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Patriots and Bruins among the most-hated teams in the country and internationally, 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

MFB take a look at some of the "Hate-Maps" that have surfaced recently. The Bruins seem to be hated the most domestically, AND around the world. Patriot hate is strong in Asia and South America. MFB and the callers try to posit some theories as to why these trends have developed.

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11 o'clock hour to -- them lawmakers euphoria. So you go to DC -- rich. Go to Richmond Richmond -- or go to Richmond. They're gonna walk through tomorrow glorified walk through and then we're -- somewhere like him. Ball -- -- -- like two and a half hours on them not exactly sure where we're going like a secret mission also an aura. Strange for a minute and half hour practice away from them. You completely disparate -- ball boy you know because I don't why the Redskins usually practice. In Ashburn Virginia where there complexes a -- You know why -- went to return maybe it's the new coach situation but -- -- the practice front they're the recently. Yet too big fields big -- turf field metres and from there for all the teams. I'm not sure about that we're missing the mere days anybody -- aroused and now. Equipment guy hated -- guy hey he hit my time in Washington the most dysfunctional why you hate Washington DC so much. Only Washington DC. I hated the Washington Redskins experience as what I hated Joseph gives as a head coach who had no clue what was going on nine whatsoever. You think about these teams these storied teams okay. Washington Redskins Redskins Oakland Raiders a Pittsburgh Steelers. You know the giants are teams I just have a history of success and just have been there for a longer time. The Redskins. I river rolling up and getting all excited about being played for the Washington residents playing for Joseph gives -- here's another Super Bowl winning a coach I can learn from. Sit in the very first wrote I never did ever in my life -- -- -- soak all this information and I'm not believing I'm trying to as much information as I can. After literally two minutes I've realized he had no clue what you're talking about like nine. No clue whatsoever did know how to address the team didn't know how to manage manage -- a practice. And the farther we wanted to season. Read the more I even more -- he had no idea how to game managed situation all you know developments they came up you know what what missiles to do. It is it is didn't get it. They get it and it kind of lose its way into the locker room and it was a night. Marriage so you notice is blasphemous to stand to say in Washington right to smoke I get it out now I mean we're gonna let businesses I mean can call in the Washington Redskins I mean that's our view Chris I sat. What do you think for years ago that I -- it almost felt -- just. And -- didn't. Why don't make you more popular Washington because they wanna keep the name that. Seems yes and I were probably you know men don't wanna put on -- team but say bad things about Joseph Gibbs does Huckabee go sacrilege. Or else if I gave you hate. -- you know -- days. Say in Wall Street greed is good while I think eight is good in sports you need heat in sports don't have hate sports you don't have rivalries if you don't have rivalries that you don't have. On. So credit. -- published this list of hate maps we've got them all posted in the -- days with -- -- page -- three and two attendance WEEI. And we've got the NFL one print out we've got ourselves the NHL one Major League Baseball an NHL one for each team. We -- and got some continent by continent not just state by state the continent by continent a Christian you're saying you're coloring your own heat map. You'd color Burgundy and gold for the Redskins more than any other team. I mean. Sure yes yes on the team that played with on a personal level you would. What are you surprised. To see where the patriots have come up as the most hated team in the NFL. And are you surprised to see how many people internationally. Despise the patriots. There's there's I'm not. You're not not not -- I'm surprised it's not war actually at least on the national because I'd define easily capable. We're just talking about -- during the commercial. I define easily treatable based largely on the states that have no. Rooting interest that are utterly in depend had no team that don't have an end and inherent rival. And if your. A globally disliked team or nationally disliked team like we've -- year for the Yankees are for the patriots. You're gonna crop up in those states like for instance. I don't know what's at a place like you to all it does -- NFL team. Or a place like Alabama and al-Qaeda Nevada that don't have an NFL team that's what but the patriots were pop up more. About a patriots -- public that this maps and well. We're not as hated as we used to. I'll be right now what we're we have we have three right if New York which you figure right Indiana. Makes sense does make sense. In Florida. Miami Dolphins right so you've got you know -- division covered and you arrival for all those years in Indiana. In Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts so I'm kind of surprised that. I'm an Atlanta Falcons are heated in the south in Mississippi and then Louisiana. And we go global and -- instincts Atlanta I don't make sense that it that some of these rivals like that Philadelphia in taxes yet it. You know I get a Oklahoma Texas practice Philadelphia it's cowboys doubts. Tell you -- rivals but it is kind of interesting I mean we go to the the be confident map. That's the most hated team in the United States since it does the 49ers. What does what does Australia have against San Francisco 49ers yeah I just -- -- I -- I Australia pay the 49 out of all the teams. -- -- The 49 African hits the cowboys Asia and South