WEEI>On Demand>>Redskins team and staff all pleased to learn from the Patriots, but what do the Pats get out of these joint-practices?

Redskins team and staff all pleased to learn from the Patriots, but what do the Pats get out of these joint-practices?

Aug 5, 2014|

We discuss the joint practice system, the differences between the Pats and Skins programs, and more as we prepare for the NFL pre-season to kick off on Thursday night.

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Piece that dale and Holley show the -- of some of the best. It's enjoyable to -- available it's when this. -- it Michael Holley a good read about. -- that vacation their -- it was bad bad bad on the WEEI Sports Radio network. -- Our number two dale and Holley Sports Radio the -- guy who -- the news. Whether -- here today. Talking a lot of football stuff police to start. Trying to figure out our own mind what we've actually been doing in this as a sad. Indication of where we are in our lives. We've been following the patriots and Redskins play by play. On to what to expect that -- Vince got an interception a look Tom Brady threw a thirty yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman double a sideline. I mean that's what it's like for now that's all anxious we are to watch a phony football game on Thursday night. Yeah I I can even. Fake football to me I'd I would embrace it at this time a year it's it's not. It's not real football it's like you you're not seeing a Albania and you're seeing in a cover -- of them you know you're you're not watching YouTube -- watching Joshua Tree. -- the blushing brides could you not see in the the actual Rolling Stone itself at this point with with the Red Sox have done over the last whatever four months. I'll I'll take it run it. And in somebody else is going on now a lot of people have this solve SB nation -- believe that your favorite site then what's the one that go. Bleacher Report OK yes Bleacher Report. Had a had a story in and Jason -- covered. Football for a long time based in Miami are based -- that South Florida. Has a story that the patriots are already talking with Darrelle Revis about a contract extension. Not a -- -- Revis -- -- a pretty team friendly deal for one year. Next year and just to give you a sense of of why they have been thinking about an extension what he's a great player. And -- -- we didn't take long to figure that out yet but what do on the practice field his. He has an option for 2015 the patriots after exercised by the end of the 2014 league year. It would give him twelve million dollar roster bonus payable April 1 week fifteen a base salary of seven and a half million dollars. And another 500000 dollars in per game roster bonus with his cap number if they brought him back. They bring him back next year without any traders took his contract. This cap number -- 25 million dollars at a I think 25. May want to work here -- I now work so. I mean this is why it makes all the sense in the world to. Bring in those guys and in no matter what sported some football clearly throw -- with the patriots. In and basketball is a lot of talk about Kevin Love going to a team. In being in the last year of his contract. And seeing if that team can convince you once they have you in house want to have you -- campus. You can see how that operation goes you can see who you like we don't like. If they know what they're talking about. And then maybe you talk about long term deal with my Darrelle Revis who fit all the right things already in camp but -- Darrelle Revis. Is at least open to listening to the patriots talking about long term counter. Doesn't usually seem like once they get in there. And they get a feel for what's going on and like you said they're on campus and you know they see how the operation is run aren't they usually pretty amenable at that point talking about sticking around. You know it is typically been the patriots saying goodbye to players not the other way around. Unless it's you know you. The rare exception like Randy Moss basically shot his way out of out of town finally -- -- kind of did. We I'd I'd say for the most part you regulate the think they get around your and they realize. Is not a lot of nonsense it's just about football you're not required to say a lot to the prestigious. Just say every day a lot the same work on the teammates everyday get better everyday crowd trying to get -- every everywhere coach what derivative and you'd like to think that that has appeal for Revis now -- is a guy who prior to this contract never once. Let the dime on the table. In -- how many times that he make the jets jumped through all these hoops and then immediately afterwards they want our rule it out -- and out against next year. So you would like to think that he's finally settled in and that they would want which -- demand it. It's -- like that's a contract would