And if I'm a piece written by Dan Steinberg. In which show mark Mosley. Who. Said that he was passionate. About keeping the Redskins name and talked about. A native American tribe in Texas that he grew up with. And that and that the tribe that he grew up with like the name and one of them to keep it the only problem with the war is the Washington Post one talked to the tribe and they said. No that's not true at all we don't like the name we don't want them to keep it. And mark mostly get called up in the Washington Post today because apparently wasn't tell on the truth. The I think a lot yeah an end you know the sort of thing that they can sort of check out too if if they want to 6177797937. Is telephone number. We got lots more to talk about would you guys up until 6 o'clock. Dale and Holley and Brad -- and Sports Radio W media.

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