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Fantasy Football Podcast August 6th Edition.

Aug 6, 2014|

We’ve turned the page to August and it is OFFICIALLY the Fantasy Football Draft Season! Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com have you fully covered as you prepare for your drafts. In this edition, Jim and Pete take a deep dive into the Runningback position, discussing Nine Tiers of Runningbacks and how they rank top to bottom. You’ll learn lots about drafting strategy and the different scenarios involved when drafting the Runningback Position. This Podcast provides a more in depth look at the Top 50 Runningbacks Article Pete posted on WEEI.com earlier today. http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2014/08/06/fantasy-football-top-50-running-backs/ Enjoy! And get ready for the launch of “The WEEI Fantasy Football Hour” on-air starting this Sunday August 10th!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the brutal run. -- -- -- -- Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the WEEI dot com fantasy football podcast -- your host Jim -- I'm on the line with our fantasy football expert at WEEI as the chief writer and editor Pete Davidson over -- bond dot com. And die it is now August 6. We are officially into August -- It is draft season on site. And Dow welcome to the shuttle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes 678 -- and it's all August and what August means. Much. -- 1 August means a fantasy footballers who also don't go outside much this time yet but it's the strap season and now we've got another podcast in front of us here today. And we're gonna hit running back rankings which are alive and posted on WEEI dot com right now so the last. You -- -- that we -- have been addressing the wide receiver rankings the quarterback rankings and now I can jump into the court position the running backs. Went you know what it's worth will be getting into the tight ends next week so. Excellent. Excellent it's not like. That it's it's all wrapped into a nice big pretty box next to our friends our sponsors first draft kings the leading provider of daily -- sports check -- -- a draft kings dot com. In our new friends that Clark. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram at the one. -- -- Will be 2 o'clock deal nobody beats a Clark deal. Check and a lot of Clark certainly now I need an ally and you -- I. -- now screw them. So you can not check about Clark chief dot com for all the deals and of course our good friend Christian Fauria is there endorse -- so stand by for messages from those guys and enjoy and we thank them for the podcast and Sunday we launch our new show at 7:30 in the morning check this out on the radio dial 93 -- So up further -- Let's jump in -- -- did an article today and WEEI dot com in his -- if you like to read it and listen to the podcast in the same time if you're crazy like that feel free. And it's the top fifty ranked running backs and that this is I think the most important article that's come out yet because. When you read the rankings and you look at the universe -- of players to draft and positions the draft. It just comes back every got to get that foundations that this is a great service to those get ready draft. Yeah obviously we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna do a lot more running backs in the next couple weeks we're gonna put out draft plans for the you know how we you know how we see the draft what's the best way to attack -- You know that the article to put so far and yeah I really. Looking at the quarterbacks -- themselves and you know we're looking at -- how we break down the cheers of where we think the best talent as. But we're gonna get a lot more into. You know ADP. You know in the next couple weeks and really look at these guys in terms of -- -- values. Where we think they're going to be you know what we're we're getting into that a little bit now but I'll stay in more general because I don't. I don't feel like ADP today is unnecessarily. That greeted guided -- I think GDP -- change a lot more in the next. You know two weeks. Sure we've only had one pre season game writes I'm India yeah. See a lot of guys are moving up I think it's gonna continue and you don't -- -- -- -- gonna start -- -- focus and when those things start really breaking down when you know when Tennessee named a starter probably saying to -- he's gonna move opted -- You know once once Toby -- you know get a couple carries in the preceding game and everybody sort of -- him as the starter I think you know in the traps where he's going in the fifties and sixties you move up. And it's gonna apple and a lot of -- Chris Johnson will probably move down people's starts -- a wait a minute. He's on the jets that is sort of an exceptional President Bush I got a Christian and I think I'd better thank you for. Thank you for that that this -- -- It's pointed out my error but yeah -- Reggie Bush should think right now are up 33 inch. I don't know what that -- whole EU. Based on that -- a lot of people were projecting for him. And any other factor you know for the for the alliances is it is Theo -- actually get to do well on their beat writers are saying he's going to do. You know every snap he placed puts. Well maybe not every but most times he's on the field that -- -- belly and Reggie Bush are right so you know back could become. And they have you know they're they're looking to install something that's gonna look like the saints offense. In Detroit so you know we could be looking at that old school -- backfield with Reggie Bush playing -- the role he played in New Orleans it's possible. Yeah but now in Detroit in any other -- the other factor to his injuries or have a few of those of the running back position which is to. Yeah listen over the top in their real injuries you know the kind where they don't come back till the next season so. A couple more of those and things are gonna get real interest in the that the running back position. -- those for those who haven't seen the article yet listed right at the top of the article Kendall Hunter sad he's a guy that. We supported you know for a long time see the upside he's going to be missing the season Tyler Gaffney we talked about. In Friday's podcast to the from the patriots picked up from Carolina while being injured Vick Ballard and David Wilson in the giants like I just can't get a break. Yeah well David -- looking at a new career unfortunately yeah it has since this terrible he was such an exciting talent now Donna you also what's -- I think -- also -- -- thing we have to be happy about is he didn't you know he's gonna walk for the rest is like yeah he didn't suffered the injury may be that he could have. You know because -- a little bit of money in football hopefully launcher and and hopefully he. You know walks without a limp and doesn't have headaches and back into the -- Now and it's such that such a tough that's gonna be such a tough from strength to -- because. -- is holding his whole life has been building towards that the moment of getting the NFL and. Absolutely yeah that'll -- -- -- bit about people train for the Olympics are all like -- and they lose by 100 for the second place. You know yeah it was -- better that's it yeah what somebody's trying to patent especially the summer of George you know it's a good track that we should guy's got to run exactly the -- George. -- of the summer -- I -- not having this summer after I know you have you learned something decidedly different. I have in the summer of telecheck your deepened the scouting -- -- to talk about -- stock but the players that you scout and I drank them let's direct. So there are some questions. I'm gonna -- to -- questions a great article and got my own organic thoughts as well that like to deploy at some point during the show. But. I like -- Tryon man I'm trying to hammer it. So we've got we got fifty players ranked in there in there. Imbedded into nine tears of kind of -- you would lump them together why are drafting saying you know -- gonna target somebody. Target them in these tears in the top -- no surprises. It's the five best backs on the board and I would agree with how you put them out there the Shawn McCoy Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles Eddie lacy. Matt Forte these early guys all of the different different circumstances but did the did the power only. Yeah I mean the only thing there that might be. You know eyebrow raising for some people would be -- At least he does at times slipped out around a little bit when people reach up. You know when people do silly things like taking Manning one overall -- or whatever when people decide they wanted to Calvin Johnson earlier Jimmy Graham earlier. Maybe I don't know. Maybe I'd seen people reach very Foster middle the first round but seat occasionally you'll see -- bomb back a couple spots. If that happens and you are one of the people who now has a shot that -- I would snatch him up very quickly. Now let's say a he's he's a good -- -- you have a very talented back you've had you are rooting interest for a prolonged time. Green is that green is a in adjusting team of less obvious is that a lot of talented accidents commodity in a Franklin's gone. But this has been like almost like a shovel of people coming in and out but anyways is a guy you really think as staying power. I mean there's a lot of backs that we you know we'd like doubt screens yeah actually he. Destroy it is me and we we're pretty -- engine starts before Hibbert got in there and then he's proven to be. Talk about it because we figured he was serviceable. -- at least he's a different animal mean either that you don't really big