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Is there too much optimism coming out Patriots camp?

Aug 5, 2014|

With so many reports coming out of camp the Patriots are running on all cylinders... you have to wonder if there is TOO much optimism. Some analysts are saying that they'll have a top-5 defense, and others are saying that back-up, Ryan Mallett, could be a legitimate starter.

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Just -- meter events turning now up to. Now leading with the -- Sox. That's what it's come to. We start playing for par around here passed off. Excited about. It's I don't hear your voice and I don't know I saw snow but but played. -- -- I'm desperate board at -- that's what I'm trying to convey here Christian I'm desperate aren't here in Lincoln I don't hear -- of the actual committee of the -- over. You did. A Mulligan please I just it it hit me during that out this time for football this is where this our -- Christian foreigners -- -- a couple of matters so that's kilometer excited on your behalf generally. An idea how brilliant original Virginia leave it very ME ST yeah. Just don't condone the coach Randy. Pitchers are rested their enlistment and Christians that are. One group and a one room for his luggage. Did you get your luggage -- Richmond notes when I get a get a text message from Matt Chatham yesterday elected 930 at night it's like hey bro. You know the hotel is in a life. No I don't actually like Guam at the airport nobody picked yup but I don't know where they airport is in nobody's returned my text messages. You've got -- ever elect an hour and a half back having nowhere to go bad does it feel wanted the you know what you wanted to develop here my analogy just hired you need to. -- knowingly down. -- highly reliable and bring one bag and I'm delivering one bagged two suits because him not suit up and look a little fancy this year but the Richard. -- I am excited you know it. You gotta you gotta love it even know it's just it's just pre season right -- page BC but there's a that you know Brady played probably more than it should. For everybody at every single game how many there are gonna go Thursday how many snaps over my husband -- there -- changes never really does -- -- -- -- wanna go to Iraq War have been ordered a -- and we -- -- you look at the last three pre season Tom -- will play at least. So you get all excited for and I know it's only going to be a drive may be too. There is something about just turning a new TV and seen football. Oh Sunday accusing it good like little highlight -- voice due to get doubled all I don't like all -- a -- and your throw somebody said I think the big Sunday. Was like six months away. That is people who get jacked up like six months away but the simple lesson. -- no doubt that during the whole fame game Al Michaels came out and says it. Six months from today last Thursday was last Thursday without football last Thursday night without -- out. Yes don't actually -- don't talk to tomorrow's good. -- at the downtown tomorrow we're double talk. Either gonna air sometime during the pre season and I'd ask. As Lou I asked a Joan asked him what what do what would you ask. Tom you have like you know five minutes with them to sit down talk of what will would be some of the questions you ask them. But what was what had -- I don't know five pages of -- related questions yes and no to -- related questions note terror read it. No no like baby mama drama questions. No Aaron Hernandez eater -- -- we don't want to also ask about Aaron Hernandez satellite I don't know why you think it's all the -- I want to ask him why I think it's -- -- yeah. It is. But he wouldn't get out of that -- would anybody and I don't like killing people. Philip -- come out of the gate with a I don't know better read and write the guts -- -- mile. So what question would you wanna ask Tom Brady. To nothing on camera. Everything ought to be off the record but I enough for the camera crap -- you know do you really feel ball he's wide receivers. You know hot mile how quick do you lose your patience with these guys that we have to how many games of the guys that are rights bought. You'd never look at them ever again it continued total bought adamant he grew up every single freaking duck he's you know he's got good answer some of that stuff. Well I think now he really can't because obviously those guys are going to be listening and watching in the number 200 area there really. Any options that came out that -- adopts that figured like what's over Brett would go over under a choice of when viewed as completely disregard what the play's called and got some -- At least you let's -- Kansas -- limited. You know I -- what we just honestly came out it was just like guys that I don't know I can tell you wanna have for yes but it'll. I tell you exactly when it happened for is accept the last year they use stunt I think he would accidentally. He was a great it was a big time guy you know during camp there's no no other items really throw to -- Justin Jones a big -- and they have right now. And the first game of the season