you agree. That needs to be expanded. Our. Course of course -- -- -- shortly that it did in the way it's written didn't we all expect that they were gonna try. But we pretty much also expected based on his history that Darrelle Revis is gonna wanna go where the money is especially if they win. You know if he finally wins is -- that he's definitely gonna go where the money is that that this is that the common theory out there and that no matter what the patriots wanna do they won't be able to. Because their their number and his number won't match. They'll be just too far apart. Are now the question is. What what's the number four Darrelle Revis I look at the other guys. Know all the corners -- about you know the top corners have signed the contract extensions. In the past. Three months we have Joseph Haden. Starting his contract extension if Patrick Peterson. I'm getting here is Richard Richard Sherman getting here -- think Sherman got about forty million. Guaranteed and and Peterson effect with 48. 4748 million dollar -- -- dollars guaranteed. And I Hayden pretty high number two so. If you're Darrelle Revis your older and you're all of those guys but you've also accomplished mourn those guys with the exception Sherman -- they have won a super ball. The Revis can't say that. -- -- -- Well what that what the giro winner of the come down to forget are two dollars because we already know what the scoreboard at the scoreboard is -- I had the scoreboard go about I think it's reasonable to assume he's gonna be the highest paid corner in the week and that and that he desserts like Richard German money -- Last year's cap hit I wanna say. We'll going into this year with is picking up a contract with like. Sixteen million and you just don't pay a corner that much it it just eats up too much of -- -- you can't field a competitive team in fact. -- up -- defense was mediocre at best last year with the best corner in the game. Boy you know when we meet when you mentioned his how much guaranteed a front like just a bonus money he it was at the million or something. If if they if they exercise. That option. At the end of the 24 -- -- year it's a twelve billion dollar roster bonus that's repaid on April 1. -- goes to a base salary of seven half million dollars and 500000 dollars. In per game roster bonuses. I'm not part of the but the -- per game times sixteen I'd take that. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report where this whole thing supposedly originated. He said Robert Kraft. Has pulled Darrelle Revis aside started to talk to embassy if they can get a long term deal worked out this is Jason Cole -- rest. And that you know and again this is his quote what I'm hearing from the patriots. Is that Revis has been so good so far but they're privately already starting to talk about extending his contract that like to extend it now. So Robert Kraft the owner of the team has pulled the realm Revis decide -- started to talk to see him just talked to him to see if things get him. To a long term deal worked out I'm not a bit surprised that they're gonna try now the question is. They've seen enough as he's seen enough. Conversely to say you know what yeah let's do this thing now. -- how about this. Four years seven million dollars. Expect epithet and got -- Michael -- Larry and key culprits are derivative write that are already well that's fair. Jon Lester of its ultimate pick that -- want to. See it as a patriots fan who wants to see him stay because I've seen the other side of this without them. Having an elite corner. I've seen plenty -- third down conversions and twenty yard you know. Pick ups that with hybrids can't find a football yes Aaron recorders -- -- on the -- exactly Darius or Tony -- try to look back for them but yet they too many. Butlers and weeklies and will heights that I want this guy while I believe if they don't re sign him. They still owe him like five million dollars cracked me from -- might be eaten in which I'm glad about because that. In business I I remember one thing from all the business classes I -- I really can't retain a lot but. The concept of a sunk cost meaning that money's gone. You're not get that back that goes to -- sweetie keep -- -- not so you say well fine we were already five million into this guy still with pay him. Fourteen million and that's only nine million more than we're or otherwise gonna spend only now we get to keep the -- if the first time the first time since Bill Belichick has been in New England. That he had a player on defense. Who was who is the match with equal a convert. We estimate it at its prime in its privacy don't we ask this question last week who's the best player on the patriots and the best player on the patriots two days. Today who's the best player on the team silver selling. No I got to the regular practice her today -- -- -- industry are it's not