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Three For All: The Hot-Crazy Matrix, 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

Syracuse was rated the number 1 party school in the country. The guys go over and review the Hot-Crazy Matrix. Christian kinda-sorta believes in ghosts.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man who thinks he's three -- wrong kind number 30 yeah -- country threes overall picture. It at least 34 wrong dvds with MF beat. Very broad broad provide a positive values judgment. Unity new -- they've got you covered Tim -- -- Maloney Christian Fauria middays with -- -- -- or take a lot of things that may or may not be sports related we throw them under one big group which called the free for all. And Christian I would take you back. To your days at Colorado. You're -- good time here school was soundly beaten in the Fiesta Bowl auction that was Cordell what's the quarterback yes remember that it. There are some guy named -- -- something you Kirby dar dar -- every dark dark yesterday even get a big game. But I actually perfected the look of latter was actually led to points but it wasn't enough. OK so back when Christian was this is a senior write for senior year though not of the softness off. Syracuse beat Colorado. In the Fiesta Bowl and now Christian we've scored another big victory over your -- Syracuse has been rated by Princeton Review. As the number one party school in the country. Now I gotta say this first and foremost it was a much bigger party school when I was there. Now I've gone back and a couple of occasions bars or cut and DM Friday nights lot more kids it's. Name in that and I've got to believe that it's easy way to do you play here you guys have a tough time -- -- -- -- spent the summer of their playing ball but I would think that you know. My -- studies graduate Arizona State that. All should be number one touchdown Aaron and I'm like -- Like to 2 o'clock you have to do whatever it's up by the -- -- -- economic -- -- absolute chaos but it's got to weather that Florida State at a Florida stable it top. Five Florida was number ten but Joey the big story goes on -- -- Lee's -- is so much that Syracuse was number one which I do think is inflated. Is that Colorado wasn't even a top to. When he editions -- it or not. I don't know -- -- they'd legalize marijuana out lesser but what the issue could be unity they should've made it even better for them the party artists I like her eye and it. When I was there anyways. I mean really they order in the top twice not even the top world and so wait where's there's a state again. I repairs a mistake it was in the top -- Augusta -- believe -- the same led Arizona with all the results are always big time school our schools. Arizona State Arizona was another one. Bitten off that really going on there. There was always a -- is -- because so he trains peoples of the people California different states. What comes specifically. Because they serve beer at our school during the game with the old school. That that actually sold alcohol not like you know 5% -- like legal limit type -- -- it was crazy but also a source. -- former Colorado grad says Halloween is -- chaotic out there. Yes the mall crawl but it. You know so -- the small -- that they did this thing called a big run. Aren't just took off all their clothes. It would run through like an open air ball area added -- when you see everyone you mean the whole campus not just doing your Viagra parity brands does before that was her crown and you know but I don't doubt. I look at data and it's cold Sodini you know you'd factory shrinkage to make major -- it's going on now -- what you have. -- let's not because it is -- aligned but I did a hysterical -- over -- -- the hot crazy matrix is the man's guide to women not just a exe technical explanation here but. You got to hear a little of this. I think this is the universal are crazy matrix -- everything young man needs to know about women. Hot is as usual measure from zero tan were all familiar with that crazy is measured from or attend because the courses that the thing that woman is not at least four great. It -- to an -- the first thought this is the first owners is no go zone that's you know we do not hang around. And date and marry women who are not at least in our mind five. So this is your -- goes down you don't go here Eagles who is itself a bubble ball I. And to -- about it any and below the crazy line this is your funds up you can hang out here and me these girls and spent time. -- your -- -- but keep in mind when you're in the -- zone. You want to move out of the -- down to a more permanent location. But dual go to that danger zone up all the -- line we have the danger -- this is your read magistrate heard. Anyone named Tiffany there that's just hairdressers. That's where your car fifty you -- money in the pot and retired gets slashed and you wind up in jail on an ad that. So what about the the look at the danger zone. Dental assistants really nurses and anti teacher's teacher teacher -- so advocates Armenia specifics -- say -- missed and so that is something experience. You can fill in the blanks but they all qualify how about that now we start talking about the low crazy and the really hot women. This is how we -- that area below. I'm crazy and above and -- hot -- -- -- unicorn on these things don't exist if you thought unicorn. We capture things like keep alive we'd like to study after eight look at -- -- replicate that. -- The -- DNA testing highlight a unicorn. Oh yeah and also that we do you have the clip