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Patriots rumored to be in talks with Darrelle Revis regarding an extension, 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

Jason Cole, Bleacher Report, said yesterday that Robert Kraft pulled Revis aside to talk about extending the veteran CB. Without even playing a single exhibition game, never mind a regular season one, the Pats have presumably seen enough and are ready to shore up their defensive backfield for the foreseeable future.

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The issue aren't aren't. A former Sox player -- aren't -- yeah. -- -- -- -- my teenage years naive my twenties don't let thirty strokes no I very low expectations my forties. -- Fauria and bad. These weeks. WEEI Sports Radio network. So -- here. Bathroom to stretch it out on having her here. You know it's funny as we've done this before. Lou when Chris has not been around most formidable role right hospital -- done this have been at Fenway -- And even a remote the other time -- it was awfully big studio without Christian. I think it's beautiful -- I don't know I'm you know listening follow. Up but you miss yeah I know you missed there is. We're -- area right now and I can I can tell you right now. Is -- -- right now. Apparently though we got you fired answered to go to Miami right all right good but I am I am frightened setter at pages practice right at the end zone. Let me tell you that there's so many people here and there is so much stuff going on -- -- like. Being at a horrible and you walk through all these tents that you walked through pro shop in. Then you have a famous Dave's Hamburg yup Buffalo Wild Wings of -- don't it's. The sell pizza I mean you name -- you did you hear -- there is packed with people. -- it just it to the atmosphere is crazy and yet know the patriots have a lot of people of their practices also but. They don't have near the carnival atmosphere may ultimately clown maybe if there's real. Because we go -- -- -- that the GOP house is right we spotted five or six jumping -- the parking lot. People everywhere is it more people is it more more carnival atmosphere like it will. It's no -- Yeah -- -- the house's get -- -- they are literally right on top of the field and it is standing room only you know if you see if you go to like confidence like that. They don't want anybody standing in the -- I mean they are constantly barking at you. You know I'm running around trying to talk to people like -- guys yell -- me. You know tell me to -- movements that are. You know and you know I couldn't get back into my little tent with a radio setup is -- -- around the corner basically so did I mean it's. It's great to me tell you it if you're looking for like some energy. You know from a from a practice that your player I mean this is a great setup they have that sounds like there's water rushing behind you is there like a waterfall. Or what are we hear there's a man. I'm really at a spot a candidate has got some really does Bob. That's fine that's the bubbling -- behind me and out is getting a massage with a alive monitor with -- and pretend that there yeah. I'm Skyping with the buddy Myers -- -- his -- photos like act like a merit but I really and Sedona Arizona but he gets some rest Andrea excuse -- More -- the mode of all the other guys term season yesterday at an income on the pages are in training camp and how long before he tells our Tom Brady looks better than it ever has before Vince Wilfork is down to about 250. Pounds of solid muscle. Derail or somehow Tom Brady is look better than he ever has but Terrelle Revis is already worthy of a new contract for the amount at times he's picked him off he got to find a happy medium -- Christian. How is everything going so perfectly as -- now for the patriots today. Let you know it's big they beat the colts beat the heck out of them yes I mean it was hot it was muggy. I mean there they ran a Honda plays the at a bunch of situation it'll work in. I mean guys if you saw it just of the view of players you doing interviews they just had that flushed. So did I look where they were just depleted all fluids. And they were just beat. I -- so. You know anyone who was feeling good yesterday it was probably you know woke up feeling a little sore. But for the most part I mean I guess that's what -- -- -- how -- how hard they work these guys. You know even when they -- it's Branson Revis cramped up Browner didn't make the -- eat a lot of practice. Calm guys were just drop like flies because of the humidity and the amount of plays there they were used to it I don't know the weather's like in New England. But the past couple days I mean it's been nice and cool has been as hot and muggy as it has been here. How much players this Revis contract discussion got down there about an extension or any. People talk about it here and you know we talked to just you know different media guys and guys in the know. The biggest question is OK so now they're doing this whole you know let's do a new contract deal. I'd just because he played so well last week and -- flight. Doesn't really make sense okay so what they know that what