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We're pretty sure John Lackey didn't exactly enjoy his time in Boston

Aug 6, 2014|

We discuss the Lackey comments about staying in St. Louis, and the rough ride that was Lackey's tenure with the BoSox.

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-- Vegas takes over lenders. In the courts about post game interview or pregame interview with John Lackey money off for sure it's dropped in there. I mean the over under normal you know fifteen minute conversations gotta be fifteen is that right is quote the pressure's -- for sheer. Because you read -- -- You can lackeys. At a you don't quote tougher shores -- and point -- that pressures. I don't change and change. Pointed to a whole column on that. For journal column on IQ what was too late now now he's out. A member of the St. Louis Cardinals he's for Bernie Nicklaus has to worry about it -- -- such a problem but you know when he was here. -- that's a good column on a slow day how many times is John Lackey say for sure. It Bernie's Bernie did a column like that -- be like pressures are generally right 800 words ops. Is average -- going to be sixteen words that's the follow a piece of the first I don't know how many times is Richard Seymour say oh definitely. That went to the good and definitely in some pressures and a sleep which UAE John Lackey got about. No I thought it was one of the big Easter the team had its history. -- too -- either way it's a 78 mile an hour fastball down the middle based on. While I was just listening to in the office Mike I was on hand when he pulled the the -- you guys thing and AT&T bit. A couple of years back there with eleven. And and -- you know use the person's name because said person gets upset but I saw him -- rate eight team official. -- -- -- -- -- -- When the series he came back strong last year but in a few weeks back at that -- at Nelson Cruz. In truth it's -- the ballpark in many years is welcome when you guys have sure he's right. Right about those groups Nelson Cruz hit over the ballpark in the neutral when media people asked about -- that you guys have short memories where he's. -- -- -- -- Is his point is stop celebrating a guy who just got nabbed for drug use though he's a guy who got rabbit. Nabbed for drug use and hated penalty as -- card carrying member of Major League Baseball you have one in every true. When you go up against this guy and get a -- -- often it's incumbent upon those people ask questions about that guy so I can't believe what sort from a in this. No -- OM come from a misses like I don't think he was not a line at all look it was it was sour grapes. Short sour grapes and Nelson Cruz but -- larger point of why do we you know you guys are acting is what -- and you guys are forgetting. This is that this is the same guy -- wanted to they think that got even our -- -- not even what you normally go to some trying to don't. Not even a calendar year ago. That he is -- he's one of the pariahs in baseball now he's an all star in all is good I think he was I think he was calling out Nelson Cruz and Buck Showalter instead of dealing with lackeys criticism of cruise -- well -- look at your own yard OK not to differ. Conversations we would -- a what I would have said that's a different paragraph. Amid us and that's not a argument that's not a debate that immediately after your buddy wacky year Michael but I'll laughter amid instead of just just because he has that -- -- -- -- that I read it does not he's not well he got whacked all over the ballpark. That night by Nelson Cruz yeah therefore. Shouldn't you ask questions about. Him -- Nelson -- you should ask questions -- scales and you honestly think that the people ask those questions at short memories that forgot what happened and Nelson -- cited -- -- -- -- he is not and I don't think anybody forgot an automatic that we are giving too much credit to some of and not the normal guys all the regular guys absolutely but it's not all the normal guys everybody in Vermont but I look at. But it's it's it's an unfair frightened him you you use words for a living you've got to for a long time you you. You speak for a living you -- for a living. That's not what he does he uses his right arm for a living so that if he didn't say it perfectly. The point is he was trying to say he was trying to take a dig at Nelson Cruz mission accomplished that's what he was trying to. I think the other part of his of his comment this is just. The observational only. Is that for all of those people who were giving the Red Sox crap for not signing him. They base they wanna gloss over the fact that he's one failed drug test away from skip and a hundred games. And that teams a lot of teams in Major League Baseball that didn't wanna dance -- them for that reason weren't necessarily wrong and in being a little hesitant. It was a legitimate point I think that and you wanna take a chance gavel will sign him and then you know two months into the season he -- on the sidelines for a hundred. Yeah I think it's a good point I think also at this but this bio Genesis situation and thumb pharma and general manager in baseball. For a contending team I'm very very nervous right now -- out here I am I'm so nervous about their names that are gonna drop the main. Like you know some of the people who are in that there everybody out -- listen to this right now has somebody in my. As somebody in my whole I would -- -- this guy you know what if it's the Mecca. I I just have I have two cities. -- come to mind for me and one of them is Toronto sorry. There's just too much they're too many spikes. On the Toronto Blue Jays with a couple of players get my attention would be surprised at all. If if one of those names is a Toronto blue. That's one and then down the Orioles to. Look I I we were talking about an out of our guys while no end and it's funny because we were talking about this earlier today. And I said and I agree with Michael but there's some general managers a little bit nervous out there and I I didn't know the answer Michael I have an opinion but I haven't asked a general manager. If you -- deal at the trading deadline. And one of the guys you acquired ends up you know being named by federal authorities here today or tomorrow and gets whacked by Major League Baseball. Is it paid by everywhere he should have known better or do you have reason to then go back and say you'll -- He wasn't doing this on my watch why should I have to pay the penalty that this guy's gonna have to take care. You know the answer that but is it true that they if -- when your guys get named after you acquired among all of a trade deadline top tier it's your problem. We've -- the case right to have an answer I think that sent by February -- him talked sorry. And just started this guy we didn't trade and we didn't trade him if he would agree with the thought that he's about to get nailed in this. In this this Tony bosh nonsense I. I do agree your larger point that while a lot of Major League players a lot but players here and there. At pat have had some a couple of nights last few nights maybe dipping into the -- a little bit. The economist at the Tommy there's that it just a couple. Because I mean it's not gonna happen here reputations that going to be tarnished rightly so. And guys are gonna lose time guy's gonna get suspended. And just when you think and I -- -- talk about this. On our contest in the night that. -- -- -- the two Major League Baseball has that that Bud Selig moment every year during the all star game any as a 12 with the BB WA and he was asked. About testing in Major League Baseball and he kept talking about how mentally baseball as the toughest testing standards in all professional sports. I don't doubt that that's the case. The problem is the by Genesis scandal proved that and like getting guys because of tests beginning guys because their names and up on lists. It's because trails because. -- we've always known. The that the chemistry -- -- the test us I mean that's that's -- given its data given for long though and I don't really care how they catch them. I just care more than they kept them I like if you wanna catch and you that you put guys like Tony -- payroll. That's -- yeah what is that you. In the thing is Michael I I get I get. I'm I'm sick of hearing athletes say I've been tested eighty times since 2010 and I haven't that you know well. So the guys that got bad last year. So that's the way -- look at. -- -- the guys who you know a few more names are coming mean TJ Quinn says that just a matter of factly. His sources say that. That they're more on the way you know is gonna come and it's gonna come. Is gonna come pretty quickly I don't wanna ask you guys this though about. We're talking about my idea Michael's very close friend John Lackey lack yeah. Jail jail -- and best man in my wedding mania helped. Why do you think it isn't Shaughnessy I look I publish on -- on this and his column. He he kept bringing up the point why would you be willing to pitch for 500000 dollars in Saint Louis. Which you were willing to do that Boston what do you think the stories. I'm guessing it's okay he signed a contract that had. A built in trigger for the Red Sox that he would pitched -- 5000 dollars which -- if he missed the season correct yeah okay so. He's on the night he misses a season yes -- a 500000 next year and by all measures the Red Sox are correct. I think. The way -- looking at it is that you leave out the fact that I pitched in considerable pain in 2011. It'll boozing caught alcohol when I probably shouldn't I took the ball and do -- -- points for that well. I only reason he did though is because. -- collection. Centers if he's got my best friend keeps it up at. You could argue one could argue that but not you know that the reason it's people's. -- Got up. That the reason he pitched in didn't want anybody nobody was hurt because that's the that was the language that the injury that was gonna