America hate the patriots because Tom Dayton does marry did you sell us right in the middle America they don't like it yes South America is still that most of South America that -- they don't like Tom Brady can be married to Zell took those Brazilian man out there at Wright State. Store. What -- the Baltimore Ravens all of Europe -- mountain out of Europe like the ball -- I've got a theory there. Okay why would they hit the ball Marie Steelers in the most popular team in Europe. As soon. Based on. Their Jersey sales. Back the Dan Rooney was the ambassador to Ireland -- on the city's sales for the one in Asia. The patriots most hated team in Asia I don't know about the Asian hatred for the patriots John -- Asia. Asia all of Asia yeah now and not Japan. -- related -- So I want to ask Q did you ever play again and he -- manager in Asia. No none none none Japan. Asia Japan and -- A different way it did to us of the skull and -- pilot is really. 8 December has got forty niners I mean I used to -- -- penal -- right I mean maybe that's basically the raiders. So they should -- why. Because once -- big eye catching -- I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- like a logical you know I well is it it's more logical than say in the San Francisco 49ers eight. I mean -- Australia he took forty niners. I was go to baseball here over the Red Sox crop up. I guess predictably in New York is the most hated team -- Salem Missouri most hated team makes perfect sense because the cardinals last year. -- we were surprised by. Because I figured there'd be lots of Red Sox won -- birds that went down snow birds that went down to Florida because of Tampa has Tampa I guess -- mores the other -- yet this. I don't know I don't know is it looked kind of it's far I think hated in Louisiana what is Louisiana I don't get it that it that it's a sand that's it. Open to the Australia in the Sam says forty niners because an acute sense. I felt people Louisiana love everybody they lived eat you know they have the -- -- level party might Robby come out there. Christian -- you and I both found the hate map for hockey very interesting because we are surprised how many places hated the Bruins that really have nothing to do with pockets -- what I was talking about we look at states that really don't have a rooting interest. Nevada most -- team Bruins. New Mexico most hated team we -- again. Louisiana still hates Boston market ruins our society and yes in Washington. -- the whole self. Except for some reason Alabama doesn't like economics Alabama hates the conducts but there's -- line of doesn't like the Bruins Alabama its conduct but do we really get the -- the kind of stump the Saul yeah address and Ralston Eisner has thus the the world confidence most hated NHL team this is -- -- -- content now. The Bruins are the most team in the world apparently the -- are the most hated you love America Europe Asia and Australia. -- Trulia yes. But Africans voted at all of that was gonna have to really opens though that. Africa's most hated NHL team. It's the Winnipeg jets. Yeah in some can somebody. Help me out there six. And 7779793. Said -- tried to figure this out the three of us collectively have not been able to come up with a one logical reason why. Africa would now and what they -- at least it does all of Southern California he seems. I mean Saturday sharks took him maybe but. Why it would I think they're more supports now -- -- is our other cities in California that don't like Los Angeles. Like Anaheim. -- like you know you have those and I say no to your theory you have those teams those states that don't really have a team I don't really have a vesting you know emotional I guess. I didn't interest to a team. Nevada. New Mexico they're gonna pick the most popular team to heat. There gonna pick the during the they're gonna pick. The Boston -- gonna pick the Boston. The Red Sox this mean what do you know about whom. -- -- witness -- you see on TV yeah yeah it was it was constantly bestowed the and it caught the HO Stan. Actually you know let the bruins' most hated team in the world apparently South America is much real. And Africa is the Winnipeg jets everyone else in the world he's the Bruins apparently but. It's up America gets macho but Africa. Why is Africa hate the Winnipeg jets no one hates the Celtics anymore nobody came out a big -- I mean honestly you know what actually hold on for a second worst thing that it passes -- -- it registered Georgia. What a big -- anywhere and -- pentagon yet they don't register not only because they left Atlanta so is looking now to see if knows the Bruins have Bruins are happy they laughed. At me. How would oppose it to help new England's. Or span -- -- -- accidents while it's located abroad now I don't all of it nobody knows that answer bodily I noticed challenged anyone to give me -- Realistic answer actually make something up text -- seven knighted resentment. But for all of the local. Teams are right have you grown up in this region. And you go outside of new England and easy avenue and sports and while Boston sports fan. What team engenders the most negative response the Bruins the pats the Red Sox when the Celtics apparently don't even know it does not exist anymore based on no lack of reaction is no green anywhere. On this -- okay. But wolf when you go to bass -- I would get patriots because of all the topics we discussed before -- spy gate and -- Hold on K because you hit him on the celtics' -- obviously when you go to basketball most MBT news. And the United States obviously. Washington hates Oklahoma thunder -- -- they would they would never left that that's the response -- -- left Seattle. But so Los Angeles Lakers and heat pretty much dominate most teacher right. But sure enough the clippers are represented its. Game what does that Mississippi. -- well we take some recent when Alabama ended. Discussion Tennessee yeah. Like why the clippers again that