they do now that they didn't know back when they sign of well a budget run. -- -- because we're talking about this before we get on the air today and it -- Joey and Lou were on the other side of the fence for me I sort of had that reaction is. You know it if you economy say the patriots under already missed a five year contract in Poland on Friday backside and say. This with the deals Schwartz a great good move by them they got to -- Revis. Excellent. It was a really like ten days of camp that they needed to -- to make sure his knee was healthier do you really need to see that game top. What is what did you want it policy that is one seem physically just show law. Because we talked about he said well what's the difference between you know when they signed a minded to a long term deal then ball. Because the team was already was -- -- was on a week after free agency so they need to do whatever it took to get him under the cap will get a -- at a rate what they can afford him. It also could you sign an extension or he might not want it to you wanna set your said you know let's not up to appear here in Tampa what I want is a one year deal in New England. If you wanna talk extension that's fine I'm gonna try to reset my markets and a long term deal. Let's do whatever it takes -- make up a 42 year deal. Which everybody knows that are gonna sign him next year that marketed except that that that option if you wanna call that it. Because it's 25 million dollars than they do whatever it took to get him underneath. The capping get him here. And now it's time to talk contract extension whether you believe it Jason called Bleacher Report we'll talk to eleven or not. This makes sense sure we all those inevitable that there are gonna try. The question is. How willing is Revis does sign an extension. But the only you know and I'm picking up in this is gonna think this is crazy kind of from me based on the past relief through months of doing our show. Is if the patriots have been looking at what has happened with Jon Lester they will take that as a learning experience and apply it. How the Red Sox grew up with him -- OK and -- I've -- early because it's just imagine. Okay do you look what happens with Patrick Peterson and and in Sherman right at least on these big new deals. And imagine if everything goes well for the patriots and they don't sign them. Rivas is value is gonna be through the roof if these guys go to the Super -- they will in the Super Bowl and he's a reason why. -- they were successful -- mean it the numbers are gonna be through the roof so it it behooves them. To try to Eagles signed him now. They did not hometown discount. But you don't just put something in papers so they can lock them up. For as long as they can't because they love him. W here's the here's the -- so graphic -- -- -- -- the differences is Jon Lester is willingness. Right to -- even utter the words hometown discount want to stay in boss know we don't know all that worked with -- -- that are not. I don't already here Darrelle Revis and nothing in his history ever shows anyone. The usual ticket discount for anything like you now know that and that this is probably the good news with with Richard -- extension of Patrick Peterson didn't extension. You know the price. You know it is not going to be any lower than that -- -- think it's -- dollar more it's been reported a fifty million dollars guarantee you you you now know what the market is. So this isn't it got its wallet to take one year less or possibly sign extensions spring training course this is a guy it's gonna take it. All the way and get as much money you possibly can into history from the individual shows that. But we'll -- also -- another difference in the Lester comparison in the sense that Jon Lester and have a torn labor -- point his pitching career. Your Revis waters may. Yeah I had it at that of the bother me at all it is a year removed from that based on how people recover those injures now. It's really irrelevant for the most part but if you're you touched on it a little bit Lou. Like another -- -- home. Compound and go okay however. There there are there is a number that could be extremely elevated if you allow him to play the way he is going to play. That he is going to ball loud he's going to completely. Dominate this year obviously if he stays healthy nothing but not ones sign here practice shall be anything different. However to your point also here's -- guy listen if you sign up for your five year deal -- -- to decide right now. If you balls out he's a lot more money. His history showed -- when he was with the jets and in the way he signed with Tampa which is really just a of one year revolving deal you know like it if he's gonna want more money. But if you can lock him up. Now. I mean it makes sense but again like. What what do you know bottom now let's see -- think you talk to guys here about Revis -- -- back to when he was a rookie with the jets. Air -- everybody who was as head coach. They say listen this guy it was -- on mature for his age I mean that's what he was able to pick up what he was able to take in. That you know agreed to the field. Was beyond his