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Sausage got lucky in L.A. 8-6-14

Aug 6, 2014|

The guys welcomed Sausage back in style.

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People five times today. Just like many whites would go through minute man that is that would Seattle a lot -- 25. Via what's up box awaits cost. We'll depends I go I go for it depends I used depends -- how soon enough I go for the quality stuff you -- yes you know. Seventy box box really -- probably wipes and in a box seats. I have easy and you go nowhere without this correct -- the toothbrush for the slow. It rob Bradford -- -- -- The word -- -- he with the Fanny pack that has kept the baby back alive because he did your wife yet I showed utter fact that shed where art college right now. There in my bag and in your in your briefcase yeah although I've -- I've -- a couple of little ten packs them and them big the big box days. Now let me ask you this have you ever been caught without the under Yeltsin a compromise position I have may -- hoping during the marathon outside on the -- that doesn't that the the last time ironically spoke about it supposes. Is we talked about that you never out via the I don't like it was yesterday sarcasm was in chesterfield. But I'll. You know his would you go on a plane I don't know about you. The lead you to release I don't and I bought yen on bubble do about it shuts down yeah yeah I mean you will yourself now do right. We got up number tackler at the cars got the limo in the same city. -- object under a driver was waiting Gerri I turned I thought this through and after -- you -- -- in my got there everything sort of just happened yeah my god. -- -- -- That's the last -- you didn't pack it. I impacted. By the what oversight well all across the street to the mall which -- literally rule is is what we can tell you to get to run dry -- it's a -- there. You guys are pros. Because this is the ultimate segue right into the Red -- point. Cut throat that's what you can be released by his. What happens when you don't know how to begin to show what I would suggest you know you've heard of closure by committee. Opening by committee it was gonna ask you or would you like -- yeah and I think I yeah you. About like opening news social freeways you can guard of that -- just and I was I don't it's going of its -- that I get red. -- -- -- it just -- that it's so create -- book -- -- tiger -- any time. But he spent that it's a lost art form or and it really it beginning to show the proper way up pretty good beat and tired to figure blows you it's what so did that lingered about the tires are on back Q&A second I -- -- do best evidence yet that ruin your day it get organized and KG who's -- -- appropriate amount of dollars it was yet that that's. I think that's the last. -- I don't recall it was dramatic. Analysts and you know and many places business so you don't use toilet paper. I wish I issue. -- -- to epic I do I don't use it I mean you know I use it. I mean -- as I after you've done that many lips as used his big doughnut. -- issued yourself I got the other day at Iowa right there capable paper there and a we regret -- -- it's -- -- Zardari targeted dark about. Kirk who bring yeah and what he does after his -- yet. That is a professional opening show takes our show yeah yeah yeah I -- this. Wasn't gonna do this at this Kentucky football player. I guess he's alignment 300 pounds -- take. Act of 220 linemen are known to hoop five times explained why his weight -- -- -- ask him at -- what do you weigh these I guess it depends what time of the day USB we were ready for us. -- To Cory Johnson the junior college defensive tackle says he's -- his -- flexible. Even to ninety's. Maybe they know he threw on it no -- need to lead our own always black's lawyer -- go -- and goes on and all. So you have linked to steaks and two extra meals you'll people -- in federal government but I guess against -- -- so much. And I so out of pulled my thoughts on the day -- the thought is hard to keep Wheatley -- -- has gone out. My travel full court and to yeah. And I'm -- the core Johnson defensive tackle university in -- it can fluctuate I know that it's -- group that is 17. I mean it was very -- The sausage is back from LA all believe me you tell amusement viper room in LA yeah Cavallo blue yet all Malibu Malibu are me. -- run the Malibu last two weeks ago. So given nice trip. Where did you total. What was your purpose of going. Just by yourself first. LA got his minutes on -- yeah community ladies. -- Boom now. You do -- veco. So she must have been really really drawn to beta well below or slow -- with -- saying you seal the deal. So. What's I don't know what type of -- provisional title anyway -- six away. And we've already established Kirk's pool opening guessing that's that's that's -- -- -- -- rapid ask god that and that's the way. This is unbelievable well it's a monumental but here he hasn't witnessed its. Late. You did ten years or so happened with -- missed a rally near the whole story beginning to clean up a hole. That the exchange of cash Internet you have. Oh yeah. Echoed. Old -- used those partner. Did you get her number. She she alive. We need to get a citizen sees what what if you look this is one and I'm the so. 0000. You're jealous of god that's about it got -- where it's. Well who should look like a Lucy -- What's the what's the comedian's name among -- number of commitment. Up Margaret and Margaret Cho Cho show yet. Better