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Three For All: One Night Stand Sleepovers, 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

Broken phones are a modern-day tragedy. Christian and Lou smuggle food and drinks into the movies. Also, MFB discusses protocol and etiquette for one night stands, sleepovers, and cuddling.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man -- at least three or wrong. Number 30 yeah I kind of 33 overall venture. It's 34 -- on these days with him -- beat. On the days than it beats him as the Maloney Christian warriors brought to us by deposit ballot instruction needed new roof. -- -- -- -- They've got you covered this or take all -- things are initially sportsmen and we throw them on the one big group recalled the referral. I'll start off Christian like could not identify with you yesterday we're speaking about you getting rooms for your luggage. Not just for yourself for getting your own hotel room for your life that's not true. That's not true that's the way -- and Carolina we just never made it back to the room so the luggage they ended up being the net gets. Okay round -- way I can identify with you and your sob story you gave us a couple weeks ago when he cracked the face yourself -- out and you mentioned how it hurt your insides to know how attached you were to phone -- depressed you war. When your cell phone went completely on extending up to me -- telephone wet. And this sort of rising despair. That I had my cell phone went down yeah okay -- -- the pay more for new cellphone. But still -- I felt so detached from the world for about. Sixteen hours. Don't you hate that you had a loud there's going to be that you -- myself yeah you're you're you're depending on that phone. That basically your entire life and -- -- is on my phone I wanna pick cracked my phone. Did you know was such a pain in the -- I hate. The worst experience -- -- to like it ATP are Verizon store. Tried to switch all your information and get the ball and get -- in trying to -- rapid data plans mean is insane it's like it's that I never wanna do it again I jacket before. I'm on cloud of 50 I am now I need evidence that we heard there -- a couple tabs but I did allowed to be on the on the cloud is that no. They are then that's it works because they pictures elusive and that was photos we lose a formally -- for five years ago these days will be easier. Biffle five years as well and you know and he -- -- that mass email whenever right need to phone numbers only Nestle. But you know yield below fifty phone numbers and he just -- forever. Guys you know whatever that exists that's it does like John masters and Oakland mayor now do you -- to you if you do you. -- do you know any numbers by heart how do you number how many phone numbers you know by heart and my. The hopeful -- grew up in my prayers and it's the same numbers at me and my wife's. -- how much -- -- my wife's and I know about three or four brands and I know like radio. The radio station number -- you say like fifty times we get excellence of its seventh and I. 02 phone numbers but it. Now I don't know anyone idol guy who he he doesn't you know the generals I don't -- I know my parents right grow and my aunts. And I don't know any my -- -- or my heart which is a terrible thing I should know their numbers by heart I don't know that's a lot of numbers now. For you as a lot of numbers to keep should remember there was a time you just. Yet no choice but to it to memorize the numbers are just because I had you know via a little black book or something like that but you know. It's difficult -- spirit. Uploading things the cloud sex tape is one of the few movies out there this year that intrigued me for. Five minutes to go see and then I thought to myself I don't wanna see that one what it's out of you want to bring -- movies I did because they were gonna come station before the show we're talking about movies and they go to see movies or thought ma -- my son sabbatical and he's got decent actually love likes movies you know and everything's clearly draw the dates of times out of one of Milo pocket and not go to the movies with me -- most. Tickets -- smuggling food into the movie theater Christian ticket to a level -- This is only out Mike educated we go all the time but we'll go to the store before hand but to their friends are we go to Wal-Mart to get an update package but it two point one we -- candy we -- everything musical we get -- -- like one big box of popcorn -- -- sick as my pockets of stacked and I've got everything you -- and all of this regrettable we theater. Several ballots but -- mode of trying to I don't try to. Yes movie it just listen good in your pants IBM (WSJ) -- -- pockets yes got the height you bring us a better and a box of candy. I believe -- Mike I I I have like -- -- have like five I'd like a ski jacket we have zippers all over the place but Michael Patrick movers here you know some rays and it's over here Davis Snickers bar and maybe -- up. You know some sour patch kids as a. Okay is located smuggle food to -- -- yet the same candy that they big base all right separate that. My -- you know being elected to elect officially this -- delete those things. But not -- there -- eats. So every little snack well I I I don't I don't think that they are actually selling. -- hook -- -- and I'll still buy pop up still buy popcorn. About big giant in the handles little little little bags you can individually did you know his back so you end up for the kids open the popcorn. So I'm gonna regulated I'm gonna make sure -- did you eat which happened would you get more and you can -- get a drink or not. Sneak it in this movie did -- to Lou with like the army Petit canceled speaks movie in one in the right side pocket. Like -- real slow so let's move to us launch of -- bill. -- -- -- -- -- They're about like four inches long the container like it to which is why. Do you look score top to call OK so you gotta go to McDonald's again like a smooth jump out all -- star Michael -- bring up from home yeah I had these -- do it. No other conversation we have was shot of regular -- allegedly bullied theatre library I thought I. Public how I grew up the hamburger. Put another conversation at ocean Andrea and I look up things are you smugglers are you guys do you consider yourself a smuggler was not yet okay the question is exactly you guys are -- back when you -- you know while -- you don't inaugural. If you did hook up somebody okay out of one night stands. Were you that type person that needed to leave right away. Or would you. Let's say US somebody's house but would you knowledge and it would trying to gather right away -- -- you had somebody at your house would you try to take them out non -- but why would you state. Because it's late and I don't wanna -- you know he's drunk you're not yet you don't know anything about this person and I don't know what you're talking about as far as took a one nights yeah you're right and his ought to galleries over. And you have to be completely wiped out -- one night stand and not how -- -- into -- over one night -- sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm tired. By the end of it appears that they so you'll hook up with somebody like yours for the night in their place you have no idea where the you don't mind I mean other needs him. You meet them out late late at night it's 1 o'clock you're desperate by some -- -- ball up a bar stool yes they had let's go you don't know anything about their house you don't know about me they have. Maybe have kids at a crazy roommate maybe they have a boyfriend who just can't let it go. Laid out -- into -- deep Rem sleep. And being in a complete born plays and you're OK with that yeah easy you could sleep. Yes -- it's a road game. But he just wake up early on if you're on the road. He's got to wake up early it go now would you be okay -- OK -- -- place that nobody -- replacement helmets hope it was a little -- Writes I don't want embryo back. But you're not so hot -- believe yeah -- get invites hands you know you but you have you can canceling you have to make him like you have something to do that and exploited to. I've I have a -- single in his forties -- -- doing this for years and I asked them like how do you how do you like isn't it accomplish their awkwardness about the whole situation. Measured in August is it okay yeah. -- that's awkward but you at least right. What did you don't know him. Note -- him. They could easily they can wait beat up falsely grab all your stuff stealing your heart you read what I have my knowledge that was worth stealing. She -- -- -- -- out of college maybe you have you have a job your year on the radio in Ohio -- you would Kirk herb street yeah now I don't know pay to play college football cricket. Six 77797. I didn't all of it's only road they respect you as you get jacked up beautifully well we'll get to Boris upon further review humble little girl game maybe I'll reconsider where the presidency -- yeah trust on the night you babe in the woods. Our opener for Mike -- out in the 1 o'clock hour he's done talking to Bill Belichick and double talk about future NFL starting quarterback Ryan mallet and more and presented via.

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