years as a rookie I managing used to consult him. During his rookie year which is absurd for rookie. So. That the words out on Revis you knows this study that was the best. At which you know what his issue is with money. You know and it yet yours are worded what's more and if you compare to Ty Law. You know -- want more money and Tyler deserve more money Ty Law laugh because he wasn't paid enough money here and -- going to the jets. An end up making April bull again at ten interceptions so. You know if you wanna go the route of trying to find that next you know that next cornerback picked -- -- fighting and -- to leave who. You know upon further review is -- near the player that reduces. That you're going to be struggling so. Does you know suck it up deal with that lock them up and then you know with a built around him that's what I would do. Pacers fans what do you think should be patriots worked towards extending Darrelle Revis his contract already or should they play out the year that they have with Revis under the current deal. And reevaluate after this season 61777979837. Knows the numbers to call Jason calls the guy who had the story first for Bleacher Report. As we pointed out he will be with us at 11 o'clock today so less than an hour from right now to discuss. This what he said in his reports on Bleacher Report about the patriots privately trying to get an extension go on with Darrelle Revis war. Apparent from the patriots to let readers have been so good so all that. They are privately or expert talks about extending their character are going out and salutes you -- deal but -- -- -- -- and -- One year deal and -- -- one of the released -- duplicate free agency. And after the upcoming Q and -- free agent again in 2000 their hatred like what they see so much that executed next our law. And are shut down cover corner to really get their defense down a bit like -- bad about and so that Robert Kraft guaranteed. -- -- Darrelle Revis side and certainly are there specific and general long term deal worked out. A goal went on to say that it is gonna cost and cost a lot I had a good candidate is a guy who want to get patent actually -- are out. As -- -- a little bit levels. Then on the boat you know -- he might be working pretty agency there are theories regarding backing up thirteen or fourteen million dollars a year. Slightly lucky that you thought were fifteen on the open market chart signing bonus baby back outskirts. Yeah I -- I give the money. But gay -- -- -- trying to lock this guy that you know what the numbers are. You know -- solid -- those things get away you know for -- Peterson you know what the numbers are it's going to be a 1415 million dollar cap hit it annually. You know the salary cap -- a ten million dollars from last year to this year it's gonna continue to go up whatever their cap. Number goes up. I give that I've free that up for the -- Revis. Is I think he's going to be that good now Patrick Peterson 24 years old he gets a five year deal -- what 26 he gets this four year deal. We know Revis held three point nine correct. -- Rivera 29. Again -- whatever good that four year deal if you wanna go there look at Richard chairman -- give a little bit more. Look whatever it takes 1414 and a half million dollar cap -- you figure out how to build your team around that cap figure. Revis as your new Lester that that is the drug you need to be obvious that. You -- it didn't work out with Lester didn't work out Stephen Drew so well either I don't like this hasn't already has better. Yeah I -- tiger threatening. You know the buzz around this area. It just around practice you know talking to the -- and there's a lot patriots fans out here by the way -- not just Redskins fans -- lot of pizzas for me. The trip or for implanted here in that in the area -- there's punt inside the people -- looking for brought make a lot of you got to bomb about a year. But yeah I mean. The buzz surrounded around him -- -- what we have a production meetings and we have a last night. What's the biggest topic Revis is is is the biggest topic in how he -- this team and I know people knew. He was gonna have an impact obviously discuss you know he's good right. And he was wasn't really used the correct way. At least the way that he likes to be used in Tampa and the team struggled. You know on it was a coach that was just -- you know a Dead Man Walking -- the situation. You know and -- have a quarterback so just -- strange year for him. But everybody. Is excited about him especially when it in regards to the future of this team in the future of this defense all the pressure. That is on bill and is on that Patricia we talked about a week ago -- we were at practice like who got the most pressure a pressure on the sixth. And Vic -- you haven't. You know a number one deepen them it's about time all is number one draft picks all the free agents with Browner. And -- everybody's healthy. I mean. He's the guy he's got everybody's pocket and I think he knows it because I mean he's Revis and that's just the way he's been his entire. Career -- Chris don't play devil's advocate on this topic for second at what I want to reiterate