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Danny Picard talks Red Sox and Patriots with Mike Giardi

Aug 4, 2014|

Danny picard is filling in for Mikey and talks with CSNNE's Mike Giardi about Clay Buchholz heading up the Red Sox pitching rotation, and how the Patriots have looked through training camp so far.

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What's up welcome back I am Danny put god fill it and for Mikey Adams tonight. On this Monday evening. A lot to talk about his Red Sox team of the moves that they made on Thursday acknowledged all eyes. Are on Henry Rollins I don't care what you say it has got to be some pressure on the kid. And he looks like. He is doing just five to 58. Pitches through four innings 44 strikes is retired 1213. Eight strikeouts which -- got its first six. -- ask -- first five. The kid right dollars get Madonna's triple A debut will keep you updated on that but right now all. I will bring in Mike G Gotti Comcast sports net New England joins me in the AT&T hotline AT&T. Building you a better network. Michael good evening I don't. Not much I did just tweet Arab peace art yet but wig you know we're going up against. Monday night -- actually right now shall I I I promised the people that you at some point. Would give us some type of WW we referenced before -- helped Russia to think of one right -- that -- -- I'll I'm Robert aren't aren't brought all right so think about that and I'll get I know you got to Richmond Virginia -- the patriots. I'm going to join practices free season opener Thursday night we'll get -- couple of story lines in just a second but first things first. You know I have you on the show a lot of my podcast. During the week and even a lot here on WEEI on the weekends and we get to a lot of Red Sox two and. I know you felt very passionately. About the whole -- the contract discussion that was. I guess not even -- down. Towards a deal as we approach the trade deadline but. Your reaction as to what -- Arrington did on Thursday with these Red Sox team. I think the lack eternity it is such. Largely. Roll the dice. And hoping that you ought -- On Allen Craig and he didn't discover swearing and you have a couple of years ago. Into Kelly's just not a guy -- I don't think I'm not you personally I think you -- an overlap. Almost two years now use. One of DB. Better pitchers in the American -- treaty that they think about where he was when he started. Out bad at one term ended the inning but to me. Every five days you to India. Seven innings in Eritrea Iran -- me -- he reports. This would have been perfectly fine. You know I didn't believe I still won't believe you know it says the new characters and for the minimum next year. What are adamant by that they give him a two year 25 million in 28 million dollar expansion IT -- would be perfectly. Good choice that he has the top of the rotation. For next year. Knowing that -- -- -- knowing that this can happen so I I didn't like that you ought not to let dealers. You traded. On the left her fourteen month that witness and he's. You know when that time you know did you decide that you it's going to be in the middle of your lineup the next 56 years the span. Whatever -- hundred million dollars on him but again. You you've got down so it's almost like the Internet they sort of eight or pitchers don't want it thirty plus year old pitchers the money but. This goes and worry about. Power bat like that I don't know so it'll be disputes yelled at all. Well it's so it sounds like you're in the same boat as me which is you would have preferred to I would have preferred this team. Keep that did the two arms that the top starting pitchers and irritation so unless it to an extension. Give Lackey you know rip up what you got now give him a two year extension and rewarding him how good he's been the last two seasons and and help on the team. When a championship you corporate it. I would've preferred that even knows but but with that said instance that wasn't the news and they traded those guys are also wanna sort of would hold. Judgment on this opening because. I don't think Ben Sharon and has done just yet I mean. You would think might that if you traded to top starting pitchers that you must have a game plan this went. Although no question I mean and that he. Clearly when you look at the rotation. I know people like apocalypse number one now out to look for the next two months yet in -- They're number one but obviously there's got to be a plan here and now he's in now now want to -- come down that question out. Well are you an overpaid CAD change yield. Or a three year deal. For over market values that you don't want short years he cannot be done I mean. The market gets crazy and that's why they're crazy but not its luster and again. It's not work the back and 95%. Of the time those 567 year deal pitchers that are thirty -- don't work OK fine. Paint them that we're here toward the beginning -- I think it didn't report the beginning just just like I actually think it will -- Capable of giving you another good season next year -- -- -- in the Europe that based on the arm surgery that he had and the fact it. Changed his body type and it and it's worked for so I just I don't understand. Bat and I'm gonna I'll I'll be perfectly. Frank they bombs and -- -- -- on -- Or something like that. I'm gonna have on their -- it doesn't make any sense to meet you know what you're got is you know we can pitch here you know it helps -- championship. You know an entity in this town back sugar you don't know what the culture is gonna do it under. Which often is the -- in Detroit and Q amp a and the city not -- it's a ball and so. I don't. That's what we're on leery about what what their plan is the economy created he. We talked pitching and you can maybe make it feel a pitching. The attorney yet the prospects but you know we're going to be where -- -- going to be I don't know I -- -- just like -- that they can come out of nowhere and. You can turn prospects or dirt your cabinet that somebody out but it's. It's Dicey. Yeah it's clear the bad Jaret is ready I mean he already got creative I I think you'll continue to at least try. The court he must have a game plan the question is can execute that game plan because this team at all absolutely needs pitch in speaking with Mike GRE Comcast sports net New England. On the AT&T hotline. And like there are some people in this town and on I'll be honest I'm a little