operating for now its rate of Robert -- really I mean. You know how much I love Tom Brady and I think he's one of the best quarterback whoever walked. But today right now today is is Darrelle Revis a better player than Tom Brady is. When you well. If -- is is Brady does -- do at his position things that. Brady doesn't do it and how do you measure it like. Obviously Eric get your name pairing that you're not going to be -- top five a top five got vs top five guys Rondo right -- in -- not easy to enhance our ballot right grievances. Head and shoulders above a Patrick Peterson and can make the case of Peterson does more. And Revis. And then and then you meet -- talk about Sherman and in Hayden. And Revis. Are -- it's pretty it's pretty competitive and it's a tough one yet about the Brady gets the benefit that it -- From me because of the disproportionate. Importance of his position well listen up the first time in ten years it's even been a discussion point -- positively that you could even say. You know I'm not sure I mean for ten years now and of course we know the best player on the team and we were talking about the flight last week when you're. Miserable on your vacation and we -- saying. Have we actually got to the point where there's a better player at his position than Tom Brady is right now. All right Jeff played debate if there is lovely conversation but you know just. It in this position your view of the patriots here Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick of course -- guys that you have -- you think about it you never. You never been in this position where you say there's an all time great in his prime. On defense. I guess the closest. You can come is if our law for awhile. I've through the first three or four years of -- Richard Seymour. As Rex said about that Darrelle Revis is pretty bloody and road yeah stabilize and then and then Seymour start to fall off of it. God damn these pretty and you area all right back -- -- note about the late -- saying how he was not in his prime when he got here but imagine yet -- -- now. In his prime -- -- that's the easy answer and there are some great patriots like Tedy Bruschi and in my Vrabel. But not on that level not that they were with Tom Brady of the defense in terms of going to care no question yellow jacket. Here we -- read a lot of the guys you mentioned were. Made great plays and our career filled moments and things like Warren. -- all pro all congregate all right -- -- Borderline pro bowlers I want to say Bruschi meeting made twice as like an alternate to -- get -- -- and away from those guys that I will put gronkowski in the mix because he is so. Head and shoulders above -- other tight ends in the week and I include Jimmy Graham I don't act. You think he's head and shoulders above Jimmy -- I go for it he he is also arguably the best blocking tight end in the league in addition of affected he's basically. Unstoppable Jimmy Graham I've seen him get shut down including by the Majorly last year. Took him out of the game completely. And he doesn't give you that that in line you know. Traditional white tight tight end blocking that that -- does look poetry on the ground is better when he's healthy. But it's not embarrassingly. Better -- think he's yes. Looking down on Jimmy Graham thing united minimized -- stratosphere. Look at -- is healthy I think you're actually have a three person debate on the patriot. When he's helping. You've got to me you've at least got to debate you know is -- the best at what he does Revis the best that he does you know Brady right who's the better at what he does. And and you could at least Adam into the mix if he was helping -- Grant was never a 100% last year and in the seven games he did play they scored more points than and then nine games he did not play that there -- more than a touchdown per game that are within them without him -- -- stated that its cause and effect. Chris and Amherst hey Chris I don't. Good are you had to actually be collected and who better I would say who is more important to team that would be a better question I would think more than the quarterback is officers are -- all right governor would you credit -- to see him that would -- -- -- that -- They without. Without created so that would be more important question I would think. Why did you and it but I don't want you but he is he's yeah he's. After Christmas that Fredricka brings attention to that that you. You can solve the problems ahead that school we do -- go on anymore you know and how we figured out the first 32. By the way I would rather watch the Paul George injury video again then imagine life without either of those two guys who look like pulling -- -- -- without -- I want I want the ball but. -- poor in Bronx pardon me if I'm being greedy. Well exactly that's. That was just my point on the subject but they're both probably the