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Patriots and Redskins in joint practices: RGIII can't help but learn from Brady

Aug 4, 2014|

We discuss Patriots training camp, their joint practices with the Redskins, and how RGIII is just taking all that is Tom Brady in.

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I don't wanna ask Steve a football question here. I I know it's more of a recent thing worked real big now and in football nowadays did you ever have training camp against another team. They did it I know but not as much back when you're playing right. We had -- reduced. Every year -- with those with the cowboys we did it against the the raiders as they were two towns over we were -- Remember when tolerant California -- -- a Thousand Oaks and they were and our guard and wiest get together and and practice. That at least I'd -- the five or six times -- can betray cables while longer trying to get started usually July 7. And you did three or four weeks before you complete pre season games so he had more time. And the giants cruised up and go to -- pictures pictures we -- with the giants. I can remember Parcells with the giants Donna Bryant. Because I remember vividly giving Irving Fryer a hard time yeah. And -- and Irving. If you better hope to god I never coach you can you're gonna spend the rest to your career way even for fair cash she's he's got his arm up in the area -- if that is given -- a hard time. It has happened. It's got to be more intense right. It is more tests about which -- good that even if they tried to tell you hey look this is your normal practice pace it doesn't happen because. Inevitably. If you see someone and of the uniform. You're human nature takes over and your view and the other part of that equation is that. Younger guys who works fighting to make the team more guys most -- as -- -- league team on either squad. If they're Smart there auditioning for that -- coaching staff too so. There's no chance in the world that is the same pace as you have in a controlled atmosphere with their own team. Just by the nature of the beast is going to be a lot more competitive in a little bit more. Are you guys are practicing against the raiders that meant that thought that was great something crazy was happening to always a raiders yes. The kind of players they have yet to holder that they had rest in peace. Coaching staff they were very aggressive I mean -- -- but the raiders historically go back. There -- always -- aggressive always on the had a -- shore those practices where even more. Lively because of the opponent. Adams compounded by the fact that the cowboys back -- this was mid to late eighties we had a reputation as being a little soft sole. We wanted to show. The big generators that we weren't that soft so it was there was -- least. One fight every practice there was at least a few good lay out here it's every practice so wasn't. By any means but the one thing you also -- was. Those guys so what's morally back and relaxed and and they would turn it on when those were feeling between whistles they turtle but. Everything else they were sitting on the helmets and they were -- back and they were joking and laughing on the sideline. And we're over here we get Tom Landry and Edward I don't think he'll laugh or joke which -- like occasions. Maybe if she's not look at you might correct agreement or there but. They were solely back in the -- which has flip a switch in the -- than nutty maniacal -- -- it was. We know I was asking because and I think Belichick to the right thing today kept -- out of the practice that. -- he wasn't the only guy but but you know -- has been in economies and in back in in -- careful with what they do with them. Even -- has said he hasn't been completed and completely cleared do everything yet. So why put him out there on a field against somebody in a different colored Jersey who like you said is auditioning for. You know lost a spot somewhere and pay all lay out Rob Gronkowski. Smart -- by Belichick. Yeah I think so but you know what I know guys don't wanna see this on Thursday. Who place may have Vegas is beyond ground. Would you be surprised -- Tom Brady doesn't play. On Thursday in which he was apprised of Darrelle Revis doesn't play on third I'd be surprised you would I'd be surprised Tom Brady we always say that about taller -- we always seem playing a little more than we always spot him and it's just because. And then you know you read the article very I'm in of the -- it was he's competitive guy he wants to get up there and get some. Some sort of reps against competitors scenario. To the point where I'm almost positive that every time he's up there in the pre season Belichick has been wanted to tell him okay you're dot. Your -- I agree it's just wait it's in his nature in his nature if he sees an opportunity to compete his secure its pre season. Or golf at Pebble Beach or a charity basketball game that you see that story that you. Or Beth -- Fauria all -- they play. They play at a charity basketball game. Therefore you say came out. He's got -- headband on all fired up the so four days guarded by that's a twelve year old -- Fauria. And now they're losing. -- Brady says foreign. Guard somebody. Out. If so fired up -- dollar wind up coming back to win this charity basketball game the same story Steve to your point of how competitive the is that how meticulous he is. You know Jack McClellan wrote the story saying that. If your receiver for Tom Brady. There's a -- not necessarily. You know running the office that we got to -- -- want to -- about it the way that Tom Brady went on he's very very precise about what he wants you do and he's convinced. That he's not on his last contract. And that he wants to play -- until he's in his mid forties. Well think about this in the numbers come courtesy of Gregg Easterbrook on Twitter. Andy Dalton and Tony Romo -- combined one in six lifetime in the playoffs. Now both have bigger contracts than Tom Brady with three Super Bowl wins if he's not on his last contract them and I think you're right he probably isn't. While we seats on the last what Andy Dalton got over a hundred million dollars that. There's no right about not pocketing the final -- there's Malia there's not a different reference for a big contract for forty year old quarterback there's no there's going we're would be. How do you put comparable to up there. -- me -- -- a patent you know you'll -- are -- far. You know Warren Moon -- platoon was what forty comes -- -- patent and -- that big contract Peyton Manning as a free agent. That that contract he still wasn't -- he's not forty years old yet and Tom Brady. Finished it finishes this contract and he's forty. And he's a free agent. What do you do. Do you say well it's Tom Brady and given the money. IRA and it's still I echo of a quarterback at that age you don't really know. -- what to expect. Thought -- we've seen this before talent we've ever seen a forty year