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Aug 6, 2014|

On this edition of the Danny O Show, Chris Mannix stops by to talk about Golovkins big win and what the future holds for him. Danny also makes a major announcement about his career.

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All right folks they made abandoning -- red Lana. From Framingham Massachusetts. It. And EE. EEE. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. There was do I do every morning. -- for an elite news. It was an -- In the paper. There's an article about mr. Daniel potter. And it's talking about his big comeback now. Three months ago we started the show your tired. And now your back. Much tells the story what's going on. Well you know I really didn't have any thoughts of ever getting back in the -- really. You percent yeah that was -- men and I adjusted my thinking and I adjusted. Into everyday life as -- and father you know him. The routine and everything in. And then one day out of -- and I got a call and it was first place that I competency would be worth. Getting off the coaching and getting back in shape for. You know magazine names or whatever by. Ultimately I said yes in the fight that offer also went to probably you know a lot of other people. And you know a bunch of other people said yes. There was -- enemy lines of someone else got to fight and it but that's what really got the wheels turning. This so what I did was I sat down with my wife and I kind of you know weighed the pros and cons of what would happen if I did decide to get back in the ring and we you know when she supported and you know she kind of was on board and the way that I looked at it was news. You know I think like I said be forwarded to -- beyond that you know eleven box and I asked him pastor compares to just do whatever job you pastor compares. And you know I'd like to evidently -- noise so. You know I came over the strategy now more about arms boxing is important but first my family's here. You know my radio life -- so so. The biggest thing with Maine and anyone can tell you -- contrary I love controllers you know more than any other -- by. I -- like you know I never ever like being away and you know how you if you have access to all the best. Any thing for what you need to do but you're so miserable. Away at it. It's gonna be counterproductive because you can't train and you can't mentally do what you need to -- so I decided that. For this kind of comeback. You know on the stoic and Casey and -- you know his promotion company in Boston back he's promotions he's gonna run fight card. You know at some point and I decided that you know to be able get back in shape and number one if his -- my health is not risk you know. -- I thought. The you know being -- -- get to fight again in Boston and from my fans in my family and my friends and you know been in the ring is a feeling you really can't recreate -- or else in the world you know so. I thought to be able to do one more time in Boston at home in front of everybody. Authority or special event so. Me and Diane in in my family and it will go on the same page and we decided you know maybe maybe we would try to -- and the biggest change I think with anything column you know when you have a lot of experience -- richer as a person and I think -- or as a person also is gonna affect the way ours and so today. Did a lot of work on myself in the past couple months corners retired and it really had nothing to do with boxing's and to go back to boxing but it kinda just had to do -- You know being a better person and and do what I I needed to do and I think that. The biggest thing for me is is going -- is not realistic and I have a son and a wife and you know I love them a lot so I think. This is going to be kind of unorthodox and -- my training camp is all going to be home grown in the community the people who have supported me in my whole career. And Cuba abolish them and him to do everything you know so -- are constructed. Home road team. You know. People that I love that are that have been around me since day one day that I really. Trust in them so you know that. Person that's helped me get back in shape. Adamantly and Adams a premium firefighter yeah. You know. Like yesterday instead of being at the -- and -- we were at the fire station in the minutes you know and many people whose Framingham. You know he allowed -- to train at the framing imperial which is where I started whereas the first however brokered -- with a different engine so. You know between training there and you know crusty performance or -- one of the best in the business of what he does. Restricting condition and performance and I've known him says 2007 and when I first kinda got the wheels turning of OK you know maybe -- will fight again and see where it goes. I started to. -- see if I can construct this you know homegrown team where. There's a certain comfort level and and everything that I do -- between. You know Goran or crises sort of fire