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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Patriots Hater Edition - 8-07-14

Aug 7, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the Eagles Cary Williams serving up some Haterade to the Patriots.

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Holly. Taylor. And -- Payments. The pain in the years. You know -- myself so easy enough. I. Well hapless they maybe it's because things -- eighty. -- are brought here by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network any -- works in Katy Perry if they're outscoring your bag and Jerry Springer. Now that's pretty darn good. Let's. I've -- to some of them means to offset by new Jersey's. Hey Michael. Yes sir. What do what annoys you about anti patriots -- what that saying that they have. We're live what are the exits but their commitment that was larger public -- -- that's tech's number four on the machine. I'll. It really is all right we're gonna start their first hater. Marshall Faulk can join the mid day show aired during Super Bowl week 2014 and and we just can't stop bitching about spy game. The only thing that bothers me is there's something that exist that gives does doubt in the NFL. You'll be fine for nothing. Ever since they got to find them okay we're not doing that anymore they won how many Super Bowl not at a comedy of it into. -- -- -- The only thing I know is ever since that happened and it got exposed. What we have is owing to a Super Bowl that's almost say that they have anything to do with each other I'm just telling you what the facts on. The commissioner had takes. What do you think nothing. It wasn't it whether it thinks about them. No. How some balls that's not to say you want -- senator you are saying anything he can't somebody being it's just something that -- today. That's the patriots. Since -- he's -- go into a Super Bowl and their old to a Super Bowl because they can't tape recorders clearly. We watch those games we want to 120 minutes of football and art take away from that is. The patriots are not able to steal signs. So they have these close Super Bowl losses as opposed to their blowout Super Bowl wins all know they had close Super Bowl went through but they're -- they're winning percentage. Since being caught. -- Hoping what percentage -- 756. Record regular season and post season. Is 93 -- birdie or two I heard some people -- it's higher than it. Before -- it who can -- all the Georgia -- six. It was. -- you already. Yes yes we -- Michael we're gonna go over to our next leader of today. -- show we border I'm -- this 2009. Commodities such -- baby. This -- is. That really to rescue it from the way. Really students. Typically. Paid he's been there for awhile especially a problem. She made -- -- today I can honestly say that I agree with it but it happened and -- -- they sweep the rug out. Just like anybody else on this call quality people as. In the white process models ships. I just waited forums combine it while we don't win. Us are no ideas it's the whole let love that. The there there -- a couple of tees the rams and the Pittsburgh -- if you are listening to this -- of -- But as -- we don't win. There there -- two teams for the players more convinced. That the patriots stole their ranks. They came into their locker room and stole their rings the rings were there they were they were ready to go there are ready to be handed out and the patriots got into the ventilation shaft and stole their -- -- Bitter. And you know they always say too much of that was what his blockbuster. I meant I'm not saying anything that they've been doing everything by. Yeah Marshall that was that was displayed Marshall outlook they've got. I think we we have to say. I think these these people think. That patriots fans are saying nothing happened. Patriots fans know something happened it'd happened in 2007. They got behind four. They got they lost a draft pick a first round draft report it happens nobody denies that. But don't you think. After they were exposed this Marshall Faulk said they were exposed to vote in 2007. They're caught one and -- they -- wanna know what they beat the jets. An eagle fifteen an hour after that. In the regular season. And then they go to would wind. After that. Is that the reason. Is that is that the reason it when that giants game but that it is it a strange way that takes credit away from the giants. Look their folks out there who worked and it. That the patriots because of spy gate because the commissioner -- them down. That's what lost -- which is just so Ricans do mystery. Our third page creator of the day is part Scott. Back into the residents and in September the jets beat the patriots when he or team. The patriots came back in December of that year and lacks the jets' 453 but the jets well they had the last lap when he when he won. January for the. -- thought an unbelievable. I don't know I don't know. Tom Jackson is quite a comeback -- so everybody can be pretty. Thought it that's just feel built right. What way does that does not regret what to look up the fifth -- within the management. Cannot fly. Who gets OK -- really -- -- look good football today. All you know you. Disrespect us. Talk crap about the deepest point at Dartmouth duke hasn't really always has got good defense. This case -- good opponent. That's can't wait can't let it worry. You -- committed governor do you judge