the Winnipeg Donald Sterling -- Okay relayed that extra presents. Presents at Mississippi. Like author. Existing -- and obviously. Well I would -- like a reactor what do you think. About this which of the four teams here locally. Ought to get to people's reaction when you go outside of New England which team. Inspires the most negative reaction when you see your new England sports fan of before Boston area professional teams. Which one gets people the most angry about the new rocket fire up. Other fans and other places that will be nationally internationally out of the patriots I think it was the patriots but according to this map it's the bruins'. According to lose the national or international reaction especially in the national reactions the Bruins that are more widely disliked. In the past 61777979837. -- -- text from Winnipeg and access to more -- hole I can agree on every app. Just at the records. Trying to that's most important thing go to bud gym in Sarasota Jim do you have a theory for us. All I get a huge period for you guys give you a clue it's the former coach of the jets. They guy that's -- lots of video and calls he's the one that. Created the whole thing called -- you know made everybody's secret cheaters and all that. I wouldn't Sarasota I've been not hit since 98 I was raised them are still -- And down. I yeah I hear it every day there which leaders from the sports station down here in tackles. Is commentator for the station -- former Tampa Bay. Buccaneer slash Philadelphia Eagles guys' defense that got. Well that's what I'm saying I mean I think that a opinion exists internationally. And Christian I got into -- a couple weeks ago on this topic about how pervasive it is outside New England at the spy gate -- still hangs over the patriots -- And now I'm I'm I'm surprised even see the Bruins come close to sniffing the patriots in this regard I would think -- be a much wider distance between the pats in the Bruins an -- -- naked maybe hockey is more international sport. As opposed to football where I mean they're they're trying to reach out to different countries but really hockey everybody's point hockey. And most of these countries mean field in the Olympics and has we just had the Olympics and it is more I answer that I mean. -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh epic fan broached the topic I -- growth nationally you mean like across the world the Pittsburgh reaction to it is. Because it's a rival right now I'm in the but not past what 45 years you've seen Boston towards the top of the standings in their division Pittsburgh towards stop. Top the standings in their division so there are battling the Eastern Conference championship a couple of years ago I just think those are two good teams relatively close to one another I just think it's a timely rivalry. For Pittsburgh I can't explain why there. In Nevada hello you don't want to -- a -- -- -- lists the city here's the budget NHL teams right okay. -- you hate the most plummeted Nevada is very transient people moving in and out of their left and right. And a lot international people who probably me either do or don't know anything about the sport. And it is picked the most recognizable team. Yeah it was more recognizable in the range of red wings as the city thing as well. I mean if you're out somewhere else conceal what what he's going to keep Boston. Because against the patriots and the Bruins -- the Red Sox had their general and everybody the Celtics -- to create and MBA Celtics are rock parlance. The patriots baseball Red Sox. They've the last 1012 years whatever it is fifteen years they want -- championships oh I just hate everybody from Boston went to. Nationally I think it's changed a lot with the Red Sox don't you after they've -- -- -- know -- less likable. I think they're less likable now because. They've won three times in ten years so obviously people are jealous -- B now its pop your chest out as opposed to -- the lovable losers they keep coming so close and eventually. Flaming out. Prior to 2004. I think like the perception of Red Sox fans -- changed a lot to. I would think that the patriots the Red Sox would engender a lot more negative reaction the Bruins ever would but again recordable world looking at. A lot more about the Bruins like you submitted more recognizable but. On of the bullets especially this just the states that is the states -- you're looking at hockey right now. And the whole Winnipeg jets thing in Africa that that'll I'll never figure that out. But you know just going to the book we're going to football wickedness. How to get to these these numbers anyway it's a -- what we pulling people we like a cold calling people are we grabbing him on the street. War I don't know. A small village. In Africa and it just doesn't like the jets went objects that one village that's one of the value of the -- It doesn't like the Winnipeg jets let's go to bill and New Hampshire bill which team locally do you think brings out the most negative reaction. From other places. The patriots. And -- about South Park is not that they've -- in Tampa Bay and good entry is. Carolina has been coming up so you -- in the -- it to be either number one hated him. Yeah I would also brazile and that's why I'm surprised to see that the Bruins is close to if not surpassing them and some of the numbers that we've seen I think it's clear cut. Win for the patriots in terms of dislike nationally. I know I'll agree -- -- -- if you're -- patriots -- -- team went three out of forcible. And -- then of course you get the spy gate thing which allows people to jump on it in knowing continue with it and and so they get that a finals really get the AFC title game -- that you know I just I don't -- pictures do it again. Well you -- against the -- is what happens when you win the more you win the of that we're against you. You don't that you -- more about the winning and success than it is about the spy