first if they get a deal done for five years they worked a number similar to Peterson or -- Richard Sherman and that story is the headline tomorrow fine so be it I'm not gonna bitch if they'd gotten -- five year deal based on. Regular numbers like that I wouldn't bitch then either. But weren't coming from on this is I think this is a little bit more of eighteen friendly situation. Then how it's being portrayed I'd -- that last year the Revis contract almost like -- place holder. Which has become the popular cliche to talk about what Tom Brady's contract I see the same way with him. Best case scenario is you guys painted before he comes here they do well they go to the Super Bowl that when the Super Bowl he plays great. They're staring at a contract which yes would pay in. Just an exorbitant amount but if he's traded or released it's only 85 million dollar cap hit. So they've got flexibility there on the backs -- flexibility -- pick up the option. -- it a flexibility is do what you're planning to do right now in March and rework the -- in December February it's right January or February. Rework the contract. After the season. And now right you've got the opportunity to see an -- if he works out of the system. Via Disney holds up see if he can play with these newfangled rules which we haven't even gotten to yet after Belichick's comments yesterday. Let's see if he's worth what you're going to pay him we theoretically think that he will be what are the knee gives out. I owe it to say if he goes out has to appear as we got to trust the athlete that you have with the -- the if he goes out as an exceptional year and they do win the symbol much damage you cost yourself which. Would you lose the player. You know days of it is gonna be interest would -- Revis we know what the prices. You can lock him up now technically and or -- move you know during the season early in the season. Maybe save a little bit of sympathy goes shows the world what he can do. That -- fuel Devoe Revis that he was the jets which when everybody thinks he will be. Yeah but now it's like OK it's the same situation they take that risk away from the player he's -- -- he's gonna leave a team and he just won the Super Bowl when we just want portable. But he is not the ultimate but -- always say that you what is suitable World Series while would you ever leave well because he just accomplish that now let's go make some cash. That's gonna go to a bad team on the -- it's re sign with. You all crappy team. This can be a good team out there is cut off from minds that just got a chance to win a suitable so this future hall of fame players gonna go to his fourth team for years. Yeah he's -- -- -- three in three years. -- sympathies in a good situation right now wouldn't. And I don't go down the Jon Lester Catholic Regis did necessarily but if he's a good situation right now can't isn't more inclined to -- state. Without breaking the bank without breaking the patriot news. You'll have an opportunity to go to another good situation -- of an opportunity to go to. San Fran or the opportunity to go to just another team that's pretty good. Denver on the -- to beat teams lined up second it is not going to be go to them in the papers to compete or go to Jacksonville okay. What they want and and I try to go to. I'm not trying to discredit your point but it you're saying there's a risk to not signing him now right because he could do well and and cost them more money in the back is also flip -- risk I get a get that's my -- -- is there's a flip side risk from him as a player from him. From a scheme standpoint the new rules the injuries and everything else. I just I don't think it's as essential. As it has been portrayed in the last 24 hours to get this done now or else I don't -- a look at the or else as. Inhibiting as it has been portrayed within the last day or so since this news for -- we'll talk to Jason Cole about a little bit more and you can comment as well. How important is -- the patriots to get a deal done with Revis. 6177797937. -- thoughts before go to the phones on this. And I did it got a group here it is it's funny like after witnessing the Jon Lester and keep bringing that up. And it's it's realistic to me it's real because that's the type the year he's going to have and I think that's when he seemed a person and when you see. Really everybody players included Brady included discussing him and what impact he has. It makes perfect sense. To trying to lock him up now that said going through the entire season hasn't played better I mean I haven't played great at the team played great have to be the reason they play great. And then have them go into the offseason. It to some crazy negotiation where there's no way the pages have been appealed to meet his demands because they will be significant and they will not. They're just as fiscally responsible as the Red Sox in the key would be to alert for the Red Sox mistake and lock them up now and just be doubles. Yeah and that's at that it will not patriots fans -- get a player like that. While way to round. Today is that -- thing just happened to -- Why wait around that's what you want them to do weight