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Tom Curran, CSNNE, reports from D.C. 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

CSNNE's Tom Curran joins MFB to refute the point that the optimism surrounding Patriots training camp is too high. Although,he does throw a little cold water on Mike Mayock's opinion of back-up QB Ryan Mallett.

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It's I -- you know completely dominant Brady was unbelievable we dialed in the attempt -- the accuracy of the passion that he showed really impressed -- At least they have provisions operate the offense this good Julian Edelman has continued to be terrific I I don't know -- the improbable it's clear this -- a completely different. Defensive line I thought they were a handful angrily at best they can't today -- -- Revis shut everybody down -- man handle it. The Redskins clearly likes the fact Tom Brady was on their field today in the animated comic -- Guess -- -- -- tells me last night that Comcast is so they open up Comcast sports tonight so Tom from not Comcast and CS NNE dot com joins us right now as we get ready or more Redskins patriots in the pre season but really. Let's just fast forward to the Super Bowl because. Guys they're going sixty you know there's nothing wrong with the during the patriots. We can't find a thing to complain about right Tom everything is perfect. And yeah. Prepared today I actually did at the end the last segment except. Moral and find something Darrelle Revis is doing. -- horribly bad because I'm sick a couple of hours every day and they're not perfect he has because it seemed impossible. -- I mean what they end up being artillery you guys want to practice so the wider I don't know what they'll look at -- what ends up happening years. The patriots are going against -- -- -- Philadelphia last year with a new head coach in your system. They -- caught completely actually yesterday's record or. It's a bit better performance for. -- program agreement and has a tendency to shine a light on developing programs make them what effect could it in the first -- -- -- -- Tommy have you seen payroll what has been a source under house office like Neitzel they're already got beat. A couple of guys by Orakpo. A little speed up to -- have you been able to pay attention off of the -- on another receivers and right back at the sexy watch right. What about off until -- It's the sexual activities he watched hero because we're at ground level and millions or man. Really difficult to discern get a night Robert did but I think. Third they're really going to be telling -- In terms of trying to see what it globally Hammel has been able to establish Fiat -- -- because that interior up at the line. It certainly want to ask you know. Rushed up and brought up because they weren't a lot cooler at the end of 2000. And thirteen so that what -- -- -- but you'll really it would it would be kicked out I'm like Richard I thought the vote you sit. Cole currently individual drills and and how the -- -- that we contribute and that even here it's hard to ultra left apple again. I'll go out structural play Iraq voted to keep -- hippie couple. Now was it just to do with Revis and DeSean Jackson last year went to leave messed up or cricket talk -- -- bad matchup fertility you know wrong type wide receiver. It -- a problem for Revis but a lot of that talk Tom. Him lining up strictly on the left side and Browner saying you know I am a writes I corn that's what I didn't Seattle is going to be that we saw last year with the league doing this but then following guys in their regular seasonal they line up left and right side. I think it going to be game plan literally probably expect to what will be interesting operate -- Broderick is in want to consult with -- right side corner. Amber we're going anywhere else to say well just say -- -- What you still there watch Logan -- -- -- to a better place position because I have routers on the position. Here it is let me in the NFL. To say I only do that. And a victory at the game plan situation and say. We want readers to cover -- -- Lack of veterans since last year patriots have to leave it to trial clear route because he was small -- guy on the Miami got up at that point. They -- -- -- that article I don't look up that's what I don't think Britain and congress could not. The -- that he's gotten. Say yeah I don't do so I think he'll be very much in and I wouldn't -- We both Tom -- of the -- up there. I know they don't and I think the that there anticipated today practiced and who won 35. I think they'll be out there today but that's that's a great question oh -- you finished what he'll eat it would. Bought just -- -- emphasis on the on the defense of holding especially when Browner in Revis you know that that's been their strong suit especially Browner I'm curious to know. How the -- -- gonna call it in practice and what these guys the patriots how much of -- trying to get away with and you know and that seems to be where the tests and this is gonna come from. It's exactly right and I don't want to rest yesterday. It took the picture -- -- -- the jaw -- especially their smaller -- have to do this because of their lack I -- that our -- -- at the end of the world. And Beck create that separation is just saw we would that are doing that yesterday. With Andre Roberts. Are part of