back. -- -- excellent agility. Good vision and nice all around skill sets you know the ability to really -- -- battering ram for that offense. You know he sort of bring you the kind of stuff that Michael Turner did yeah but at the same time. He's an all around player who could function in the passing game and stuff like that you don't need to take off the field on third. Yeah and that's a great offense yeah it's. It's a great a great player a great offense that debt equals a good drastic. Yeah I mean they're going to be able to I mean Eddie lacy should get the ball and space often and I mean he's got -- -- player but. You know even big -- in Jewish basic it's a pretty yardage so -- you know Aaron Rodgers and -- passing game should make things. You know. I would say -- the only seat but he should have his share of you know quality touches the produced you know yardage and he's gonna get obviously a lot of chances that the strike at bat. I mean no offense is gonna move the ball. Score line doesn't help -- possibly not even when they're up as the wind is hurt they moved the ball. I mean as of now that aren't looking pretty LT. Yep no doubt and in a -- funny parts for the support the injury is they've shown over the last few years yet all the key positions. But the other like the patriots when things go wrong they -- their way out of that this battle and that got Smart quarterback who. You know configured things out -- -- scrimmage so yeah I mean the safe investment -- Rodgers doesn't have another freak injury. -- now should be should be good to go on talk about this year its interest in these five whereas sometimes in my viewpoint on. Drafting and in tearing players oftentimes a thick dark kind of civil or I'll I'll hang back a little bit -- I know I I. If this guy does this guy goes against the get this guy and. Well that's you're talking about the different -- Well -- you don't have that option ministry -- most of our -- your silly in a good good point in the auction -- but so. But what that's actually in a very specific kind of auction draft they're talking about. Not even an auction. True because you can that you can hang back into yet you you can you can deploy patience that you -- Just saw posters that any ideal we're talking about Jim and I played -- league that has its own draft format it's called it is selected the very original format. Followed by yours truly. And our league's been addicted to -- for years. And essentially what you can do is you bid for the right to tech so when your bidding there's no player on the board. We put each individual pick up for auction and in that style -- draft gives large percent correct you can try to play the bottom of the -- strategy. Where you try to pay less money -- the top of the cure was drawing and you save money per round and then have a little extra money when you get into the middle part of the draft. And maybe gets and hopefully get some more production -- Exactly yeah. Yeah exactly Biden but you do it appears they get if you if you look at the cure concept and -- the bottom of -- here in the top of which are similar. It's a top pitcher -- fifty in the bottom goes for forty you're picking up ten bucks every time -- draft and then you can we apply that money at some point. Right in what I was gonna point out. Meg glad you clarified that and so I'm not looking at so myopic -- -- in terms of some of those specific drafts but. You love your fantasy football NFL draft. Yeah exactly. But what is gonna -- in this tears like you know there are there isn't it if you are and that kind of form and if you're district judge mr. -- take the best player and if you get one of these guys happy. But if you are in that situation and what's a little bit different than than him -- -- Cut shot yeah what you said does apply to -- -- we get down -- like 4056. Year. Then what you set actually don't apply because those players can be around the next time try to right now with the first guys we -- what are the -- be around but as we move into the deeper here's. You're point actually has validity you can ministry. Right -- these guys are gonna go. What is gonna sizzle in this -- though there are like. There are safer choices right and because like. You know Jamaal charles' point in the in the article love Jamaal Charles me I have lemon and a couple leagues last year. He was just carried me but -- some changes in in Kansas City that are actually healthy for Tennessee where bowler running back. You know and you get McCoy and Peterson that's the pedigree in the you get some decisions but. -- you really like to get the higher traffic when it comes in the steer it looks like to me. -- will you don't normally. -- very don't worry about attracted to dead don't worry it's you know global you know will have a winning strategy from every draft position that we certainly will try to increase your odds. From every draft additions. But I have to say if you have a top five pick in draft this year. That's pretty good spot yeah pretty good place to be you're gonna get one of those elite backs. The only thing about it that is -- You know perfect as you know maybe you're not gonna get an elite tier one receiver if you -- one -- that gets you in the second round the beginning today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That your second round strategy is probably the toughest thing when you're drafting in the top five. But if you I mean we did you start if you start your draft with anyone of those running backs. It's just so much easier to build a team could you don't have. That was saying that you're you have that glass that you need to -- during the draft and you start to draft off with something other than heavily running back. It's pretty you know it's gonna be your focus throughout the draft to constantly be looking for value with the running back position. And it's gonna have. You know it's it's it's a harder way to draft. It is and also this up as a practical application is is that you feel you feel old the good though runs. Of a certain positions more you know like if you feel behind the eight ball at a position specifically running back you will reach. Did you feel that anxiety heart -- it's hard to. It's it we we tell you not to stick did not resolve that position because there's nothing worse than if you're behind the eight ball you probably not gonna make a great decision. Quality people aggressively putting themselves in that position could I mean look at you the -- by -- tick and you don't take one of these running back yes then you put yourself in this position and that's just not smartest thing to do. But. You know what seven out of twelve teams and -- -- our cab when these guys are gonna have to figure out a way to punch their way out of that situation. Of which is why I think. You know guys like DeMarco Murray in the first round I know people -- a little bit hesitant cause of the injury history but you know what -- Lies don't -- much sense has taken a guy like that Bryant yeah I think there's quite a reasonable thing to do to but it depends on. You know what you are saying how do you know where do you like your anxiety to this. Right and I -- in this next tears tears -- got here too which are running backs rates ranks sixth through nine. You know these aren't these these are good backs that you connect you can with an house. DeMarco Murray Marshawn Lynch I mean he's a proven number one I mean he's also -- -- lot of miles on now in competition there but -- you know Monte ball who's. I mean it was so long and mileage but also ahead you -- -- and -- usage early in his career I don't obvious total mileage. You know is is higher than what we would expect out of a really good when he curled back but yet the last couple years have been high mileage and you know obviously I mean I think it's perfectly reasonable to worry about. What they might do with Christine Michael this year you know. He's there in turbans there too so you get an actual structure where they got a lot of beef yeah -- got Murray Marshawn Lynch Monte ball Levy on bell. Now the now if you're at the back part of the first round. There's nothing wrong of these guys you know they can help you to. Now there really isn't I mean it's an NB. You know drafting at the end of the first round people like to talk about it like it's a vacuum but a lot of how you play the end of the first round is gonna have to do with what happened in front -- you. You know if there was a receiver run in the first round. You may wanna take a receiver at the eleventh spot and not trust that the person at twelve isn't gonna take that actually want -- -- Rights or you know if you if you like it to cheer for running backs ability excuse me at the cure to running backs have barely been after -- -- only one has been taken. But meanwhile you'll only see one or two really receivers looked on the board didn't. Yeah -- -- I mean go to receiver and then say yes I get -- on bell instead of Marshawn Lynch I'll live with that you know. It's it is a way you need to think especially when you get of those those -- draft position. And that's and that's really what these podcasts and all the articles and what he does that wrote a bond is about it's getting you as much knowledge of preparation for any of those scenarios -- your league. No you draft no earlier owners and no just the depth at the position so that you can be and you can beat new fluid need to be mobilized the draft is going on. Yeah you want I mean one envisioned the the potential things that are gonna happen especially early in the draft before the draft starts you don't wanna just. You know it's it's it's it's too simplistic to say -- -- I think my highest ranked player with my first term