he ran like a ten yard out and he stumbled out of his break. And their I think he would Tom and throwing interceptions -- that was it. Like the most of routine easy route you can run and he stumbling out of his break balls the ground intercepts and that's it you're done. It did no -- for you -- done -- as some incensed that yet there -- you wanna ask him what you wanna ask them off camera you don't wanna ask my camera is not to get the real angles and the like OK how many times he talked to you know one person to talk to. In the past like you know who'd be -- Jesus Elvis you know not that had a question you know if you if you want to. Let him know what. What what I was gonna say it was where I would really want an answer for question is along his response was I'm talking about would Belichick wanted to win a super bull and operating. Reporting and -- when a suitable bill check. Or quarterback a team that was in coached by Belichick of the opportunity to beat bill check. Yes in my mind as I like to get an honest answer on that one -- also like to get an honest answer is he jealous of the fact that nobody's jealous of Peyton Manning the waited -- jealous of him yet wanna just the -- the burden of that does he realize that he's hated as much as he has outset of these six states the state of Michigan and in northern California. Which is an -- California. Writers practically separate state yeah state more or you anyways yeah 51 state. This I would like to ask him those questions that I knew like you get honest answers out of him. And I also know I would not. What it would be fun to kind of see him. Maneuver around it I think out of all the players we have a lot of guys on the show we talk to throughout the year. Most of all don't give you anything you know even if you give him like he'd just toss it up and put it right there we Allison does make it's they -- not -- apart but don't you be anything I think. He does a great job of tap dancing around it. Giving you something will make you believe you have something and you leave there to go all this is pretty good you look at your notes like -- crap. Yeah its effect and elect Thursday and let me to death and disappearance. Yet that that thing with Alec that think that Israel moments there with a guy you know real spots right because. Is there what you hear to mediate a guy goes down this guy goes -- halfway through the season last year but the midway point. Well -- dole was struggling and maybe he wasn't playing drunk. Wasn't back yet early on in the season it would grant went out. Honest honest stuff right and you evaluate your wide receivers right now ill it's never gonna app but you get that kind of probably back at his house. With a bunch of friends on a Saturday abs I was gonna ask you drink is this -- exactly. Dallas -- like to know what do you really think about Julia -- What is your honors the god interpretation of what happened -- Julia -- I and I talked to Joey Galloway. When he when he left he was ESPN -- liked what. Really happened the Y. Well why did he go so wrong -- got I was -- you know thousand -- had a thousand receiving yards like two years in Cairo. And was just I had never done anything but succeeded other than like years and had an injury. But he came here but he said. Basically blamed it on the coach as a hum. He basically said. That. It was basically like he didn't wanna conform like they wanted to they wanted him to do things their way. They wanted to learn through different positions they wanted him to know. What how. The what hot route was for the the -- and the wide. Basically you can be in potentially be multiple positions Julian we can we can help you out he just. He was too stubborn -- -- what I do -- this is what I do you should know this but I'm a fast like receiver. I use my speed around goes around a deep in routes and you adjust to meet. -- -- and now I ever seen it coming up the practice late you know walking through his it's hot reads and the American look at that meat is going like with a side like just to -- -- -- here and obviously didn't work out. You also do you really feel about it like why do guys not make you wide receivers burn out your white older receivers who really should. Thrive in this system because they -- -- at all they're Smart. What are they what they what they are now why can't make it. 61777979837. -- -- the Maloney -- Fauria middays with MF. Be here on Tuesday thanks again the folks the Red Sox foundation and Belmont country club Provincetown yesterday held his interviews -- not show posted online on demand WEEI dot com we did. We -- classes rub off Randolph glasses and a glass of idols were reviewed by the way I don't think -- group one but it was out there aren't you play. It pretty good. Photograph well. Well while Lewis on the golf course I ended up doing TV last night for Comcast doing TV -- and shoot for the center. It went from the golf course to TV straight to the right he's died nonstop war. I've global fund had -- two and -- -- nine holes on the exchange TV saying wait bang it out we do. So I think Comcast attend. And I did the second segment