surprised. As to how many people there that have told me they think Jon Lester is gonna come back here. I don't agree with that I don't think that's gonna happen and how do you feel about that. Theory. How I mean yeah -- that period Salave'a conspiracy there but if you're -- -- Japan. Wolf what why -- gonna change. Well I think you'll you'll find no -- boarded a baseball market works he hit free agency and someone offered underreported side. I happen. Yeah that's why don't. Look at that's the block some people say -- there was sort of a behind the scenes agreement that he would still come here and take less money. Thought let's let's say that was the case. First of -- I don't agree with that philosophy. I don't think that actually happens in real life anyways but let's say actually does in the situation. I don't agree with that philosophy because you are risky and like you just said. The guy all right let's say he might be genuine and he might actually believe maybe he would come back. And he says they were elected team get a bad that this team desperately needs but once he goes out on the free agent market and -- is able give you seven. The 25 a year I mean how can turn that dollar I think -- risk in him not coming back had to get Saddam strategy to have if that was the strategy. Yeah I agree completely and -- can think that there are some back room dealing like that. Why would John lesser extent why would -- -- and you know what I'm not there are either -- or bad. I'm gonna come back next year I'm 110. On because what happened this -- not an -- director of the year. And -- not security. And you're not gonna get honored by admin and into the -- and certainly not -- not on a particular market so just. I think great conspiracy theory on. And even the players or thought -- on that let you know and I'm no. You go out there implement most of the money yet are they now yeah especially especially the the -- our offer is thirty or forty million let them whatever it felt and create art. Yeah I can't buy and that in real life behind the scenes Major League Baseball GMs have agreement to play -- in which will trade you. Get a play and her time and you'll come crawling back to -- and if it is it's stupid and and if it is I think it's stupid because your wrist and hand. On to the big deal and he's got to get big deals somewhere else I'm -- but -- Speaking at the Ares. -- -- have water on and are you Don watching patriots cancel move into that right now you're in Richmond Virginia. You have wanna like -- didn't travel with the team. -- -- -- Yeah I'm not agree on not run at all yet that it didn't have a hot -- or eleven -- eleven yet. He moved that timetable. There it is right for him and it writes that he at this point -- -- -- -- Putting him out here and rescue again but it's split up control note not. Knock on. All out all the time but you know how it is you're against. Different team. And some guys trying to make an impression coaching staff and what the -- that Newton. It in -- on how you're to run out down and that's not something that you need to arrest report just. But broccoli deal worked -- I think but first I'm I'm I'm you know McNeill news we -- -- -- I don't I don't think you play preceded him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind getting in contact but ensure that there are ways that bill I can you contact me. Now and when to keep an open September. Yeah I think maybe some people initially might say all what thrown -- you know we didn't travel he already said right he's not a 100% yet but. I think that ultimately patriot fans should be happy with rock not on or at least at the patriots not haven't traveled because I think that means that the patriots. Not to say that I ever believed they don't get it. But it just goes to show -- that. They get it right now with this ground situation right there is absolutely no need. Even send him to the joint practices. That's all I'm I'm I'm glad that he's not yet. Q Mike how do you feel about joint practices you like these things do you think they benefit. That the teams how do you feel about joint practice. Great question and it's slow -- and -- recorded -- And today that there are -- are the way the abstract and they have certainly in cart horse that's training camp. You'd just you know Napster's. You could -- with the aids and the mini camp on a producer -- guys elect drops or contact your property it's only got over and over and over. In order cults in a lawyer who moves. In -- -- out of most of their moves. And it just. Actually it's a point where. How much you that individual what do you out of that the team and you may call on him intolerable and that he's at the -- nine million times and knows noted that -- it. Human nature to them that well aren't Senator Obama to make sure that the data and get -- pepper Ringo. I'm here. No doubting you know you -- -- and it went a different sand lot in different guys and you know I know. He's gotten so competitive. Don't even know that that the practice that and I'll show you I'm better than you know reap the slumped -- the -- -- -- and didn't shut down all the able when he got. He was intent on chair shot Jack didn't get -- and he Jack pockets Obama I mean it. That kind of stuff but I think. -- -- couldn't say that forces us to work on our techniques -- work study all those sorts of things make sure were communicating well. When you're planning it's your own guys. It's a little bit and get away with some things particularly here. I I. Clearly bell Atlantic of the about. I think there's at least not what you narrow it at least one generics practice that wouldn't -- men and this year that went to. Last year that it -- so -- clearly -- and -- it Matt. I grew -- you can just ramps up so much -- -- did a lot out. And from the standpoint like you know outside looking in or even just being and then not on the field and may be on the sidelines. In the stands -- in the media tent you know walked in from afar. It's easier to see guys -- press right I mean did they they showed a jump off the screen a little bit -- when they do something good against another team. Rather than against. You are our own team may try to mean because obviously the passion is a little bit more fire during the joint practices isn't there then they would get them. Absolutely not I hear you set the tone today had an hour right so Brady and Brady and now and it was like you what they started computing with the red. He