best at the position and you don't want to not do without either one but if you had to do without either one of the Politburo Regis I would think. But he certainly played a lot without him that he's never played a game for -- and in Brady's case you've had one season without him since he he took over but it's it's almost beside the point. I don't think that Brady's best quarterback in the NFL. And I'm not sure Derek Darrelle Revis is the best. Corner back in the NFL right now. But there in the argument at least -- -- I mean at least there's a discussion. You know there's a group of two were three or four guys. Were the best quarterbacks in Brady's -- same 203 -- the best cornerbacks in the NFL and and Darrelle Revis is there. And on any given day they can absolutely be the best in the game what they do. At any time Peters and -- and he Peter you deal. I would -- guys they appear without. Not much -- and I want to believe that's our hope he has a great year. If that we don't want right now -- you are gonna bottom bureau cheap you'd like you'd national and all other. Yes yes I thought right now and -- -- Obama is on -- map -- yes he has he's America. Comic by the commitment all right I'll -- one million. Ottawa Paul okay. -- probably -- it's that it's the debate probably not if he's happy he's got that the only two minorities you're you're you're right. You know and -- -- in and I would look at tropical and then maybe you and I hope that I can only be my ability to look at that you have written it you don't have it but we bought what was the wide receiver -- -- You can I can. Imagine them. But Peter Wright also tell you that at the -- to thirtieth Tom Brady god forbid. I've gone down with a -- injury and never played another game of football I'm not sure he was in the hall may need to know if -- right now or RFID to 36 years ago when I get the same age that we're talking about -- Darrelle Revis. -- without it and -- would reachable balls up the panic you know. A bit reachable and pretty -- it you know he did but I don't think he had the other things. I mean there are other guys with with Super Bowls you know who who would necessarily pardon me. Not product and they are quite a bit -- regional balls you can went out -- we -- here at 13 pupil balls. And. Not at that as an exaggeration are not figured your larger point. For Brady a thirty you're probably right in the break your Brady had. Had a career ending injury at thirty with three Super Bowl titles. Yes he probably gets him but if he's. If he wins. Three straight Super Bowls 232445. His career is over three Super Bowl three years. I don't think so and and why we presuming that if Darrell Revis goes down now why -- Take it is him -- the typical career arc of a guy his age. And continues to -- anything colossal level he's -- absolutely the first and a lot of people are mentioning guys -- -- mention. Adam Vinatieri in. And they're going and talking about that -- Wilfork. When I when I mentioned. The patriots not having someone. As Brady's equal an all time great in his prime on defense now at a military obviously I would tell my ticker right so that's out. Is Vince Wilfork and all time great. No. Love Vince Wilfork but an all time great now now now. Probably a patriots all of the primary no no question and answer -- all of Kramer right will recuperate your thought for a week in big guys it is their -- it is all a favor right now. But it -- wanted to -- probably not like I look Richard -- going in into camp although he is you're not attract for a while and then he was Pope -- verdict. 34 defensive end and the patriots system he was ideally suited for it like. You know the hall of fame first of all is meant to be prejudice against defensive guys in general. And also you know you're not you're you're skilled guys your defensive ends in your in your cornerback. 6177797937. As telephone number text does it get like 2379374. Of four coming up top of the hour. We -- this young men to make sure we get while we're talking about hatred we're trying to build up some hatred we're gonna find out where the most hated teams. That any of us have ever thought of during the course of our athletic careers that's for a four top -- the hour. Well it's a lot of challenges it's only things that we need to look at on film breakfast. I don't understand it better. You know both teams were. Great work but also the operation. And stumbled came down here for. -- ballot check loving the work for the Washington Redskins. Although all indications are it's been kind of a one sided fight former quarterback Jim Miller works for serious attempt. Was down there yesterday and apparently at the end of practice and turned to Tom he -- -- -- this has been an actual effect. The company -- evidently via the patriots practice a little different tempo than the Redskins do. Yes former patriot as well. But. But