station -- PA you know how men have in my friends in the Jim Holden. The body suit lately my buddy -- you know -- gone to the gym in the last nineties where in the body suit them and on and and and sports psychologists Craig carton good guys. The did you that was actual first up I took where and when necessary listen my health can't be at risk and and obviously as my. As I just -- to a normal person my mindset changed and I think with you know. The idea of getting back in the ring AM I'm human so there's going to be nerves is going to be -- -- going to be all that and normal stuff that comes with. Something that you haven't done and -- -- It's been a year since Arafat so. The first thing I did -- as as I talked to Greg and kind of go with Simon told the mine mine plan and you know. Your your mental aspect is the most important thing commuters so as my health I -- wanna risk which again back which they also want my mindset to be. Exactly what I need to be so I've been doing some work with him and and you know he's geared towards athletes and it's been really helpful so I feel very comfortably in the biggest thing about this is who knows where -- go I don't buy it. It's fun again and that's something that I feel like I've lost in the past. Couple of years and auction like. I'm with those -- that I care about and I'm enjoying it late. I kinda have that feeling that I used to have when I was in the amateurs of being excited to go to the gym and not wanting to leave it I'll look forward. To go to train now and you know I know it's a northern rock so a lot of people have to goal weight training camp and be away from the ones they loved it. You know I've always felt like I've been a special type of person I think it takes a special type of person to get home and gathers adjustments because now I have to -- training. And family and parenting and life and I understand but at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way like the other day I was in the gym and in my Summers and and he's three years old and he's right around the gym won't train and in. It was one of the best sessions and handle on time. And how -- in the comfort of knowing OK I'm gonna go to the gym and train really hard right now. But then I'm gonna go home and and took my -- into -- and consuming way to go to bed. And there's just a level. You know safety and comfort in training problems so. -- you know I've been in the week for have been in the gym for about two weeks now and -- like anything it's going to be an uphill battle in it is by. You know it's it's the challenge -- -- -- and and you know I feel like I've got a lot of the fun back in the in the sport that I love since. Since I started boxing you know so. Well you're going to be fighting in October that they toxic correct October -- you know I don't really have any -- I just know that. You know from with cannon and whenever he plans to show or whatever you know if I would love to be able to. You know get on and play with them. Right under him. Which I mean obviously worked at ten -- time if you don't know who's the lead singer of the drop kick Murphy's. And you said you're excited you said you'd feel rejuvenated. Sort of speak. I mean. Do you see this as being something of a more long term come back or could this just be kind of a quick couple fights here because it's still fun to -- and I'll reassess after a fighter -- Well. That's one of the biggest things at work on now. You know with Greg is thrown into where stuff because learn about the future as -- can numbering anxiety to get aware of what I'm doing today and -- this podcast and then go to the gym and -- -- -- aware about the upcoming fight and you know which ever way it ends up going is going to be OK with me because of I don't know how boxing am going to be -- parent and the father of that anyway so it's like. It's it's all an added bonus in my -- and I used to look at boxing like. It just. Was more of a burden to me because it was taking me away from the things that I wanted to do -- be a dad and husband. Now I don't look at it like I look at it like it's an extra bonus I get to do what I love in the gym and be home with my family and still have a life and you know it's a lot better feeling it's more -- if that makes sense because. I can just go in the gym and train and enjoy what I'm doing man and somehow along the way you know I don't know exactly why -- I think I lost a little bit of that plan. You know I paid a lot of people don't get the chance. Two of them you know -- you don't get a second chance and I'm for whatever reason it worked out like this enough I got some time off to really. You know think about my life and what's important and. Now. I know recent training away was a burden for you -- difficult being away from your friends and -- mostly your family here. You know relatively young son -- relatively new life. But. How much do you think that controversial loss to Vivian Harris played into. Gloom. Man. I mean that. I don't know I honestly