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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Don't post negative reviews 8-5-14

Aug 5, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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And you stand by you might have to decode. I've brought you by ATT to cover more than I -- -- percent of all Americans building a better more. Are wrong with. It's just discussed -- and -- walked. Out yet. Have a couple chickens would much at -- but got it. Yet ultimatum on they're just fine you know like I don't believe this fine. Yes the double cobbled mayonnaise and and twists. And not a melted and it's all -- -- together like -- do you do that like leave out. Chickens -- made 11. No -- -- -- -- wrote. An -- or trying to at 730 and power lunch time for me kind of chips. Are reduced bat he -- to. Implement. Is that what you try to. Before. Wants didn't one way or the other now to California favorite -- there's. The perfect thing for the chips and -- could have been. -- culture of Goteborg came through with the game around the book primetime yet. So we -- -- -- the Men's Health Magazine is -- either this or that they see that not that. You reap at due to detected -- detective I don't you know well -- -- For like Hamas I watched tons of sports I don't watch a lot of the one team each of easier a series ma modern family. And not -- -- on a pretty yeah. Martyr families have exposed that's the problem -- and every episode is the same sort of at the at the -- began it's -- -- voice over. We have the most important media and something that. -- you'll watch -- -- -- royal pains. It's on us -- -- -- -- beyond that you know I watched September 22. Yourself with a black list. NBC. With our problem inspect and straighter now awesome show as a coach awesome should be -- one out of you don't like get your money back. Thank you. Now we have the rumored bad -- proceeded to protect. Colin Farrell looks like he's go. Start which. Look at sort of the back -- -- -- Approach fish. But it occurs to me that your -- It. -- -- -- -- Closure and you can matter at all. The news there's only dark. Long clip from me in context it's not a big deal was woody enough. Matthew bill they should be perfect world -- -- it was a bad guy Vince Vaughn. Well now I've got. To -- form to stick a return for him at all and I that's -- -- -- it doesn't it's like. Food that you combination of weird combination. Chicken in -- the other that would go together it's -- it's funny Colin Farrell in Taylor pitched it is is he's one of the other guys. Well survivor OK got beat by a toxic that's going to be cast for season -- we have to do wish we have to get shot. Yes absolutely. Yes and that's that that's. That's a look at that right now for season two true detective. Anna Paquin news yet as the actress yet she's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's likely that someone would like ten years old when she won seven or canceled. She's now -- true blood pressure another shuttle watch that you received from blood. No vampires shall now it's -- program -- which rebounds a game from the whip and over there. In the interview Larry. -- Internet show Bo doesn't -- perhaps -- I will suit -- And non practicing by -- -- I ate while I mean I am married to my husband and -- are happily monogamous -- mandates that whereabouts or get past tense. No. What are you still straight affair with somebody I mean doesn't mean you're not he now accurate a break up a battle -- there and die. You know to prevent your sexuality for stock investors and thinking okay I'm just saying you know it doesn't. Doesn't really work like bat. Larry seems a couple hours but and it -- -- -- sexuality to me I've never gotten my arms around idle idle I'm like doubled your chance is on Saturday night arc from. Zero times to the master I don't believe I am talent and a duopoly bisexual. I think -- renewed pressure. I disagree that it really awesome people don't know. It is a little. I think it lobster or steak steak lobster. Yes but that they like one better. Maybe I don't know that it's a 5050s well she likes her husband so she probably leaning -- stake as opposed the lobster husband -- just sleep lawyer bomber husband -- -- debate about race as a sport that I'm in me a monogamous relationship I guess -- Water to go up or another woman not involved -- that sort of stuff you save. And I understand the -- -- he'd score is that your situation -- -- somebody you're in one of these situations please go home at night. Exceed its wake up music now. It gets weird -- that eventually gets commonplace but group would get war. Relax only if you do Arnold yes -- you think. So I'm just extrapolate from -- -- -- Larry King. Now -- -- Guys all these sounds like I. -- it's not what coach like that I guess that was Vince Scully last week it's a point he still