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The Patriots begin practice against the Redskins 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

Dino, Kirk and Dickerson discussed the Pats first practice with the Redskins.

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Once again Kirk got a hand was -- correct Monday oh. Patrick apart at least misguided. When that's happened in the past. That it happened yesterday when we discussed today -- third man and Greg Dickerson. You said he show up. Yeah man I miss -- -- I'm not sure these are why not -- -- cart ballots early in. Here he knows your -- I don't hate you I don't know we don't show up about the situation. They know what I what I actually let you got you there well it. You have any issues. It's amateur tournaments I don't know. It's like 10 o'clock games and to slow cook wanna make some of these guys get along for now so far -- -- -- He thought he might not. Make well I had every faith that. Note you you know at that at the man's success be honest -- about 3:30 this morning ultra popular and still up zone idea I don't -- -- -- -- I was still up. I couldn't -- sleep last night it is not making the alarm basically yeah apnea that I'd be re 12 this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- morning run you did Richard reflective vest on did not see the stupidest some -- would be a government stats yes it's dark out at 330. Died when you're aware of that -- yeah -- -- knows that you don't reflect the -- on your on your heels of its last. I see one car again today because my nose on see -- rich yes -- If you have a reflective deals on your modesty and the -- true yet it came six nowhere the dark doesn't rotten night in the middle the morning when it's dark idiots on the road generally get -- a Republican nothing to show cars I don't get me how many times I've almost won over people because they don't have exactly up until five text. I got it happened that night. Let my eyes I have a glow -- natural global hopeful that -- put towards -- -- -- -- again. Care for you I don't care what you get -- in the road pizza to a wife and two kids yeah okay sure aren't they need you. Mets the Mets have to think clearly via that and so if not for the problem for them. That is I'm sure will be added that we won't have a third man in unity clipped jurors on YouTube clip -- Number Kirk he sausage and Mathieu be -- I'll -- -- got a quick meal but this get a treadmill. Now -- -- I -- I trip to run in the winter that's -- 65 degree I have I I am not disagree with your right to well outside ring your ass off. I just that you like -- be run over. Awesome car it's apotheker it is not as often as your out they're gonna get field. He sends one to the station. That's happened to me -- did. You actually have what I issued. You issued its -- gas went yes yes does that does that meet again not. -- and shoot me like dismisses should not and not issue an issue cashew issues that she has made you dismissed. What to do this now needs stitches. No -- I -- -- myself I agree that we were you running I was running in Lexington. Proposed freedom they have trees there bigotry that was across the street went over to the sidewalk if you run off the side I want to have in the wrote. On the road. -- -- block these may I -- point one time that one time somebody dry -- 46 you can hear car coming on the program and you wait and -- from for a mine. You know headphones on ought not an abusive but no nature's -- this and that and I and I -- but. It's like enemies and I'm glad I did and yet I went at one yard. Well welcome welcome mr. acute I I think we can all agree that there is a -- natural progression. To the world of sports in a number of on a number of different levels but the least of which used the calendar. In a YouTube become -- track golf majors all year long and it ends this week in Valhalla in global. But as an example. -- and a Super Bowl Sunday is over we turn our attention to spring training and a spring training. Grinds on -- we look at March Madness in March Madness and our market opening day opening day into the marathon and and so on and so forth I must admit to you. When all this -- excitement and 200141000. People showing up in Foxborough. I didn't really get too jacked and pumped about the first I think with six practices they had before they went to Washington to share the field before Washington. -- paltry thank you aren't don't yet. But but having watched some of that stuff. And having read some of the stats and saw what Tom Brady was able to do and now the fact that they're actually playing each other and we're looking forward to that night after tomorrow football game. Now I'm into the -- the natural. With the call kind of rhythm for the colts are Canadian or Canadian rhythms. Yes you think -- not a sure was I'm not -- yeah of the white coat and go to the emas are he's such as yet Lee called Cirque Canadian. Review those -- chance these are Gregorian. Analyst -- right so without any look up. It definitely located Thursday night starts let's start from yesterday I I started to get started -- get our I tell I would I had very little interest. Watching rob it of you know -- tackling dummy right and guys -- tires all that sort so -- 107 on seven -- -- on several great stat on Tom Brady out. Now played very well. The much our -- kicks Desean Jackson's -- and practice sessions. Into. What's the one thing that's the one take away from. Reading stuff about Revis Jackson you do like to read that Brady epic is -- play. It does that does matter now as a matter like reading a book readers and Jackson just the idea -- -- -- you know it's yes or is -- Thursday recent apps. But Revis is around that that to be is sort of the story of this entire thing is read three or read this can't. A ticket agrees that situation now that's all it's all controlled and we -- that'll that'll have little control stuff at the idea that two -- Revis is actually on this football and you know. It's a reality basic game changer too -- he changes the way they play defense. More often than not in the past few years they've been calling him back on the heels right now -- go after guys not ignore after a quarterback. Just because of him and Brandon -- eventually so you think there's a chance they can get off the field on third down this year. Possible that he's real -- bloody I do have a chance that if I'm correct in the stuff I've read stuff I've heard. There