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Bob Nightengale on Tom Werner as the next commissioner 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

Bob Nightengale of USA Today joined the show to discuss who will replace Bud Selig.

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-- I'm sure Bob -- -- the world to c'mon after that 3-D NC Bob nightingale last night at 503 USA today's sports posted the following Major League Baseball has identified. Three finalist to replace commissioner Bud Selig the vote on his successor August 14 rob Manfred MLB's chief operating officer Tim Brosnan. MLB's executive vice president and believe and not Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Warner. Gil joins us on the AT&T like good morning Bob how are you. Do we were doing fine I -- mad bread is the shock as they say. But being up you'll. How -- Tom Warner find himself among the finalists. When he started imports is a compromise that's like Gary. If a lot of guys know where -- and -- Several people Lowe Bronson literally don't know potent. There is saying you know what if we can't get our guys in the opener blocked hampered. Output -- -- and there we spoke to look likes the old connection computer. -- narrowed the field and how did the process work. They're -- seven overs and that are here including murder you know Jerry Reinsdorf. And they are part of community. In the so the only candidate and then talked about it -- -- -- Whittle it down well with Syria build -- where it was cardinals owner Richard the community. And they had came to a conclusion or get late last week syndicate is -- three guys that it would take a vote next week. As far as you know more people like Joseph Torre and or George Bush 43 considered interviewed talked to and dismissed. No never never interviewed never considered. The they look guys sort of on the owners' meetings similar. No the business everything else so -- -- one or even consider. It would it would worry me. Bob from develop baseball guy in you know EC would go with the youth of America where baseball ranks right now I feel like it is slowly dying among. The viewers in numbers indicate this. It would scare me that none not one of these three guys jump out to me is an outside the box -- all three seemed straight. From central casting is that accurate. Yeah that have been ordered the unit that these -- -- -- ovals meaning to. You don't think he'll keep going to -- art I don't think it was a bit rough all the -- they really don't. -- -- you know it was always going to be someone on the inside. You know to me in Doug but you know the David -- -- Mark are not sure brewers owner was never going to be someone you know. You know a -- little finger. Where that makes sense to you mean when you look Google finally got at least -- -- I would be -- -- some guy who says you know what I want to shorten the game doing this. -- this radical idea of this radical idea I mean just to have him in the room and and here's some ideas now. -- clinic -- putting people -- you know what -- northern rock and where beer and that we trust. Durbin that we know it and hit it -- -- So look successful it is you know into his -- -- They knew it was -- -- -- idea and jam down our throats. Well hundred predicament to a consider. -- Bob if we have rob Manfred gets the job is he going to be a clone of silly or will he branch off. And do anything differently thank. I think you be more of a court Cilic in that particular war and that you know. He bit right into it forever and always will -- what he did so I think be very much but it's usually. Doesn't he got fired pepper. I think you can hit super cute so digital city in interest and you can see you rob stripper. Editor of. We're talking to Bob nightingale USA today. -- other then being a clone of Bud Selig what are the requirements for the job what what was on their wish list of this guy needs to be able -- be strong in this area this area and that area. You're a bit ago that as you know what we're seeing her where everybody is witnessed the way that but here and it. And we think this here who operate the way. These -- begin that people like. It got to be. You get in there and don't get the greens are a big. Improvement maker status all the super. So essentially what you're saying is baseball's power brokers think there are no problems. With a and MLB nothing needs fixed nothing each -- that's not about right. I think that they can -- great but -- -- the fact you know given nine billion dollars in revenue it TV -- he's ever been stronger. In it in every all of baseball is bigger boat load of money. What I go back to the worst thing is a candy survey says police TB produced because we show Roseanne is all these connections. I feel like right now they need anybody with let me tell they're making hand over fist billions and billions of dollars mean that that seems to be position of strength. How much are words can -- to. No I mean is it that GB SATA I guess that's all the money -- secure a branch out and do something a little bit with TV usually guys. And they got ill or it was Steve Greenberg -- -- reminding -- But just you know -- you're basically tiger assault the eagle at your job right. It takes ten or fifteen years you know our would be you're going to be others out. We aren't to your knowledge was that he wild card that was pushing for the job is not necessarily. They considered but someone who really want to put is that honoring him as a man no thanks. No don't rob me you know under a -- nearly George will -- of European number of Hewlett committee probably thing. Under -- he pushed or not. But not that are currently Italy's you know somebody and yeah. I'm living inside that I think you they -- green or Steve Greenberg. -- about it while those that yet. Just as it was in order to -- much stock -- -- Opened facilitate tilt or else what's the big day well. About killing Guerrero you know twenty to thirty million arguably the news I start that I wouldn't -- -- -- Sturm you know. It's unique in that at a five year deal. -- a good question. Deaths of at least part of the -- built it's is going to be. -- -- -- a 100% a total here but what percent would you give man Fred Warner and the other guy. In terms of gonna get the job. Well I think you go look first ballot. When they start loading up and say at data. Probably -- 65%. And Burton. -- point 5%. Warner -- have -- -- and I think that the dark horse here is quarter and the compromise did you I think you I think it could take at least a few votes. Or some -- return -- better. Always you should note that John Henry has a mandate that he doesn't like giving contracts of over five years guys over thirty billion dollars and so every seven years old almost that's almost. Hey -- Bob but Bob Bob also interested to hear your thoughts cut off this topic about the Lester trade. You cover you cover assessment is covered Lester you can on the national baseball seem. That's what's your take on it because -- around here it is pretty polarizing thank. I mean they. That that saint -- and acknowledges that. Oakland -- knows something that he he's that it it -- that shot that are in the post season. We think he's -- getting better. You know -- so like little. You know. -- -- stop about week it's hard to update he Il might increase your books are as. Getting here in the first place is there anything that back room. He hit that bucket or dumping out the deal -- people is their number you know problems. On the horizon here. In. -- USA today sports thanks for the time we appreciate the conversation. -- -- -- go with the Taliban. And AT&T.

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