triggered a 500000 dollar year. Although you don't they -- doing it for the common good doing it for the team yeah I kind of into -- for the team or it could have been doing it to protect his contract because once. It's clear that he has that injury. Now get that language on -- I I I didn't -- an amusing that he got paid a ball loads of money he. In spite of the fact he missed the entire season he resurrected his career in Boston. And he got a World Series ring in Boston and and yet if you read between the lines it's apparently it's apparently want to be out of here. He's in saint -- got a chance yet another ring. I'm sure the card is gonna win a World Series but there in the hunt. And he's on record now is saying he'll play for the half million next year in Saint Louis which apparently he wouldn't do and -- -- is now. Not I will say this and and now boxed in accuse me of being pals with lacked Illinois all you hi dale -- they're -- to them I -- I'll. I've never ever seen a quote attributed to a Lackey. In which he says he wouldn't pitch here and that he retire before he pitched for 500000 dollars it became a story line here. People like me said it may be other -- I never saw anything you know John Lackey said no I'll never pitch for 500000 dollars we stuck words in his mouth that he mayor -- may think it I don't believe he's ever -- That fair. So it really it didn't know the real Michael it's become it's become truth here. It's become true. He he went out of his way I think he may have strained another ligament. Just tried it in his excitement to tell people that yes. He's happy in Saint Louis and he will pitch for whatever his contract says well let me ask both you guys -- did not do that Boston when it came up in a week. Knowing wacky two to thirty present ski through period three well let me let me and that's -- I got notes and everything here. Let me just ask a larger question because you know interestingly enough. It wasn't just Lackey. Who was quoted last night is having issues with playing here AJ Pierzynski apparently didn't enjoy his time here very much either -- we overrated how good it is to play in Boston and be a member of the Boston Red Sox or did the St. Louis Cardinals just end up would be only too. Bad apples that the Red Sox had to offer up. Well I mean. Where a lot of stories about Lackey indicating he'd like it here when he was out in the town and so forth I hate this place and so -- and even said that he played the angels. But then they often and billions of dollars so that change things donated some -- so much and I think a lot of banks here and everything else David Wells said he hated pitching here than they -- money became so you know Ken hill. Wins cameo always sitting at one to play for Boston. Because you wanna deal with public duties from land. They wanted to -- ticket requests and all that -- of -- -- the Red Sox he never got past the tactic is he's rehabbing but you see the point. So that's the Lackey situation Pierzynski. I -- I think it was. He'd like them they'd like him. And hilarity ensued and he's in keeping with his track record this is only the third team like he's played for kaczynski's bounced around quite a bit over the years he seems to. Wear out his welcome however. It in a strange way -- -- camp one. I just find it amusing that that key. Plays -- -- bit more than half a season with the Red Sox. He gets traded and as always -- name players and -- If the worst thing what they do this so bad the only thing I have so far as he stared in was cellphones or something worse. I think there's something was named player today quoted in in one of the pieces in the in the -- part -- basically saying he was like human black cloud around allies. Just -- in life is the only thing I noticed my we know guys like that right -- us. Yes we know guys that there and I like are you both look at it -- here. The only thing I I noticed about Lackey is the heat and I'm sorry Kaczynski. He seemed to be like when we going there after the game and and as you know we we see. -- point 1% of what goes on the clubhouse circuit you know measured doses. But I noticed that when the game was over whether they won or lost he was always very loud about stuff. Like be watching on the B I thought our women's softball game on TV. And look at that first baseman look at the way she goes to Iraq remember him doing that one night in Cleveland. -- it would just make. Routine comments that were very loud but weren't directed anybody and I did not -- everyone was ignoring him. So I don't know what to make of that except that it just seemed a little goofy enemy. And I think with the phone thing I think the the other part of the story that didn't get a whole lot of attention or maybe just wasn't clear enough in the story. Is that he was on his phone during games. So the pitchers in like that there was a perception that he just wasn't invested. By the way to spend what -- electoral I don't blame him okay yeah because they don't you think