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Andy Hart on the Pats preseason opener 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly joined the show to help preview the Pats and Redskins.

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Theoretically. Is it possible to get -- to pump. The first pre season game of the year note when Brady's not gonna play I'm not -- -- going to be the star of the show up our act you have got a little slot. It will I have to -- yet but and it's football that's why watch the other night Cuba a -- in the three quarters -- -- -- Any heart patriot football weekly. Was in Richmond Virginia all week long back and Boston on the broadcast that corporal. According anyhow -- -- -- -- Give us two or three takeaways from what you saw in this little redskin patriot get together this week stuff that's about it your mind. Well the first thing that stood out was Tom Brady was by far the best quarterback on the football field. When they went eleven on eleven -- segment. The waiting down the field hurry up no -- It basically anything he wanted to do. Was sort of reminiscent of last year when he basically do the same thing in your practice with the and you know I'm not just saying the guys and his team obviously better than mounting problem but. He made RG three look pedestrians to the point where there -- print from the crowd yelling -- arms shall argue 300 Billiton on new complaints per I mean. He was the star on the open and that was obvious. Secondary I would say. The defense. That the -- put out there is certainly intriguing and I know. A lot of people focus that intrigue on Darrelle Revis in the secondary. I think this front is going to be fun to watch you know they were in a lot more 34 front and we've seen in recent years. In hand with these guys -- Collins Donta hightower the athletes they put out there. They look like they're going to be able to do a lot upfront and you combine that with the improved -- structure and there's good reason for hope there. Is that your approach tonight the coach again and there in the there in the game. -- yeah we have some sort of bought furniture set up by I actually haven't seen it yet and richer at your north got that big a company can put a soft drink inside there all the ships and I was I said this last year I mean others in the weird -- question Belichick about halftime. I like the fact that the broadcast the pre season I hope the guys do it again the night. It's not like we -- play by play in a pre season game should be more congress. And that is what we're doing -- going for more analysis we're going less spot the you know certainly not just talking about Brady's. Trip to -- Rica in the third quarter try to actually talking about. The team in the competition and and what's going on and not necessarily play by play every every snap on the field that or don't. Well good what's the very good against what -- quarterbacks snapped. Quarter breakdown. Well it's going to be a lot of -- I mean I think you see that we quit. You know Bill Belichick does that sit down with -- may -- -- -- -- -- -- goes out on the air as to the odds are popping in a you know that the way things work behind the scenes in the NFL and this comes shortly after they worked out Brady Quinn. Certainly -- -- leaves that you wanna read between the lines they they are still open to trade our guests -- Ryan mallet so. I think you're gonna -- all hell of a lot of right now are pretty close quarters trying to maybe pump up the street value and then a little Jimmy drop a -- -- Did the rubble all looked lost due this week. I guess you can pretty much -- lawsuit that put the pats -- yeah you he was very good this spring when they were short and and passing camp. Had a good on the defensive got a little more lively and he has thrown interception after interception and just. He looks like a one double -- quarterback who's trying to stay afloat here in an -- that's helped out. So the annual cliche question I'll ask it anyway because I saw the Caspian raise the questions morning in sports and important standard for your question exactly. So -- And I'll preface it by sending you go back to 06. And Iowa SEC title game in Indianapolis. And they went out and indicated DA's Thomas but then they loaded up on receivers in Randy Moss Donte' Stallworth Wes Welker I think Kyle Brady the -- and was in that -- And I didn't really do that issue they focused on cornerback but they you know they addressed wide receiver against to some extent through the draft but my point is. Do they have the weapons that's the cliche question of the day and again he is -- imposes mind as does Brady have weapons. I think if any chemical can stay healthy the weapons are decent it's not going to be a great -- It's not gonna be record breaking it's not going to be. 3540 point game without -- -- -- we know -- -- on the field everything changes but I could tell you this week and the Redskins defense probably not going to be very good. They looked really good and operate and look -- looked as good as he's he's looked salt spring and summer down in Washington catching the