Margaret -- but not as nice as Lucy. Elections publishers. -- -- chance it is a little sausage dancing around her look her -- right now. -- -- that's that that's a good way to do it does prayer Bre yeah that's always or outside and control. So. Wherever you sausage so let me ask this to -- that are placed seventh. So in some way so also. Notes by okay -- give -- -- second so you you do what you do with her and then you'd just be. I'm sure it was a tied for you to stick around majority talking how did you -- America's about. You exchange numbers even. Rule. Sport hard all their hard work and where you Wear baseball hat. Did you get totally naked. Did you really -- to pick out what I did I was I wasn't you it was a year that Brad -- We're seeing take a picture in which she sit like -- bushy husky. Not a husky. You take a picture. Of sex helping. -- No I don't sausage so what we're up here which are all on lying to her that sealed the deal what did you say. You so that we drink it. Beer and angering tonic what could go wrong so our money on beer and GM. So erotic for her sausage come over. Some which are wary -- U where NASCAR which is smoking jacket. Top that. What are you dressed. Like that like it where like what you -- now I. I could tell from his voice that he's going to vote. -- except that looks -- fun out there I do I if our single like you. I'll be out there in two seconds away. Before the show we were talking about him in California to pacification. And knowing now he won -- so desperately tell me what he's saying right now the news yeah. You probably gonna tell us what we told this -- More than that that. I stuck my head in the recording studio as he's putting you open to other western sausage welcome back our basic John writes sex. Nobody is a different guy he's like hey it's great to me back I had a great time I've ever seen him so. A bullion in all my life I'm telling you it's it's all that's changed little confidence texture for the 207 says ask sausage if she had a penis. Fair question. We -- Belushi Americans was your first time in the culture. See you may be. -- purchasing like -- by mail order bride well. Oh you -- just -- she hasn't spent any time in West Africa recently and she. Lots basket -- expecting to win lose weight so that's. -- Did you watch tomorrow to date there. Oh I thought there was double session that's that's that's it don't work yeah -- com. -- so I don't I don't I I do it this delicately -- let us not. What was the what was the positions. Which she's I -- knew she wasn't you know you went up top or -- -- Researchers still lie to you really after shared on. It's a -- you did your parents are sought greater -- -- Had a boy Jimmy Bershard onto that. -- -- -- You don't know. You don't know her name that is so disrespectful was as the song says the slump buster how August up. Point 66 month that with -- with that and -- years that's is old girlfriend is a bit different. -- he listens you know this would not have happened had you not build on your walking routine and lost weight where he went out there. That's a yeah good point yeah. Yeah -- in the -- two grams demo -- get -- much faster. Yeah maybe she -- those that. Actually rub -- bumped that guy you want to look at the miles that sausage -- company -- Beers you beauty and yet around the bend. A lot about value out of the staggering talking up. A bit to our -- is that if you fire back. -- -- -- -- yourself for a we talked we punctured Jerry -- before. That is like sausage like -- it is obvious Griese was reports from no possibilities but he is your worst nightmare if you're in seven -- of antsy right. In the plane's about to take off -- you know that could get really close the door yet that you that middle single -- open they -- this is going to be excellent six hours no kids by myself. You see sausage -- -- look but look at them this is -- past maybe you know that never happened to stop factors against this. -- -- -- Now that you lost weight you can say now do you rescues that seatbelt extender. Let's be fair to yourself excited about this united -- in the condom off since some of that is that true or false. -- All right where you while you were wondering what we're gonna start with that let me go from here boy this hotly segued into pop Warner and how does not know how that happened. Think. The prerequisites. Are. Or being the major league Baseball Commissioner is -- business acumen which is what one of the guys. Brosnan roster yet he's the executive vice president of business. Then there's rob Manfred who thought it was gonna be the -- and a -- he repeated he will be the guy well. And then there's. Then there's the Cosby Show. Producer and -- and -- show produced -- pop Warner -- Whitaker self discovery doesn't wanna be identified stoppage. Equipment that is not -- except. He's half sausages. So -- -- cardinals owner bill DeWitt leads the search committee a lot of this work dreadful 43 of yeah 43 owners after -- three owners approved so do -- leads a search committee are there other owners on the search committee. And what do you think they're looking for. Markets open look at four Wheeler an old white guy that looks like -- -- they are transferred 55 bras and efforts the pop he's 55. Brought this 56 in -- is 64. And if you think Major League Baseball is going to change at all we all an eagle three disagree it surely it's time now for some fresh new voice. My decision not gonna give -- moment when one of your credentials as -- -- producer -- -- and yes that's him he's not a signal that your young aren't true. Or otherwise liberal Daria is -- to work and many others present I listened very successful television producer -- ago. And I should apologize if this topic and good at the topology you guys. I should apologize to Peter Abraham. Who you know we don't have what use for for many results and those reasons legitimate but he did any of an interview with Abraham leaves -- sure. There has to be another equation does exist. It's it is not a I'm sorry her via Joaquin Phoenix. We yes words some interview a couple of weeks ago you keep you wanna be next publisher baseball we mark help secure year. We know on Abraham and it was actually turns out to be -- question he's one of 35 southeast. Of these. The launch Shoppach for some reason in some less expecting maybe rob can maybe some -- can I don't know why Tom workers won't finalize. I think it's pretty clear. The television thing passed a factor and -- the entertainment part of it. I guess all the -- puts them over the top but for him to be finalists. You have to say surprise when would he qualify as the voice of reason. I think it's the magical day for us the end of a remarkable season. And I would just like it has started here let's go Red Sox went red. Red Sox. That -- that to -- screams young hee -- indeed brilliant in every single aspect required to be the Major League Baseball commission yes but only because of presentation and you what to say about. Great shifts presentations part of the deal. If you. Can't. -- I'd I'd they can have 64 year old Tom Warner. Beat to commit considering Joseph -- I don't six -- -- that that's the things guys have a -- let's be honest for us. What you want to be commissioner. Great well you know why you love baseball. What for possibly change from it because it's more entertaining in what way would commerce commission about it anymore detail what I watch more and Mindy yeah I don't think he's gonna be like no John and Internet news. -- -- is this that they're saying nothing you Rebecca Houston on the -- -- you have suspenders for every you have Bud Selig cellphone on nevermind he doesn't have self problem and cellphone number. I do have Tom -- number. I don't know I think there might you might yet what you should. Now known -- I'll -- I truly want the rainbow suspenders. And I'll I want I want entertainment. And it it to I think the -- -- point is that. None of these other guys there's not any change Mike -- is MVP the Austrians -- Derek Jeter is actively younger people and now. So open up do you think that Tom -- as the younger people now but it might be you know it might be like what he did with caddie shack. Now when they welcome me -- they have like the golf course -- do anything to seize this is it might have the what we -- the other day like the fifties into the whole not all throw the ball well. What they have to I'm telling you have to find something that young people don't care in one of these guys is commissioners not gonna change possibly some young guys out there who can change. Baseball with some -- it was real ID Jon Bon Jovi guy maybe Bob about that wherever it is. It -- this I I've. President yep yep sure I think it's okay if you have if you have to you only have. Yes get 23. Peoria the Yankees out on -- rate and rate though. Efforts again. -- behind the -- loyalists and so that means you're basically getting exe June. Yes Lucy probably has there been any evidence since bud took over in what ninety -- whatever was twenty years or -- -- whatever that he has in anyway shape or form any commissioners duty to help out the Milwaukee Brewers. -- -- I mean you can let the right brides are vested and gave it to his daughter right now yeah yes so it's whistled at a solely. And as things -- feel like he's Canada that without you want to thank law top. What Ryan -- stuff yeah yeah yeah. So. Yet how you look at to extend our I do you guys look at. Do you say well you know he doesn't do email that's a problem for its mix that it's not -- -- problem for some good some good to be fair some good -- that. Flexible. Well obviously laid on the performance enhancing stuff yes -- supplied I think I -- the game it it it is the anti NFL when there's a problem in the NFL like. The extra point for example the judge Bud Selig to watch they would ever change anything that dramatic -- in pre season. I'm an extra point that would be 33 yards long us -- -- it's one of those things where you know you say if you invented baseball today and -- be different does a lot of things it would be for eat it up it would not before balls three strikes but Selig. Would not be nine innings just wouldn't be. But Selig will never ever be the guy who would sit down and maybe -- change to consider by changing yes that's a great example because every. For last ten years in spring training we've heard this we've heard. And implementing rules the they meet with the team to meet with the pictures that we meet with the hitters. Think you have to do this the speed of the game if you don't you will be charged the ball yet. And it never have never happened and we had Joseph Kiri -- I was -- with a broadcast the spring training we joke here you'll June Europe the what are you doing disputed the game. Well I'll tell you what we're doing. Where limiting the walk up music to fifteen seconds oh right right it's. That's the fun part of -- but so is it enforcement problem yet I think Bud Selig -- well I hated it sure seems that ask you