about it guys. Now so guys Jon Lester. Clay Buchholz. And they they remember what it was like even John Lackey there remember what it was like to pitch to Jason Varitek and I know. Lackey got a met the yen by. Jason Varitek is the guy who does. -- -- -- every pitch mattered to him spring training regular season post season. He was always prepared and Saltalamacchia was that he -- great receiver. But at least he was eight he was he willing student -- it everywhere the body and -- David Ross to David -- out Gerri good receiver invested. Respecting guy. And then they got something else presents you but the larger plane dale you brought it up. Is this exterior is the Boston baseball experience. Is it is that overrated is it tough. Are do we just do we just chew people up are we unfair to you athletes. All I've been using the term buy -- for experience for years and I don't know we use it a positive sense. I I look at it as. Annual expectations from and is it going to go deep in the -- -- if not win the World Series 888. Horde of media that comes from the six state region. That seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger by the year. The eighteen that. Really wants its players to be out front in user friendly which means they have to do what kind of appearances. And most players like that but sometimes. They are events at Fenway Park there can be beat the opening day. Thing apparently derided at winning the World Series but they have a events sometimes Mike at Fenway Park that just can really drag a player young guys told me. And that's that's the Boston baseball experience or the fact I mean Obama walked in on Newbury Street you can't walk along Walton beach it's who I am without being recognized. You know and and and I can understand and I can understand why certain guys. Would hate -- on the flip side. If you look around and I guess united to a united to a but if you really wanted to look at the bigger picture. USA. -- Jim -- grew up in South Carolina. He last played for the Red Sox in the 1980s. Yet he's still here he still apart. Of the Boston experience he's on TV -- -- had the has -- radio show he's on TV all the time. Very something about. Being eight associated -- sector -- there's something about being associated with the Red Sox double take you to a higher level maybe. All the field that doesn't happen other places and that's part of the Boston baseball experience do. And some guys like that guys -- going to be honestly I think some. I agree with everything you're saying. Except I think it's overrated it's -- it would do you think it's harder for John Lackey maneuver around the city of Boston and it is for David Ortiz or Tom Brady York. Our ray Bork her I mean. We've got he got. Much bigger -- than John Lackey who somehow survived the the -- -- -- fan scrutiny as -- -- -- with -- -- -- let me ask Michael Michael. -- a Lackey would you go now back as -- guys I think radically overrated how tough it is does it to be at an athlete in this town 99.9. Percent. Of the people who run into an athlete in this town if they say anything. They say hey lacked great job. I mean how much crap do you think an athlete actually takes. It in the supermarket her it's a crap. Guys thank you blocked exits it you can hear on the same page it's not crap it's people coming up feeling glad handing you look at you in the back and on an awful thing well it. This I'm not. The point I'm making is that if you if you're out with your wife he funeral with a girlfriend if you -- would you buddies and a conga line of people coming up to you and they wanna say about the socks looks kindness and all that. It can -- in -- where you doubt -- is that we you'll go Mike. Yeah exactly exactly I don't think it's for those who don't like it now. Personally -- -- it was awesome I love attention and give me more great but for some people. They they want to show up when a cash a check. I like John Lackey did for many years penalty killing of his checks bounced from the Red Sox wanna cash a check. I hang out with your teammates performed during the games and then I wanna be left alone when you can not do that Boston is just not part of the story any other part of it is. I think it there's a fan aspect of it there's a media aspect -- think they go hand in hand in the media aspect. We we ask for a lot we demand a lot. We don't generally. Protect. Our favorites. But if you but if you're looking at it from an athlete's perspective. He's able intimate. They're all over me from my six plus ERA and when -- eleven when I'm hurt. But there's some other guys in this team who haven't performed and whose numbers have been going down for three or four years in a row. And nobody says anything about them and talk about Dustin Pedroia. -- I disagree I think if you over the last three weeks I think the crowd has caught up to that discussion. Guys we got to take a break -- and and and look let me give you this programming note here. A John -- was scheduled to join us at 