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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Deval's luxurious bunker 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

The top story of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines is brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network I thought of you this morning. I. I I I -- you something and I've I've done good by you. A -- my lunched. We got I did not bring onions mayonnaise what he had you'll be happy you'll see later. It actually thought knowledge I did I should make another sandwich -- you bring you married for me homes or don't now. I feel bad that you want you enjoy reruns you mean he should be on again whenever you in agony over here I was sick it was -- physically was he smelled the onions and it's -- what -- win your trees and a baby's diaper are. -- well I won those the other -- it was that at all was that what Harrison you're around. Yes is now at the age where. We're getting close now -- -- sort of mixing up he's getting closer to a couple of months and two and a couple of months we're getting now but he now he does we're talking you know doesn't bump and size -- idea now it's an ma am I take me out when our team -- type of united -- -- did you notice that -- social Grand Rapids tackle accord with what his birthday. It's April April. That's -- I thought I -- about a celebrate the entire month month comparison if he goes down. In the airplane going to have Anaheim and you need a new golf club that's that's true yeah. -- sexual -- Thank you. -- clocks just notify us about that there is 88 a lovely Asian woman wandering around Southern California. Sausages DNA. Somewhere in her is she is the oil and -- I don't they -- prayer. Method never -- an hour ago. Either she's I think she's got apartment but the apartment that are friends and and to start walking self and she's in the middle of Mexico right now just a few in my office that much about that Santa Monica Pier took her life frigid night. Good -- you know your pal Deval Patrick. Took care -- business well in the in the state house. He spent it was supposed to be in nine million dollar upgrade to resolve offices are office. Eleven point three million well. Occupant of marble counter tops facial recognition security cameras a blast resistant windows emergency bunker was six plasma screen TVs. All for eleven point three million more than the two. More than 89 million dollar budget for governor is spent a lot of time the steak house. He could definitely get cut to the bunker premium a lot faster for his mansion in western mass and knew when Boston's that watchdog Barbara Anderson. Of citizens for limited taxi time -- like me there's a bunker. In his office via. The state house just a case and blast proof glass last group classes. That much Oprah has -- you don't have the exact same thing -- have a safe you said the had a hiding spot it is old house side of the net and I don't know our stripper yet. -- from like Jodie Foster -- rule -- out really well it was really built that way to say there were candidates lurking the identity. Necessity that that. -- did the ball higher art painting and what to do I'm meeting with a note is that -- with a fine if he would -- -- NC six plasma screen TB's. That's in the emergency bunker. Will throw their hat quote too is the bunker nursebot. -- -- I don't know that I can find out for public underground in the basement yes I would think it's a Statehouse yes. It for a lot -- bull gets hero or. Out of the -- started the massive corner office renovation also includes new drapes furniture well historically accurate paint. Who molding and architectural features walls -- high tech situation room. Listeners expect a lame duck governors is one of the beacon it's the people he humidifier in the early days administration. 127000. Dollar taxpayer funds on the court Kurds and first remember that yes they do the time I salute you got a long ago that seems to me and something happened we could not go on living without the ball Patrick right. Society were completely break it would have never occurred to me that he needed to -- Stevie proof. The last OK with the TV recently I could use is leading the he's leading us adults who do an end -- -- -- -- bottom of favorite. What circumstances would force into the bunker. Seriously and much is Smart out there my guess is I don't -- my guess is that every governor has just think he's really something like last April -- If it happens. Close by -- I I don't know if that's really important afternoon of football games. So I mean it's true W locked out app on. Locked the door which over the bunker like that there -- -- with them and you give me the kids aren't that's true yeah to go appoint the next bridge. It got off a bridge. App through right. -- little money -- on these cameras these that's the facial recognition stuff there's currently no plans to install the necessary software to make the cameras work. That it has spent money on just what the hell out of school idea of what they did having read it we did correct. Obvious pretty cool just saying. They get regular. You robber as a get mad at wounded it is hard earned money yet going through this these idiots keep have you checked your check -- I never see my hard earned money. Passed right over my wife -- channel sample they would bring the checked that the I had to run it all it's all about timing the mailbox brought it paid you know we do -- channel seven late night spot yet. -- -- to go to house so he would wait for the mailman to come by and grab the checks whose wife did not exist. It's a good move it. -- -- The champ -- I don't Wear it if if I get asked a -- it's worth -- while I can tell when I get paid right now opportunity now. -- the coach how would -- if once when you used to in the old days. When used to -- -- a couple hundred bucks on a particular take there tell them the same way to -- the -- like that 200. Mean I'd say that it's all like that. It is hasn't yet re solved that bunker. From a lot of growth in the bunker and I think for our -- so. When Charlie bay from Framingham another route to a Charlie Baker wins in his next governor of this great state and beats that use the big. That friend of the program he gets all the stuff Martha Coakley that I that he will be the beneficiary I think a -- that stuff right yes I guess yes. Although enough room naturally bigger -- -- -- but I Charlie. Okay fine. And -- to watch football on six red zone. Yeah OK yeah yeah OK yeah because I'm confident the other person. John hope -- -- Bon Jovi buffalo -- sounds like it's gonna -- how they pay them though. To make this happen he has 300 million dollars in fees up front I guess. Radio stations about what level of great places to this. They are not playing by -- use -- -- not awful -- entire city is gone -- -- by -- getting big and it's true by Joseph who's gonna move -- them. I mean after every city in America go around. I don't think you huge -- Adelaide I don't like -- did they used to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah I'll tell you what we know who's gonna get it to god who wants the sabres right he's he's got a user friendly but it between between trump and Bon Jovi. Owning probes that picture up what you. Did you covered did you cover the USFL. When what yeah yeah where else could we use the Boston breakers yeah. Were you there I heard it from your little son told me this -- based -- every all the reporters down to Orlando yes. For training camp to practice and every one went over to New Jersey devil out they were gonna be right general right generals. Right there were side by side with the Redskins orchestra's. Herschel Walker -- looted booty was the right to right. If so heated of the breakers -- count my bag for the trip but I went up and I commend Corey Olympic sport you can got. Our marriage act. Johnny Walton quarterback Tony all George Walton to frank clock so for so -- Johnson's apparent it's that he exists that is Sports Radio system only. In the eighties and who -- -- segments on on -- team -- the breakers yet they relevant enough I remember seeing him that big server page for the globe. Muslim you know it was a novelty or it was like it was like win the Boston papers covered you Mac we were good yes that -- -- yet but pretty big though. They work. -- front page through a drought. Would watch the breakers know UMass yachts that if you'd you'd travel for road games no -- that -- right yeah yeah. That it does it burn your protested that never existed. Expunged his -- or you say issue is she's cute it was brigade just it was. Decent for the paycheck it's a bad and he went he halfback option right right yeah capsule like these -- sent to marks residential marched. Yet no I don't know yet Marcus -- was a year later yes he strikes again with him with a new -- and world. Rob a store with the USFL many of the sport currently right now accept -- satisfactory. I mean you can gave you get a more players on the 87 books in 2014 the breakers would of won or lost -- or without AJ Pierzynski. Solve. It. Donna Maxine Simpson were married for 62 years. Went -- little. Got married America's 6200 it will be better for 62. If Maxine Simpson died two days ago law. And Don died three hours later rule broken heart yes broken broken heart I've I actually believe these three about the -- few month to resist when he's. Quirky stories in Bakersfield Liu was -- deal. No it will not a preexisting condition she was sick he was not right. They -- they Bakersfield bowling Alley married in 1952 civil engineer -- one point -- US army Germany. Couple adopted twin boys from German -- return Bakersfield. With the elections -- mercy on his own engineering company. She dies dies three hours later Scott sweet -- -- -- there anyway and affairs if -- die maker commit guys to our yes it was ninety she was 87. It -- it they -- doing with him to do that to me is I've said this before. Ortega eighty and come I'll sign for that happens after -- I'm okay. He says that now. Well from the -- before the lab where wanna be a lot of all my friends are dead would you take. If you could say this is the time as opposed to letting chance take over. You know what would you do if you -- are on a plane you can pick it like to play tomorrow. -- you. -- 44 years four years does that. For you. So -- decades at Villa or Seyfried. Beat -- -- coaching. -- are papers are close coaching it was Howell was it. -- Did one earlier. The distinguished. Take it if I happen to me right now what's your eyes well I want I want to live -- -- forget. I -- Brian I would live as far as long. You feel. I I feel I -- -- and I feel old -- younger. You. Argue with two experts on the beads I -- that's subject to inject a bit. -- went up when I wake up like this morning I do not feel thirty odd I feel I feel like. Hate to seniors I don't feel all law I -- iron. I stumbled over the -- If you're waking up this early -- he's asking the question. You must view this it would is that your. Heart. I beat physically in the morning this is the threat of sleep. So physically or more. Like in my brain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like I feel like pencil I am handled though also wonder why go out the front in my house him and nail. It. On -- in the magazine with the cyber genetics. Yeah. If I feel like I did it. -- -- -- oh absolutely. Is the Wrangler offering eighty years right now you can take it take you well UB. Not take it towards. The eighth birthday drop dead -- as opposed as opposed to go out tomorrow. We that makes it does make -- DD yeah well statistically thing I don't care we should hear I'm honest I cast. 7778. Nam gallons of sevens that now I feel like I'll be -- on land. 410 via that's the would you wanna know what advice that he -- tea and I'll buy you launch teams triple -- by -- right now you know exactly the time they you'd take that one -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- -- affairs in order you amateurs or that one. I would -- -- Now. What if it's. Still OK you like -- from what I mean Munich with its. August -- October -- you're gonna -- Stop think I mean violent death the crime illness -- car. Car running at 3 o'clock in the morning reflective. You're at a 110 it's tougher job because when this happens like in the years I don't want to gloat but I -- -- and I'm. On on the blow the next day or go see him this is like republic Bobby Valentine. And the guy broke is likely to middle infielder from Japan broken right at that I told me was connected break -- clinic. That's headlines brought to you by eighteen. 6177797937. Bob nightingale USA today it will join us a little bit after 8 o'clock. I wanna talk about that Tony -- I wanna talk about -- Hammond and I wanna talk about who you would dominate other than the three. To be commission. A MLB.

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