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Buster Olney, ESPN, joins MFB to talk Red Sox, Tom Werner, and the Biogenesis scandal, 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

Buster Olney doubts Tom Werner's ability to take the heat as an MLB commissioner, but likes the fact that he was an owner, and NOT an administrator. He also touched on the addition of Yoenis Cespedes to the Red Sox roster and some of the concerns with Cuban-born players.

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Right now the SPN's buster only from ESPN and espn.com. Brought to aspire bella insurance Toyota a national and Mohegan Sun. Buster thanks a lot for coming on with -- so let's start with something on the executive level what are you hearing about the prospects of Tom Warner becoming. Commissioner of Major League Baseball is one of the three finalists how much attention shall we be paying this story here in Boston. Well it's interesting edit name came up that was the surprising name -- who's known for -- that rob Manfred was going to be Bud Selig. Who's number one choice we -- Tim Brosnan who's had a lot of influence in the TV set was gonna be voiced but Warner's name yesterday was like really. You know I was the last night that he got five votes he needs 23. And it's unlikely that it would get about beyond that I was really surprised because. You know I've covered Tom when he -- the owner of the San Diego Padres back in the early nineties and you guys know. They edit your and that job you basically going to be out there and I have no problem you know taken -- In my impressionable time common -- he's been from that time that. He would -- my government San Diego Padres had gone -- -- was you know we speak report to the fires they would trade Fred McGriff and. Trade Gary Sheffield and and made a lot of movement and he basically went. You know he just didn't make himself available. And if you're going to be the commissioner. You've got to stand up there and absolutely take the hits since it doesn't seem like his personality is say what you will agree or disagree with Bud Selig he's been out front. The whole time and he answered questions out front and that's the part that surprised me that I'm sure that Tom during this process is given the opportunity to back away. And I just you know given outside his personality it's the did -- surprise me he wanted to do that. The -- from his comments through it. -- that he's almost didn't just use the platform you can tell to owners maybe some ideas that he has you know we're not related to entertainment side given his background there are a lot of make it. I don't make the game better Thomas like he's just accepting it to be a double -- -- -- I'm with you it's like -- effort he -- going to be the commissioner don't think. Yeah the other reason why I think Tom you know in theory might make some sense he is. Dad I mean we saw what happened the last time the baseball -- you know me and -- we could refer to them as an administrator. It's commissioner and that's what happened what they've -- that they basically ran him out. Because the owners didn't like -- -- -- he was doing things. And he didn't have a stake in this thing and that that's what separated -- that he was one of the guys. And rob Manfred doesn't have a stake he's not an owner. You know Tim Brosnan is not an owner and an all along I've thought that it was going to be an insurrection among some of the owners and they were gonna get somebody else in there. It would be similar to build the whip -- the cardinals to who's got a stake in the during the same way that but does. I think it allowed that person to have more leverage in talks in the united ethnic rod gonna wind up being the guy. And and I am curious about. One put them this year if he basically is it is as he -- owners are gonna say you know what adolescent period. -- you -- we we we it would prevent Cynthia we haven't talked Jesus trade deadline so it's your thoughts on this Lester deal apparently turned down some prospect deals from Baltimore Miami to go for your own assessments on the Oakland. What did you hear about the animated timeline of their how surprised were you that that was the return for Lester. I was surprised and I know from talking with the executives is that the teams and just getting there. Okay just give me honest opinion they thought that the Red Sox did really well last night it was talking. Within that regional manager in the American League too loudly to Ben did a great job. Considering where they were. In some of the deals that he made and that. That's pretty much what I've -- that the idea that you could. On wind they have these real questions about the lineup and then by the time we get to 4 o'clock on Thursday he gets desperate to protect Ortiz. That's but -- perhaps it's you know presuming that they resign and before it becomes the region next ball. A big guy that you build around the middle -- lineup that's a real plus I was surprised. -- because we get the cardinals incentive based off for five days. Dad -- Allen Craig was dumb that they went after I think I mentioned you goto this summer. -- struggled and boy they're real questions about how much splitting injury is gonna affect him going forward. We're able to get a deal that cluster. It's editing -- we lost and the a 100% and ask why why do you think they weren't able to get a deal done with Lester. They never got ahead of it they never got ahead of the curve. You know coming in so -- and spring training compared to what. You know a reasonable market value and market value deal would have been. Away and she lectures return and a 141 million it's spring. And Homer Bailey got a 105 million in in spring training and they checked in with seven million Dayton never caught up and I know that. You know I reported in the -- the last weekend of June that they had made an offer and and it was denied by -- -- look here's exactly what happened. On June 28 -- Saturday after he had a great game against the Yankees. They were on the poll question that night -- basically the -- -- indicated to him that night look we will talk about a Homer Bailey died steel. And the response back was especially because the goal posted move by mid season. What about a Cole Hamels feel 144 of 545 million dollar range and it's an accurate that's was now we can't talk about that. And and then you guys know I think on the western side it was only the concerns. That you know this resolve it play out there and we never really gonna have a chance to get done because the Red Sox weren't going to be a market value level. And I don't think John ever wanted to be put a position where he was. Rejecting things I think publicly both -- and the Red Sox handle things