ball on that's the one finger -- a big. Receiver who struggled to catch the -- types -- -- question. But you mix and then it Amendola an adult manner healthy gimmicks and a couple young running back with with the white adding to -- I think they're good they're not what we've come to expect necessary New England but. I think a lot of other teams would would take this -- so. Help always being that issue. I think they're they're going to be pretty good. We're talking with any heart from patriots football weekly -- give us a name. That right now is not a household name. But as a good chance by the time this season plays itself out to be a household name in New England Patriots. -- look that's a good question because I think a lot of the battles. Are are are pretty set. Who that guy has -- stepped back. I know now. That the tight end position basically you're gonna learn Justin Jones because there's no other site and the playwright and you know gronkowski out over our newly. They just don't have any depth there he's going to be preaching since. I -- you know patriot football weekly we -- pump up these guys he might be on the cover one of these in the but I don't see him being an issue during the regular season -- -- white the rookie running back. I've been very impressed with him carrying the football probably a little bit more powerful runner than I expected. And the third down back he looked like he can compete which -- to be. To be important part of this offense so in terms of the rookies are newcomers go well I think what -- and then changed quite probably two guys -- and yet. The biggest impact intensively one name I will throw out just because that it is James Anderson the veteran linebacker. You know we've been sold for years that these guys are culprits linebackers in and see. -- Thomas chasing somebody you know they -- -- yards and somebody. For the first time ever in a linebacker who can actually run with receivers in the middle of the field and letting James Anderson has some some impact there. Should -- make anything out this Jason Cole story from a couple of days ago both the Revis contract extension talked craft -- a look at from the reader's perspective I don't know. Why that would happen as this is one of these things that comes out the pre season. I just. I don't think you should make too much it I think it's you know Robert Kraft is very much. Involved with the players talks to players a lot of down on the sidelines. You know and and Rodney Harrison halting speech the other day with Ty Law he talked about how. You know he was in San Diego and is the owner Robert closed down you know shaking hands hugging people. I think that's probably what this was just you know. We like what we see from Guerrero and you know are you happy here we'd like to continue this relationship. I don't think it's it's to the point where anybody has talked money your extensions years just that. You know they're happy with the honeymoon period here and obviously when you have an elite talent like that neglect it keep around but. I wouldn't make more than it is and it's not so -- the issue here won't be the patriots not revisit the issue here will be what kind of money mystery that's going to be looking for. He's on the books now for 25 million dollar cap hit next year that is not gonna happen. But if he wants to get 25 million dollars guarantee. Or some of these ridiculous deals that Peterson and Sherman have gotten. Hard sort of see the patriot sweetener in. It's a good first step who knows where it'll go to winter. In order to expand on that because when I first read the story of the day particularly the part where. Where Robert is engaging in conversation -- -- -- isn't that just Robert being that that the pop a BM that he likes to be in term is it is. The the father with a franchise -- -- might he used to write the gulf Carter on the old stadium engaging fans that. That that to -- would never ever didn't know a possible contract negotiation. -- yet you're right in and that is what it is and and that's talking to people and today and telling them how much they love them and being here. But you know remember this is the guy that eventually sort of hammered out the extension Brady so this is not -- and I know that's obviously extremely different case. But it's not unprecedented for him to sort of be there at the the point man on -- on massaging a player in and trying to get the right deal that player but I think that that's well down the road and this is. This is just him showing some. Some respect to a great players showing them how much like -- early probably and and try to laid a foundation for media and controlling him enter into resigning him and altering that he. He is heavy heart patriots football weekly you -- on the broadcast tonight at Redskins patriots at 730 anti thanks for the time will be watching. And I am the director of Washington for a decade ago there you have some back I'll write up your Alley -- 6177797937. I tell you the phone lines are open they are not Peter and John and Kevin from Bristol next -- 3-D NC.

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