we're talking Red Sox and Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz will get and all battle of the -- on the show but they start off talking about patriots and part of the reason why might be interesting if Christian drums up something from Tom Brady is. Well is no debate over the team going sixteen and no I mean that's that's ironclad right. No one's ever gonna score on them honor on that. You know underscore you know points and every time they have the ball they -- scored what they decided don't want score. -- -- Its readers gonna pick every bit every every single pass that Tom Brady's sixteen for sixteen every game hundred yard completion every single time if you wanted Revis 15 interceptions again this is a CNN source CS and any dot com has posted. The montage how they opened up the show yesterday at 10 o'clock for a Comcast sports tonight. Brady's continued to be just completely dominant Brady was unbelievably dialed in the -- -- the accuracy of the passion that he showed really impressed -- These things everywhere it's operating the office -- good Julian Edelman has continued to be terrific I don't know was uncomfortable about it's clear the skies completely different. Defense a -- thought they were handled differently as best they can't today for a reason should shut everybody down -- man handle him. The Redskins clearly likes the fact Tom Brady was on their field today. Those are Comcast's. Oh -- guys. But Jeff while some from The Herald we had a month six there's got. Absolutely are not aren't old guys -- that's you know excited. Enemy from what used for what you heard. About it down there I mean it was a lot it was blowing right a lot of it was the office the great. Defensive line looked aptly outstanding to -- pressure on RG three. It's -- part of it is that in the first practice this thing when you look at August. I published in -- Jay gruden I think Kerrigan does call from Kerrigan last night to talk about how man it was amazing these guys -- But it really spent much time and huddle. You know they were just like organized you know and -- grew and -- after about the fourth of labor drought we've guys ought to see guys that -- getting tired because they're up tempo. The doing the patriots because of -- because of Belichick it's like first practice. They're so prepared. Right that they they have a ton of things to work on but the starting point they're they're kind of ahead and above the team's starting point because of basically Tom Brady and Belichick at some of the veterans they have theirs well so that it looked outstanding I think early on compared to a lot of teams that just. Sort of below are new coaches write -- young quarterback a little bit -- organized. Will the other thing is it it was the same way last year when I played against the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly was installing his new off but it was. A -- butt kicking me it's funny when wanna hear people you're Dave right up the stats. From the seven on seven and 1111 I don't know what they said he was. It was like like one incompletion it was crazy stat numbers from the practice for Brady lashing was like seventy to 21. During the practices and it does it it they should be so far ahead of -- because the Eagles are putting in a new offense and the -- the Redskins are putting in a new offense. And they've never seen and they haven't -- for the Patriots offense which is obviously. Light years ahead of them light years so it should be they should be kicking their butt but it has it has no bearing it has no effect on what it's going to be like in the game. Last year. They're throwing a ball all over the place the first series they ran the ball every single play to a scored a touchdown they get to -- -- -- -- the second series. Well I think the point of what. The guys to Comcast are getting at and take you now montage and -- it altogether was yes they should be good but are we even over hyping it. Too much. Are we even taking it one step too far appeared jointly -- play one more time let it wash over you for a second. Previous continued and I was completely dominant Brady was unbelievable we dialed in the -- the accuracy of the passion that he showed really press Washington. -- -- everywhere it's operating the office probably Natalee in his continued to be terrific I don't know was uncomfortable about it's clear the -- completely different. Defense a lot thought they were and Paul Ridley as best they can't today Darrell -- shut everybody down -- man handling it. Is this the Redskins clearly like. The fact Tom Brady was on their field today. I'd go to LA back. About them. And I get it. They're really good putter -- I don't know if I get excited to welcome -- the way that it. 6177797937. -- is there anything to work good are there any negatives whatsoever update nothing. I'm concerned about look around and I don't stop question marks -- one that put you wouldn't normally -- outstanding yesterday's event back an appeal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They they did you see that they -- -- -- their very mission Blake morals fumbles no no