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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Bad in Boston Edition - 08-06-14

Aug 6, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by John Lackey's desire to get the heck out of Boston.

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And -- You play along within the what I'm trying to figure out how they failed miserably in Boston brought about. For Boston the BP fights on fiscal of those people and -- and -- I'm. Where people. If you cut it here. I -- that guy you were talking about book. Yes not that they get about the situation. Do you blame. The person brought him here. You blame him. All the guys work your way for coming here even though he knew when his heart wasn't here anymore. -- wouldn't blame. You guys looking to be again now and opportunity if there I always blame the guy like. -- you know the rise of he really -- you really like you. I want to. If you're the 144 brought by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you better network quick get out of this young man. I will try but we're gonna start. And god. That's going to go -- That the finding may be a punch in the -- maybe gonna start. The hundred million dollar man. Who had a 161. Games in Red Sox uniform hit to 6014. Home runs and 75 RBIs that's right in my -- Crawford. Happy I was content from the start. You know make it easy when you just didn't play well some reason whatever reason then maybe things just didn't work out for me in the team. You know and -- just. They just decided to part ways with me and you know wasn't you know any bad films and -- like that just as they work. I know feel. The -- Evelyn Lozada here was that there. This I'm just want him a lot of -- I like it would be interesting to put together characteristics. There it is start off it was a bad fit from the very beginning because they had no business saying Carl Crawford. All that money. And look does it -- why he took it. Because because of the money. He's not that you -- it off and kind of player. Let's just found his game. What you -- what bothers me we talked earlier Michael vote media covering up their players this is a slam dunk the media myself included. All everything everybody covered up like for Carl Crawford because I think the perception is he's a nice guy yeah he wanted to war. And I'd and and let's be honest it was an accident with may have happened with that Manchester. The public arena it was on a rehab assignment yeah and and -- world we're all we talked about rural sub conscious about that and I police officer. Yeah I think an off duty cop exactly yeah I think everybody gave him the benefit of the doubt because they they -- when -- that guy. Although but what was it this is this so this is this a white guilt thing. Yes. Our -- there I don't think anybody wanted to hurt this guy. Nobody else because you didn't you don't want Carl Crawford African American players come to Boston have. This feeling that he wasn't welcome here and have something really great -- -- said Michael but I just I I believe that was part. Yes and I'm convinced that this day. -- Carl Crawford is the guy who is scared John Henry in the ownership group off. I don't it is it inevitable that they're -- home like god that that was such a bad mistake and are far I thought Chicago apartment number at times came -- -- every case things that thoughtful interesting guy. And he's done nothing but -- -- Boston since -- left and finally before failed miserably there -- As of what battlefield is the most highly paid what -- Cuban baseball history when a contract. You should let me what do contract for Carl Crawford. I never too long sorry Michael. None out on us announcements and never thought I was. And go to still. Yeah we are -- Michael sometimes you're so Smart you don't even realize why. Our connection from one to -- Is Evelyn Lozada we're talking about Ochocinco now. A man who only caught fifteen passes for 276. Yards with the patriots. -- it means that part of my game -- came within a certain way. That the patriots do. You mean I've always been millions and an intuitive feature where it is to win. Without even had seen it isn't anything that's. Stopped to clean and get your playbook best bet had a -- it's great moment. You know it it it just never worked out and I I was convinced I don't like -- the Crawford signing I love the Ochocinco science. I thought it was going to be great I thought he was gonna give you know Tom Brady one of those weapons those illegal weapons that city so craved. Meant that I screw that when you're definitely is it just didn't have. Can't wait this week it's the way. Ochocinco is gonna break out but it theories in perceiving him the post season. Bennett and unleash the -- well the patriots. Forget about the spike it's the patriots have not been to the Super Bowl six. Chad Ochocinco out to deal with that. There you go now now we have an answer. Victory parade. This brings us to a player who was brought here for eleven regular season games but -- but to be a big time player in a big time scorer in the post season. About your -- Geiger who came back and had an epic season with the New Jersey last year. Is that you know you can't play here. You know is that just a matter of that the cap situation. Until. Well let me me before we scored when it goes in playoffs with a different sort of. In the DJ started teaching go on after -- -- are there any. -- he he might have been it's frustrating is any. Bruins in recent memory for me the text of pointed one out that would -- -- that kept things. Yeah -- Kevin -- -- he got hurt he gave -- the all the immunity -- never -- the -- but but he was never the same after his face got shattered. In the army -- Yonkers case. He just refused I mean it's like. He he would he would have the puck on his stick there would be four. Pick your team Canadians around him which means somebody's gotta be open some are not know I keep it not I I -- dry ice skate back the other way dale drove me crazy. Dale is trying to teach those young boys a -- -- a puck possession. -- -- onto the puck hold onto the puck stop turn it over. I still got you gotta give that don't be afraid to give it up once a lot of somebody open it was hard to take the puck from him and dale he personally. He personally in line. A very critical game for you in the Eastern Conference finals game three I believe it was. -- is -- hook. That led to the winning goal. I think. We witness that we disagreed on this before I thought Dahmer yarder. Even though the numbers didn't show it on China here we go with us I thought he played some important minutes for the Bruins play flat didn't really. Guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and. Time now for the AT&T Boston. Failure of the day -- -- wonder