good but its up point don't you say I -- enough. Yes I've made enough money are -- about. It's not. No needs the attention to those 2888. Delhi was when he's in New York on Larry where he is recognized and what's to be recognized -- sits in place of prominence so people. He's played in fifty million yet divorced nine times -- well fifteen and 150. Every disturb -- younger used to go to a place Washington DC it is here every day. Guy that is here every day. Does he sold during that yes not just noted nobody Larry King because everybody in the in the barber. Also Larry King. I don't understand the people who have to be in the spotlight. All the time in their seventies in the -- I understand loving your job outlook your career at some point if -- seven until unless. Shipment they're part of retired offshore but they're narcotic is the adulation law -- yes at their drug -- -- always be noticed by people. 2070 you'll be one of those people injury 2070. What you have an age in my pocket so I restate. Did you and your retirement age. Where does it. A thirty years to do this would you want the users have five no of course not what you want to retire sometime before. That and we agreed cute I told -- things -- ride places you've never been working visit to. Is -- Internet read my dollar were talks in court and -- skirt would mean the way. About it like maybe I think it's still needs the money. No no but skull is get a good he's got a good gig he's only doing home gain. He's -- half the year is really how he alluded Japan and Australia. Gods that was the -- -- that that mr. says. Maybe it was one ago luster but guys like. Regis Philbin to Russia is at some point yet say. -- so that's me state department's watch investigation after 4 o'clock correspondent for CNN. Largely to medical workers during intricate fit the US embassy in Baghdad happens -- national course. Which can be intoxicated. And abusive to what is. Our demon woman right yes I -- one. -- They are WA correct you have one day. All in a 100%. To watch that's Clausen said both the toxic and -- -- of the medic station on the ground the embassy in football the -- and forms. As it tried to treat her on July 19 according to read two million. -- lawsuit they filed against the men Damon rather CNN and Monday and apparently it's not just the -- -- -- you read the story. And she's aggressive and abusive. Other people even when she's not so -- yet she's. Purchase stressful time she's teachers and that she did something stressful time she regret I think and tequila. -- Jews trick or Jim. Those are the angry complaints on connote -- a lot like he got a pretty drunk to bite somebody. Mean to bite -- you know. Outside of you know the throes of passion. And I like to bite somebody in anger yet he's crazy reactive to a mean drunk. Now you know that was your college yet as the worst time dropped hard at -- -- -- part -- -- after the you can think. That what we haven't looked like you're so stupid as what a number -- apartment lights it Brea was one of those guys I was a dropped ball. I've heard about this this hotel Manhattan. It's Hudson Hotel you see the stickers yeah beyond the 500 all 500 dollar far necessity if -- wedding party that Alitalia. Posted negative review at this hotel. They charged -- 500 dollars. 500 dollar fine for negative review its wholly unconstitutional. That's why I think so once you sign an agreement with -- -- yes yet but they say if you take it down batteries in the 5500 dollar fine. So you're not allowed to have an opinion about this hotel it's a big if you go in there and then Rumsfeld that some smoke in their beef yeah in his ways on the carpet right or others that made services lousy you can't comment when nobody is. But it's not just you know like states your wedding party got to fight go to. Jordan find you are developed not by. Fascism. That this fascism yet is and so I don't know if easy way to get around the charge -- 500 dollars yeah you call your credit card company you dispute the charges it gets reversed. Make them come back out or you can only popular talk show and talk about the Hudson Hotel at the Hudson wrote a book it's -- -- -- that they are the Hudson Hotel. Trying to -- the last total restated. -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Probably give -- some of those dreaded every hell I'd be -- -- star out of five -- they -- 1002. Our -- has better comedy. And a flop out at night I -- worries right now icy geysers well. But headlights brought you by -- you can do the ducks -- store account for you I have read later went to later yeah that is creepy at yeah I was actually the city should do later. We have got. Are 677797937. Outlook turn our attention to what may be what most people think will be. The future to a certain extent of the Boston Red Sox very very impressive.

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