used -- differently than he's been used in the past. It didn't oftentimes older and circadian rhythms see I was right circadian rhythms it's that it's believed the Internet. Straight from what I not got. Com I guess because Broderick always believe the right side -- has from time to time played just the left and taken that side of the field way but also a shadow of their number one guy no matter where he win. And generally that's held Darrell Revis displayed whoever the number one guy is. You make -- front area the united front lines up left that for rivas flies up right -- reduces goes over the middle where he just -- him. It appears at least so far Belichick is trying to show its hand. But they're gonna play the old fashioned way the way the the legion of boom boom played it with brown on the right. Readers on the left where it comes in their area you've got right you'll see. Obviously they'll just give what state secrets right now -- was Reese who wrote it was reached this morning. But this has Accenture is the most talented defense. Belichick's fifteen year tenure -- who -- a little early to say that minority hyperbole more so little or rewritten or more I was surprised to see that as well his reasoning is -- water for picks on a separate but just because they -- and -- first -- expect -- real war. Doesn't mean there are met talent I agree and they -- -- the -- guys -- up becoming a while productivity Bruschi was pretty good player yes but I think that guy. I understand where -- has come from the right as the potential. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 567 defense in the league yet I think that's probably going to be. Good enough to where they want again it will be so quick to dismissed the chance that it could happen I don't think you can certainly pronounce it now is being bit of -- 03 or four. But everything breaks right government stay. In that it never happens. Everything breaks mean you know you're right everything I think after break right to be I mean we can with the guys the osu offense will ever be better than that. -- also know not well now but everything broke right that your. Yes that's true okay that's true that's what you had. We brought in red mosque was established. Huge tally -- -- I guess is a guy that would be back every goal for guys who can separate guys you know go from Bruschi to mcginnis Seymour -- label law -- -- -- these guys were. Were still around -- rate for people like that group was unbelievable -- It is expecting -- to be the number one defense -- Michael for as a but I think people are expecting. What popped up twelfth if they're anything but a top five defense this year in terms of but in terms of points but yards gained I'd be disappointed really I'd be disappointed if it weren't top five absolutely -- -- -- allowed last year would get that while he can't really compare -- I don't resulting in -- -- -- sport but that's that's. That's a big ask if they do that. If their top of it like Greg says there will be thirteen would you assume that the principles from last year and the guys who showed up toward the end of last year CJ recall as an example. Will improve regressed this year the -- in the get better you would presume you'll get better right. You presume that -- look at -- -- right you would hope that Vince doesn't ruptured Achilles so again assault qualifies as defined by. Breaking correctly by big advocate of office that you think will forks and be as good as he was three years they said he dominated yesterday in my notes that that eleven out of its were 26 in the NFL Europe Austria won -- six. But I mean but rector and obviously will bring you guys that's different but I mean. Top five now I'm I think they'll be top ten top twelve at which again I think you can -- twelve games that. -- twelve game last 26. But the great thing about this defense is -- you're not reliant on Brady and company -- score royalty 31 points and it just a winnable game. 6177797937. Hero of the statue yesterday that Kirk will not get excited about. But I will I won't even know it's -- several liberal base -- break else 7-Eleven model Lebanon play both right. And they said Brady absolutely destroyed the Redskins defense they had no idea what he was doing I did as a couple 27 of 33. In passing drills. Ryan mallet made his best throw the summer long sideline. Hostage Josh Boyce completion now completed nine of twelve passes with an interception. And five of six of eleven on eleven seems like he has for -- says on the number two job growth low not a good. 0104. And the one of the complete it was one handed -- by the huge guy Justin Jones. And the seven foot twelve. I didn't -- 77. So deadly. That's -- -- -- -- ride you wonder if -- globe gets passed out of markets move is straight trying to grapple struggling Anderson elements that really start -- -- -- it's going to be here and grapple with that they think that was gonna handle. Draft day to open them -- trade. Houston or wherever surprise. The gonna get open looks like that's the way that the -- would they really entrusted. A second round draft pick. -- of a small conference. To be Brady's backup who just -- actually serviceable label exactly right problem their belief that probably yeah probably not so you think they'll keep three. I guess that our animals have to. And how it's still here yet where he's gonna go it must grapple please great. My recollection from last year's exhibition season was I think it was probably. It was the first game it might have been the second the third. And in the starters don't do much in the four correct that generally the but the -- ball game the first game broke out in the fourth game. Before what every -- -- down play -- you -- -- regardless of second and third is when you see more and even brought yes. I called distinctly games to victory. I think it was against Philadelphia they were working out for the Redskins this year. And Britney was out -- bring corporate. -- -- -- Pitching catching pitching and catching pitching and catching. And then -- came in late clock -- he was awful -- because the drop off between Brady and and mallet or Brady and RG three. It is it is remarkable in how much it's gruden right. Yes how much sleep keeping gruden will lose over RG three and this new office this system hold coaching staff and probably a lot how much sleep do you think. Belichick has lost over Tom Brady specifically as his quarterback in the last. Ten