don't know I can't answer that question because. You know a loss hurts when you put your heart and soul into everything you obviously always want to welcome to be. Awesome the job's about to understand their it's -- you know we're going to 81 and two and you know I think I think I did look at it more like -- -- you know is this really worth it anymore. When stuff like this happens by no that wasn't -- dollar had no. You know I still won back to coach running after that it was gonna train and you know ultimately got injured by. You know. Well I left that file as like -- it's you know respond to quit I absolutely -- and I just. If anything it was a little bit more motivated to just get back in the gym and forget about that because it really was out of my hands. And you know on the map peace with you know it's not it's not something that I -- people you know I've learned to accept it and and to move on and from anything. You know in life that happens. You know you have to -- it would take the positives away from from a negative and learn from and so. You know it's the treatment alternative. -- Quick question for you and this is more of you know they general podcasts question I have for you. Too whiny to go in and change all the names of the Danny Ocean go to the Cinderella man show. Listen I. All right -- he would know huh yeah -- you know I like it though LA game and in this weird because I I woke up last 2 in the morning syndrome was on TV's and you know was out to sign. -- sign you know. If this journey was about the money you know I would I would never done in I mean it's. That that Cinderella man and stories really is you know a special thing unified unifying -- all have the chance to try to make that happen. In way over to myself to. At least try you know futile. If you don't get to the ball you can dance you know saying if I never that big fiery. And never know what could have happened if I'd tried really hard and do the best I can have a big fight and lose. And I think you know -- I can live with that -- and I tried my hardest and I lost or I tried my hardest and I won but if you never have the chance to try. And you kinda just. Don't ever know what could have happened. In me and so I'm still young animal in Torino you know its slate. I don't know if I ever maybe thought in the back -- my mind that a call would come one day because I absolutely you know I still you convinced -- -- yep but it. I also was staying very active running a lot of -- still being a very active person so when the call. Came it wasn't Larry I was out of shape I still had somewhat of a base you know I had become the and so are still somewhat healthy. You know obviously there's a lot that I that I have to get back. And a lot of that is my carpet you know the confidence kind of went when you don't have to have that. You know self defense mechanism of -- -- is trying to be in shape and and you know as an athlete so. You know and that's it thing that I work regret again and you know memento part of this and that long commitment it's it's. Not as hard on myself as they used to be like it will column and in the best that I can do is what I can do -- in that it. You know. So just thinking about it in the past. Boxers who have looks. Who retired in combat Kenya it's a mean you see an ad nauseam -- Sugar Ray Leonard and stuff like that but. Now doing this show with you and knowing you as long as I've known you for I -- almost. Over fifteen years now. It is. It's it's interstate and get a new perspective on almost like a little bit of -- burnout factor. You just kind of burnt out. Not a serious -- you were but I now understand more of where other boxes have come from when they're retired as a -- men just on MP not not let him. And just physically emotionally tired and -- now wanna be with my family my friends and allies have relatively normal life I can see that more now just doing the show with you. So I appreciate what other boxes gone gone through when I didn't notice or didn't recognize exactly what they're going through before. Is on the outside looking in. You'd see okay you're gonna fight every four months or five months whatever might be maybe fight twice a year for the big names. I mean you so much downtime we really don't. You know -- personal ha -- And I guess that generated a good job retired because when a -- the caused him a million dollars retire. So I guess in. But maybe that's the best. Yeah. -- you know I think. My guess -- before anything you do in woods is going to be number one priority and that's fine by the way it was a person I don't know I don't do good with. Balance so yeah it was -- one priority but it consumers' eyes and you know already as an athlete like that you have to understand especially -- boxing in the offseason like. It was a 24 hour day thing every single day they'll -- I mean it was always. On your mind and that's OK you know I mean if you can kinda -- that balance where OK now it's time to do family stuff that switch has