about is that -- the dude. A hook hook up now. That's the best attorneys own yes. Like you -- like there -- the data came out Tuesday not to know -- broke your code. I found a really hot girl you know that broke all of this broke all the you know Europe is his philosophy. On who's -- date and guys like listen that the dude man. Can't spot a girl that hot that's not crazy that the dude by the way like that that the duke run. Hell yes that was eight to ten hot and I believe below the -- crazy zone I think people -- that it did that trainees -- -- the match result was that. 88 to ten hot and then between I think -- a five and eight. Very -- whatever was about a seven days. Still want to eliminate hot tea and tweet about a seven and up five crazy this -- your -- When you meet this girl you should consider a long term relationship you want to be. Five to seven crazy well and a hot. But you know that your -- Every. Girl that he's talking about and that's all that dangers though -- on the is on the bachelor. I beat you when you look at there Manning get one out -- crazier than all but they're they're dental assistant teachers and hairdressers. And then the longer they you know they stick around them or if you're -- crazy crazy crazy crazy. Now it's that they got to check it out its via hot crazy matrix. It's it's brief detail like that unicorn stage I don't that you're going so I just got one time he's at where that. I had met this girl and she's like smoking hot but at least nine. And just chill. Coat totally cool she's like not even -- three -- I think you're telling me you've met girls beat -- nine hot and she's like two or -- great. He said yeah man I liked -- I think you should be careful that you're who you're talking to a train. Don't be that guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Caitlin the intern who was a unicorn on her own right post that link please put it up -- -- -- -- be. Page enough fraud that. Top party schools are also Christians -- wallow in his despair about how. University of Colorado has fallen now what Jeff first Christian would it be that we've discovered your trip down to DC -- -- referral. -- -- him quickly you know -- the greatest guys that they you know there is this this box it's channel fox forty reduce stationed at Pennsylvania did this story. On a haunted house that was featured on the TV showed was it the dead files. Just real quickly the question is. Do you guys believe -- -- do you believing goblins and spirits and in all that sort of mistake you know stuff that goes on. No I don't. Not at all yeah every every got -- missile shield like paint your house you wondered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believing -- corns and I don't I will go down no I don't I don't discount the -- -- -- that I've never felt the cold air coming -- Punt on their part that he ballpark -- and or create a stadium or that they'll -- the -- -- yes absolutely an analyst at that but Chris. In view -- you -- you know I don't you know what it's like it's funny that way what you can make yourself believe it given you know. The right situation you don't you go on these you've got some of these these homes are you know and he just apparently. Disco that happened here are some intelligence or like my grandmother used to believe it feels whenever we visitor her house. You know she would talk about you just talked to us next -- she would stop talking. It's you would just like -- you just like. -- and then responded to whisper and we all look at each other going. What the hell is going dark like it out of this house know what it was we've been one -- but it looks that they were spared that there. Now she did live in New Orleans so maybe that had some -- -- doing it. But -- generally as a general rule I refuse to believe in ghosts goblins or mystical I think you have a. Goes to your house in Foxboro and that's what keeps finding your Super Bowl rings to franciose. Casper I don't have a goat I believe -- -- The idea of an event if you wanted hotels in my script wilkes-barre swear to god that thing is on its. At what you do tell us that story some guys that are team that's awesome freaky stuff that. A book written they were involved in this thing that went down at -- that we stand. There -- so it's brutal it it was a wing there with a some creepy things happened there as well I believe and with the -- -- like when he played the race to places like Ohio hotel is this -- I believe it but I never had that experience myself of wake up but it middle and it looked it up and seen. Something to do you committed to that the kids and it's it's a little kids right in Scranton hotel yeah little pit and it always been like the shining -- to sort of disappeared. Yeah not telling them believe that. Believe it. I -- crazy they do. I we come back to stay on the dangers of -- lord I don't. -- Standard agers don't call. -- -- -- -- on our behalf -- negative but I've indicators are way too much we're all attached to it's up to you to find unicorn -- worry about the -- later. We'll get back to Darrelle Revis contract discussion we return 97 Levy. Well these credit line. We have some dangers this is your red -- -- strippers. Anyone named Tiffany services aircraft here this is where you are lucky you get a bunny in the pot retired its last and you wind up in jail. Hello my crazy and above and eight hot there's -- unicorn on these things don't exist if you find -- unicorn. We've -- saying -- keep alive we'd like study and maybe we'll get out of rep. That's.

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