230. They've given -- -- said he's got a meeting with bench Harrington so is gonna push the interview back to the 3 o'clock hour so we'll talk with John -- -- right after the meeting pushed back a little -- to -- Bono as we -- -- we might not but that's a topic which are very here we're gonna get right back to this because I just think we -- for rate how hard it is to play in -- -- talk about it when we come back -- -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Jobs says great great year last year it was a total followed by a group of guys. What's. Scope for the day. So -- total ignorance. That's bizarre results still still here. To build better have that opportunity to you know make a playoff run and try to get the playoffs this world there. How much editing and needed -- to do to get rid of the for shirts. John Lackey at at opting. In Saint Louis I wanna go back -- this whole idea because I got to tell you guys I think this is something so overrated. And and we almost what we say it because we think it's a badge of honor all of us -- top place to play. Media's top -- answer -- candidate they demand a lot they expect a lot. I think it's the place to play at all -- you got fans who care so they show -- you hardly ever play in front of an empty seat. If -- any of the four pro sports teams in this town right doesn't that put pressure on no expectation makes it easier to play -- Culp played in a ballpark it's a word fall -- his rank yourself up every night. You know don't have the don't have anybody. He not accountable. -- stories don't stories still come out of nowhere or. Small things do remain small things nobody's paying attention and everybody's paying attention everything's a story. The pressure is there. All the time now some guys like it. And apparently got guys like John Lackey in. As some other guys we'll talk about a 4 o'clock. Really weren't crazy about. Dale I needed to guys in the last five years who played in ballpark every night that was the third full. They put up great numbers and they came to Boston and cried themselves to sleep every night. -- Crawford. Yeah I think we arrive at the risk of you know playing the same song over and over and over again we sold over rate how bad Adrian Gonzales was here. I'd say it was bad guys that he cried myself to sleep and come and cried himself to sleep now Carl Crawford. Failed miserably you're an idiot -- -- -- -- attic if you're around I wrote you weren't Gonzales you might honestly come -- he cried himself to sleep. He he was the guy they got its planes. I was playing night games. I'm certainly -- Eight that because she would you live in Boston it's a big payroll team people wanna watch that team. They don't put the royals and Padres on 8 o'clock and -- -- -- -- at such an awful thing to go to a team that's got a chance to win right. -- gosh it's a terrible thing with the media that it was for the media in this town isn't any harder. On players and back. I I go so far to say the median is -- is easier on players -- in in several cities you could name. -- call on a rape and assault all top media Tom are all don't don't let Dan Shaughnessy get after you there. While you stuff on players Shaughnessy is those guys across new. Com. John Lackey apparently. -- You said they're tougher and other cities like where Cleveland media city -- now where courts not -- go to Perry wears a bad guy Philadelphia. I absolutely it off your New York, New York absolutely that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That doesn't get enough credit has talked media town that may surprise you. Toronto. Audits of -- -- immediate down they will write stuff that borderline libelous. I I pick up the sun starts on -- 10. But to be secure. All all so I guess that doesn't matter as it doesn't count and all whatever it -- I don't Douglas why say Gonzales and write yourself a sleep real well it did dale he did. I was right there -- -- so there they ought to you know -- lose them. Like I I I I I just think that. These are and I know the Celtics are different phase of of their existence right now and -- they have -- -- you have for awhile here teams that were all wildly successful. I'm great resource is put into went you had the best of everything you had you know the best fan bases at full houses. I think that makes it easier to do your job not harder. I an in this hole while the pressure -- there's 35000 people at Fenway Park all the pressure. Is. A professional athlete. Oh -- every -- -- I mean they the saw makes cents and that and on paper a lot of things features and make perfect sense spoke so why why was it hard. For Julio Lugo why it was hard for Edgar ray to realize was it hard for. Because it's only a little -- and -- elementary and not because the Boston. They had issues individuals if we're talking about Boston didn't cause their problems. -- problem is exacerbated organic labels why wouldn't like that had drug addict -- drug problems but. What Boston Boston expose their problems Boston