evidently there's a little different tempo going for the patriots from the Redskins and again. Part of that could be you know Jay gruden new coach new staff put in his in his system in place and all that stuff but. From from what I read from a lot of sources not just with Jim Miller said it was pretty one -- You know it. Contrast in styles coaching styles I understand that Jay gruden said temple on the lines of you know we just not really in shape like the patriots are just yet and Mike -- to you know that they have to run more. -- everybody -- -- -- -- run out artists and veterans' graves here and are from the rookie guard coat it and Mike Reese tweeted out a little while ago they'd they'd. Belichick threw his hat as you know -- like at like an official's flag. Over at the Redskins having twelve men on the field on a field goal attempt facility -- so it's a it's differing styles of the one detail oriented guy to work versatile guy just hasn't got his feet wet in the -- yet. They haven't had officials in yet my understanding was. It was going to be tomorrow though the final practice. And it's more of a walk through tomorrow anyway with a game Thursday. But it and it is press briefing this morning Belichick was asked about. The new rules the new contact rules and how it's gonna affect Browner and Revis and and again he he said I have no idea. -- I have no idea what they're caught I have no idea what they're trying to do the new emphasis quote on quote and he's used this line on a couple of vacations. There -- rules in the books now. I mean what is this all about base and I have no idea you're gonna to ask the guys who throw the flags what this -- mean for Russert or anybody else. The war continues -- the work things between Bill Belichick and in the NFL really talking about the commission. Yeah -- at at the commissioner by the way. Has anybody. Has as anybody plummeted in terms of it's perception. More than Roger Goodell think Roger Goodell when he was on the cover of time magazine. For the -- new sheriff in town or something like earth -- make a lot of fans were really excited. About Roger Goodell you know laying down the hammer and here's a guy believes in discipline and he believes. Then you know guys should be held accountable. But I just think with some of these missteps some of his inconsistencies. He really has he really has slipped Arnold he's as he -- already all all the way to four. 'cause women -- the lines Garry Betty I know he did he a couple of Batman. Now Batman still have. But he -- he's a very strong for our right now we get that number about this he's been -- do -- -- you -- I'm delighted I'm not exactly got our number one sport country. And he's the third best commissioner yeah I mean. If you really look at but big picture he's he's got this league doing pretty well over you know -- different teams win every year it's not like well. Yeah it does except for this there's news today that there is even more and more names coming up with -- Genesis scandal move short video of one of those real -- it's about I don't I want all PED's out of the game you you. In point of baseball on say they're doing the most about. I think guys are getting caught the NFL not because. They have their pure as the driven snow I think though that the testing is just got our big guys are getting caught baseball either by the by the testing system Major League Baseball. I mean that's not how -- about Ryan Ryan Ryan Braun got caught. By MLB was able to what a lot of it. And then. He got caught because of -- Genesis you know. A-Rod got caught because the buyout -- is not by well MLB says here's the scariest part of this whole story and and I went back and read. An outside the -- story by TJ Quinn. Evidently they've got records but Tony -- records. A high school kids that he was injecting HGH with Europe and they've got records of high school kids being brought to Bausch. Why their fathers. But golf not target market retreat are yet to -- like we. Look read stories like this and realize that. The guys who -- the really psychotic fathers. And at what winning in the long run if you don't like. Quick look at comedy famous successful people. A total socio paths for dads you know Andre Agassi -- a great example what will my brother was sixteen years old yet and after school job. Run on the scoreboard until the marine and hang them. Got threatened with a beating by a price -- by a player and his father he was the scoreboard operator. That kid went on to a long and successful NHL career. But that's it thoughts like that -- on my stepped is that I can't be that psychotic a ball towards my kids but. Maybe they'd be better off. Maybe oppose that I don't -- -- Tony Bausch and out. They were ready bids billionaire Robert -- well it NS TJ Quinn said earlier today and we reported what TJ Quinn says. The names have been on have been reported out of