around and let him play the first month the season that -- about ten starts under his belt. Evaluate and there and then try to sign him -- We just went through there is got a funny I was 31 of the stories about this and one of the lines was it's not often you -- corners over thirty get a Big Five years he'll have a he looked all over my -- -- grab a dollar -- best in quarters over the age thirty and a look at our audio you know what -- out there there's a there's three positions. That you really backed the truck up and -- you pay the money once you find that. That you know once a lifetime player that once every twenty year player. That's left tackle. That is quarterback and that is quarterback though the three positions at -- has been a lot of money that's where you spend your money. Especially at the NFL these days right. I think they found that a little bit about it last year with a guy like to leave. And I think Revis is is at a different level that Aqib Talib but when you have a Revis we have Patrick Peterson in a Richard chairman. It almost seems -- defensively. You play with twelve guys. Right because normally you know whoever is number one wide receiver. You gotta have some protection over to talk -- you gotta you gotta double team. We have those special -- corners you don't have to double teams are able to take that extra corner extra safety rather over the top got to move them around be creative. It's that we have a special talent like this. Yet that you get an extra guy on defense is take one guy away you don't need to. Yeah and you reference the southeast and feel a lot you know since we've been doing our show and he's been the guy yet when you think about those positions that you just. Need to lock up and not worry about it you don't want that to the -- -- about his blind side you know you know you don't want. You -- to. To lead your defense at a disadvantage. By not having that that's -- That poll out there on defense and you know pass rusher is another is another position if you get pressure on the on the quarterback. The defense and position is another -- but really. Left tackle quarterback and quarterback Bill Ayers is an -- -- -- good gym in Sarasota Jim the united -- seven WEI. Hey Lucas and I I respect respectfully disagree with you guys. Block that guy out. And that's Ichiro walked -- at this point yeah you play a game yet I'm gonna take way is incentives or eight -- haven't -- -- The play at his best number one number two. I disagree with you Christian on me is me you don't know is the spot and earned on -- beginning injury the outlook we read this here two years it's great that they years but he only played once even with that. All right so -- Currency so you. It's horribly. Talk about body types -- to leave. In -- completely different body types. Revis the stock here -- -- I disregard the need because that's been over a year and he already played -- -- rehab during offseason played the entire season. This is the time when you -- your best after -- ACL there this is this is the time a year after you play once he's after rehab. You know anything about the difference between Revis and to leave. Go back to the AFC champs of game went to lead got hurt when he knocked himself on the game his biggest issue. He wasn't aware of what was going on he ended -- bumping into Wes Welker. Because he didn't realize what the people he couldn't figure out that there are crossing route going on they are trying to pick him. How irritant was recovering the other receiver bill often do is don't -- did not. I think completely different players and you know it's far as his. You know his. In -- are his will be enthusiastic about playing the year after contract. Yes I mean he's he's still trying to win a suitable. He still needs to stay relevant he still wants to make approval army and then a the other thing is like I think he would wanna prove that he's heard that he is the best quarterback in all the. At a unit that Christian that's the thing with him Leo motivation -- contract year. Shorts going to be there. But with a guy electoral Revis he's always looking on the other coast. -- is Richard chairman is not you know Patrick Patterson is a Peterson -- these guys where at that level. -- Revis wants to prove to Richard Sherman that he is the man that it's only -- -- he wants to prove to the young Patrick Peterson it's just. That is just derail Revis so the motivation money wise will be there. But as far as performance in who you law are as far as the best corner in NFL will always be there. 