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Three For All: Poop and Weird Al at the Super Bowl 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

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Hey these guys know more than just sports and travel. Number three. With MF. Lots of links today -- -- -- -- -- -- -- page go to WEEI dot com and go to our page you'll see a lot of what we're talking about today for the -- sprawl which -- brought you by departs a dollar construction we take a lot of things that maybe aren't necessarily sports related we throw them under one roof. And as we do for the free for all we often included of that -- the links -- Selig read it online at WEEI dot com today. Although many of our free for all contributions today are somewhat sports related like mine for instance and little start up the Christian feel pretty comment if you. Seen the video that I posted with Ronaldo the soccer player. Who is signed on to do an advertising campaign. With a device in Japan. That is supposed to make you smile better. It exercises your face it exercises your smile muscles. And if you put this thing in your mouth and you cut and nod your head up and down it's got wings on and -- a propeller. And it's a push to strengthen your smile muscles so you have a dazzling smile. Just like Ronaldo and I think we can all admit that -- is one heck of an attractive man you know the products and -- I know I'm comfortable enough in my sexuality and missed that so I know I admit that I know Christian as an extension clearly is but. If you put this thing in your face and you put your mouth and you nod your head up and out of supposed to strengthen your smile muscles. -- -- and they've played some ball in Japan Def TV out there's a little different weather and there -- their current. But it really -- -- out to vote. So -- -- exercise but -- Syria and other video did you ever see one of these during your time in Japan are as our new have a device I have not seen -- they've come. A long way. Fourteen years I think you're always a little off -- a little kooky based on our American perspective in Japan -- TV shows BA games shows. By the ads -- like this too because we're although in the first that. Flat out looks uncomfortable. Watching this when he first season on a game shelf. But now he signed on for big bucks to plug it if you're gonna promote approached to do a promotion of any sort. In Geneva no no endorsement -- -- enough yet to be got to be good over there. Yeah and -- long term deal off your guys had a good first year they say to your the other profits of things like that might pop up a half none none none of that stuff none of it. It's funny because most dollars like big time -- dollars yeah they. They all look they won't do commercials here for the go to Japan do think that she's his commercial for sodas for. I mean for all different sorts of things that would never do -- -- car commercials like that what the -- being destroyed in the states of the go to Japan negative but to money. You know but it did this did like I've the person like the Suzanne Somers -- Blast yes I massacre I masters series -- smile it is. At least that's there it still is a master resolute but said he wanted to put in his mouth not let's all the Japanese kids do it he just holds it in smiles as if to say you worked on me it'll work gunmen. But he does even put in his mouth yeah. Another are the very easy transition into your story for -- -- talked about earlier write down was -- Scott Mitchell. And he mean what are the Biggest Loser try to lose weight write their stories online -- of when they're on their for all the -- Kentucky defensive tackle Cory Johnson he's the junior college transfer he talked about why his weight fluctuates. From anywhere from two waited 300. -- Possible. You can ninetieth minute you know he threw on it meant U2 lead zone. -- -- Rory goes and goes on at all. So you have -- to speak to your meals and -- people -- an apartment. Yeah ideas about who homeless. When. The deeply when he gets them as more accurate. So it's like -- A follow up no addition -- I wanted to get a check on illegal a lot of these things and it's a lot -- you have extremely accurate scale you'll really even notice except that was also a little bit better. Sheriff there a nice. -- -- Well after we went along show on our next or what do we really supposed to believe that he's losing like three pounds of Pope against -- -- -- time. Yeah twenty pounds of Google her approve a little what was your blue whale of MA it's this. Big -- lose weight that that's that's it Scott Mitchell they've only go -- award but the Biggest Loser just. Go on Cory Johnson died just more it would collapse incidents take it in Kentucky well man. But he's also saves -- five times the daily car that much time to dedicate that five times a day. For that but I will say this but I that was what I was like immediately I was struggling to gain. So before we had a away and I was I would do as much as I possibly could. And I would I would hold it and I gotta admit I'll hold it in for as long as they could could I thought I would get an extra two -- maybe an extra rebounds. And it just kind of you know wait for the whole you know I guess nature take its course and forcefully on the -- but I really believed I could get an extra two how about it by. Go to visiting the penny to -- -- with the -- -- of messed up you've got -- aren't the first time doing giver like do want those cleansing things. You have some pills the kind of cleans out your system now you can lose like a lot you can lose a few pounds they're not fifteen to twenty. But exactly but you might lose three or 45 pounds there just -- your body out of all the message that you -- for about thirty years but the first time until it's put. Each and every day. That's how much are you eating to put in your body. Have to -- five times a day on the -- the -- -- let's tackle big Fella I don't know I Christian what I yeah. All right Heidi some musical accompaniment for this one. The -- Everybody notices. I don't -- literally got. Don't know we retaliate against a weird Al is still weird -- knock off. We also that's the best of all what we have another one that he had that that he is prepared vehicle blurred lines would be indeed -- to work crimes. To listen -- guys steal about weird Allegheny could be singing. Or actually you know like doing the halftime show it this year suitable at the 2050 is -- awful idea. Are always advancing this himself -- somebody advanced it on his behalf. -- so what is advancing on his behalf there's a guy that started a petition. Okay and he broke this'll -- it turns out he wrote this petition we start this petition when he was drunk one night. He obviously you know drink too much not advocating drinking. But he says for decades weird Al has entertained fans young and old with -- popular clever parity. Of any sense of humor having him headline the Super Bowl halftime show would not only be overly except the by the millions of viewers. But it will remain true to the standard and quality of the show business we have come to love and respect out of his prestigious event. So awful I don't know I think gum ball more I'm on board with this out all. I don't few great idea let's here's -- weird Al let's hear some like a surgeon. Let me remember the old -- on the west. -- I area. Now everywhere else done this thing but I just but I have to have shown up I want performed. Think -- you -- that you go to the Super Bowl and it's psychology again Justin Timberlake you know now weird Al. Really. I cleared out concert I have been nowhere -- concert why. We were in downtown New Haven and we heard he was there are so we just wandered over bless -- that's a different that that gaggle of -- you're probably drunk -- or you can't walking down the street with a with a with a high near handwriting of pizza yeah let's go -- we're allies. Exactly how went to toads place I think is what was intimidated and it's on stage -- -- potatoes to mr. potato head data that's -- I remember from it. And then there's weird guys. The guy's name is -- also Horry has over 20000 signatures as of as of yesterday -- to get it done in sick I don't know elicit a weird -- are still got three grammys for gold records sold over twelve million dollars in sales. -- he is he did his new album. Which is called mandatory fun debuted at number one on billboard 200 chart of best sellers so. Mean there is some viewership their me what twelve million views from a -- -- eleven million views of a song work crimes. And they are the source its popularity has anything to do with it. We're out should be leading the charge right now. I can't see it being any worse than Madonna and Alen man fail. I agree with it. I -- -- 77797983. Set at 1 o'clock hour or revisit some of the Red Sox stuff plus we'll talk more about Rob Gronkowski. And the tight ends were Christian as you get -- -- game one of the pre season between the Redskins and the pats netted 37 Emilia. Tonight with the.

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