effect. You know if you can't if you can't drive much about -- can't drive a wedge between two players. You can draft position over player I mean you know like -- you know if you have three different players and they're all eight point nine out of ten. Well take the position that might run out before and expect it's just it's just you know it's common sense but sometimes people get so locked in the value that they forget to pull back and look at the big. You. So have you know have -- rankings for the total universe available and in measure -- measure what's happening in check out. Actually -- peachy. You know here hopefully -- go to buy cheap cheap you know it's it's. Look at the needle mark you're here where you think those Dropbox are put a little check -- the last receiver that you wanna take early. And do the same thing for the running backs. And that's gonna help you make those tough decisions and decisions even tougher -- tough spot right. Because they're looking inform players that are gonna go. For the nine. Edited but the same concept supplies you wanna try to project what's gonna happen between your selection and excellent. Right in it and it's a great -- just gonna talk about when you go into the third tier about the next election this is where and all these guys. All these guys that are can be -- who have been very productive for the most part can be very productive. There's a balance there between some of the names but. This is kind of where you need to start really thinking about these decisions. Because the weighing the stud tight and the stud receivers that are still left vs these guys I think is gonna be. A decision that a lot of us are gonna have to makes -- tier three. Running backs ranked ten through fifteen. -- -- mention wanna Marion Foster CJ Spiller Andre Ellington GO Bernard Zacks DC and Doug Martin. Yep I mean the only guy that's here I'm really not targeting its Foster EU. I mean all of the other guys are guys that looked out of my team now -- they gonna fit my value my situation you know who -- split. I mean these are quite honestly. Andre Ellington the guy I might even can in fact -- to even Bernard. I'd be I'd consider those guys in the second. You know it's Spiller. Stores that upside play yet -- higher on the list yet his upside is so high but he's the risk reward -- -- -- a risk reward in you know when I don't I just. I just don't trust -- what you don't want to from -- decision making standpoint we'll play calling standpoint they left a lot to be desired last year you know. But it can't. Spiller it's he'd get top five. Back yet he's he's he's that guy that he's he's the jackal hide guy you know in -- and in not too special abilities not to his own device it's not his fault it's a good really it's the system he's -- it's the coaching schemes it's all that stuff. -- the president until. -- I -- bush credit complain about what you -- him limping around the field and you know he never cast doubt. But as competitive -- it's -- -- to edit the coach have to step up and do what's right for the players that the and that position. And we've discussed itself. Yes I yell out let's let's talk about a couple quiz of the in this third here. Debt will be important to watch in pre season I think -- -- pre season is very important is given. On the moving part that there. -- actually she's -- -- as important a different way of saying that might between nations appreciation for him you know what what what you know I mean. You know I've got into a couple -- called discussions on Twitter where you know I've sort of been painted -- like I'm not -- he died. While I mean anybody's go to -- Obama Reid might go to the bottom of this article on the EI today. -- -- and read this got a report on sex Stacey we were higher on deck space to do just about anybody right I don't I have I mean you know maybe there's a couple of people out there that I didn't read. But you're not gonna find a pre draft scouting report on facts -- -- that was what we're going endorsed we we thought that he was being extremely. Under appreciated and I -- we were right. But. That doesn't have anything to do with a good training accidents yet. That he's there you get a deal right now I mean will -- you know now. Rationally. Do rams have to rush Tre Mason now they've got a good jump back and Stacy who can hold things down. But at some point Tre -- skill set is going to be something that's intriguing to them. And you know the different the other different -- they can do different things. And you know you just poses backstage and you gotta be prepared if you do take him I think you know going after base and maybe a little bit ahead of the GDP is not a terrible move yet actually deeply -- That's something to think about too is like you know it's it's easy to you know. Analyze. These players and how their -- now they're ranked it's it's it's even easy to say geez I really wanna get discovers is this guy but again that safety net. Is they handcuffed you know if you if you -- a little concerned about Zacks Stacy -- -- -- -- There are leagues where the format of the league makes it really hard and tough players. You know you play in leagues I know most of -- leagues you've got ninety yards and should yeah all right so when those weeks. And -- are doubly important first to focus you have the bench spot to do it right and second of all. It's so what you're really people -- large bench everybody's got it which takes free agency and exit down you know the value of two or 34 rounds course right. You know I mean you would likely to -- the rosters 300 players. So you know in that league and -- thing I mean it's it's an essential. Part of the draft process. Yet they yet and you have to get the jump. A lot earlier than you probably want to. I mean that's the trick is knowing which can costs merit. Doing that and which ones are well I can get a vote so let's put this into multiple categories -- and -- Davis obviously the capital. Yet again how Michael got to really got to get if you if you -- -- and especially if you go early to get Frank Gore. -- you're -- -- -- huge disservice to people in a big league draft francoeur derby to -- -- let someone else strapped Carlos did particularly now constitute an -- you're just opening up yourself to get. So let's have a -- so so those so good examples of of you know it the leagues that marry it you know the right timing for a -- brought in leagues that don't the only -- it's harder to. It didn't devote a a roster spot. In a -- league to a handcuff let's talk about what that how that impacts your thinking in its hero like tier three. Are you less likely to use his ten team league with sixteen roster spot so yeah there's a 160 player roster. So you know you -- starting line up plus maybe or maybe a solid fifteen you that you may get -- nine players starting right at its expense spots in total. Well you're gonna have to be very judicious about I used the spot. I mean you don't -- roster or second defense you don't wanna rosters second kicker they're gonna wanna spend all the spots for the crucial stuff. You know you're so you're you're you know you're going to have at least two -- receivers at least two actual running back but it'll leak like that. Them you know the free agency is of such high quality that you're gonna be tempted to take. You know back they're actually playing right at the handcuffs right and the wisdom comes into you know. Where when they handcuffed more important than a player that actually has more standalone value. And -- the -- we mentioned I think -- cases like that for example. And you know go off the public -- -- the best they can't but let's say you know someone who has to you know it Jamaal Charles. Look at the you know you're moving in we'll have a twelfth round whatever and may be a back or -- Ahmad Bradshaw on the board and so. And so I Davis. Now you might be tempted to go for Bradshaw because Richardson hasn't really proven himself and -- -- if he gets hurt you can have a real winner Reed Johnson. But it by the same token if some apt Charles. Drew and dialed davis' on the waiver wire. Good luck yeah yeah -- together and I and that's another thing in a small lead waiver wire prior to become huge. You know you can use if you can get yourself and number one Labour Party don't ever use -- if you got Jamaal Charles and you know you don't wanna roster now Davis because effectively. You almost have that pulled off because if he goes down at the normal -- of but yeah it's. It's you know -- -- definitely. A different draft strategy been talking -- -- players become much more important yeah depth becomes less important. And handcuffing also can become less important. QB you know I mean gosh you talk about there being a lot of QB depth in twelve team -- go play -- the you definitely don't need a backup quarterback. You could stream your backup quarterback hectic extreme starter if you want to. Miami you've ranked thirty last week so I mean now. The dead the label while be -- Clinton with quarterbacks that are that can fit the bill -- you know I. And it's. I -- in intensity -- you can literally. Just take your quarterback -- -- last -- and then just take a quarterback matchup every week and switch quarterbacks every week I've won I've won a lot of small extent. So it's always is so the for this tear like Gary Foster CJ Spiller Andre Ellington. Geovany Bernard -- DC Doug Martin. You really hoping to kind of get these guys is you're number two backs. Yeah I think for the coming from that their -- I mean in theory. Top 2101112. Would be east and RB warns local team leagues. Come but yeah I mean ideally these are all -- I'd like to have as my second dog to -- and -- -- be real happy