617779793. Set where one phone line open on the Revis contract extension debaters award to -- now -- the patriots take advantage of the cap situation that they have currently. Maybe don't seed is an advantage as I do we can team can continue to discuss week come back. Also we return I do want to get to the angle of Revis playing in what is alleged to be. Another new. NFL for offenses. Bill Belichick talked about the rules and how the teachers have to try to play within the new rules story here is quotes from yesterday. Next on night 37 W yeah. Bill Belichick said yesterday about the new. Defensive rules and regulations in the National Football League and how they may impact his team we're gonna get to that and it's Belichick at its finest I thought. Christian Fauria joining us from down in Richmond he is getting ready for the scrimmage between me. Washington Redskins and New England Patriots. Christian how much of the talking points that then all week long. Bombing which occurred and I -- on the yesterday but what are people saying oh no it's it's it's what everybody is talking about especially since you know the patriots have Browner. You know we just we discussed that last night we discussed this morning you know it is you know. How much of effect will that have and really what can you get away with -- what are they gonna call it the stuff that router does. And he's not going to be able to do that it's just talk and it's not gonna work now the question is. It is one penalty enough good for him so holding rallies only a ten yard penalty it's not like it's a you know pass interference penalty where it's the spot of the foul patent deal. That penalty contorted it's just because you're holding onto disrupting -- it's a sixty yard plate. You know the ball sixty yards from the spot of file not holding penalty which is ten yards. I think you if you look at what what Pete Carroll was able to put up with with Sherman M Browner. He basically was like you don't care whose idea was like the cost of doing business really and he knew that the rest were gonna call. Two holding plays in a row he knew he -- he get away with it but. Everything I'm seeing and reading you know when I talk to officials tomorrow. It's Hughes and emphasis on a bunch of different things in fact is one of the many things are looking. And Bill Belichick really admits he has no idea how this is -- ago. I have no idea. Let's get -- you -- that are -- flags okay I'm just coach and again so I don't have any control over what with the officials do when they throw it don't throw. All I knows we have to try to do you know coached within the framework of the rules and if we violated will be penalized and we have to. Correct those violations and I could penalize. What that is if -- talk to the guys that are wrong place. If that was you pushed the limit be honest with. I want to -- Wanna find out I mean this is the type of defense that you you want. Aggressive defense is I remember the date. Christian you know and -- those you know those great defense does win super -- It had Rodney Harrison -- there. -- and it seemed like every once in awhile a big gains. They would be that personal file in the early in that game right the first quarter -- come across the middle just actually killed somebody. And it was a personal file you want to take his rest of the game it felt like the guys. We're alligator arming right they did it -- I don't want a part of -- -- that you know that that that hit that personal filed at fifteen yards early. But it cost a few drops late. You know I didn't see it see how far they gonna go with that miracle flag and each and every single play. You know I think what it's almost like with Seattle was saying that's what we're down -- we saw Browner actually Mulligan -- fell. And we're saying this is that's more like an attitude I think there's no way you would ever do so within -- game because that was viewed at thirteen flags mean to all of his second. But it's an aggressive attitude at a mall the wide receiver in this is what we are right now and aggressive defense something you haven't really seen it. In the past years -- off. You know open the -- a mixup that passover is a drop I wanna see him get back that aggressive push that limit that he would they call. Yeah it's funny you know when you're at practice I mean it's easy to hold its easier if you get frustrated. Did to hold somebody because of the jerseys or lose it's easy to grab you get frustrated. You know but you don't the more I watch Browner. The more you -- a brighter minds of like a you know the way they talk about basketball players you know when they Weatherford basketball players they referred all he's he's long he's got good -- You know that big giant wingspan we. Even though he's not maybe not be that quick. He heat it it's confusing to an offense because he's always bat the ball that disguises like. -- has that he doesn't have like great breakaway speed he's not gonna catch up a lot of players. But he's just like you know and he's aware of what's going on so. Receivers think they're open. And next thing you know he covers he covered the makes a little bit of ground. And he's able to knock the ball down or our receivers don't -- a an easy catch on him just because. Not necessarily draped over the but he -- in the vicinity and the quarterback thinks he can make -- row because of his separation yet. -- somehow closes that gap and makes a play. But he's just not going to be able to just graphics people at will. And you're gonna see a lot of penalties early on -- you are gonna see -- until look you know maybe a fifth. You know -- season obviously to get play in the first four. 6177797937. And to -- Benefit maybe by that point the retired thrown the flag -- fade like a lot of other and