as well as they possibly could. -- it -- and that you know western side knew that they weren't going to be close why have a conversation. Buster on what is from ESPN and espn.com. On 937 WEI. -- staying with the says ms. Lester trade for a moment Bob nightingale was on our morning show earlier today and discuss that there might have been some concern on -- part about the state of affairs with assessment this. And how he got over to the states in the first place with a night owes money. To the agent that helped him get here have you heard anything in that regard know how prominent of a concern was that for open or could it be for Boston. I don't really think typically that that's this but I can tell you that -- is -- constant concern. In regard the players coming from Cuba because. -- they need. Aid for the most part in leading that country. He didn't getting away and setting themselves up and see if there's a price we pay you guys have seen all the detail in the leak case. That's probably the most prominent example of -- I also think it. That you know Oakland understood that they weren't going to be able to keep him after 2015. And I do think that there probably were some people who in that organization I noticed that we're not wild about him. -- lead in terms of you know how consistent was the you know he has situations like when he won a home run derby in 2013 and they came back in an insidious race problem. I do know -- -- so -- yeah there was definitely mean this is not at all reflection about Jon Lester. But they were people. In that clubhouse who really bomb that's that's that is frustrated. They felt like he was -- good guy that they all had you know really got to know well. And and I do think it's probably some concern about what is this really make it better between now and the end of the season. -- -- thought people here feel that the Red Sox just signed Jon -- the offseason have assessed risks and all worked out great but. That the fear I would think is it's -- team goes crazy right off for seven years and I think he's out of it what he's going to create two we know that. You hearing anything about what that market could look like. Well have eight I think the Detroit Tigers could be mentioned -- that surgery is not gonna resell the tigers they offered 244 million dollars. You've seen -- Detroit operates their owner is the one owner baseball will use money out of pocket try to win a championship. And remember you know at the connection -- Lester in the front office. And it wouldn't at all surprise me if they were to be aggressive it wouldn't surprise me to see the Yankees be aggressive. Yeah especially if we find out during the wintertime it's he's -- about -- need problem is going to be an issue. You know what they would get some insurance money back they might wanna be aggressive and I don't know what -- wanna pitch there. But they would be and why did the Dodgers could be in play. As we've seen you know last year with the Robinson -- mariners in the Saudi Angel network polls. Teams pop pop pop up out of nowhere it's some point -- the red Dicey gonna re sign him. They have to get ahead of -- no way that they didn't in the last year and I. And I know that there'd be conspiracy theories there's an understanding I don't buy that permitted and that is they told you. I think it was last week the week before but doctor Grossman and as -- that he doesn't think Russert. Coming back. Hey a busters so the to boss -- -- up yesterday yesterday. And hope buyout Genesis in the bottle is really still going off duplicate it works for some guys. Have you heard. Based on the guys that you -- do that maybe there's some new names that we haven't heard of that -- pop up. You know -- this thing progresses. There's an opponent speculation about it. But I know from being talking with people baseball last year. That they went Albert the document they made their own deal with Tony bosh and they went over this stuff that he had. And they develop this stuff that they could develop. And they went all out and so the idea that you know -- now is gonna make separate deal -- with the Fed's. And show them a completely different set of stuff. There's some skepticism I think a Major League Baseball that this necessarily going to be. Substantive and as stopped its gonna come out now do I think it's a lot more players involved this thing did potentially and. And that potentially is they're more use PD in baseball than they were three years ago absolutely and they know a lot of players feel that way. Is specifically in regards stage GH. Finally bust on a direct people earpiece from August 3 and espn.com. There's a lot of was a big list of pitchers he rattled off there that maybe. Red Sox fans who keep their eyes on as the off season approaches here not just Jon Lester we're talking about -- -- removal Lackey is created. Quite a few vacancies -- starting rotation I'll be honest for the what I found the most interest and was the last time we put in -- about. Any one of the reds starters between -- late toes and quite ill. Of those three which one do you think would be the most likely. Or Boston landed it became one of those three. The easiest I would be Natalie. You know he has. Frustrated. -- -- -- you know people that who he's worked with the with the Padres which is why they traded in the reds. The reds actually had him out of the trademark is Lisa stark report before the deadline. And I think that's someone that they would talk about. You know quite always obviously the best of the two of the guys that he's a free agent after next season and. And he's the best of the three and the reds might be the most reticent to move him. Leak -- probably you know the least it overall impressed it turns its. But he does seem like because he's such a phenomenal athlete like he could be one of those guys you know like Bronson Arroyo he's gonna pitch for a five year exceeded. You know he's gonna pitch for 1012 more years but the back and rotations of the number four number five starter. I wonder if he potentially could be that they had no he doesn't have if you don't feel like fireworks when you hear that name. But he's not necessarily bad guys I got a I don't think they're going to be kind of great choices in -- and brought the Padres. You have to overpay to get him change shields he's going to be -- free agent and a lot of people. Without it seems think that he's a natural target for the -- that it would require huge long term deal. But they're not going to be a lot of options. Boston thanks a bunch appreciate you joining us as always we'll talk to again next week. Ivester and -- buster only from ESPN and espn.com. Here -- not for seven WTI.

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