that happened this second. Yeah I know I mean there's a lot of upside there you know so but if you can if you can enter your team you know with one of those one through nine in tier one and tier two. And then you starting to pick in choose if you're a smaller league with these guys. Smart strategy if you're a bigger league in some of these guys worry you in in the guys come to mind would be you know Foster. STC Bernard. For different reasons than handcuff them. You know get -- and get him when you need to. Like the trick is encumbered artists that -- is so valuable someone might back you know like my. Like get my New Orleans right now exactly you know some people -- really I -- me until we likeable lot. You know and -- so I've sort of brushed over the fact that BenJarvus green Ellis. You know it's still around still there you know it's I mean I haven't really brought it up to date -- the I'm I'm keeping an eye on that. In -- technically he's the number two back in the depth chart. You know I mean if you look at depth -- -- -- the NFL lead right now and they're. I don't know why these coaches also compelled to you know pull shenanigans of the depth -- I don't know who it is they're trying to entertain. You know this whole respect thing you know you -- second round draft picks. You know 45 on the depth chart behind guys who you know organ meat packing groceries this time next year you know but -- there. Yeah it's so yeah -- have to look through it's the silly season depth charge right now our guidelines at best in terms of the rules these guys and haven't changed. Sure and it goes beyond that too because. He -- there's this history with a guy like BenJarvus green Ellis to me he. I think he upset a lot of GO -- orcas last year losing me a lot of play and he he's consisting does that there's. Don't have much to put our post script -- I don't -- But he does those that you know he's he's good in pass protection it's the feel he holds the ball could -- touching -- increasing to question yeah. All it was all true I mean we said don't expect him just be able to push green Ellis away and he didn't. You know they they've they allow them to share the job but that was a prolific enough offense for -- and you know there's enough value for Bernard to -- you know. To post you know pretty pretty darn good numbers anyway. No doubt suggest you keep -- keep an -- and that. That's by the way sort of touched off this. I mean it's changing this year they're bringing you Jackson and and and you know in theory he's a little bit more of a grounder to pounder you know he likes to that you like to set up the pass with a run I. You have spoken a little bit about that before I would probably that I don't think it's necessarily gonna kill the Bengals for -- some people think it will. Yeah. It's it's where we don't want to play out locally on the get a few pre season games to watch and you get a sense on it but. Regardless. That way with the -- Bengals changing in the offense I and I just this is the real sort of left a comment I guess in some ways but. It seems to me that the quarterback they drafted AJ McCarron. Might be a better fit for the Swedish king live you'll see if we'll see if you Jackson's offense mixed Dalton better I'm not sure that it will. But also think that might make the reads a little bit easier it might make the decision a little bit clear where you just have to make some throws -- -- -- would vote in their. But it it appears that it seems to me that McCarron. Good shot that's offensive could be pretty well. Does a lot of mixed messages coming out of Cincinnati now -- -- it Dalton and that. You know the contract and. Yeah a lot of people worked up about the contract it's. Not what people say is most of I mean yeah it's it's. Mitt Mitt midrange quarterbacks I mean essentially into agreements seen this before agents to contracts that look like there one thing so they can beat their chest a little bit. But anybody with a clue can read the fine print realizes you know the continued out of it a year to with a -- -- them. No but I mean if I'm talking until we get that contract sure I'm tickled pink you know I mean Andy Dalton. It could easily have ended up being a career back up so he should he should be happy he's getting paid. Exactly like it and technology in the weapons he -- the throat to our to those without a world absolutely. Crazy weapon he's a lucky guy. All right let's move on to two tier four of these -- the running backs that are ranked number sixteen through twenty. Some good names here but this is where I love this part. Of the conversation as this is where the questions get a little that more intense you can Alfred Morris you this great last year. Does that kind of maybe a little lol I mean I think a lot of people. Will say that's too low and and I I see your point of view I just don't trust gruden. You know continue making him and I don't seem Morse playing the same role in this -- cool much. Talent behind him I mean. You know in the juniors a good player you know constantly good little back who might have a role and you know -- Casey struck out you know who knows what he's doing so far in terms of picking up the whole scheme. But anyway I mean if you hit it or sit there watching that Cairo around practice it's going to be awful tough to. You know say let's let's not get him involved but it didn't go to let's find a way to get him involved. So every time you involve one of these other backs for whatever reason you're more. Well I think caution is is the word of the day for more -- he's actually appropriately ranked because. The all those situations I was you worry just -- -- out of my -- as a citizen this so much -- look at the so much change afoot in Washington you know that. His style. Of back and what he's gonna build his pedigree on and his production on is seems to be changing so. Look at that and one cut runner we're not sure whether it's gonna really be -- one cut scheme yet totally united you don't they'll have some zone in their -- You know we don't know how much so. He's a guy like he gets -- you know any musical act a pretty good running back at that level to get him at the right time you can feel good about that but just -- caution you know in terms of. And by the way if not anymore did -- last year even with chanting and there are now some of it was very flew to -- he lost some goal line carries for almost no reason at all. The Colorado and there and the -- it was a bit ugly -- and and I don't think. Really any of Morse is a regression is directly attributable to him but I watched him run last year. I thought he looked pretty good you know he is a good big back with good feet and he's not a fluke. You know it's just it's just from the scheme to -- perspective. You know. There will fit square peg you know and that's. Yeah I mean how I just never know how committed they are going to be used to pre existing players. You just don't know that's -- we're gonna find out but right now we had the -- back just like you said for the unknown factor. Now that the pitchers just did you know three days of -- finishing up three days of practice with the Redskins be interest in -- Hear what comes out of that in terms of outfielder targeted -- yes indeed. Indeed in an -- the om and they'll the you know more to come on that is the kind of breakdown this article. Also -- -- four beyond offered Morris Ryan Mathews on the chargers T rich Trent Richardson. Toby Gerhart. Nice to see him yell at -- at the front end of a draft now after you know on. Just yourself you have -- but is it just waiting for Adrian PME behind -- Peterson that's like you know Brett that's hard. -- I mean life is short for Toby yeah that's a meat and Chris Johnson of the jets a -- for again Alfred Morris Ryan Mathews. Trent Richardson -- gear our Chris Johnson all good backs all of a lot of questions. Yeah I knew we talked about -- and you know Matthews you just. You know I mean getting what it's gonna get a fair amount of steps that have to cap -- is valued -- some extent that it. You know we're not totally sure what they're gonna do adult -- up. I mean they say that you just gonna do dirty work but you know -- I think it's you know but sometimes it's funny to listen to some of these edits you guys talk about players they talk about. Players -- is at stake don't have them on the field the same time what discussing do the dirty work this guy's gonna catch the pad this guy's gonna do the running. The quick -- they actually did that. The defense would know exactly what was coming. Every place based -- -- going back in the game and and by the way there's dirty work to do in the running game and the passing game and whoever's on the field needs to. To do it yeah so. I don't know the idea the browns could have a dirty work -- I don't know about that. Also he he he. You know he was productive and a really good offense had a lot of players yes I -- -- got better every year yes small school guy you know when those guys stick around there's a reason you know he's a bit. Yeah beaten yet no doubt that I mean I thought that was -- good signing for them in San Diego. This impressive depth at running back -- -- they got they got gripes in the draft as well he's an underrated backs so you know San Diego Edgar running backs this year significant injuries. I think that was Smart too bad too because Ryan Mathews is that the injury bug has been absolutely -- you know our interpreter actually right tags if he's concerned with that actually -- And didn't pick it had to do it path with the with more weird science references to -- and Russia six and then moving on down this is where -- the question Marxist and a little bit larger a larger. And deeper