how he's gonna work that failure after the patriots signed a prize linebacker in his first season recorded six and a half sacks one interception and 57 tackles at first as it looks like a great signing. But it went down very very quickly for -- I'm dumbfounded or you know -- I don't try to figured out. Ticker -- for students noticed there's so I don't know if you know so it was. It won't work. Ourselves apart. It is what it is due to fill this room. As soon as we do it was but I feel like you know just it sort. And you know but no investment. There's not the case at all so because in the case you know. I was on your specialist to. -- An amicable. When you do it wouldn't and shouldn't do I was just rode around in the Arctic and they don't some total world. Gentlemen. So. And it's just since skips. -- -- -- people like it's we hear those -- idea what I'd like I like no that's good I like say I like I listen. All the rental car accident. Like that part that I got -- -- a book club if this guy. So got it I got here -- old guy I have with this is that when you agree it was one of their if not this woman feels that -- it. He had a pretty good game yet as to what you picked up that minute and half yeah I like and I think what went away and don't let a even got to put -- -- game day and he didn't play well you played. But he did a nice job. It's it's no -- but it was never forget. During all of will probably spent Coleman's no little bit that happened and it charity event now by -- And if they had tables -- with the -- to the usual suspects Grogan. -- -- -- On announced it was it you -- that anyway he bought a ticket. -- of his wife restore from that bought tickets in just sat in the audience. And that's what would you object. And why ticket and it it was strange thing that's my point in the -- played by. About. You complex. You keep players don't get to edit it bring it right on out there but I will say this that and I won't say you know he was the most failed. Patriots players there and others who failed worse than him. But he was among the most disappointing what are we thought this is going to be great I know your pocket -- -- He was up there but not not like it -- Tomas -- big money JJ stokes is at the end of -- -- like yeah I know nothing was expected Albert means. Thomas -- was he was like the first or second day of free agency. It was 35 million dollars which was a lot of money time for the patriots. It was you thought you were getting. The best defensive player available on the market guy can play. Defensive lineman a linebacker. At times we heard the ravens put him at safety corner. Smart guy. Bill Belichick really god it would limit the pro ball in the heard all of the stories I can quadruple that did -- they ray Lewis and like ray Lewis and like all the things. -- Think all great skit show money HD and then I call that cowards go talk about us after you leave that's how. But that he was disappointing. I'm surprised that we didn't put another way and did all we can only do four. Is on all Adrian Gonzales. -- -- Olga at a -- all that well you know what you I've had a little. Bit of a disagreement here about Adrian Gonzales I think -- agrees with me this what he said earlier yes I do you both been the contention here from from. From both of you lads. Is that he failed here. I mean with the the premise of this peace the less they like to kind of bring cameras that there was that we're gonna get that he didn't -- some numbers for every. Numbers. I guess I'm I'm just asking to -- fail at that Apple Daily cocktail all we set any -- -- failed here well he had me he was not himself boss. Is that fair to say it was not. In his in his time in Boston PS3 21. Is on base percentage was 382. He had 42 home runs 203 runs batted in the 282 games I'd say he didn't fail here. I would say this his first year Boston. Going to the all star break -- seventy home runs. So from which is that typical writing contest so then from July 30 2011. To July 28 2000 well. Almost a year. He had twenty home runs in that period over counting here that would. Listen you can you can spin it anyway you want 42 home runs in his time in Boston. Before Adrian Gonzales got to Boston what we all say. This guy hit forty home runs for the Padres he had no protection and his lineup. He was hitting an all those pitchers parks and the National League west San Diego. That the Dodgers. Sampras Cisco wait until it gets to Boston this guy's gonna hit fifty home runs in his season. That was the expectation not fifty home runs necessarily but but you're gonna see this great slugger. Who was tailor made for Boston and it didn't happen fair or unfair to fail. He did not live up to expectations even a ticket I think the question I think it was a major and a metal. I thought it was still within you know running cut its not a power here even though I don't children that he's that he's a Mattingly tonight did -- take -- while analysts that are. Any at a retooled swing the -- this is a threat this season is any doubt about that another texture says Gonzales was a huge success. Because we were all able to unload a quarter of billion dollars in contracts because of him. He failed -- no he did not know -- he did not fail. Don't know by the way that was the whole premise of the peace that for a four why's that. That's part of it is and other parties play because of being embossed. -- -- Somehow affected a player. It -- been in Boston effect. Adrian Gonzales. Negatively. Your opinion. No. Really Michael he performed better here. Than any place else he's ever played San Diego and yeah he was eight to 88 career hitter in San Diego. With a pilot basis 88. We had a higher on base percentage year. But by and I don't know 374 in San Diego 382 here. He was a better player here than San Diego now a lot of a year yet -- the hearing and hitters bought my area forty -- the area of forty home runs. What were the numbers forty home runs and -- -- 277. Right boarding home runs 99 runs batted in. On on base percentage. Four or seven and in 2011 his on base percentage of sport ten. Great. I thought we were discussing his his San Diego career and his Boston career. -- in forty it was a forty home run guy one time one time and then the year before -- the year before forty was he like thirty -- 36 okay. And he was not that guy embossed and you know Utah went on base and he was like -- you know Heidi blocks ahead. Don Mattingly for awhile there in 2012. Lleyton 2011 -- early 2012 obviously to Wade Boggs. I -- it was a it was just a nice. Some moon on base machine but he was not a slugger. At toward the end embossed. Like a year for a year it was not slugger. And that's fine I just my best but that's going but that's who you're supposed to be.

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