exposed. Who they work. It -- they were they were they were guys who liked a certain kind of atmosphere and in in this atmosphere it did did it did not. I sit well with them it was not a perfect -- delegates jump in -- Bob who's Mitch perfect match. Just are on the issue of Julio Lugo now a lot of guys didn't like Lugo and you don't have to me for not liking Lackey and so what. For whatever reason would go and I got one great. I was on the nicest people. He was little whiny and and things didn't work out when it. -- was terrific guy didn't have that with him once I mean I saw him with little kids like an hour and a half I mean I was just flabbergasted. It was an event at the semester in Cambridge on a Saturday morning you can go to jail at this thing and and boy he is just so good which it. And that the point I'm making is that logo used to say he told me this I'm sure it was in print by two places. -- that the when he was playing shortstop the Tampa Bay. He'd be out at shortstop at family looking up at the stands and the whole bit the scoreboard in the sweet Caroline and all that. And used to say wearing that uniform of the other team saying to himself -- would be awesome to play here. So when his time came he maneuvered himself in and position himself just so I think it was three years 27 point is that's all right. Some kind of three used when he said he didn't work out and and it turned out to be tougher than he thought. To be and this is a guy who wanted to be here -- general Pete wanted to be a Lackey came you because the Sox offered the biggest back to -- The disagreement we have buck isn't I can confirm -- the Julio Lugo didn't work out here. Okay resources could I guess I went -- sources confirm. My my my my answer to you though is wasn't. Boston it's screwed up Julio Lugo he'd just -- year. He just stunk at all by the way when he left Terry didn't exactly set the world on fire either. It was a bit of its gross O'Dell part of I'm hearing you correctly you think that. Anybody should be able to play well here that the excuse of whether you're in Boston Philadelphia New York top places to play with. Expect it would with fans who expect you'd to just bring it all the time and are always talking about it. Playing in those cities should be the same for those players is playing Cleveland Kansas City Milwaukee. Chicago. Well I I I I guess what you're telling me is that some players would prefer if their teams weren't that successful on the fans didn't really show up and it didn't really matter if they won or lost -- -- player like that when they're gonna fail here. I want vote I wanna. I wanna be unsuccessful teams. But they don't want every move. -- dissected. And they don't want. Everything that is -- nigh you my little too well don't -- -- successful team get attention it's naive it's naive if it would be naive if that place to exist at those places exist throughout baseball. That that's why they want to. -- Jon -- John Lackey is telling you is that I meant that -- a place right now Saint Louis. It's not like it is here that they love baseball here. They're not empty seats. They've been in the World Series a lot they've been successful just in a World Series last year we've talked about this we've joked about it the people say it was dale you may be joked. That the people's it was almost too nice. It 2004 and he said the same thing. Number you gain we Greg and. -- -- are Clark and he got a CBS you do. On any year now that you guys broke -- that would you would you guys called the curse. We want your experiences. So I think -- certain guys just aren't up for it. And as far as they associate that that there's a fan aspect aspect of this. And this is this is research that's in progress. Four for Boston fans because we don't know what it was like before 2004. I mean -- get away with much of the fans were on your -- here I mean it was -- they were there were brutal they -- harsh. And they were and they would get angry very quickly. It doesn't. That really doesn't happen that much anymore. And it may be you know three championships since 2004 maybe that's the reason or. Or maybe boss advance of becoming like fans. In other places when it comes to just viewing the games and saying most entertainment and if the team web -- happening the team win that's great. And it the team doesn't win buck will come back in 2015. With. Alan crash is not happening -- that is. It was that one of the most misguided. Theories I heard post 2004 is it never beat -- scene here anymore because the passion will be gone. Listen listen to what's been happening here over the last three full weeks as the Red Sox get dismantle the mark of disgruntled fan. How about the 2011. When things fell apart oh yeah Red Sox fans there is. Like Loudon was different says they've ever been as ever. I think so. Think I don't know what I can keep going back -- to pick on him but the pick on him a little bit. Keep going back through. Two Victoria situation. -- -- Dustin Pedroia