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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Tom Petty #1 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Call screener honest to god. People have. Wanna talk picked Pete I guess the decent Pete John and John and now have oil -- -- get you guys here it's what I want to appease as people whining about their -- yeah so -- -- will work. -- a row where they get you do not hang up who -- it continues at some point. Headlines brought to you by ATP. They cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network you -- see the story out of Oklahoma -- yoga teacher 49 years old. Shows up -- first state ever as a teacher at this school look at. They are teacher -- you'll strolled into Leo Wagoner high school class from Monday without checking game. Before bizarrely claimed in the interim as Iran and the 49 year old allegedly removed her pants. To shock fusion former coworkers said they'd never seen her before in her life you know she was the police chief said. After deputies were called in the scene they said they found bought Daniel's car parked outside arrested charged. Public intoxication but not try to influence to a lack of evidence proving she consuming alcohol before driving into work Monday was the first -- back for teachers. All students are set to return on Thursday its partner immediately clear -- will be among the teachers my guess is probably -- -- explains everything in except. 49 results are first teaching day upon like I guess she'd depleted some issues is you're going to be teacher yes first time. Psychologically very strange issues Ronnie mid life career change and now with enough to think normally prefer -- switch things up. She shows up she wants it takes -- Michael channel seven Christmas part -- respect -- -- -- -- Out -- -- job once I saw a picture of the woman she's. You don't care whether her pants were -- well. Yet she's not exactly. Keep beckons all your Sophia -- -- who's the would you think it is -- -- pick it up to the -- for you I. Only Angela and Julian street from it takes into -- skinny. We've seen lately she's too -- held off last week by well you know she's directing I'm broke. I I just found that out ten minutes and you know which I have the issue was supposed to start in Lucy. Before Scarlett Johansson got it when she got sick of the breast cancer. Olerud and she was prisoners like Roger and I capitol they see that and I and I do appreciate the beauty I think Halley -- most intractable and streaming and what it would go. -- their pocket and obviously she's great job but the -- but the putter and that lofty plateau Abdul would have the group. Yeah it to get better looking and -- high maintenance. I have no idea surely -- Your personal thing would you would you -- I don't know much about it. Yeah yeah I never -- my she happens to be -- looks like I don't know if you answered them well she's EG all the wells got. Yeah really yeah I feel bad I do feel bad for women in the sense that might help people receive shock -- great looking guy looks distinguished looks great Clooney's doing what happens to -- right. Paul Newman the same things that he's a great guy and a great guys at which she was right. But you never hear that -- you know old -- rough true I understand why they have these surgeries I've sympathy for them as sympathy for. I would probably a that's probably make fun of Faye -- just to train wreck but you know she misspoke yourself. In network or something nobody -- like what happened but that's -- rough guys can get old it's not fair. You you write about Sean Connery. It's a guy coming out now to -- neck sweater -- -- you know distinguish sort of the group the bald untouchables and stuff from him now. I it's my opinion harper percent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm betting our record -- let -- hazardous characteristic of theft if I don't I don't you don't already lied to catch up -- I would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While I was thinking about Val Kilmer is like this battle guy no cat scan and -- armaments and TV show but that's that's where I was at a summit what is happening him handsome young guys -- -- Yeah he's not distinguish you and him that he's -- kind of hard life. He's -- those I think he's would know life is so it looks like he sat this council doesn't like to Mexico easily armored. It's one of those guys -- -- -- some thing. I didn't -- what is right what happened to him is though he was somebody important. And it doesn't want to know this person and it's and the witnesses when you look at me and like that's Val Kilmer Batman yeah. Wow. All right in the -- got a guy for you knew it was the guy for you -- like the actors. Like after me for -- -- -- You mean like our guys are attracted to the job done well when I was a kid I didn't. Didn't -- to -- a twelve or thirteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ushers in the -- no -- -- -- off the electable record is threat that has allowed himself he'd naturally. Yet without any of who commit as he definitely is not done this horrible things going on it but he's allowed himself yet it is he's not running down to the picks it up now we have forgiven you don't look at a picture a little Eduardo. -- -- I don't know the last from a picture. Got out recognizable. As a tougher because it's a whole thing was beauty now Bridget -- -- -- Yet one let's to go back to what you said when I was a kid I was so Robert Redford was one of the best regular. And I remember I don't see them it's one of those weird things that in my head. I -- being two missing all Paul Muni. Right in like scarface you know and I think he's handsome guy. Yeah I think that the US the question about what I'm talking about it and I knew I could not. Ask the question that -- Nobody is sensitive. At least -- in my -- -- Redford -- interest. You know like. Any heart come -- at 740 we have 75 people have at -- is my I have one more good my headline is that topic I think we're all agrees remarkably successful career in the music business. His new album is out right now and it it is like it is one of these albums league growth that is good things are not just a stunt good news. -- -- specs of these experts close. This is his first ever number one album which surprised -- decision surprised to see that the topic used immediate family the couple week's -- the -- see him. -- the August as the number one album in the country that the topic harper acres. I was the -- back I was describing it I think topping our produce more -- and -- -- It looks like I'll. Not. Ask its objective Paul Muni. Ball I didn't read it looks like open it up what the Redford. Is their predilection -- About mortgage Sox -- -- figure out which. I purchased by the way Michael Jackson I don't know -- there is -- witness there. -- about the -- mr. skin. A I was -- your bubble or you don't. So was their male actor when you wicked that. Because I was I was attracted to. The guy but if I was attracted to that but Robert Redford is great we're attracted to perhaps it would be -- -- is not that I am an article to the first started becoming sensitive not my cup. If I did hacks -- my point is we established here at. -- -- you know it when I got to the aids crisis are becoming sexually curious were you when I was attracted to. It was really -- -- to shoot a couple of -- flamingo kid. If you're in a terrible world view which you will Ringo kid that was a great movie. American -- no American no American -- American Hitler knew there was an American was Wayne Gretzky she was the first ones using course. Yes she won is she's beautiful and -- to let them he -- as things start and I bought Janet Indonesia. Hawkish. And thank him now he's in the movie -- to the bad movie terrible it's just off with a great shows of all times trashed fanatically. But she looks pretty good Michael Michael Douglas for Michael Douglas plays the guy in the background director -- yeah. 17777937. We'll get your phone calls and we'll talk with -- part about the patriots and Redskins.

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