they they open up that hold up this pool BBC this they had that the jaguars mascot. Like a theory that Chris sitting baptized in the pool at at their stadium at so they're trying to obviously keep people. In the stands and keep them to come for the games -- -- -- I get up and is football gonna break -- rule it's legal swami. That's -- a beautiful yeah but I just relatively recent Tuesday at the patriots -- a lot of questions a lot of those around surrounding you know depth or injuries. The other teams up there I think it -- questions period you know like. No new new old offensive offensive line into running back quarterback -- they don't know complain in the league you know so there's when it comes to questions -- knowing the patriots. You know you look at this team right now what they did last year missing some parts of the parts that they've added. How would be excited about. When you compare them to a Jacksonville or oak land -- community throwing in. The jets -- the best around I mean there. Well let me let me pose the question first before you bring that up let me pose the question patriots fans. Is there really coming up roses as much as it is being portrayed to be are we making too much of how good the patriots are right now. Playing amongst themselves -- imaging. Vs -- to translate onto the field once. The games begin at 6177797937. -- are we over hyping the potential success the patriots. A little too much viscerally camp just because as you guys point out. We're excited that football's finally here and we don't have to lead with a pulse -- anymore yet at least citizens -- -- night tonight here's to Blair and Kaczynski. Now all his fault. There were so excited. The -- loses ball no I think that definitely mean. Allows coming in heroes -- listening to obviously don't show about. You know of the DC and it's how the player. How I. A lot how -- I guess remove myself from all the hype. Because to me as so far I mean. Why would you remove yourself that everybody doing the right time but I'll play you just can't take care of that already kids but -- -- yet -- your sports talk radio off you can listen to I never listen to. Sports talk radio when house playing ever and never really read the paper either. Can anyone be swayed. One way it was positive or another way it was banished it wannabe. I wanna have an influence on the way I approach the game of the week. So when you had a game who was the best team we've had here knowing. Users it is so many of them but I mean -- can -- -- don't want that to stood out more than the other. I remember going to the playoffs 03 there was there was there's a lot of I was getting a lot of shine. OK just for for whatever reason remember I had like my worst game against Indianapolis dropped two passes. What was the touchdown pass. So and a member listening just shifting to the stations I heard my name and I heard expect record -- you know impact player also that we do now. And remembered like oh yeah. Yes and -- -- on -- MER -- amount of from the come out here not only have to work anymore. And meetings and elected wait a minute. I'm not involved in the red zone then and got a fabulous Sports Radio. Those guys doesn't X-Factor. Impact player what would we don't hear that what. Myself up -- yeah night so I just military cap to. Because it's hard the first the first game of the season flashier after the all the attention was still on the patriots pretty much the same way they -- dominate the filled up the Eagles the practice dominated them. It barely won the pre season game. And they barely beat the Buffalo Bills and their home opener. So it's just it's easy to kinda get caught up and all of -- height. And all the goodwill and all of a look at the Brady isn't an all the Redskins. Players like staring in law -- how efficient their offense is and how. How how how politicians their defense is and how they do is go -- -- not huddle anybody -- posts ago. They should know where they're supposed to go at the same offense most of the same players on offense in the receiver you know other young. Defensively he's the knocked those guys in there. President habit completely different scheme going offensively deepens so don't play that -- -- for Belichick. What are you speak his reaction is I think is that he's like yep that's a good we are always reaction is these guys are full of crap yes we've got holes all I was -- stand much more than us. Oh yeah definitely would have -- the academy. -- played a game yet we -- a lot of improvement right Americans you know that we got to -- better we got a long way to go everywhere. But I know we're no way deal we need to be as a team every single week we got to improve. There's no way you can label us a great team before we even play game I mean of course that's gonna be the weight takes -- conference team I think he has. What don't you do if you would take that montage I'm surprised nobody is called yet for that montage. And we will editors bent out of the he would play it you would play it before meeting and -- event you would play. You know I don't believe the height. Are now in the background -- don't -- it. Yes. It's he would if you if he might even -- himself don't don't don't don't believe the -- I know I've -- you bust out that you know someone has some Matt Patricia come with a big giant clock like a fully replace. What time his -- and you know it's like that's what it would be. But until they would like anywhere they can send a message because it is it's a little over it's a little overblown might just how special -- how awesome they are and. It's just -- estimated that effect is it's always a guess that the patriots -- I mean everybody every year. We're excited every year you expect them did you expect Tina BA FC title game each and every year and is expected to be in -- boy get a pitcher abuse suitable match throughout the patriots that's just expected every year but is even more so this year given. The Bruins bounced by Montreal. The Celtics. -- And -- -- get the number one pick. You know they got gives them on head knocked in Kevin Love in the Red Sox trade away their entire pitching staff and we open up our eyes and say -- But we over -- the patriots because our last three teams right now basically aren't getting it done in get it done won't get it done in the future. I think a lot of that might go to okay now the patriots this is our this is our team this okay they all let me down right the patriots won't let me down. I think that's we water right now being a four -- You beat Texas while 3793. -- we come back things are so good. With the patriots right now. Even say good things about Ryan mallet. I'll tell you were talking about what exactly he said we come back -- to present at the. Previous continue to be just completely dominant Brady was unbelievably dialed in the -- the accuracy of the passion that he showed really press Washington. They sang happy birthday -- Tom -- the office -- good Julian Edelman continues. He's terrific I I don't know was uncomfortable it's clear the skies completely different. Defense a lot thought they were and Paul -- as best they can't today for a reason should shut everybody down -- man handling him. The Redskins clearly likes. The fact Tom Brady was on their field today. Pass tests and there's going to be. Just when Maloney Korea to advance. Christian will be gone tomorrow be on the show what you -- time Richmond Virginia job. You want her luggage in another candidate you future at a room. No no no no room raise extra help Bert and Ernie going certain what time is your Tom Brady -- we have no idea yet. If you make yourself perfectly loft the somber I'm not sure you know it didn't there. Schedules exists but they're really not solid with them it's you know you have a production meeting with them and it's scheduled an -- you know. You know bill changes the entire schedule based on what -- wants the team to do so you just have to be available. You know you're constantly on top spectacle not necessarily -- -- You know bill because bill really runs the show you're still on Belichick schedule all these years later -- you're still on the exact time you were. Allies that now -- -- the other side of it right access and I'd do that now is reporting that there's not a reportedly eagle in the locker rooms and you wait to hear from a certain player -- -- -- comes -- it -- It goes in his locker and who expect containment -- -- -- the -- -- anything ought to sit -- like you know. As -- as it on a different side you see it now that it just talk that a meeting -- no doubt in -- a mile I always felt like you say you want to. -- -- me pilot that never nobody has an -- there's an issue that additional troop though too right that's to me it's almost like control thing it's like. But again at these fifteen guys out there right now eager to trade him like a fifteen guys out there right now way to talk to watches. A -- in my locker. Grab my phone that I haven't read back. Just watch how they react you know you want to lock your -- takes three steps the Lockett got this phone. Or dry leaves and decreases -- I don't know. I had a goat suckers and you're having it if you're holding court with reporters -- doesn't matter who it is. And you're talking is like fifteen guys they're not sort of wasn't doing a Seattle never like that here is like fifteen guys are asked -- question stirred up. Like somebody else walks by that's more important and they just drop you like a bad habit while you're talking all gathered oh. -- self esteem issues. It's not so we're speaking before the top of the hour about the Comcast montage that put together before sports tonight. With all the incredible optimism coming up from patriots training camp nary a discouraging word to be heard about the pats. In their training camp. Progress so there aren't -- -- discouraging against the Washington Redskins looks like it's even better because the plan against another team and kicking the crap out of them scrimmage is what you are in every direction up the will play -- a little bit later on -- It's gotten so good guys that even Ryan mallet. Is getting positive reviews Mike may not from. FL network coming out and saying he thinks he can be equality starter in national