the DEA. The DEA is going to. Revealed -- new names and there are going to be new suspensions in Major League Baseball may be other sports as well by the way. Bosh was reportedly treating NBA players. Top tennis players I am I forget the list of what it was but everybody's thinking it's baseball players and you're gonna get more suspensions. And you just hope your team is nominal by the way if five you seeing you tomorrow it tells you that the acorn called the technical. Yeah we have phone right TJ Quinn calling is not good. We just get back to that the -- real quick. You get the Phelan as I do that Belichick to vision of what the NFL should be. Is a thousand times better than good -- If what if we don't it's his way. Every time you you think in impure thought about a receiver there's a flag coming out. -- is going to be a team in the London is going to be more games on Thursday nights there's got to be eighteen game schedules like. But he's just not content to sit there on his throne made out of like diamonds and and in precious jams. And just collect his paycheck and not -- the -- feels like every. Waking minute yes to be making up some of the rule that waters down the product. Let's get back to the calls maps on the cell phone hey Matt how you don't. Allow Mac. Hello I go ahead -- and there. I so important so -- That you don't report about it duplicated on the Pakistan so. Didn't Pakistan -- noted patriot. They're looking fairly successful in -- don't -- -- it speaker. I think a lot of people in the -- because they're good. That's not the same nowhere you know maybe maybe for some people that may -- as stiff as simple as. Wedding all the time you wanna -- somebody different. Every year the patriots are in the conversation and always a favorite to win the Super Bowl but there always comfortable conversation and maybe that's going to some people. Sure because they want thirteen to be -- They don't become grating in -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't reporter are very -- marine named Mike -- -- -- -- -- As patriots fan and Patrick the Pakistan and you get -- patriots then. We didn't -- We got to bring -- Top three quarterback great for many many years until we see computer could be average to below average starter and Europe now who could start. Which -- well he talks could work so you specific content mobile quarterback where they won't see it worker there. I mean look I I I think it's just more likely that Mike may not cop crime -- and in a good segment. Or maybe just looking for themselves like our guys -- his passes but I like his footwork or. At least he understands who. You know what what is is being done to him and he couldn't diagnose anything before maybe if -- -- -- the progress. That Ryan mallet has made since his rookie year I don't know. You know I I don't know what this Diana Murray received years she's an NBC Washington she just tweeted out. Right now it is really good he's the next Bryant we're coming out of pre school quarterbacks. It's a it's a ground swell its and that it's our grassroots and where they drive anywhere yes that'll get. Ryan mallet and that sort art I don't know I don't know who she she's a reporter from Washington until -- at practice and. And at everyone goes down there as loud or running -- Mike may Oxfam yesterday and open and has decided to go back. I the bell there on Nazi unit but I'm not gonna argue with their vision Steve's in Waltham hasty -- you know. -- -- -- -- Not too much got to work come. -- question for you guys. One you know I think our -- -- and pumped roll out you know lot shorter passes and it -- -- wondering out I don't think it's going to be this need and I'm wondering. That you guys think that. The long ball is more exciting to watch from. Prepared. Don't -- I mean I think it's more exciting for fans but it's awfully low percentage pass. So -- across the board across the board you don't see any team's doing it now it did. It in the seventies and early eighties and surprise surprise -- like completion percentages are higher now. And they were then you come out really good quarterbacks. In the in the seventies and early eighties completing 58% of their passes 61 pursue their passes. Tom Brady completed 60% of his passes last year toward -- neighborhood and yeah reports what was wrong with. I mean what what Peyton Manning complete last year seventy. Boasts a seven -- Drew Brees. You know high fixed fees low seventies. At this point so I think I think a lot of teams look at and say look at great. You can take a shot and every team wants to -- shot. Two or three times during the game if not for five. But you understand it's called a shot for a reason it's hard. And and I've heard. You know that Belichick has been quoted as -- as quarterbacks before. You're never gonna walk off the field saying I lost the game because they threw that incompletion. You know it's a -- taking care of the ball and if you if you're gonna throw incomplete make it with nobody can intercepted and long balls by their nature are very dangerous. 