bolder fonts Trent Richardson I mean he's got to be one of the top question marks of the drafts. Yes he is I suppose that is so it's a good point I think. So my money he's a guy industry -- with the most upside he might even have more upside than any of the deep in you know -- that as much as any of the guys in the curable forehand. I my inclination is to push fresh set up even higher. You know unfortunately some of the tape from -- is disturbing enough lead just he just sort of wonder what the heck is going on with the kids. But you know we went back and reworked this film we were back and looked at college we looked at his rookie year. He has enough talent that's system to go to you know he could and infamy you can only passed on for so long. You know we've got pushed up maybe a little bit Edward -- in drafts. But you know he's one of those guys where it. You might you are probably putting yourself in a situation where you need to draft an extra backer to -- did you have to worry about this war. But I mean you're getting potential around one upside and you get in the fourth or sister in six rounds sometimes. That's a chance doubled the take I trust my driving ability enough to feel it on the back -- were quite get back an upside. You know -- mid round. Why not. Yeah I can feel pretty good about an interesting -- I'm going to be I'm most interested excuse me. I'm most interested this month in August as we get closer closer to drafts and of people obviously drafting as early as now. Is to watch his floating EDP is average draft position because he's a guy that I think can go either way in in in terms of the public consensus. Well maybe but I I would I would counter with I don't know that there's really anything he can do. To change people's minds and so it's restored it for real. And he's got the job is not to lose in pre season I'd be very very likely. And you know pre season football -- I mean this guy's got to highlight -- already true you know so I mean. I'm sure -- right up -- the defense is increasing in the as the I think his draft positions fairly well matched maybe move up a little. Or maybe moved back a little -- somehow looks terrible. What -- you know. I just think people don't know have a read on and yet that's why am wondering if you might -- but I don't think it. Maybe will say I'd I think he's pretty much where is going to be able sit. Just maybe get you know hey it's it's good because of his first three touchdowns and appreciate get a purity did you go a little blood. You know barring something radical in his direction -- You know it's I don't think people equality if he's healthy or anything like that it's really just a matter of to do it execute -- -- -- -- can -- Can he beat back we saw before last year in this scheme and I think a lot of people decided that this schemes simply doesn't work for him. I. I'm hesitant to do that. Well the thing is it and I could upset -- before I actually take the risk. And the colts in the Nichols is my high powered offense -- -- -- I like players absolutely I like pleasant -- like that. I mean if you know Andrew Luck is you know he's got actual presence of mind he -- get the running back the ball in good positions. In the passing game and Richardson is a good back in the passing game so. You know. I actually understand people who little trepidation at their watch some of the playoffs that they want some of the second half where he did look lost at times I'm not deny that. But you know. For the offseason. It's you know come -- from the woods can I find his way -- Apart as you say the upside in that offense working with that quarterback I'm inclined to roll the bones. -- a lot of opportunities -- -- lacy with the Packers that offense is so high powered US think that through most certainly I'm playing better yeah. But on the opportunity is there all right let's get to the couple innings I think there's a lot to talk about here. We -- at the top to begin our heart on the jaguars got his first real shot right other than death and injuries they'll no doubt about. That and you know I think -- I don't think -- really wished for a better scenario I don't know how many teams out there and football. We're ready. You know give him what you actually -- and I think it's New York Giants -- -- Smart to do it frankly although we'll get to them later -- there there. -- Austin area player. Love Andre Williams and he's gonna I'm telling you I don't let anybody you know he caught a break he went to one of the team that might be able to make it work for right so there's quite beautiful body just can't play for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just like those big back so he could be utterly -- pounder for -- goal line back and we don't send out all the other backs they're just formed by the way -- -- -- -- it is now out and editor period I'm David Wilson. That leaves -- -- finished. And Rashad Jennings is not durable and as -- pointed out a lot this pre season well ever built and what about everybody but a lot of people in love with that. You people this is what happens people fall in love conceptually with players -- remember what Chris Ivory was in the third round last year yeah. There that early August Republican Chris Ivory in the third round. We're living out thirteen and ask yourself and hold the -- Jennings could be that kind of thing wherever it was just buying into the idea of him. But the reality of admitting to -- record 260 carries and he's been -- a bunch of times would like usage. Right that's why he's does -- it at least two -- down from this. This -- yeah we respect Jennings Jennings took a lot of upside if he stays healthy. But -- for just an okay back he's got an injury history play a team where they've been a little bit you know. Yeah from a couple cuts could get a feel for a month. Beyond uploaded them too much and Rashad Jennings is known for me thanks. Yeah -- nobody would you I mean we've seen. Pretty good production when he got his chance in Minnesota he's got. And let's turn to Michael Turner with ants because -- -- turner -- actually has touched the ball working and disposable phones yeah the so. Electric charges against Estonia it's his closest. At any didn't you know you didn't have ships could adjust the ball -- -- -- later big back with some small back ability. The thing I worry about with Gerhart is can he take the pounding you know he actually has had some injuries in Minnesota. You know and that's just you know. You know pick up scraps that you -- last year. Yeah and so you know I -- and you know it was a big opportunity for him. So I do have some questions about Gerhart if they really are gonna make -- -- volume back. Will you hold up and we're working pretty hard to figure out. Who we think the best and -- option as it's not an easy call lead. Because I've been a good good young back. You know how much would I like Denard Robinson yeah again he needs to actually get a get a chance to prove that he. He can be durable right and in the rookie they took storm Johnson is a big back with good feet. Decent hands who you know has potential so that's complex action. And by name he just sounds terrible storm Johnson -- in mind that if if if not horrible one out similar to what argue it's not terrible but that is its higher than go through three winters and are well. -- Yeah I -- I do we definitely I think he was the guy we thought was a little bit overrated during the draft process but we do like. So yeah I mean yeah I mean I over the is any doubt if he gets in there he could do some good things. But the one thing that you know maybe pay attention to a Jacksonville David developing offensive line it. It's not bad. Well actually it could be back -- it's it's we think they're moving in the right direction. But you know you still have to look he's -- to travel the distance and they're they're probably a less than average unit this year. Yeah and over again -- -- got to get here and the argument on me at the end of the argument we made -- Richardson in a sense and pro Eddie lacy well before that. Is the offense that the plane and and and you don't have that factor in Jacksonville -- just don't. -- of the dominant quarterback they hope to have more at some point portals but -- you know it's unlikely he's going to be playing a whole lot this year and it -- any either implode or deterred. And then you know there -- receivers. They got its Cecil shorts LP they got to get out Robinson LT right now there. They're building everything around marquee athletes who actually -- healthy for a change but he can never stay healthy so you know. So we're excited about a lot of talent out there but they need to keep it on the field. You know for the guys who are hurt there on drug suspensions so. You know we don't know we're gonna see black -- again. And you know we don't know how to create -- do we do system. -- supplier umpire everywhere. -- -- complex cocktail down and get its but I really like what they've done since Gus Bradley has become the coach I think about it Jacksonville I'm very happy about the goings on. But you know. Sometimes there's a little ugliness between point eight point. Yeah it's it's gonna smells like that's happening down there speaking of smelling the last player in this here. Which isn't going to attack -- -- Chris Johnson who plays for the jets now pay just kidding but don't need to go to nine of the Johnson is a heck of a player you know. Interest apparently in front of the jets destroy network that's picking on the week a little like that and I seminal -- him -- there hasn't been doing -- -- -- Does he still he sells well and silently see where that. This is it that she sells sells violence if