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Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Aug 6, 2014|

We speak with John Farrell less than a week after the much of the 2014 Red Sox team was blown up at the trade deadline.

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6177797937. Its telephone number AT&T -- line. 37937. Still awaiting the arrival of Red Sox manager John Ferrell. In a meeting with bench Harrington it's going on longer I think in either of us expected but he will join -- is just ludicrous about the speculate. What -- the meetings you're gonna have guys in and out here every single day. And on cue the phone rings you're gonna have guys in and out a year ago it looked virtually every day -- -- -- that tells -- about the -- And there. You know I'm I'm short dealing with the stuff on a daily basis and who's available who's not who's gonna commander who isn't a Red Sox manager John -- joining us right now brought you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Mohegan Sun hey John how -- Wheldon Dario Greg -- who were just asking this very question you're the got to answer. What are the meetings like between you and bench Harrington now -- trade deadline in post roster reshuffle here. Well -- you know though the one thing we have to focus on is is the guys that we brought in getting to anonymous players as people and we obviously have decisions in other areas as. You know as a result of the traits and -- it's a youthful rotation. We've got some things we've got to focus in on them and what is the game plan going forward over the final two months here. To get the best answers to acknowledge the rotation but some other positions on the field. To keep given information make decisions in the offseason. John beat this is -- Steve Buckley by the way I don't I'm doing all right good do you change the way you manage in a situation like this in that. If or a year ago you're trying to win every single game. In a months and you're not trying to win but might you give certain players certain at bats here on out just to see how they do against lefties -- so what because. You sort of getting a book for next year. You know what Steve yes. The bottom line is still your your your -- try to put together and the best effort the best combination to win on a given night. But there are certain situations that do come up -- words last night what we've we've got the bases loaded situation in that. Six inning where we are there was you know I guess is the seventh having. Were bases loaded right on right. Give will little books and an opportunity. And again were nationally style so there's going to be pinch hitting opportunity to come ultra pitcher slot. But you're you're looking to see once again how guys respond to key moments. They hit it in the and the approach taken and given that that are not. You know being. You know I'm not evaluating the outcome but those are the types of situation right that you would not a -- -- -- Or John I read all the stories about how. You're very busy trading deadline day took place in and then -- -- college early in the morning to tell you about. Of the deal that we have with Oakland for Jon Lester in. I guess that Jerry -- went a couple of days without sleeping at all you -- -- -- around the -- wondering you know once once you realize that. That Lester was going to be dealt was -- in the last minute plea not only pounding the table but. Take your shoe off and countersuing wanna -- once -- -- you can not trade. This this pitcher in that you see what he did in October last year did did you do any of that stuff. Well I -- you a bit. Those thoughts sentiments and pounding the table take place long before last they -- they have that. And then that started to say you know every attempt wasn't made or given the circumstances you know. -- was the best foot put forward and then there without knowing everything that went on those negotiations you like to think that. You look back and say okay we we give it our best shot. The bit as well aware of what my thoughts are what the staff's thoughts -- on every guy that was involved and ultimately will we provide our our. Very heartfelt thoughts and what our personal violations are. What we also support the decisions he makes for not only team in the short run but you know how we can do it and move forward and build them. Build the team as we've outlined that will compete and contend next year so. He. Easier said than done but also there's some things and totally out of all of our control. John is that unfair of me to say that sense the trading deadline I've seen you play marquee bats Jackie Bradley junior and Brock Kohl all in center field. Is it fair to say that there's almost an audition going on here. Well. What we're trying to do is get -- the right amount or at least some additional playing time particular forgot like -- Tibet you know Jackie's had 300 plus plate appearances this year conditional hotter than fifty or so last year. And we're also trying to find the right combination that while. Milwaukee being here right now it makes sense said he still remain in other -- getting enough playing time rather than sitting on the bench he's been locked in he's in center field here tonight. And hopefully you know you know we're getting enough reps for him. That it's do or didn't have as good -- read on his in game abilities as we can. John AJ Pierzynski seemed to. Bring particular relish when he scored