this. If you went to Bud Selig today and said but before you walk out the door pop up this notice is going to be you know against your grain. But win a team intends to intentionally walked a guy. Can you just. Have a sign. And instead of taking a minute five seconds which is what it took to intentionally walked David Ortiz two weeks ago just point to the apartment to signal and David -- walks down. The first base would ever do would he ever do someplace I mean does that -- that the tone and tenor and the cultural fabric of the game. Is -- thing Bud Selig. Viewer of the game has no problem with that you don't think he's ever thought outside the YE a -- baseball game -- three now for. For some reason I don't like is when he grew up more commercials it's true we grow up the games 340. Don't that was in the forties and fifties I mean these were two -- games. Two and a half hour days but you're right in. You know we've talked about five times we know the ways to watch Clay Buchholz pitched that should never be out what she's got to step out about -- -- between each pitched. That should never be allowed I -- commissioner the commissioner said to -- When I get in the first with a reduced in force that I don't care what else he does. Cut the game by. 3040 minutes right there yes. I wasted good intentions throw line PX as we said the execution stuff just isn't there -- -- back to. They've had plans to speed up the game before. More than just living in the locker music fifteenth second right by. There's been no implementation and not. Visits to the mound. It would now admit maybe Tom powers get the degree that -- you know I don't know arch try really hard mr. Selig mr. Steve thank you and tell me why we should just say deportees picker and -- You love you and -- It's just something that is is inconsequential. To the fabric of the game and -- -- -- up by -- five seconds it's it's much like the extra point where it's an automatic but it is that. Half a percent. That's accidentally or this summer commit air mail ones that backs. -- -- -- I would just -- -- well that's going to be fun that'll screw up the record books that's -- -- -- five -- -- got it out on -- more of platform I don't know I I don't know what Tom Warner. With armored cars for the Red Sox the that's why they're just I hurt this I think the only Pollard part about this that when you hear. Each owners' names what do you think of these -- you know negotiated whatever Henry com. Principal owner you know he's that the top -- you -- work statistician you automatically -- bank yesterday Nelson right. I don't dislike and started chair. That also think. I don't dislike it started here let's go Red Sox -- red. -- -- Who's that with them you don't you -- -- I don't think is good. Larry. No I know I know -- ideas to know who was doing who's two and I give that sound gets of the committee and build -- Louis cardinals got who's leaving committee. You -- all these guys are older now. They pride that our territory object of rusty sweaters and yeah and I've on the Woodward does it that you wanna tell me that's OK am I guess apparently what that means what does that mean. -- -- -- -- He's the guy in the bill that will replace us in the -- he brought in Gary's trojans and so confident with that sign up a lot of people watching and I think that and that's. He's the club post daily. Thanks so he's gonna be the guys doing good morning Boston and when we leave it up cooking with -- probably. Travel through -- -- It's what Davis he's bunch of great ideas he's out there and I I would hire you I'll say this we will. We will mock we will have some -- that show I think. It's gonna be more than we mock I think that we -- he seems like that's might start Monday. So you'll you'll be optimists among some things the -- and programming Monday more see the sat through -- there are good for them you know why. More than anything. Take this down rule that so how would that be great you know and this is the unspoken secret in this radio station that everybody this is where all the shows broadcast from -- -- appeal all that -- here. And every single person. To a man that's -- weakness. Load it well we we I was here beef about your pre -- I would do we do shows pre window and then when they meet us at opry on absurd -- tar -- this year. As much wind as much as we love looking at come fully but there. Crawford yes recent beef -- before he impregnated. In -- markers next via. No owed to us. All a -- Yes all -- all have to let -- we have brought you sure that was the sausage. I believe you that you left -- -- -- big -- -- after -- he always -- -- that's his trademark. Like -- that time 27 minutes after six ones -- Chris -- have -- 7937. Bob nightingale. That's eight today. Oh absolutely mum. Robert toss to be commissioner discussion that the three of us apparently do not. And when -- back. Should do that you yes letters from -- is really like -- right well already let you are loading yards. And right out of all the guts -- white so in the the roster stacked offense that not let letters from prison wow I won't give his last name because he asked me not to. But he is written Jerry and Kirk. And Dino from a feeling of hope is is is Kevin. -- he's hysterical. Funnies I think he's actually gets a mental problems appeared out of a a mature as a protest music gets different accident in the third what color the third man -- -- gets out. Letters from prison when we come back.

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