MVP in 2008 correct it was only. Six years ago. I think he escapes. The criticism that he would've gotten in a different time with the Red Sox he escapes that criticism. Because. Of what he did six years ago I got that those numbers those numbers are not good. While I do two things number number one. He's never done anything wrong he's never done it unless you go less -- -- you think he was wrong. But calling -- Valentine after the U coolest thing -- with Kenny wrote that night are a joint casino and I actually thought it was right Andyaat. So so he he's been getting a pass because his numbers while certainly not and I agree with you completely. His numbers certainly not up to what they weren't in the MVP year. But they're not like Chone Figgins members -- -- Chone Figgins signed with the merit or is there any written -- a pretty good player who dislike of a fringe player. So so Pedroia. It has not been a bad player he is just not been the player that he once was. And on top of that is still see him running around second base and making a lot of noise and doing as I was gonna say. -- -- -- -- That's I mean that's the one thing Boston fans care about more than anything else because Boston fans -- have adopted to their hearts. Some pretty mediocre players. But who you know it's funny gave it everything they had -- and for Boston fans that's all I ask you know it's funny I get accused of beating appointees overtime. The one issue one analyst the guys over other -- issues that are completely in his corner -- is when people whine about -- not -- on first base. This guy is a great big guy who can't move. And I would much rather if he hits the ball right side and you can see that it's going to be -- out. And he just jogged down the first base I would rather see him do that the try to bust tail and rip something to be open two months. 6177797937. -- telephone number text as if you'd like many of you already have a 37937. John -- normally joins -- to thirty on Wednesday afternoon. He will join us at some point at 3 o'clock our time is a little bit up in the -- in a meeting with bench Harrington right now you look you guys tell us we talked about a for a while now. Is this that -- placed a play I mean other comments of AJ Pierzynski and John Lackey. Oppression of how hard it's going to be for bench Harrington to convince free agents to come here in this offseason because. Just think we've we've made way more of this -- actually exist right to the calls with you we don't exports radio WEEI. It seems like every time. Somebody is like go for a team -- what team it is so supplements. This is the latest in sports today in the way it is and and in everything in life today so I expect having us. AJ Pierzynski. You'd expect nothing less. Where there were some bitterness in Saint Louis about time spent in Boston by both AJ Pierzynski and John Lackey and it's led to our discussion of whether. This is that part of placed the play 6177797937. Right to the calls we go marks on the cell -- Europe first on Sports Radio dale and -- -- happening are you know I don't understand I keep in -- one of the reasons we need to -- Jon Lester was because he program ready to pitch in this market which is -- you -- and I at the American League east. I wanted to resent the community. In that market. Because he successfully in the American League east is when I -- You also that it was successful in the marketplace and say a proper bat a -- from net. Phil Parker was crucified and it it for. Years. Activate -- -- and then. For infinite Red Sox we. As a lot better at that. I guess -- an accurate or inaccurate and the Red Sox made that up so they can have him come back in carried trophy and that went -- it -- it really good -- it's creating history that is real. -- and and they did it with -- by having them come out and do the things few few weeks back that a tenth anniversary thank. We forget conveniently that Bill -- re emerged as a member of the Red Sox a few years later. And on the was it 1990. Came back to -- back yet and inside the park home run -- a brief time with the Red Sox -- when he came back. He got a standing ovation. And it was a it was only then over a period of years as as. I think it might have been social -- years and just for a number of reasons Bill Buckner became the poster child everything that's gone wrong since the sale of Babe Ruth. And this this business how he was hate you all these years he became a punch line with and he became me hate figure. But he did get a standing ovation when he came back for the -- But I don't remember him you know being quoted in articles in it he couldn't walk around it that people would just constantly. -- -- Yes and it and and then -- that he would do paid gigs of smokey Wilson and took it into signed baseballs with smokey Wilson. And then it then it a hilarious spot on curb your enthusiast exactly where -- but you know I think part of it is 22 mark's point. It was this is before Twitter there was a -- as the back