6177797937. -- telephone number. Text us if you'd like it 37937. We will figure out and then we get one of these separate things again. I don't know who -- choices work. Michael's choices they don't know mine are noted -- stole -- she's got -- -- -- all right well I didn't know exactly what she's the them are for most hated teams of all time. Not necessarily buy sport not the most hated hockey team or basketball team but before most hated teams for us all time. We'll tell you who they are top of the hour Sports Radio WB. You know this whole -- -- Tom Brady have been. A lock for the Super Bowl at the age of thirty of his career -- branded with the age -- L hall of fame program at the age thirty and Michael says no brainer. Several others do as well I've got a Twitter follow where those who brings up an interesting point. Brady's career ends on his thirtieth birthday. Thing. At least. Question of whether he'd be in the hall of Famer and what waiter but he finished our department is thirtieth brown that's not Arafat there exercise all know that Crist has six months after -- thirtieth birthday. You go sixteen and all pros and I doubt about it now known known at all -- After the 2007 season. He's thirty years old after 2007 season where does he stand as he hall of Famer no question you've got three Super Bowl titles. You've got an undefeated regular season. It got almost 200 touchdown passes. Against. Certainly something interceptions. He's the league MVP. He's a two time Super Bowl MVP no doubt. But I can't make at -- fact. Is -- a mama's house page and -- fifteen minutes away from there not a problem. We got -- but the point that the follow where was making wise. On its thirtieth birthday he had not yet been an undefeated at quarterback with fifty touchdown passes in a season and they that's certainly locked it and -- that's better. -- today at what age did he have the unanimous MVP which at -- that was that was that was here. I know the 2011. Season I believe was -- he said he said more I think yet is higher. The second highest passer rating by news Sports Illustrated sportsman of the year I think that your only confuse -- -- -- 2001 I don't know I don't -- -- -- undefeated season he was the and how to remedy it that's the argument against having that some pretty. Technical. And copy editor argument. You know you've got to common in the wrong place -- -- We'll know. To take the year before the 2007. Season he took them to they AFC championship game and put up 32 points. With Reche Caldwell. To Barbara -- Gaffney. Was as tight and short brown toward the end. -- Troy Brown what's with all the respect Detroit is kind of it at the end of the line and say yeah it was like here it was this last decent season because in 2007 pretty much are redshirt him but he belongs in the hall of fame just for that. -- and nine I made this point yesterday we were talking about this. And and I saw were ESPN -- the staff this morning Tom Brady last year. Threw more passes to rookie wide receivers that at any point in his career and impact last year. Through 35. More passes. Told rookie wide receivers than any quarterback in the NFL. I mean if you do talk about his production being off last year and it wants it wants. Well there's something going on their beyond whether Tom Brady could still play the game or not. Positively say they -- the latest is it this is called -- A lob dietary a young Perry -- don't carry Florida very pago hardly. In jail thrown your -- going well right -- it makes up for the fact that a little while ago he said in your opinion -- he's not the best quarterback in in the league and I started to get the vapors. What they do so we're we're we're -- do you believe it's about quarter economic right now you're positive you're. Don't better than paid -- you're truly believe that right now that right now the way he's fine. Tom Brady is the best quarterback -- last year that. Peyton Manning was played he was dealt the full house and Brady would went on here when you -- -- -- out I -- -- he was when a pot with a pair of sixes. That they completely re booted -- the receiving corps. I'm not gonna argue that they can put any talent and -- because it did but none of those guys with the exception of Julian Edelman. Could stay healthy and still they have the third most points in the NFL. Now with all the respect to the rest of the offense that wasn't because of Matthew Mulligan or the -- of Michael Coleman -- do we that was on break. With. By the heat -- The -- The states. On a combat with a minute 31 left -- no timeouts throwing -- the Austin Collie. Who the week before we sit at home there's not another quarterback. Including Peyton -- that -- done the