unit that are -- -- even -- the jets head patriot experience improbable two objects and everybody apparently everybody is slated to object to -- Tom Jackson supposedly -- for the jets know that. He shot I guess -- is supposed to have their back. John doesn't like the jets anymore but at that point by the way you know way hey wait what. These guys Andy was telling me he saw some special. I saw a show called -- tanked which is securities vote aquariums in deliveries holes where. And parts got as -- QB got an aquarium is man gave. His two giant glass doors that lead into the nice etched glass doors slide -- open. The left horses can't write the courses we. -- well the bag today. Time now for the AT&T patriots needing just pain in the ass I. We go to Terrell Suggs and sometimes she's entertaining and is seen as a true patriots and sometimes he's not so entertaining. NN. Like there. -- I don't -- and only smog yeah it's too but then again I -- last it's. -- -- -- The -- that -- -- -- at this scene like a lot. A lot of suspicious world. I wish him he was -- one tell me what that's just what it. Tell me what it is what it -- he talks about these -- he thought is that with -- on. I remember yeah areas. Obviously went on -- right to -- film so -- came -- about this film. That was being released released on Blu-ray. So odd he's even talked much about it. We talk about the patriots. Eric. In this tree their players these sources you know respect the opponent to play all depends on a Dallas yet videos Thomas and other -- who's the other guys receiver. Special -- Played in the patriot. Kerry and. Remember this guy. We're number fifteen. Before Ryan mallet did like -- -- this guy's name but I think he's a former ravens. -- so they had some. Bill Belichick should've thought about this -- thoughts. In the organization. Who reporting back to the rate so that's weird -- with estimates. 617779790. -- -- -- -- -- -- guys acknowledge Tennessee you'll come up. We say yeah we -- one that didn't quite make it -- program I'll play a couple of you've known them from the very classic from -- have settled a class at all times and you know comments may be -- for -- coat. Look Dave Tomlinson I. Would say this that. Kelley Washington is that -- Washington thank you very much. Not to be confused with -- Washington. No not because he -- and I will say this the patriots don't talk a lot of trash they are. A bit of a nit -- to play against after they beat you. They do like to -- they'd like to pound their chest they do like. Rub your nose and a little bit especially back in the day when they had people elect Rodney Harrison Tedy Bruschi and some of those guys they -- like to kind of rub your nose and like every other team in the national football only that goes with the territory that's that's gonna happen is that different than than the Baltimore Ravens -- they are -- It's not just. Herself Suggs is a very -- on every word very diplomatic winner. Congratulates the opposition. -- -- -- -- Like if there. Are some very suspicious things going on god. How much -- Sherman Andy did make the list. Yeah mortgage -- -- it was against the actual patriots in a minute and he looks at everybody destiny earlier that week. He put out he's yelling at Brady Brady welcome by and they in the the caption when you map -- At. And better than you you you're you're just a man with Christine. We're team you're a single man at the Brady -- this is that this is this the defense you know we got got eleven players up and play great ball. And you don't whenever we're just that one man beat us. Racism we're built for the heavyweight fight you guys that are. -- on and on. We idea a text here and ensemble here is talking about. Alec on the says truth hurts she am -- first. And and we've got to go out what you once in spy game hello I experience when it Steelers -- It's -- that the true -- -- losers to the team's success. She. Says. It. Well you don't let out I'll give these people credit if they believe and if if there's some. They believe -- -- some mysticism or they believe and you know there's something in the universe. None -- for dinner that is all you say is do you honestly believe they win because they cheated they say yes there for. Even orbit and you know the fraudulent parties. If they say yes the patriots haven't won since ID and they you can give examples from games Super Bowl games while waiting get it done. And in the opposition has a lot to do with it and you know playing football. Has a lot to do that they can't say well. -- they just want to they lost because they it was a better team they have to go what they lost because of spike system. -- all they got so many of them that's all they got Natan Greenfield you're next on Sports Radio stale and -- They they don't NA. I don't -- -- I hated -- -- -- -- for years it's like my biggest -- Russian hot button -- they had gotten sports. I don't see anybody who says that spike gave it to read more pictures -- -- -- has probably never played. What is different between watching film what do you actually done on Sunday -- the -- what they theoretically might do in shall. Sure I never understood that and we. -- you go out and exit recognize the play a lot of it I mean I remember playing it. Haven't but -- look back update you seem to be among those people who think that the patriots were taping practices. -- And it's got some phone yet and try your fault they