emphasis or re emphasizing of rules that we've seen in the past let's go to Greg in where I'm Greg you're a night -- W yeah. The dog got. It's got a question do you think that the fallout from like the last video with. It's all gonna have any impact it be -- stop patriots ownership to Canada. Make sure Rita gets locked up for the next few years. This is sort of like the I've got to conspiracy theory phone call with what you just said that you're listening to it or not Greg -- You know we were joking about that how similar it looks in terms of tone in discussion. I don't think do you Lou that the patriots are paying attention to the western thing from a media standpoint from a new England sports fan standpoint there are similarities to be drawn but I doubt that the crafts her pick up opponents call on Larry Lucchino once and hear what do we do with. Yeah says it's not going to be one of those situations to where they. We give it read about it in the paper. They might hear some people talking about the similarities and in my kind of get a chuckle out of it we all know this. It's two completely different salary structures which makes all the difference in the world right is discussion will be well we we really want Revis and and you know but it it's gonna be a fifteen million dollar cap hit maybe they feel like it won't fit I've I would do it anyway salary caps going up all the TV money is really going to be -- it every believes it. You know 2015 kept Google shoot up even higher when a ten million last year. But I don't think it a look at -- AME that's gonna look get a that is. We want this player we know kind of impact you can have and our team we know what he can do the defense in bill votes it's gonna see the same thing. I just I feel like they don't want a tie this guy up and now it's going to be more vote. Revis is willingness. For the patriots willingness to give them the offer that's gonna take it's right there -- you don't know what the numbers are -- -- a look for twenty million these guys are fourteenth. -- gone for more -- you're a 90%. Stake of more except I don't. -- -- -- -- But a guy like previous you have yet to do it especially that the billionaire see what possibly to three worst quarterback in the wake. Arsonist -- what take advantage the bad QBs then you're getting at. Track. There's some legitimacy to that I mean I think it goes beyond that actually because. The facing good quarterbacks like maybe an AFC championship game against Peyton Manning it's a good thing to have one of the best. Wanted to get a belt right now we look at the -- the NFL goes you -- you're talking about elect left tackle you'll -- defensive end in their quarterbacks and everything else but. When you look at where the NFL is right now if you got Tom Brady to meet the second most important -- in the NFL would be a shut down -- and is only a couple of awful. You don't have to -- Revis look at this -- if you could shut down one passing weapon it's a passing -- that -- some becomes the most important guy after your quarterback. Yeah you know it when I look at the college football expert could I call culpable because -- work in Austin officials college football. I always said that the college game. Has such impact. Of what the NFL is going to do because -- the college game is all about spread out offenses. You know you know guys who would normally be CDs -- corner playing linebacker in college because they need to be able to cover backs up the back field. And nobody. Runs a lot of smash mouth football Stanford does it Wisconsin used good. Teams in the SEC do it the most teams are spreading them out so that's the kind of athlete you're getting you're damn right. If they go let's go get us back OK so best comic guy you're getting so coated bits. If you're gonna be that team that you can really see it right I -- Jamie Collins during practice. Has not been playing that -- over position. And he didn't -- the -- deepens what I tower on the line challenge all standing up -- -- -- standing up but Jerod Mayo DB can't play inside. -- -- -- Mike in a Sam linebacker inside ticking on guards. I don't think they wanna keep them there. But the fact that he's got a deal to play both but what he's really good that. Is out on the edges covering the tide and covering it back you know tackling in space that's what he's good -- and that's the top players need to get. In a corner a shut down corner. You know gotten out I'm drooling now thinking about the opportunity that the defense is gonna have. Seeing it in purses so many times out how it's it's gonna open up everything all the different things they can do when they let the people the bullet -- to be creative. Did you so many different options you know it's just it's just inspiring to think what this team can do. And if you're Smart they don't wanna worry about it at all anymore than you find a way to kind of lock him up it does not have to worry about throat reasonable. Will we come back we have the answer to the question that was haunting the show yesterday. Why does Africa hate the Winnipeg jets that's coming up next 937 Iberia.

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