you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And everybody here solution toy store on the playground hopefully Els leads people picked up Brady Bunch is there anyway. Do I can't help it I mean I have two kids people briefed by -- -- Brady Bunch aficionado well before they are -- you guys now on my back at lake. Prime form that it's a I tried to undercut an hour with anybody I did some and really mechanism that. Chris Johnson on the jets now come on everybody warming. -- That is -- talk about John David episode c'mon yesterday except as the problems of Bristol the jets' playbook in London Greg Brady and I think I know. I will raise your joke name that mean you agree he gets on the roof greater degree Arizona we're gonna it's not about that. For a second how about. That that passed the Joan Amos through about nine miles to hi I'm Bob Brady elevated like I've never seen in and got that pass those of. I was surprised Michael Palin wasn't on draft boards after -- a true. And I love that like junior ride no junior would chuck over the past putts but the truth I think this is. -- Michael look in the great pool player held the football player. Bobby Brady best analyzed dreams ever ever you know a lot of work every -- -- one is bigger -- him a just standing all right a little behind us -- bringing -- -- about Chris Johnson now. It is only you don't throw in any -- references. On Iowa though he's -- Blair and and our Africa I think he could be in a very good situation in New York of the problem. There obviously centers around quarterback but. You know Chris Johnson is a guy -- outside I mean. This downside is tough there's a Floyd is because a kind of where he is in the offense but. That he did is playing on it's been sputtering for a little while vitamins talent is just our worldly. Yeah I mean -- I read -- -- on Johnson this morning. Saying that east incredibly overvalued which is like roughly fifty GDP -- -- that I rural world I mean I almost but it might cost Dunlap of the art I mean that's. Since when they're running back in the fifties. Become -- kind of -- -- an exorbitant -- I mean yeah. I think that a guy could potentially be RP two and I can get them with my fifth round pick. And then and this is that this is perceived as some crazy risk I'm taking I I don't know maybe it's me I'm missing something on battle. Take its. I'm very happy if I see him at that level the draft early or later you know he's a guy that I would target. Well I mean there's a lot of misconceptions about Chris Johnson I mean I I know that you I know he is a you know a -- it. Punching bag of affairs -- footballers in Tennessee football experts but. You don't wake you up when he's not in the top fifteen running backs for fantasy football let me know when it finally happens I wanna know could have happened yet. -- guys -- people say he was last year top twelve -- statistic but yeah you know so we you know. When it happens it's gonna be the first time. And you know. He is playing good now that we know what we know. Chris Johnson was playing last year with a knee damage that it you know he'd waited until -- was over the effects stop. Apparently it went very the -- and the repair went very well it was a apparently a repair vs a clip out which would cartilage is. Important. You come back quicker. From a clip but you can come back at a higher level if you get repaired and he took the time to keel and a you know by week one construction should be ready Iraq general. And I know -- And again people overreact to pre season talked -- all that you and I said -- -- -- to podcasts ago. Postpone lifted anything election by interest are gifted. Yeah your mind but so why that pattern all right Lawrence I -- trying to guess is that yet to Libya can be. Once actually mean it's a subjective term right you know once we actually do ultimately do personally giving respect the ball well. He doesn't want to insult any of his players you go -- trying to always gonna say that everybody is really good he's gonna just. It -- immediate gives an answer he'll just go out there saying just remove the press conference fortune doesn't care. So do not run with that quote you know but all power is not getting get the same amount of touches these other two back of everybody's healthy. Which leads -- to the big thing about the jets back field. I mean. Chris Ivory is probably going. To you know be if he week to week what you would. Always says he's that's his that's his resonant. Right so I mean it is the actual documented did you just 33%. The playing time to -- back to know that if that's gonna happen but if they do. I -- piper will be gone what. I think John to get into being an every down back if he just stays healthy. And hit a general Johnson too is it that the it's easy to. Focus on all the noise but the reality is the reality beyond him being a top twelve back or top fifteen -- top ten back depending upon you talking about. What you got to remember about a guy like him as the explosion like it can change quickly your fantasy score with a guy like him and. Right that's definitely true you can rip your heart out of oh yeah he can't he's done that to me stand up so armpits and it says something that's -- -- Suffered the deepest wound of what he's done in Tennessee football -- advocates form because Munis. Respect yeah he can check and he he can he can make it out. Ironic but what they're so little world this morning it's just it's it to me it leads me into the good news which as you can get him in the fifth Brad Kassell. You know this is -- -- this Crist doesn't have more risk than at other times in his career not sure I mean it's the king changed any time you changed teams there's some rest. But to priest but but if you're you know if it pure theory is that Chris Johnson -- going to be as good in the jet offense that he was in the -- But the minute that we -- the next -- you're saying he was so bad in the titans' offense. All of which religion yeah you know if you if you if you didn't -- well the titans. Scheme. Although this game could be a good thing right are you Monday morning -- has made excellent use of running backs throughout his career. So you know I I would really. -- it is -- Chris Johnson give bill a relative bust if you get a benefit trying to assure you might put it down he could also. We need some game -- you said it means and again you're not tracked him to be your RB wanted to get him in the fourth fifth. He's a lot lower risk now than he was for the last couple years when he would be in tier three years to your formative five. You know and yet. He put the reality is. You can get him injured third back. Happy. End -- but you can do that I mean like I mean right now. I've had a bunch of drafts were right go running back first round running backs second round receiver receiver and in the fifth -- I guess what impressed -- let's all that. Natasha and and that thing is you take a measure our beat three he could end up being your weekly -- You know you could end at the end of a guy you do not wanna take out your -- You know I mean that the you know the jets' offense deeply. Am -- excited about the adjustments no MI a lot more excited than I was last year -- sure. So be careful not to look at the -- offense as the 2013. Jet offense they will be incrementally better. Right. Now and drew the and I think it's. Which that's what's interesting about that tier of backs is that looked -- questions but the -- -- the good players and he he's agree on the kind of jumps off the page in terms of what you could get. And if you draft Smart top and you draft even smarter at the bottom a guy like that can be the difference maker. Right and if you're really worried that Chris Ivory is gonna. Explode on the scene to make Chris Johnson just this Divx player the way some other people sort of theorized. Well guess what you can get Chris Ivory like the thirteen 1415 rounds yeah. And compliment that you know you're really worried about I'm not doing that I've taken jobs and as an upside guy I'm not trying to corral the jets' backfield right. But if it's so you have to worry about Johnson. Well and you do take it won't take I -- if you know feel that. If you're worried about Chris -- about Chris Johnson knew the pin in respect to Chris Ivory I'd say just. Google and look at is that -- Lane and I looked -- -- Chris -- like the -- was not -- -- criticize her I think he's an exciting big back who can explain a lot when he helped people I mean c'mon let's at least admit reality here. You know -- this healthiest year last year we're worried about him every week with an extra night. So it says it this easy he's a visa and a health risk everytime. You come into a year and every game that he place. -- and the more you use of obviously the more the risk goes up so. -- you know. Speed kills -- and godspeed to the jets have been working desperately to get more speed and their lineup. I'd I'd be real careful. You know passing up on Chris Johnson if you slipping in the fifth sixth round I personally I'm all over the only exit. And obviously that it'll be -- I'm gonna take casinos maybe there's some receivers slipping like like even more. But you know he they don't keep the place to go pursue their fifth dissection you're running back and act that. That can be traced -- to be a pretty solid move. It is -- there's other guys still left in -- where. We're just that would interest in about running backs Jim is that it's it's it's it's in the positions changed so much I mean when you and I for start playing tennis people all. You can track running backs in the fifth sixth seventh. Earlier always the first to -- and -- you didn't see anybody bickering back and they got -- like the tent and started