gate started Belichick being -- -- I think it adds to a yeah I think that's to open we have a lot of teams when they win a lot. You start did -- people rooting nationally that are it's not -- Walters right. We just went out and it is a format that right now you rooting for the cubs to win a World Series -- the cubs got the -- there's got to be rooting for them. Except for the town the city that played against. And then if they had won a World Series you feel good about if they went three of the last the next four that you gonna start to return they're not gonna that rooting for them anymore litigate for years. Six -- 77797937. And you know what it was like going from city to city as a member of the Red Sox before they won. Now when you go -- -- town cute little bit of a paradigm shift towards our people look at the Red Sox. I just regret this silly Red Sox fans throughout the country. -- that even did you -- in no -- and other people about it I didn't really matter you know like it was -- still play for Boston. Going on the road you just thought that every ballpark was like this you know was always packed at him to go to San Diego you go to Cleveland in eagle on a road and play like a meaningless game during -- week somewhere. You realize that wow. These that this this is what they're talking about when they -- 10121000 people at a ballpark if you -- -- -- that you never see that night though the Yankees you never see that -- for other teams you see it. -- his eyes went on to the site under read it yet and so obviously. Basically people it's almost like game. You know ages list -- -- like that are -- -- where people post these questions. And they ask you to fill up their servers here's a here's examples from a the other ones. It says here's one seat -- and sex survey you should -- okay you know do people living in urban areas used cars too often. What John Major to discredit the -- -- have a whitening vs regular toothpaste. From. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What makes sense. Because of this is obviously they're not just they're not just sitting out there like asking polling people as a walking across the street Arkansas mall this is go to schools out. Across the world. So somebody -- on this survey. And click on it a -- -- you -- questions. Answer not a case you know was most hated team and -- content OK well here's the list of all teams execute point. They're gonna pick the most identifiable ones regardless. I still don't get the Winnipeg jets to have that makes -- that. I mean -- a person responded got a quiet -- -- -- named Louis and Atlanta Thrashers standard now lives in Africa respondents and I hate the jets that the one vote didn't talk to count for all of Africa. And it only been gone from the highway hi Dan. I'm good guys earlier because about the Bruins then I yeah I got a -- that the why they -- -- -- -- promote it he -- Okay in the world we're talking about not just NHL circles them all the world still had. Well I mean if you look at last year I think there were a number of incidents where where April player quite involved high profile. It didn't merit a cup what the the hockey world for you. Got. Act that are at another player and in the end it really -- -- Yeah. We needed. Like -- people who want. It is the boat obviously they're all but I think black mark the public or media and popular guy basically everywhere could not spot in. In that you -- a lot. Similar incidents follow me. All the authority they would speak to the course and -- brought up about Pittsburgh before do you think that resonated in for instance Helsinki Finland where they're also the most hated team. And me -- you know I think I think it it yeah. Over the last couple years in particular and and the -- here. And number of those those incidents. -- the -- in the -- they're violent play -- because they're being quite like Gucci you know is that the you know like that and maybe they've. Your reputation in the hockey world. I'd be eight in locally. I think iron and because they've been so that not all very similar to what really get -- -- -- -- -- The only other player to me. Beijing at Indy and he buried it -- be in practically. I went from the mighty duck feet. The gold and if there's -- logic there are 617779. IDC seven I mean the way this year ended up -- me at the Thornton's situation you know water and -- Von Brooks all brick. You know Lucic in -- post season didn't -- very well there were some things that. Perception wise probably team didn't look very good. And I packets -- and maybe see that I guess Alex you can echo that. Alex and -- oh yes I. Yeah. It's that I could and it sounded too and I know and I know it'll really help before officers in their. -- really reliable -- I would rebuked Clark when it counted are the amount of raw hatred particularly from anyone from Canada from Andy yeah. He's in particular little treat and -- on its. Every one from everywhere. Came from I don't know go to -- indicate chart in the accurately. And it all the time they think they're fired or barred not Wheatley community into that there. They don't even put -- in the discussion with the wall and it's not least. Separate -- Alex it's not all of Canada Montreal but it. All of Canada from the east all the way out west and so you hit Alberta. And then Alberta says it hates being -- -- And every other province says they hate the Bruins the most. Right right in now of the quote call on Alberta -- -- -- history over there in the Vancouver Keener -- -- to. But the Bruin verdict -- on his days are number one and I'm not even shock. I mean. Except in Africa. 61777979372. Text -- 37. 90% of we will continue discussion about the heat map when we come back in 937 WB as well. As get a conversation go with Tom Curran at 1145. And I want rate of southern about the Red Sox two week come back this is not threesome in the media just who.

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