football. Now is this just. Pumping his tires for the sake of clout I'll help and Belichick got a little bit so he could move him if you wanted to get some picks formed another player format grapple slide into the back -- role or. Do we really think the Ryan Mallon has progressed to the point where he could BA quality starter in the National Football League. You know. I I know they like him. But I am the jurists allowed on him for me I'm not a huge fan of a Miami is he talks about. He talked about is basically his arm how how how how strong his arm is. -- always had a strong arm back when he was in Michigan back -- that Arkansas. He was known as a guy that had a big strong arm he would sleep at all over the place that's not my issue. My issue with him is. And hit those little check down to not overthrow guys in the end zone like he did last year we didn't play at all last year and I want snapped during the regular season. Almost all his time comes during the pre season but. I mean if you're looking for a shiny penny -- shining you know signed that he's you know progressed. My guess you can look at this but I I don't know I don't see it really. This is the exact quote I was blown away today -- legitimate NFL starting quarterback backing up Tom Brady. As the season progresses and we get closer to draft time and what the patriots can do and can't do with them I think they -- to grapple for a reason as an insurance policy but trust me. Ryan mallet is a starting quarterback in this league and he popped today that from Mike. -- My first thought was you know -- cut the ties of the ties between Mayo can bill that you -- there is something we -- and a Wii hype and a guy the kind of to make him available. And if that's the case that he must already likely be -- and drop below you know because you the canopy of the BP can handle the number two spot and but it didn't get something for Ryan mallet and so let's go to -- Mike Maalox as pops in the early days I am may have to see pops yeah that was the only negative I heard was grapple throwing receptions does and that's I am a lot of guys who said that Ryan mallet has looked better. You know -- he has in the past but only two people -- he's -- pop it. -- -- -- -- In the first week or so of camp army we -- Jeff -- yesterday and he civil -- -- showed up used to turf left and right you know. Spike in passes thrown balls -- fetal guys had to meet. You not seen that. But it's this decision making the things you're trapped the ball right got a touchdown much those. Easy doesn't really know those those easy passes he could roll a twenty yard out route he can throw a twenty yard dig -- -- is congress totally strong. He's just lacking that putt to -- and an eight Europe back on a check out our tight end in the flat. Or are tied in a little dual hook route you can't just drill a guy when he's that close you were just too difficult of a throw a mean he needs to be he needs to know. When he needs the Lazard in there when he needs to take some juice off the ball and last year I didn't see -- so. And again which makes you believe that they are gonna keep three quarterbacks on this roster throughout the entire season because -- is no way he's going to be ready canal but he's gonna get a wraps. They're they're gonna work to help moderate opt out of mallet during the pre season. I was go to phones unless. Patriots fans you'd tell us is the patriot. Optimism being over hyped for 2014 and 6177797937. Or really. Is going to be as good as what you're hearing coming up the training camps so far. In the early days of the pre season we'll start things off -- Dan calling from Peabody Dan you're a nanny for seven W yeah. All right so there's something you're really giving clear cut definition of -- and I meet the W but then I don't expect any less than twelve wins and if seek opportunity to prepare the future. I mean is that any different to beat them. It's the -- people I am excited little yeah the Red Sox. I don't really care about watching that the next two months. But the main reason to be excited about the patches. Last year before you know it will pull. And guys are getting hurt they had wondered about the taxes in the leak. And now they have a -- about it he can police would go to -- is one of the -- fly around the the patriots it. You know I think -- do I expect twelve -- yeah but I think you're gonna see it I think what people are saying is that he may be maybe fourteen wins. But it's going to be easier -- gonna see. A one for 83 down conversion you're not gonna see those. You know Agassi as many have come from behind victories. You also probable C you know how many points they put on the Pittsburgh Steelers last year Tim when -- put fifty Arafat. I'm sure you're right up there in the locker. In bed and contest has just doing this under the -- out of here there's an autograph -- did you have Ben doesn't play defense right. Support your hard -- FL analysis. And yeah I think -- I don't recall Roethlisberger trying to guard Gradkowski. That in the end game plan. I've felt the same way as far as the first four games about the drilling new. What