was snapped in and fired up -- Israel had but somebody you know like -- -- went into it and it. It clearly ratcheted up the intent is for his team and -- that he -- and again according I mean afterwards and -- but look he's like. One of the great things about this as we go on. Our tent or at least on the patriots or -- -- that he's picked -- because now we're on the sidelines while we often on the -- and we're going crazy when they lack. And when we're on the field they're going crazy lots and that's not what happens during training and attorney yet. Going up against each other and indeed that are even -- he made that you know Sharon Lott the you're you're an -- for each other that let it. Who -- -- law there because you're trying to repeat traveler dot year. You're alternate together and we and it certainly showed. Spiegel Mike GRD Comcast sports net knowingly joins me right here. On the AT&T hotline and Mike on here and a lot of upgrades. Of the Jewish settlement act -- maybe he looks like one of the best receiver is out there. Supplement the question is is that a good thing. And is this -- as good as people say did you watch so much I am so far and if it is that good. I would I think that's I mean I think that's a good thing because I watched last year's camp I said at the beginning. You know -- -- man Brady just looks good looks right it looks comfortable -- -- and I'm OK with that. -- you OK with with him being that the best receiver right now if that's even true. Ally it is true. You anomaly in that Brooke Burke -- comparable. Took you at all on the sideline and now which you only people rooted secrets verse on beat. Took them twenty yards out keel all known for Raanan. Aren't you cannot and then stopped and gotten an all compliant patent -- yards and ready for the ball are out. Don't turn and their related -- out -- the ball there and then out on turn and halt the aberrant cell just. It devolution has been pretty impressed the pilot thought he was. -- athlete art -- -- at -- playmaker you need to stay healthy. LP last year your arms stopped and I'd I'd like you better this year so it's. Look I had no problem with Indian. But I mean one point -- help you not be about got a raucous yet freak of nature but. I've been panel and being able to do what he does and wants Dick out LT Claritin out. Makes things -- settlement creates more space in a lot of apartments we've got on the you know last year the Carter plot also. I don't know took its honored -- here but I think he. The -- were per caps scored -- Yes he -- because that it is revealed a -- -- -- And you mentioned Brady had a big day down -- from what you saw and a man but I'm also read and that. Ryan mallet is -- and that's what's going on what that situation. My goodness you know somebody walking in and and look I'm not my -- about -- Turkic analysts. Oh. Network and a lot more to it and pretty much any human being alive it doesn't coached yet well. -- for him to walk in want one practice. And practice in which by the Iraq now it should have been a third time early double -- relate to our. And gave it popped off a period that day and that you yet. And it felt starting quarterback and GB now you. Record that absolutely -- eye on it doesn't mind let he put the ball well practiced on on cue the holy crap. Rate for a but you're poor you still in -- you -- it though. It kept on now more than ever which some more days like these are all go straight at it -- practice. It pushed the ball. So I -- -- -- -- the whole lot of ridiculous. From a guy -- Very -- very reliable but I don't know how the motivation was behind Matt -- of it what. Not act is not a what it hurt or years what ever practiced here in. You. -- better than he's been like. Q sport should be better than eight yen and still not that. I think that italics on report back to see you -- -- I still not an unexpected big trade now -- traces of the big received -- paid much. Something they get desperate quarterback can find that that option and our -- -- -- that was a little trailer where are but Belichick I don't know I don't know. -- Ryan mallet not but not jump off the -- -- not -- might it. Well I for people might have you know Houston. On their radar after they read that -- mean if anybody knows how good Ryan mallet is it it it would it would be used to one it would Gillibrand. Yeah I'm -- -- the bill O'Brien O'Brien wanted Ryan mallet and wanted to start program. The witty. You'll get off to a good start. He's not right now with the actor you know articulate -- out. You know me. You went on drafted -- have a delicate -- not to Patrick. Or quarterback -- -- network and so. Dieter all my. Bought if you really want right now product out the kitchen I think right now guarded him. I like will be following it throughout the week and Daryn as pre season game. On Thursday night. Great stuff as always. Thank you -- talk to some. There aren't like -- Comcast sports net new laying on -- right there it's -- great stuff from the AT&T hotline AT&T. Building you about a network. I didn't get that WW we reference and I kind of put on the spot for that but we did just steal the opening note of overall really right yeah that that's that we did so thank you for listening. While you'll watch it. I won't tell you this about patriots training camp I don't get too involved with. The whole back up quarterback situations but yes Mike may. He came out and he said that you know Ryan mallet what jumped off the page today that he's looking like a starting quarterback. Again I sort of group like how did you show up and see one practice joint practice and come to that conclusion. Maybe it is some sort of favor for the patriots the sort of pumped his -- is a little bit and help the patriot. You know increase his trade value I have no idea I would like to think that. There are still scouts that have been watching them consistently that. That will you know if they if a team as there are -- a guy they'll watch a moment just walking into one joint practice right. I would think. You would pick 61777979837617779793. Seven I come back another update on Henry Owens and Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston he's done in Pawtucket. Cover in this game I'll get him on the AT&T hotline in just a bit will get. His reaction to what he saw ought to Henry Owens and his triple A debut on Danica Scott noted for Mikey Adams Sports Radio WEP.

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