to go law and its famous. Or if it's whatever stuff you know you need to break him. I didn't know how to get myself that break you know it does not to do with the sport or or anything -- -- was just me. I didn't know how to give myself that breaks -- consuming. And that probably would Wear a lot of on top of being away from home so much. You know really. Manages you know part me out of that Sosa and remain. But -- before with anything with experience you know as -- mature as a person. You know have a different -- -- now really on on the on on stuff so I think this go vote this this time. It's going to be a different story. It just feels definitely everything about what I'm doing right now in the gym and outside of the -- field. And makes it makes training them much better because when outside of the gym rate -- said -- can be. And interest and -- we're gonna take some time now and and talked to Chris man X get a couple updates of what's going on around boxing world we've gotten detainees update. But what's going on the and we're very excited to the Abu. We'll talk to Chris get some interest in perspective on recent events. Triple G reported hearing. I know managed just reading man X really loves the -- we'll talk to him about that and woven right. Predict for the future coming up for the rest of the year so Lola. We'll do it and joining us now on the radio show from SI SI dot com boxing expert Chris man -- Chris -- -- Good good good. I was ago met last time saw you I think is when I came too busy on the crossover. As write about it but yeah definitely. Figures show that the longer lifespan -- Let's start with the most recent big news go often. You wrote about him you're very impresses them what have you seen out of him and I know you wrote that you're kind of expecting him to fight Cotto coming up. Is that the big money fight that we should expect to see later this year and that I don't think. I don't think was he would later this year block it would certainly welcome it but from all indications photos camp. They're looking for a lesser fight in December. Mid December -- square garden. Further than any leaks. I mentioned prominently in and that makes some sense to -- -- is not going to look for. LL fight oracle walked inside look into the year. At least -- tickets in New York. And get a decent name solid record. Ed -- style can make some money into a relatively low risk fight in and frankly an -- will seek a lot -- next year our leader I think. Canelo is the bigger money fight for -- on next -- 154 pounds so we can be looking at least. Yes 1617 months -- Or media ever ever possibly sick a lot to go to like. Is often feared in that division or is he just not strong enough money yet for the photos of the world have really taken seriously. I think it's the latter. I don't believe that that -- -- And I mean I think -- you know when you quit the ring you. You're you Wear your partner's sleep in Europe a man already at that point I just think guys. Measure risk awards and is prize fight and -- go to basic and make. You know I don't know 89 million dollars -- like to know it now or five million dollars to fight. You know co opting out I don't -- and -- talking abstracts sometimes but 34 million dollars to operate or million dollars. Yeah I don't know I think a lot QL failed to remember that is a business also and and that's a great point. Yeah I mean I think they're total guess Eric -- and his entire career never shy away from. A big fight or big name but he's a businessman and be pragmatic about it I immediately. In a lesser light on HBO. In a fight you know -- -- -- quantity -- -- out of pocket IQ bigger because presumably a lot it will ought. Basement is two or three more times already on HBO built up his brand. Even more so we all make sense to fight him later rather sooner. Well let me ask your question. I know a lot of people drink in the trilogy -- that one knows if -- But look I am because. I think I've seen this guy cute too much about that probably. I of this quite spring cycling expert on the US. Out in opera on and York it -- this guy. You know he's he's not just the big puncher I've -- big parts of war. And I seen him Wear out excited like I would ya get wilder at the big monster category. And the -- is an accomplished amateur who's got great skills mean that we saw the hell out for a slight personal -- -- How difficult that is to cut the -- ought to know had no idea what he's doing. Try to covering up go -- and could teach a master's class. In cutting innocuous fantastic. Doing that is flat slightly alternative take punches me credit even. As if we want a lot of the Curtis as a monster -- RCE. He threw a couple of big shot -- I think Lockett smiled and kept on coming and so. I think -- got certainly need to be tested by a better opponents. That'll happen over the next few weeks and months but I do think that he is the real deal. I watched Terrelle on Friday night fights and remember him saying anywhere from 16217. Days so you