at the end -- -- that can be a penalty down field because it's seemed innocuous like that plated. They're not called and fighting in addition oppressed I think the picture clean up the table and -- that I. That's immediate going to be with 45 yard penalty and let go -- watched Thursday night. -- Caroline is here and I threw seven WB I'd tell wanna go back to register at the very -- -- -- report what you see because I empathize I have been in that situation are coming off of the Super Bowl team division winning team you see a lot of good stuff in training camp but there are a lot of negatives to report. But were I'm going with this line of questioning is the standard prediction of eleven to twelve wins when the division. At least the second best team in the AFC have you seen enough positive so far that you're thinking that those kind of predictions may actually be. -- -- Yes I -- -- -- maybe to do that Kim Miller a double play with. Christian. In the early 2000 here yesterday and he was in the program. At New England but he works here six. Very well -- Not reactionary. She came -- and meet with status. -- -- what I just watched. And again I think a lot of you program in place New England in the intensity of their training camp practices that we're just getting going. But it was that upside you know so much crap happens to have. Between now and the regular season not -- what the -- been very fortunate injury wise. But thinking it wouldn't get hurt. It won't -- they Alitalia. It obviously won't tell you must aren't. -- -- yet but it's just what that some spots so you never know what can happen that can intervene. On that. -- status. Yet -- castles big time last year especially you know same situation in Philadelphia we're talking about it last year. They're just kicking the living tar out of Philadelphia Eagles the games are the -- on the ball six straight times scored touchdowns. Measured up to John Jackson. Takes it past. From Michael Vick and scores -- sent on to lead. -- going over to the running back situation. What's a realistic opportunity for James -- to push Steven -- for that starting role is that even a possibility. I think he's too small. I think he's too small to be a league that I think he is a compliment. Support for the guys but I think -- first and second down Lester and spread and change what -- on -- for a top eight Woodward or firewire out yesterday. But I think it's even though we're going to be the de facto running that on first second -- now -- -- any way to get get. -- certainly many times. As the bat -- first second album and -- to spread and they think that the -- is OKQ can door open for the second outcry he can be a little bit like Serena. Which you would he can do so far he hasn't disappointed but I would still say -- absolutely good track still our number one backed by those around him. -- -- -- -- It's dumb Mike Mayo was talking about Ryan -- yes they city popped it popping out there and -- -- Douglas break -- to move the ball be popping a lot and totally different I got -- -- in the same Ryan mallet that Mike Maddux in. I collect them like yesterday so likeable lot and we're also very from a group -- -- check. -- Appraisal first of -- about words. Here's another Ryan mallet that bomb hit the heartbeat late on deliveries. Windows quoting an end. Com. Open receivers that's including in the -- -- -- -- if you can't. It's intricate guy and a one on one communal. You won't want I want -- know he's gonna do generally. All I'm away at got to get -- -- -- so. That's the biggest problem now it's 61017. On seven it's what all it was a very right now today. Lectured lectured at. One -- thing that Mike may not happen the World Cup. And he had on ballot during some of the better -- sitting out. That's why -- I look at somebody L -- so do you trust me or did you connect still. And he didn't do -- or. There's a market that the Bill Belichick is desirous of a market being created but right now what he would like bailout Bill Belichick close. It might that a little bit backstretch. Well that about it -- that would that would mean that drop below if that it would be the case. Use from the drop -- has an opportunity that number two role which I think it is way too premature for him. It is but you've -- -- more about it -- previously. You know Brian Hoyer. You know castle earlier on the they would quarterback Bryant we're here to tell me. When it gets a quarterback Ryan -- or undrafted. Right now. Bryant or rewritten -- -- at a Michigan State. I remember correctly -- a lot better than him to -- or does right now I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of public capital followed place at the patriots get an offer from now for instance. If -- create something. Then they'll be able depending upon the offer. What they don't they're great people might think -- This so -- opened an option for such that I opposite it can beat -- may not. We're really just trying to Alter. The value to a quiet ballot there. The next step would be not to kill him but to get an offer or in the C that's equitable. Not thanks a lot for coming on really appreciated and police are on got to say something bad happens let us now look at. Sort of thought how are all right you know I think you I -- it adds -- -- -- from CS and any -- on bank Comcast joining us.

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