we view break and not let that there are still folks out there. -- are some folks who play in the national football only Marshall Marshall is convinced the patriots videotape their practices. Not true. After the Boston Herald ran the retraction on that one remember. But yeah like in the case of in the case of the rant I can understand why Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner anybody else would be. Frustrated. He'd go back and look at as we look at it from a New England perspective through that patriots Leon's. But did go back now and some distance from the game you know wanna and in. You -- you know what happen. You look at the box score that game. The rams. -- they had so many opportunities. They had more yards in the patriots. You know Kurt Kurt Warner passed for Tony yards. They they turned it over the problem they had turnovers the patriots didn't. Had nothing to do with even if the patriot the patriots did. Take their practices they did a bad job of taping but they were taping. You know they had the wrong equipment. Because the rams were able to move the ball in the patriots they just kept screwing up we kept punching themselves in the face. That's why they lost a game if they're taking care of the ball probably the patriots so Marshall Faulk and everybody else has to deal with the. Albertson Rhode Island hey Albert -- -- Hi hi -- go ahead. -- it require I don't want derail -- critical factor for a little bit error my -- -- the -- argued that the patriot nation in an apartment that's probably likely. Or alternate ticket -- any idea -- tickets. Comical that you guys are you know Hollywood in your degree at New York time on the nick and I it has become now that hatred and -- just by you know they -- on. Why -- we have to do that. -- -- -- begging me aren't you got to talking to welcome our current report will review. The blocked okay what. Is that thing. There had been one. In history and all that has ever been kind of right to the severity. That the -- at for this spiky. Are absolutely. No we -- and every week streak Europeans think. They know that it it from the march and I obsolete the -- But I -- like it is -- and consistently all over the last decade. They have a -- group Opel. Think I've been frequent and. Why haven't they won a Super -- -- forwarded to let Tommy my wife has had they not had they not won a Super Bowl because they don't take. An accord and -- anymore. I I do not believe they haven't not one because they do not -- last. -- I believe at the end of the day. Well our world championships but I think the decrypt had been lacking I think that's why they haven't want. OK but the focus that's a fair point so what's -- -- that we we have no disagreement. It ordered the problem when you -- winning what are you can't say you're not winning Super Bowl because you have been cheated. What do. The fact that you guys never one to reach to all during your -- anger when you -- -- no question. And that's it. Unpredictable. Court cheap or don't we don't know who worked at 31. Will ever know it. How do you how do you know how much it actually -- -- -- and I. OK I'll go look at I don't know that I don't know. It's all it's although still the the prosecution. For OK so to speak the prosecution doesn't know and the defense says no so just as I don't know. I don't either so overwhelming that. And I admit that I don't hit it bothers me we go out. The baseball played this steroid ever stare at people that we -- all saying no but if you don't need to not. You don't know what you don't know what you're. Comparing. It did that's what -- mr. Are you comparing. Our old and I -- asked the question I give him the ball back. Are you comparing a baseball. Player injecting. -- -- cocktail. Into his -- To me. -- assistant coach or quality control guy. Taping defensive signals. And really are you really want to. I don't want you in the future saying that there were it's a very general comparison I'm comparing Elliott is exactly the comparison you may. And comparing the packaging itself. When you -- something illegal okay you'll just -- to the public perception especially. When it probably won't actually. Actually okay. I would hope that this is -- -- there are cynical hypothetical so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People wanna put an actor Eric clay court record we got into retail. Put it absurd moment Super Bowl because they are being in a picnic at meet people to OK so if you do it. Every one show me one. Document to open up thirteen being convicted of something it can achieve it and I rest my case and that particular. I don't know that -- I'll take it one step further Albert you were wrong when you talked about the severity of the patriots punishment. The New Orleans Saints got a much harsher punishment when they cheated I'm not a -- -- -- -- I was. I'm dale. -- I don't we lookalike but now -- it. Look this whole idea that that you know show me one instance where another team got punished as badly and somehow that means one. I am I think it's not Sean Payton got suspended for right here. -- by the patriots I didn't think the major penalty was worse even though they that the the saints lost her head coach for -- and -- it. They also -- fifteen million the data and as a first round. The pictures -- first round pick it how many first round pick -- -- taken last year still.

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