page SI column. And said no he had to move his family he had to move to Idaho were somewhere some remote location. Because of of 1986. So he kind of yeah you're right -- sent some mixed messages on this on one hand he came back here and he got a lot of attention a lot of love. On the other hand if if he had an opportunity to kind of dramatized story usually took. -- just the opposite cases guy like Tim Wakefield when the aftermath of giving up a home run and a Aaron bleeping Boone was scared to death of what it's like it was going to be like every -- -- -- -- any said I never an issue. Nobody ever gave a hard time about one of the -- my favorite moments off the field and all these years is. Wakefield appearing at the baseball writers' dinner that year. And it's just a few months after that game any when he was introduced to go to a long. Long rousing standing ovation because the crowd that night Donnelly appreciate what he did they wanted to send the message. On masks that we don't hold you responsible for what happened you came in you came in because we needed -- in the late innings you're not a relief pitcher. That that that was hauling Grady Little Grady Little got all the blame for that game not to wait 61777979237. Bob's on the self. About how you do. A guy tell -- quick quick I did. I'm my opinion and I think most that most would agree that -- one word the players love -- and the players who don't like city and that accountability. I don't mind being held accountable. -- Because they I didn't because the pain that every sporting event in that city. Well players don't mind being held accountable day to day week to week year to year. I don't get it and accountability factor eight. Mainly the prime example of that it -- held accountable grainy and on eight while a lot like nothing. A cake alienated it -- I don't wanna be held accountable but you need the money. But anybody who gets -- act appreciate it. I pulled it pretty you can attract the right to free agent would -- the guy who -- that he held accountable gimme the ball. I'll I'll Dunlap. Pedro Martina you can go down on every sport -- And you would -- to -- the name it how you accountability. Okay it's simple it. It is gonna get accountable. -- it'll be held accountable. Bob on the senate. -- about your wise -- -- wise man Bob I'm telling you couldn't agree with you more. Spot on commentary. Up appropriate word good word accountable I think that's when it comes down now they're always going to be some exceptions there guys who were. Who don't mind being held accountable but don't like -- I think for the most part. I think you nailed it. And I think the other the other word that I would add to it 'cause I think Bob was right to account doubles a great word now on -- effort. Just try. Just give us just go out and give which isn't back for my Pedroia appoint. That and I agree with the -- -- and -- end and by the -- just the I believe it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not bad but that the significant drop off if you will so it's it's in and you've talked about it for DNC talk about it so. It's it's not like this is like a sacred cow that was not talking about it it is getting it's legs. -- you know I think. Alex -- -- was on the pregame show yesterday. And you know Alex has talked about it as well Jesus said -- but here's -- here's that they Alex raised. They really got my attention because you know. Alex writes although Smart pieces he's not a flame thrower. And so he -- it you know considerate Alex spears -- -- so you know is not just trying to. Get your attention. He was talking about the Red Sox going forward and when he fifteen out of they build their team he said the Red Sox. Have to figure out. Who Dustin Pedroia is at this stage of his career as a hitter is -- at 270 hitter. Right now or see the guy that they've come to expect. The first part of his in his career because they need to know who we is right now so they can go about building the appropriate team around him or. Making him a part of -- -- a team where. You know somebody else's is is the court that the number three hitter of the number four hitter that it was amazing I mean here. Alex say that that it raises the possibility that. Maybe Dustin Pedroia made we've seen them the best years. You know it I know -- gonna break coming up in and I agree that are that last night but it just has a very slight -- it. I also heard Alex say that he'd be very surprised cameo it was in the rotation next -- -- and that's -- I had a long talk with him off the air about it. Earlier today will will bring it on Alexei -- with Alex okay -- and will will bring it on the -- by his buddies at Portland -- up. Willow was raised on your -- -- his -- Because I -- I I actually happen to agree with Alex on this 16177797937. That's the way you reach us on the phone text line 37937. John Ferrell joins us sometime next hour. -- Hollywood Steve Buckley Sports Radio WE.

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