know I would like to see them play you know very skilled talented boxer. And someone that can nullify the power of the Golan Afghan. And you know really it's two different styles of fighting in and I would love to see that -- if you really could make 160 I think. Happened to it it goes back the business side it yeah but twice before you get no name. I know pedigree you've got to get himself. Now back into the mainstream conversation for anyone considers -- real fighting -- he -- out fights last couple years and as we've seen with a guy like David -- restart that do not like -- -- You know you lose your appeal that the cable networks. So who do you like as an exit pony Lichen and really. Upper -- certainly don't like it is legal optimum I'm a little less sure. You know they've got to November 1 day reserved. On HBO. HBO doesn't really know I would they're gonna matching up with yet heard rumors that maybe -- Kessler he can make. A 160 pounds. There a couple of names and certainly out there James -- when I'm sure they'll try it you know holding him again but there really is not out. A big fight out there for a lot and what the end of the year like I think rapidly from next year to see in a significant -- -- and just take you back a couple weeks here real quick before wrap this up. Canelo Alvarez -- Laura he came down to decision what are your thoughts on that is we've debated back and forth here on this show what was your initial thoughts on the decision at the end of that fight. You know I had to -- I would have been satisfied with what it in my part either way they're probably six rounds accounted. And that's like that -- -- extremely close. Do you think you know I mean Marat. It's gonna complain about decision. It's like that's I'll I know it's not you know bare knuckle boxing and it's not just brawling in knockout don't mean everything but you're not quite backwards you better win every single round convincingly you better press the jets because. Every thought every single time a judge you become -- fighter being active being the aggressor is more likely to give that by the bad -- out. On close rounds and alarm might have -- you know and and lifestyle and metadata and effective stop for him to do it. -- you don't impress judges that way so you know -- complain all he wants you to say Iraq I didn't think so you've won by quite a point out of Iowa that. Lot like bipolar Q which he did. I wouldn't want to put that -- You -- know -- to blame but himself proper fighting mascot out against the -- now who is very very easy to hit at this stage career. Chris thank you very much for joining us you can follow Chris on Twitter at Chris man XSI go check him out and SI dot com great boxing writer and for those of you were boxing and basketball fans what's there aren't a ton of improve her her Chris is your guy Cooper Chris thank you don't ask thanks. -- and I was Chris -- from SI dot com thankful thankfully he could join us for a few minutes and it was very busy man. Who would you think about what he said about. -- often and. I mean -- you know. I love reading this stuff because they're very Smart guy and noticed. I just think who you know my thoughts aloft and it is. I got to cooling in front of me who have taken a few sips of it but I'm not gonna drink yet because. You know it's just people. Make so much -- of something you know and and it always happens look at the -- he was the biggest killer don't knock -- every Rio then all of a sudden someone exposes him for just being human. In the Danny Garcia and now he's just human so I think. You know. I think Glock and you know he's he's he needs to the soonest you -- flights in elite boxer who can nullify that power. And take him out of his game plan I think he's gonna run into trouble and that's my personal opinion and you know I would like come I think that. Yes he's impressive you know you always do like the aggressor I think he's very ski goes in and all the points and -- made right. I think is also a lot of other stuff that goes into you know is that really good matchmaking. You know I think that. Then when he gets that big fight you know if it's if it is against one of the boxes you know in my opinion that the boxers gonna. You know when -- -- let's move onto another fight terror threat to its upcoming so to speak Danny Garcia rod Soka. It seems that despite come out of nowhere when you look at the names that Garcia's spot. In the past a -- -- -- -- Kendall holt. Much he's meant to say I was forget that when I'm gone through to editors his career here I didn't know how to pronounce it ever -- And but. So -- look at that seems to becoming kind of out of left field. I don't know much about -- and -- you know a little bit. I know a little bit when I trailer -- -- a forest in Pittsburgh is from the same area. You know I got to know him and he is kind of an unknown in this side. You know again so is Chris Algerian aqueduct and there are so I think. The biggest thing with this fighters I think