drafting and cut yeah. The fullbacks. So it's it's a -- so already it's a lot different now so I mean like yeah when -- go down to two tier five the fifth year I think about these guys that can still get Ray Rice to be suspended for a -- -- -- if you are starting week one hitter no doubt Reggie Bush who we talked about at the top as it relates to. Now I've got bush swanky weighed down there I know a lot of people might wanna take a higher. Go ahead and do it but for my money I'm I'm worried about an -- and one of the things we rank. For standard drafts just remember that he's not PP ER rankings and PP -- bush would be your higher. Of course depth and then now bishops techie who you were just talking about Chris Johnson now out of Tennessee will here's the rookie without open slate in front of home. So you know that hit at the starting running back on a developing team. They definitely could jump up and -- your fourth biggest announcement this. Start appalled at its best. He's waiting for press release and then you've got Frank Gore I mean they couldn't you couldn't get more of a bell cow back. The last couple years delicate that's you a lot of miles on him and and not unlike lynch not only reason miles lots of miles but. -- -- I've been oddly healthy the last few years but he still got you know effect rich injury history so. Yup so he's there joint bell who was in tandem with Reggie Bush in Detroit. And Lamar Miller who is an interesting player because that Miami team and still a little bit tougher to. You know -- -- returned to practice today so -- our ability you know authorities say he sort of floating ranking right now on Moreno comes and it looks incredible. That could take a little bit of Miller's outside away and he could end up down in the sixty -- machine Bernie you know and chamber in the guy I'd love to have and a thirteen year. I think Chamberlain got you know limitless ability to score at a -- -- they just play have a lot to me right now with the patriots backfield I mean. And you're up there in Boston every day Jimmy maybe you have a better feel for less than me but I mean I'm having trouble with the -- Marines. And you know the rookie is seems like the he's an issue -- James blight can play. Yeah the thing is it's I think it's just some. I think the way to kind of examine. A guy like marine or really isn't to look at them specifically -- look at the patriots as a whole. And and there's a lot of parts there and they're all gonna get there isn't for different reasons some -- get more than others with marine. You know if you can stay healthy he's gonna get more than his share if you can't you all. And with related so hold on the ball -- with you know. We Ridley number one on the depth chart right yeah. Yeah but did this sort of code list -- that they sort of have to running backs twisted. Like arteries like Reggie Bush was on the saints. I think that's kind of how I see him you know -- -- maybe a little bit more more -- -- was doing the most that he was doing. I'd -- and Stephen Houston at Indiana's a talented back from the patriots edged up and on the depth chart loaded with good running backs Jonas -- -- talent retention of talent I mean these guys are all good. Yeah and white's making a name for himself in camp. In the media is catching up on it. So that I know what I should uncharted I would just say coach turner. Was pushing me to do just got a report for why don't we where we've heard so -- -- time I'd ever got to it but you know -- -- -- guy. He'd exchanged light and you know the real potential player. So you know -- probably came up a little short personally getting more info out on james' -- before the draft but he's a guy we have a lot of respect for. And I think it's you don't New England is media perfect fit for him. Yeah -- I look at. When I look at the players that we're talking about like that it would be in the presence of a James White emergence in camp you talk about Shane Vereen. And this is in -- six Shane Vereen. Ben -- Terence west and the browns Rashad Jennings we talk spoke what earlier -- really we just spoke about interior Robinson so in this combined. Tier five to six listen these names in the all star power and they'll name recognition golf questions Ray Rice Reggie Bush bishops say he. Frank Gore joint -- Lamar Miller. Shane Vereen Ben Tate Terence west Rashad Jennings Steven -- Kerry Robinson. There's a plot to talk about down on its gonna give you an open forum to pick one or two that you think. Either stand out or that kind of represents de risk reward in these two years. I mean I know personally the guys in the -- -- that I would be targeting. If they slip below its -- I probably Terence west L rookies and marine as well. You know -- writes I. Yeah it it depends on what happens with the BDP now that it's good to win -- is so tough to figure right now -- I think there's a lot of people out there. We're just angry with -- in general. You know I didn't talk to people are McNabb back to draft -- -- When it comes down to getting him and he's actually value -- feature real -- yeah. I don't think people let it slip -- -- -- -- you know what will be back weeks three ethical take it sure. You know so I think his real trap ADP may be higher than his pro draft ADP. Just play a political psychology there will. Civil rights and but you don't. If he's out for two weeks. I think I'd -- in the article that the thing that worries me about right Susan Rice. It's what might happen with pierce. Yeah our glass is Lester -- Any of the thing about peer since the new ground scheme. You know then the Kubiak. Slashed Shanahan scheme the stretch scheme is a good fit for pierce is a big fast one cut guy yeah. So you know he's got a lot of Mike Anderson. Potential you know he could be he could be the next you know. Alfred more assert whatever it is he's a guy who can just get it out there make you know put afoot the ground. You don't pick up up you know pick up an extra yard to knock knock a guy over efficient runs really well so. You know he he could be an interest in player he has if you had big weeks that we wanted to. You know maybe that changes. You know that it could be a little bit of the sea change in that backfield where it's. A little bit more of a tandem vs ray writes instead appears to. Outplayed out isn't a factor that in a decent. Don't don't you always hate that. You know if you're back in doubt at some other -- got -- job this week you're always worried about what that -- might do every time -- it -- it lets you have a -- -- well whatever. Every time but there's another factor there too that this is from from Mike up front. In the 30000 feet view you know Harbaugh is Smart coach Wright and -- they want a couple years ago but great coaches. And we've seen this with telecheck in New England like that the first thing that they like to do is tell people that that has gone that Super Bowl teams that flag you keep waiting that is dust that's done that's dirt it is over. You to move want. And I wonder. If. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Inside you what you want -- pitcher like dirty senate committee decides not to. Not that I can -- that like its just owners but at the what does and his young wonders like to admit I haven't discussed. This. This Ray Rice -- situation I wonder with him being a couple. Now for you know suspended for a -- -- if he gives -- -- opportunity to do what he really wants to do which is try to defuse a new look in there I wonder about that. With teams have one or a Super Bowl recently but not last year. Yeah I mean I'd usually play re racist problem -- and everything to do with the hip and that offense struggling league. I think -- is going to a 100% the idea that he went over the hill at 27 and I think it's crazy now his off field stuff is so messed up who knows. What kind of you know -- to see what the overall impact is I've dirty looks pretty good camp. I -- my gut feeling is that Ray Rice comes back weeks three and probably has pretty good year you know what to say. We have an interest you know you hit the pastor -- fourteen fantasy games. And that's if you go all the way to win or lose in the bowl you know also you ordeal is two weeks from the get go. And then. You know leprosy but again my worries that pierce. Gets in there and screws things up. That could happen so. We're we're we're coming towards the end of the podcasting is so wanna get to give you the opportunity that give a little bit more color on the article with some of these players that we decided tier five like rice. And it's here six like Farina and Steven Ridley and Terence west. If you wanna say anything more about those guys are off one of them -- -- do or say key or we can move down to some some glances in real. I -- -- like I I think thank you gonna move up I think we'll move him up I've you know I. But one thing that worries me a little bit you know Shawn Green to back that gets dissed everywhere -- guided me. I hit a he's done as bad as people think is out. To the point -- he's actually sort of good. And you know if he's running training via the week and they decide that he is the goal line back stepped up we take something from shaky. If -- struggling to get healthy. And -- becomes three down back. Yeah he jumps here no doubt even maybe decent. Think about this where was -- he -- predecessor Chris Johnson. Not in his best years was in the presence of LenDale White you know he was still very productive. It. A little different. Doesn't have the kind of game breaking ability that Johnson has but the thing is. You know the but as you do that you and I talked about a lot appreciate it last year I mean what in my better calls last year was Chris Johnson. Well