or fifteen years Scola. Thirteen years I guarantee he slept better -- there that they're a pity that he wasn't up at 310 dollar and now. And isn't isn't that the that the bottom line here what we're talking about. -- start to the quarterback and you know the comfort level Brady obviously is rare. I'm not sure anybody -- comfort level with -- RG three had a great rookie year in the fell off a little bit after the injury to people don't know where he is right now what kind of court. Back he's going to be it's -- he's got from one of those guys -- rookie of the year -- younger than what much buried the rating was run -- hundred gets hurt. Now just one of these guys you don't know about you go through the NFL there guys you're sure of -- this about. Maybe six or seven. Then there's guys you're not sure one of whom got sort of 150 million dollar contract yesterday not real -- yes but kind of and then there's guys you know stake in RG -- is gone from a guy you think you can be sure about that middle and what you get -- -- hard to get out you know -- guys Brees Brady Rodgers Manning. I don't Willis thank Robert Alton. But all does not like I -- eggs -- -- -- energized and got seventeen -- -- a 150. Hall its way essentially two years but they look at what I basically you have 225 year -- year -- that's one of the policies -- 25 and that's. Not a bad deal for all but his party's still. Still today were in their after the show. In her -- radio and he told signs on fifteen million dollar -- retrospect you know there's no way in the world he gets this obviously that this year are gonna give him. A hundred and is cheapest and analysis yet fifteen. He's so far played with -- groove rule but -- that -- thing but until unless. You win some stuff in the postseason this guy's gonna have a well dark cloud over the place and the right good players are good player related to season. I think they've averaged in these three playoff losses like twelve -- thirteen points an awful but it's hard it's hard and that's why do you can't kill him he's serious scientists deal. What else do you do for Cincinnati what else is out there -- we have a quarterback who's young and seems to be pretty good and there's a chance right. You can't give up on spent years for what I here's RG three talking about his progression over the patriots what's going console so far this week. I have just like that talk to Tom and his and that he's been the same office fifteen years which is astounding and -- -- and Eminem point guys and got two quick sudden receivers and -- -- and I element and you know that a lot of good good pieces there but I'd say -- it's. I willow. Evaluate them just because that's what quarterbacks do this until I'm still focused on what we're doing and as an offense. It talked about that a source and is almost thirty years that I got a lot of football left in me and that's they come from a guy like him I appreciated that and players -- -- a chance to sit down with him is not too busy you'll -- be watching a lot of film and get ready for tomorrow's practice -- that chance and others that the sky's the -- We got a lot of good things. They went last year three. Was that it skin and a popular one warden that last really that he has six -- Iran they want more no you -- -- -- -- Yeah the rams -- note yeah it's a great regret and -- -- thank you. Fired up I I guess I'll have I was -- he did make it -- -- -- about circuit in the oil on the -- to go downhill after that so I'll hold new coaching staff got a guy coming back from the injury who was just by his former coach Shanahan. Right. Maybe they double the three. And win six. And peace prize at the RG you're better with this. -- I was congress. A group I don't know arch its Robert yet Rhonda he's going to be better -- -- a year away from the injury has to be better than last year but still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the east in the pre season to beat terrible market in that will be the milling calls -- -- -- Where does it calls things all but we can't -- -- my prediction now Mary told Kirk missile missed by you mr. It is going to be brutal. Brutal in the AFC east. Is the last place it's probably Miami -- I agree. I did notice I -- noticed until I read 9000 pages from being a thousand words president wasn't I -- that works. He's an east what a bunch of stuff is he rarely gets to 9000 words this is nine now can you tell me what Crennel -- media. I'm just curious. Travel tips yeah he had be inherited deepened with something really hate to start but he started out. I think it was that it was the worst that you read Cam Newton yeah yeah so self serve it's not. Harris is here that you didn't like him he came over -- you mean when you talk to beat mr. -- if you wanted to put a wave like sometimes after 8000 words that way Campbell Mike Ellis moved over things from his rookie year on the play by play of the PR guys sitting up the room for him -- it was the most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And talk about the dolphins. As the dolphins need to have a deal to digest the offense and make it work behind a bunch of offensive lineman. Who know each other for about fifteen minutes left to right. The five starters will all be new faces on opening day. That is a recipe for fast and that's pork five. New offensive -- who never played together -- say the market to get much accomplished beat Tamils can get killed. See they -- on the ball. He'd it will pass protect their feet aerials -- that good -- heat -- yet there guy. Nothing with less drama than AFC's. Real sitting here there's -- does not mean with Brady goes now pretty goes down. Week 11 snap -- Brian now I think they went Casey's. It wouldn't surprise I think they -- -- night at seven -- -- division by blasphemy bit at the colts back. Nice just to make more fun show yes that's the thing I kind of sucks that. Nobody tells her waitress in the AFC east yeah I'm actually dying for the jets to be good this year so that some sort of challenge some sort of -- let's say this type I think I read this Peter came out of -- Com if they win Thursday night against the Redskins it will clinched a tie for the if that's true yes I believe that's true are at 677797937. Fault lines are open -- Katie and rhythm. Fact sheet entities and bring them back up your phone calls talks about Red Sox baseball and the future. Is almost a year. -- --

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