there's been a lot of backlash. That he is an unknown then you know what to do. With this five you know what I'm happy that he got display you know in the sport that. You know he probably has dedicated his whole life. To this sport and for him to get the opportunity to have a big fight. Good for him you know absolutely good for him and that's coming from. Someone who's dedicated in my whole life to this board and dreams of that big -- lately like he's got so. Legacy of reform and nobody knew Chris Algerian eloquent happened in him -- beat him beaded top kinda nice fight Manny Pacquiao it really players said. You know if you over a volley canned answers to it's it's his opportunity to let the world know who -- our canoes and crazy how do we -- I talked to him through text a little while ago and you know I'd I didn't expect any type of Colin today two crazy weeks on the Ketchum post fight and hope that he can colonists -- few words. Garcia for those of you don't know is 280. With -- sixteen knock outs do. If your training soccer you know a little bit you're training him and you've seen Garcia fight. What's the kind of game plan you might have going into that against Garcia accomplished established by. A saga of the rules remarks. Armenians. To criticism is as good as them a lot of power. I watched one of his fights on show box which was on demand that your resume there. To let people view to kind of get from the with a little bit and you know he was he was a crafty little fighter in there man his craft a little boxer and he stole a lot of punches and as users really effective. I think that's his game plan you know to -- talks to -- Garcia. The problem is that. You know I think a lot of people seed Andy Garcia and think about power you know this -- Right hook America -- commode and in the does power but I think of a lot of people fail to. Understand that Danny Garcia is pretty crafty himself a -- him in the Olympic trials. And then he he's a little -- -- murdered him you know you look at someone like my tease him and TC was the biggest. Killer every was knocking everywhere now and oh my god this -- is super you and and everyone was -- them -- -- -- in the any funding and Garcia. In -- Garcia had a great game plan and you know he box really efficiently that played in -- beat him and you know and then you instantly and she's just human. So I think that Danny Garcia. You know Kim can be really good boxer to them and good counter puncher on top of that power so you know and I do think -- in Perugia. -- had some issues with its Herrera. And I've read this I haven't seen it -- -- -- -- soccer is similar to her. If you're -- crafty fighter yes so technician. Who really knows what he his game plans and what he's doing. And heard did present problems for Garcia do you see soccer doing the same thing one thing game plan. Actually watch them play right after our walks around -- -- on demand and you know. The thing is. Career had a good game. And that's a lot of the times hear people say style makes fights and and game plans and wall career Q&A fire with a really good game plan and then there was soulful and watchable and drowns in any kind of stuck to that game plan. And I I think that. I think the sawgrass times in my game plan you know he's gonna be in the boxers -- -- to be the boxer. And the only problem is it today Andy Garcia is legitimately tough and these are very talented fighter. And I'm not gonna go against -- soccer tournament and root for the underdog -- I am the underdog you know it's. Chris Algeria type stories. You know I without a loafer for him to pull enough. I just think that. Whatever game plan he has going into this fight he needs to. He needs to make -- game plan happen and he needs to do it for gulf and you know you don't want a situation like our canal where -- game play and good for four rounds. And it kind of falls off for a couple rounds -- comes back again -- you know you want. You order establishing donors for the whole five. Well that we'll conclude this edition of the daily notional whereas I think we decided you know listen -- mention that this new. It is any -- Braddock I watched -- -- bears today it's that's my the actual fight or the movies and all the -- it was -- -- -- -- demand. That's pretty doctor on demands that the best since iceberg. Slick spreads pretty good but on the matter could. I do -- on -- but let's not go too far down that road and I do wanna talk to you next time we get here. And we've talked about -- this before having you know one title boxing movies. Isn't that something you know about and you have a controversial stance on certain movie we'll get into that next time we'll break down some. The classic boxing movies will talk to you guys on Twitter. Again you can follow us on Twitter at younger and WEEI. And DOC underscore blocks. That's it for this edition of the Danny and Michelle entertainment studio -- we'll check you guys out next time.

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