right to help people be careful dropped them but boy do I like trading form after he you know could you give its struggle get out of boxed that they get. Rookies in the line up dated guys coming up injury on the offense schedule -- played a brutal schedule it was just so obvious to see coming. Now sinking -- the gonna have those problems. He's got -- E*Trade now he's got a year in the system they've got you know that they've got a line you know much Morse settled. Going into this year we actually think the titans -- good luck league. So you know they're good right down the stretch plaster it's certainly not a sixteen games -- thank -- got some advantages over Kristiansen. In terms of playing for the titans. I just wanna see that he's gonna have a big role vs you know -- back. -- and I think is you just. Let me somewhere in terms of their of their line now it's up a bit better than people think is that. I should we should inform the glistening population to that this great article up on wrote a -- now that. You'll see in a lot of other fantasy football -- it's very important. Which is an a ratings list of offensive lines. Crimes against the troops -- -- -- -- -- the best they could with that we wanted. -- want to tell wrote about readers to know you know don't like take that article go running with that that's stuff that's already baked into our rankings. You know we're just sort of trying to give people a little bit extra confidence maybe if there's a -- that they felt was too tired too low sometimes. Offensive line rankings help people understand little -- Yet and if it all starts and that ball is snapped and all starts -- line of scrimmage and if you ever followed. A winning team. And a losing team you can see the difference it's right there at the line discovers that article is really good. In terms of offering some background and support to why these players are ranked where they are. Yes there's no it's impacted more other than you know quarterback and clobbered. On his left side in the running -- you need to create those holes so that they can get through the I'm. It is now. We we just thought I'd much of five and six -- yes -- sort of the last year where you can get predictable. Statistics especially early in the peace is here. Kerry Robinson sort of act like Kerry Robinson intersects first yourself think this -- I feel like he's going to be able to put up some decent numbers early. But once you get down to those later -- there's some. Really high upside players. And Audrey Williams leading off cure aids is a guy where you know if if things continue on which objector -- they are. He could jump the two year or two. I mean -- we know he -- beat the giants went back that we could do. Although. You know Jennings probably -- -- up a little bit but you know we're under -- is definitely got to watch of course if you what I talked about. Got a picture of help themselves now so you know. It's the giants. The giants have a look at the team that really should at a tail backs and yeah I would think so it should bring -- running back in the temperatures. If that happened. On this list of fifty -- -- that our roster and prominent enough to be the impact -- your fantasy roster is is proof enough. That they're out there. And you've you know better than anyone from the com buying a lot of talent that you know. That it -- under under could be undrafted free agents out there that could help the team like the giants it's just look at a mash unit right now. It's true I mean and I'm -- anybody's wondering at the bottom of this article I linked. Full scouting reports. So mostly young backs in the article -- -- -- looking to get more information on Ellington Stacy shaky Terence West Coast side that they create interest in Michael. -- Davis under Williams trade it's. Yeah there's false data reports of those guys blinked at the bottom of the EI article. So you know they all include -- settlements. Are taken information we got from them to come by and so it's good stuff. Right in -- for our show on Sundays. On a 937 FM -- WEEI. To get back into the habit of saying wrote a -- the 88 yen. Audubon dot com like all of wants to think of it now if you if you're not brushed up when you're German you wanna make sure to get that right. Yet the idea was we do -- and that we can't get there fast. Ago period. That's as we wrap -- up -- I want to just hop on. -- seven and the reason is as -- kind of go through this list. You each year has its own kind of identity -- in this one is clearly other than one player. Which is Stephen Jackson this is the right the upset this is the you these guys to make a real impact on your roster wait to hear -- to -- Carlos -- but the 49ers you know you know the risk with francoeur right. A bright Dovonte Freeman with the falcons -- Michael we've talked about whom you know. Is right the air. Hoping and -- and nipping at the heels of Marshawn Lynch Jeremy -- the vandals who spoke about him Nile Davis that the chiefs. Bernard pierce who we just spoke with in -- about in terms of his. His role. With Ray Rice out and we want to -- a guy who isn't of that kind of built his Stephen Jackson but the extent yes and is this still talent there so I. I'd like it didn't just -- a good example of how. You know I'm sure a lot of people who are actually falling in ADP average draft position. Departures are not reflections of average draft position we got tears were some guys are going in the thirties and some guys go to the seventies and you know. That is this just the way we CD's players in terms of value. What do they get into their relationship with ADP. As we move through August. You know it Maurice Jones-Drew and Stephen Jackson will definitely be the first guys in this -- drafted if things hold current. You know I'm just a proponent of trying to stay young with running backs and when I get into those you know when you get -- around 789. I look at. For me personally I generally have much starters pretty well locked in at that point I'm looking for the most -- -- get my hands yeah I'm not -- and Stephen Jackson chemistry that's just me yeah it's it's it's not invalid till it's. Did to draft those guys it's just not my style I like to try to. It is many monsters look at that I just don't see. -- if you rejection may be may be if he just fine. You know help for sixteen weeks -- it's just so hard to see you know to envision that happening he's already nursing hamstring. But he is an offense that could allow him to put up big numbers. You know and that's what about if Freeman is in that same -- that's right listed ahead of them is as we do think there's going to be numbers put up in Atlanta where we extinct. Probably not going to be Jackson doing it. Yeah I think I think a guy like Stephen Jackson and Maurice Jones-Drew in that tier. Are are there for you if you kind of struck out a little bit early you know that OK listen I can grab -- and you need some production early. Right that's exactly what those guys a fortune one of those people who decide to start to draft off with three receivers like. And then you went and got a quarterback to force -- -- and you just been dating your running game. They can be a place to -- else. Yeah and did exactly and then and then after that you can get some of that. Maybe the upside guys that you need to fill your roster if you didn't if he did a really good job drafting and kind of filling out your roster you get a guy like Carlos Hyde. Really actually. Replicate additional upside guys -- is the old broken down into such things up and dingle is his name out there running what you. Running back breakdown that's part of life. Yep it is -- seeing it in terms of the dangers that are out there yourself. I'm here -- breakdown. Yes yes Ellison talk about that's not like you're running back if I hit. If your car breaks down and guess where you go you know the good thing about Clark Chrysler Jeep in Matt -- is they don't just sell cars they service them so if you're running big. Down break breaks down on Sunday and then your car -- down on Monday. Gonna to -- -- -- go see our friend Brett Clark Chrysler G because you know nobody -- o'clock deal the. It deletes record deal and yes you do you do if if if you're running back and your car -- over the weekend. Go to Clark before you get the waiver wire. Exactly yes and and you use the Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi cafe Clark -- achieved so that you can do your freeagent I mean I don't I don't wonderful yup it's all. Perry get your car fixed in any you -- WE dot governor Ottawa. Exactly and it's a cure and that appearance at the the daily -- sports and you be you be foolish not to go to draft kings dot com because they're the leading provider of daily Tennessee sports. And and go get that -- as well so you could fix your car you can fix a running backs you can get your fix for daily fantasy football leagues get you fix -- wrote a bond dot com. RO TO PHN dot com. To get yourself fully -- prepared -- drafts that are happening this month. And we are recommending going to enjoy it and I enjoyed the conversation has always -- and we will be back but this time. On the radio 7:30 in the morning on Sunday August the -- it's a kick off of our official. On air terrestrial radio show the -- put -- our star in yours truly and our expert WEEI dot com and wrote a bond. Chief writer Pete Davidson you just listen to right now could you could wrap on the article the running back article of the top fifty that are up on WEEI dot com right now -- go check it out. Enjoy the show and thank you very much for tuning in as always and think you piece at a time appreciate it excellent.

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