that defense was you know because and foresee for the New England Patriots rate this is why you when he wouldn't it only when a football game on a Sunday. If you look at the opponent sometimes you say that they should have done that you know but there were some mistakes that might hurt them in in the playoffs and that's -- do you deal with this team almost. VO in week one. If they went week one of the -- what they got a shared this up and they got to tighten this up and they got to be better here and -- -- -- injury how that's gonna affect them. Their defense did that -- stating the first few weeks right awful the jets and Tampa. You know and then it was the falcons this to be the big test. We found out that the falcons were really you know the pockets of last year and more but that was we thought it was a huge win at Atlanta -- to go to four at all. And that's when everything -- and everybody said get hurt and always you know everybody -- going down so I felt like. We're about to get to know with his defense was gonna be challenged if health -- -- find out more they can be really that good. In early on me to look at those offense they played against Aaliyah why they looked good. -- and you said it last night on Comcast's when you there I think Gary -- -- asked you won what we know about this team. What do you want help because I should like a week while like eleven point I was like high five from there you don't have to such a message you're right on point like right after. November after Thanksgiving. You know -- -- that you saw toward the end of the season with the gear like running the football they finally figured out. Listen we got this big back that we can't get anything out of there ever a rocket that that was -- T yeah and again AG had come revenue lost them again. But you became a running play action you -- element offense and your your defense was. Survive and advance survive you know don't give up lots yards is don't let them score. You know and then that was what your team was -- nobody remembers what that team was the first four weeks. I don't remember that you played against EJ Manuel in his first game as an NFL player geno Smith. Wizard that Jon Embree got an agreement and then there's lot was -- -- Ryan is maxed no he was five. But there was for the first four games -- the first four games there. Atlanta it was the fourth game on animal predators -- was -- adult and 216. Million yes so that gave thirteen to six. Yeah that's -- Brady was one free on third down so. You're not gonna know what this team is just you just want and it's -- it will it will slow leak cannot define itself -- what their strengths are what are really good at eight guys. More pulling guys you can count on. I'll answer that caller Dan antibodies question is saying to. But to go back twelve wins is that over hyping them now that's not -- -- been expecting twelve wins is that pushing the envelope too far and I don't think it is because I got them I've bumped it up a little bit I got them up to eleven to start the year and I think they're gonna win the east that they they're going to be in the AFC championship game again. I think. From coming from the over -- perspective as some of the stuff we heard earlier words as sounds like -- -- -- yeah and there have been no negatives aside from a couple of -- Jimmy drop low passes from the third string rookie -- -- a perfect ten of. Robby and a carpets and the seminars around right there it's a quarterback I don't good good and yeah I'm in I don't think the particular Obama men armed. I just. They got immediately personally I'm big dominate the central like the alleged. There's nobody there that's really gonna -- trouble. -- guaranteed. The have a bye week in the playoffs and then everybody -- talk about how bad you know. But it damaging in the top five I don't need to talk. Eat a little -- We've heard it's supposed to be top five we've heard supposed to be better and actually Christian I made this very point the first day we're out of training camp. That's the one area. Could be over hyped the most in theory and there are many reasons for the theory there's pushed me a lot better. In theory they could be eight top five defense they're being projected as I keep coming back to. This alligator that 85 bears before they even take the field and I wanna see that. Manifest itself before I think they are a fourteen into. Fifty and one team which is the vibe I'm getting from some of the coverage I've seen so far of the patriots yet they're gonna go undefeated. Undefeated. So people every year due deference growth in recent years and sixty you know and again it well but I mean now on in his right or near. Let's listen. Realistically its twelfth that fall when it's thirteen wins it's eleven to thirteen if they went eleven to what the hell just happened on the loose five games who went down. Was a major injury. It's just no way you feel around. 61777979837. Speaking of injuries the horrifying Paul Georgy injury actually might help the Celtics. I don't mean we come back now to 37 W via the.

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