that run last night in Saint Louis so I guess the question is. What was the reaction when your bench and what to Pierzynski say. Well I don't know that it said anything -- me -- you know you can pretty good split the vote to count to get on base to start two out rally. But you know what you know -- I would I would expect. Whoever was -- at the go ahead run to show some emotion so. The fact that was AJ who spent half the year here -- thus I don't that has any significance one way or the other. John. -- and exercise and a team under performs as a Red Sox have this year. You know what grade do you give been charity and -- -- give John Ferrell. Whether it's grades or it just kind of thinking back of of what you could have done differently this year. -- how to how do you assess. Your own performance this year. Well the you know I'm certainly not pleased with a because -- whom we all share in the winning and we all share in the losing -- -- all right. You know can you always look upon yourself and reflect and she could do some things differently yeah maybe maybe we could advance in this morning our personnel. You know a little bit shorter you know you deal with some inconsistencies because of the limited track records and trying to be as consistent with those guys as possible. Just took so so that that -- Jackie Bradley and a Bogart's. It will little Brooks in addition to new players that we brought in that you you're trying to set a consistent approach day in and day out so they know what to expect when they walk in every day. That's one thing the on field performance and try to put guys in a position that success Al that's our job day in and day out and you know what we share in the fact that. We ended up being sellers at the deadline and I don't know that that's really anywhere at any of us intended -- certainly want to be. The general manager provides the players the manager decides where they're gonna play and when they're gonna play and how they're gonna play. Does that dynamic change a little bit given what's happened here does the general manager now have more to say for instance gee I really would like to see more out of this player. Going forward even though you know that might not that would what you wanna deal. Well that's part of our conversations. And that's where the daily dialogue might shift a little bit saying OK here's where our. Questions going into the end of 2014. -- can we get as much information as possible. You know to make an actor one so that that's part of what today is about and certainly will be the this much is the ongoing dialogue. All the way to the end. John does that excuse me is that a lot of Henry Owens talk in your absence throughout the Saint Louis but the last couple days. Mean that you played debut in this atomic -- in my crowd the coffee shop people saying. When we see Henry -- that are expected. I don't expect -- I don't expect you to give me the date when Henry Owens makes his Major League debut but it is he clearly on the radar perhaps for a couple of starts in September. I think anybody starts the NCAA is on the radar the but I will say this it's not part of the conversation says they've opened up the spot in the rotation. For when Henry arrives I think it's great that he went up there to the pocket and -- -- an outstanding. Debut with a triple life. And I think it's also important to keep perspective that you know what. He can keep doing it as we all do and and I guess that's the best in the most honest way can answered is that. We've got a very good looking young lefthanded prospect starting pitcher. I and I think in time. -- More clearly demonstrate that he's ready for the next challenge and and the first up was a very positive one -- to -- it. Michael let me just interject quickly here because John just answered our manager question of the day from Patrick Murphy from Medford. A -- got a question ask John Ferrell visit. WEEI dot com slash Mohegan to submit your questions for our weekly interview. John I wanted to get a sense of where Zander Bogart's is mentally. And and physically and physically. We know the story start off in spring training he was being groomed to be a shortstop. Stephen Drew comes back -- Goes to third base Stephen Drew was traded to the Yankees of all teams and he's back to shortstop. Just -- have you seen any. What do what do you seemed physically from him as a shortstop and how is he -- a deal with all of this mentally and emotionally. Well I think mentally he's he's -- he's gone back to his natural position. In and you know you see that. On his face he's here -- the conversation you have with them so that was good there's a level of comfort -- familiarity of the position I think that is kind of settled back -- I think. Physically -- And fundamentally. You know you base or you compare now the last couple games vs where it was at the beginning of the season I think we're seeing much more increased range -- glove side. Now you know whether that's the work he's done a spotter when Lester repetition and it and being more. Accustomed to the speed of the game at the Major League level. Or just a combination of the two that. I think we're giving -- more relaxed and shown better range up the middle. If we look at a rotation that certainly has some opportunities for young guys going into next season is it fair to say that a performance like ruby Della Rosa gave you last night. And hopefully ongoing could go a long ways towards