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Jason Cole, Bleacher Report, joins MFB to discuss Revis report, 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

Jason Cole's report yesterday was music to the ear's of Patriot fans who want to see a dominant CB in Gillette for years to come. Jason talks about that report and mentions the type of money that Revis will be looking for.

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Let's go to the AT&T hotline right now welcome Jason called to the show able to join us right now to follow up when our Darrelle Revis conversation from Bleacher Report he had these stories that the patriots might be looking at extending Darrelle Revis before even plays a game. With New England Jason not to stumble upon this and how serious do you think doing and is in that regard. Where -- negotiate and so what will populate the actual world that does that Robert Kraft. It is aren't laying the foundation in the works for trying to convince -- -- sticker long term. The other -- -- -- -- is dependent investor which schmoozing people. Making them feel like it's a -- that particular way although at the fact that. Craft to explore that but as far as game two point taught -- -- -- I'm not out. That's we wondered Jason was this simply there you know Robert Kraft. You know couple older -- -- and NCAA Guerrero you know we select to have the year will will flock in the future -- is that. By the extent of where we are is that a lot of people would are expected to. I think it's a little I think a political. It will more than not that far short of period of seven or offer repair it -- you they haven't gotten to that point but it's more like. Go look tired you know hugged and talked to him we will valued at camp. You know you would look great patriot uniform for the rest -- career think about it which of your career -- -- your -- failure -- -- -- You know little things that you put into somebody's mind to make them think. That being a patriot long term is in the best interest of the and so it's not just of the patriots go of the -- Which again not why Robert Kraft is probably the best seasons and in the league and he's really good at convincing people to do -- His way and make -- movement and that was from control point but are actually good for them to and I thought he would not great conductor went wrong. But it really good and the people. In -- to love fest out here for the patriots is that it seems to be -- at a all time high. I just looking at the defense in particular based on what you -- around Lee. How much better is this defense compared to some of the other team that he's seen as some of the best in the league like a San Francisco like -- like. Seattle Seahawks. All of America. Were a lot older none of that class are you showed -- my dreams and hopes these. That the NRA. In -- They're not it's not so they're talking about they're put them in that class. Through. This you just put it people media analyst there they're there today and that's that's that's that's the litmus test right there that some of their compared -- OK you don't have roads from reporter summer you know myself included occasional need to be drug tested. You know -- Yeah I'm here Kindle we've say stupid things and -- Blair Brown current or religious are great court. Okay Aaron accommodation. Upgrade from this -- -- put him a couple of to a defense. They're still -- You -- to give -- the Bruschi. Or terrorists. Incorporated bowl means some guys were close but nobody who plays. You have a collection of guys that they had behavior that -- there. Who can go from one systems the next over a week Q what reforms for Rick if you will or within the -- okay. If it was perfect player but obviously he's a bit and of his career I was gonna respond FE injury you double Lotta questions -- that -- To me. About whether they're gonna be in back clout for the world premiere championship -- And typically they're just not as intimidating. In Seattle and because there were -- -- -- But admirable level and be. Invading. -- said he told the rest would be content from the week. The patriots could become I'm not -- -- could be on the next level down but none of them are intimidated. Like Seattle wants to what. Look like go about what will just ship now kemba picked it's one of Super Bowl to be completely assembled absolutely. Jason Michael are better prepared for it. But that is ages go this from Bleacher Report Jason I wanted it back the readers think for just a second here because I'm curious what your opinion is this is the debate that we've been having. Is whether or not this last year of the contract the second year of the contract is that just a place holder theoretically and what's the greater risk when you do get to that second year of the contract is it. Revis reaching it and playing very well here potentially and then. Big becoming what would amount to de facto freeagent -- -- locking him up long term. And having the risk of injury or him not working -- system how do you view that. While much and -- provincial the second year of the current chart a -- look you can't keep them. Regardless of the foot and regulatory environment and it. -- -- And some from her reality split. I can't imagine keeping any player on the twelve club all trapped church. So I you know they have to you know work so long term deal weren't gonna get trucks. There's no I don't think there's any in between. It's I would really you to replace Olmert right it's a place holders who have written by -- it's not -- our lives are really an era which. But. Via a good at. Jason I was wondered what what do you think and he's literally like a seven year deal we all -- in the NFL could be a seven year deal really be a two year deal right with with the way it's structured. Is that mark Perry set you know with German and -- know what's gonna cost -- right to keep the -- Revis these guys get fourteen year. He's gonna wanna pay any more than those guys right. Whether or more of those who -- the guaranteed money is going to be who uphold a lot more and Peterson. Or. -- -- Or shown on the -- got like point two million dollars guaranteed employment folder if you didn't get our. Contractor who once you're going really well callers if you all the sudden. Nepal and plays which product happened to the real guarantee on the -- -- struck 22. Over to your record with tribe. It to roll it and it's free agency. He's probably gonna -- forty to fifty million dollars here -- if you want to build up. So. -- under the -- and have to say how how are willing to go and get past thirty million dollars of guaranteed. And keep him around for the sake. Three years four years commute here Buick. Agree to kick 35 million dollars guaranteed and you know feel like -- to get through or yours that deal. You know loosen some belts and Aaron derailed and a -- -- Look I'm worried catch bullets are in my career did really well you know in the trade from the jets to Tampa attempt at an extra ten million dollars there are. You know to a wonderful legacy -- and city in New England for three or four years. Or are you are one employee. You know the capture card game where are you you know Mexico and get fifty million dollars to block a -- Williams. So loose the Arabic and questions on both talked about but the guarantee on him is going to be a lot higher. That Sherman -- Jason thanks a lot for coming on really appreciated. Thanks for calling in when needed and now we have your. Column online speed would check it out WEEI dot com link back to Bleacher Report appreciate it. -- -- --

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