things that Brady did with the tools he had to work with an offering colleagues to play with Peyton Manning just -- of -- up a buyout for concussion but you know I think exactly. Ethernet if you try to and I are -- college. He thought the game winning touchdown to Kevin Brown several targets an undrafted free agent. -- -- Was a seventh around career college quarterback. He got a 105 catches and over a thousand yards off of me I don't airport -- have to be all that so I give you what he did last year. But what was what was presented to them. Was pretty impressive. And having the team did overall Brady and the team got a pretty good job in the AFC championship game -- You have to say. That the quarterback who was playing at the highest level most consistent quarterback all your -- I'm putting thirteen was picked me last year was I don't I love Tom Brady will not as much as you've got to lock and -- -- -- and it. But last year Peyton Manning was without -- government out of my door -- well -- -- -- -- of the Amazon -- until the end and borderline illegal like -- But -- but I would. It switched those two. And put him on Denver. And. I -- say they win the championship if if not going to feed put Brady in that system with that team. -- in Britain and that's fine but its ultimate. Totally different different discussion. And a top Peyton Manning was on that team. And did play the best in the NFL. And -- set the record yes if Tom Brady was quarterback of that team. He -- really good to it -- -- I mean I can't argue this on paper but with all the extenuating circumstances look at -- that season. That he got that team that. To twelve and war as they were constituted with the with the amount of injuries they had that at -- another quarterback in the league doesn't make the playoffs. Maybe anybody -- right now and Drew -- name one and Brady took into the championship. Are your hero right now is in Washington so you know you don't have to worry about given troubling them about the which in the position we're gonna have to criticize somebody. And they're either professor William Belichick or or her Tom Brady your Bob -- somebody you sorry -- Democrat. Strapped why must you make me do this yards and a benefit of all the things you say about Tom Brady your true. Think Tom Brady has this office the -- of the offense in the and the weapons that Peyton Manning has. Natalie would be. Go undefeated they would win the championship if he had that OK so why wouldn't. Bill Belichick do it I would go get them why why would bill why would Bill Belichick spent 81 round pick the route at at any point Tom Brady's career and a receiver he's never done it. If it's that obvious. That Tom Brady needs these weapons. For the team to be great why hasn't Bilbao. I know I disagree that you need. To draft a receiver in the first round. It in order today to meet your premise what don't what don't what went on to donate on Peyton Manning for having first -- I -- that that that is a factor now I reject this premise that's kind of been healthier for the last year or so that they did nothing with the receiving -- last year on the contrary they they -- -- -- -- and I think that was necessary but. They spent a second round pick Aaron dobbs now that. Receiver is the riskiest pick in in all of football the last factor on first round picks is off the charts at that position. It's about a second round of the spent a fourth rounder and Josh Boyce there were two receivers that it on the free agent market that work. The deal leaked desirable ones that have won one of what was Welker the other it was Emmett -- that they got. Now it it -- it as it happens. None of the guys are just mentioned stay healthy for you nor did -- he won't do it very -- the regular -- right Kodak. I was hurt and I had a front I don't care and we know -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- they did in fact reported give me those guys healthy -- give me -- healthier but -- healthy coast you'll. Right -- great point you just stick with it the point you said was. -- -- that would Peyton Manning has had like I did I just -- Denver but you go back to go back to Indianapolis that was -- first round pick Reggie Wayne first round pick Marvin Harrison first round pick. That helped tilt of a diet for trumpet Edgerrin James first round pick would -- That the various Thomas was a first round pick Eric Decker wasn't a pretty good player. It Wes Welker wasn't a for profit but if you look at his production they got him from New England they did. They did surround their quarterback with all of the available weapons. And the patriot that. Are these the smooch fest has got to come in and expect when we come back we're gonna embrace the hate embrace that hey we're gonna embrace the hate. The most hated teams all our lifetime is coming up next.

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