solidifying may be a -- Kelly performance the rest of the way as well. The regular bill I I think that's exactly you know summarizing the whole rotation you know that players there's opportunity there and is. We'll -- with with Clay Buchholz yesterday. Getting him back contract might be the number one objective. As far as the rotation goes. I also say that you know ruby in his starts at home at last night you know he can reverse the trend that he's shown and in the first ten starts or so. I thought he pitched very well last night. Certainly put us in line you -- turned it over the bullpen with a lead. And you know he's he's done that I think everything in his abilities to it to make that impact in the pitch with confidence -- don't strike for the most part. In yet that we seated at the differences -- the split a home road splits as what they are but -- there was a very good step in the right direction. As I wanna follow open that -- buckles point mean there was a lot of conversation about him after start against the Yankees. His stuff is is a parent and knowing how to be a baseball scalp or even a hardcore baseball fan to see what he brings to the table. The question is putting it altogether. What is it John I mean. I know we ask you got a lot about -- -- What do what will it take for for this guy to be. A number one or number two starter or is that something that we should stop asking for. -- -- know what but what would people talk about number ones number -- I mean mainly pitchers perform their way into those roles because they all have similar abilities. As to whether or not he's the number one or number five it is is. Dependent upon how consistent. An individual pitcher is. How durable they become. And that the level of performance from from outing to outing and we keen from play that there's elite performance as -- has. -- capable. And yet the one thing that he and I talked about extensively yesterday was just trying to get him back down to the most simple -- a starting pitcher or pitcher. As under control and -- this pitcher in this moment. And take away all the other distractions are all the other. You know things that you're trying to accomplish rather than going out and thinking going with a 789 innings. -- wont wont get -- one pitch at a time and just taking back to the basic. Focal point and it and being as simple as possible and the people might say well that that's no revelation well obviously any performer in your mind in the moment it is the thing that matters most and where we're working to. Sustain that over a period of time. Quick closing question to go back the -- from minute John and I'm on record for what it's worth I I don't believe the Bogut it's as long term future is shortstop. I believe that very strongly. I also know that that in I don't expect you to have. Disagree or agree with that you do what you need to do. But in years past the Red Sox have gone to extraordinary lengths to get a solid glove guy to it's a -- traded Nomar the deadline. Because -- said there was a fatal flaw they needed to get Cabrera shortstop so subtle way -- the position and they had a Gonzales got Stephen Drew and so forth. Would would defense be less an issue at shortstop moving forward if Bogart's provided. The kind of offensive numbers that -- thugs used to provide ten to fifteen years ago. Yeah I Q is there I think you look at the combination of the total package of the player. You know that I think the one thing that we. We also recognizes that there're. You know what what we're trying to get it at that. Most consistent lineup. At every position not just as we focus on candor and can he play shortstop over the long. I think -- and I think he's going to be an offense that type of shortstop. That doesn't mean he can't. Physically played well defensively play the position because I think there're there are currently other short stops in the major leagues that are offensive shortstop that are on championship caliber team. They might not be. The Omar Vizquel slick fielding. Category. But during their offense a short stops at the whole production that player. Enables them to have to be a on a team that convict with a championship and we we have upgrade -- and I think. Final question before we let you go and I'm just curious you second guess anything you've done so far this year. Besides the in the show. -- -- -- The are right that I you know what I. I think there's I find myself pulled back to the hotel or back to my place every night wondering what could I have done different inside of every game and I think. -- we might need a whole -- to devote on some of those things and decisions that do come up so does it to say that you know with anyone. Decision on personnel -- position putting in the guys certain spot I think we all collectively worked to some things to arrive at those decisions but. The review that I think every manager -- That'll be the that'll be the shoulder at Mohegan Sun at the end of the season and how would do to do it does six -- -- -- six attend but it's a Friday that. Got a problem we always appreciate time thank you. Take your -- that is Red Sox manager John Ferrell and again. -- actually asked the question Patrick Murphy was gonna ask and John answered that. I've you've got a question you wanna ask John -- visit a WEEI dot com slash Mohegan to submit your question for our weekly interview appeared chosen could be done.

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