old quarterback -- -- Super Bowl hasn't happened oldest quarterback to win -- rules still 38. So. He -- is how does that work. Well good the other thing that bad. GM -- and -- you have to look at now with. The rules in the NFL now make it a little bit easier there's still there's a lot of violence gone but it there's no way to look at it and say okay. A 37 year old guy. In 1990. Is the same authors of your old guy now because of through some real guy now is 789. Years ten years maybe of not taken the beating that some of these other guys took and you and compile that with the idea that. The the training is better than nutrition ideas -- better. The everything you have that's a story -- I guess supposedly everything you changed as nutrition -- missed his train and everything you have available fuel. Would. Indicate that -- you could be you could play longer than what was normally thought to have to view of of long career. And he's never is he's never been a guy and we read that article -- he's never been a guy that relied on foot speed. Or. Unbelievable strength or anything like that things had decreases as you get closer to forty he's -- god it's relied on his brain his it is. Attitude his good arm has -- got a lot better results monologue. He's relied on all these things that are easier to maintain at forty than they were twenty years ago. You know Rex Ryan he's not -- rob Rob Ryan. A former patriots coach linebackers coach here uh oh had a quote and it's still stands up he said just about ten years ago he said. Tom Brady is Bill Belichick with about a right arm. I said that they'll -- description of of a Brady so it line. I think. At the age of forty their right arm is not going to be be like it was at the age of thirty so does that mean he has to stay in a certain kind of offense to be effective. My forty year record I don't you at. You don't think. Gunslinger instead unless you're talking about far. At age of forty so you're forty year old quarterback are you really -- -- dink and -- office. Your offense that might have to be -- a little bit almost what. You see the patriots might wanna do now he -- -- a couple of very good tight ends you get -- some targets that they'll work towards. Your completions from. Seven to fifteen to twenty yards and if you have to open it up -- while feel free to go ahead but. Well right now -- the Patriots offense and a lot of good offensive -- make their balls almost seven to fifteen yard passes. Is it is he still going to be able. What you'll have to do -- that point is maybe. Even increases recognition quicker but in to get rid of the ball a little bit faster make up your mind a little bit quicker end to end and decide where your going. And a lot of that comes from studying a lot of comes. There's very little you can shall Tom Brady awful ball -- but he has missing or doesn't recognize. You just have to recognize that even quicker if that's feasible if that's. -- And yet. He gets sacked more than he ever had before last year and he was he was on pace at one point for -- record setting -- year. As the quarterback of the patriots they got it straightened out a little bit in the second half of the season last third of the season. And yet they've got all these changes new offensive line coach and Yeltsin are people sand of the matter is how good he is -- quick he -- -- mentally cutie -- beat at that time and a -- Well part of it is that it is part of the problem. I have poor protection. Or was it. -- -- the -- not knowing who what where they were supposed to go which would blend in with the idea but it got better in the second half of the season. If guys get now -- barrier you know in and that that would help but the other thing is that they're they had a little bit of issues keep an offensive line healthy which goes to the next point. You've had Dante Scarnecchia do in the -- the line for a long time and the thing we've always said about him was his ability to have that next guy ready -- the names. Of the office of -- that plea from Tom Brady are sold long the list of names so long. But they've called on the job -- that is Tom makes mine up and gets the job done quickly but. Starr is always he always had these guys ready he's not there anymore. Is that a factor too is that something that's gonna affect the softened the -- that he will seek mostly. 6177797937. Is the telephone every Texas if you like at 37937. -- the offseason possible talks in football obviously. Red Sox there are certainly high on the docket as well and there are those and am finding as the days go on more and more are believing the conspiracy theory. Are believing that somehow he's gonna end up back in Red Sox uniform meaning Jon Lester. I don't see how that happens but I hope you're all right. Because I wanted to -- in the first place but will see what you think about it 6177797937. Its telephone number. Dale -- and Steve DeOssie Sports Radio W the 6177797937. As the telephone number. AT&T text line -- 37937. Others great story on CS and NS ESN. Com. Washington. CSN Washington dot com not any dot com. Totals trial throws to -- -- this year right who is the Redskins insider for Comcast sports -- DC. And evidently. At one point today during practice. Robert Griffin the third had an opportunity to talk with Tom Brady for a few minutes. You can see where than any other things going on special teams whatever and Griffin was talking about it he said quote I had a chance to talk to Tom. He was saying he's been in the same offense for fifteen years. Which is astounding that's amazing being able to point guys in. They've got they've got to two quick sudden receivers and -- Dolan -- that got a lot of good piece is there all of value wait them because that's what quarterbacks do but at the same time. I'm still focused on what we're doing is an offense he said. He -- he learned more today watching Brady and talking to. And you could see where good Smart young quarterback in the NFL. Would say panic has really really good at what -- -- is or something like that pick up here watching him. And he went out of his way to say every chance he got one Brady in the offense was not working he tried to watch Brady to see how we operate. Makes great sense. On your -- would Beckett Matt Cassel -- told his rookie year. Jim Brady's back pocket and doing everything he goes and when you have the time when he was. Called upon to play he was ready to play and made -- 42 million dollars so. Why -- a Smart young men like Robert group to look at and say. That -- one of the best that's ever played this game. There's got to be supplied to learn from them it's it's on his on his part very Smart believe it or not and most notably there's not a lot of players in the NFL that went like that. Is are absolutely does so what they've bill they -- that you forget it's it's very easy gets sold -- in what you're doing and what how you're trying to improve and and watching yourself on film. Sometimes you usual look if you look at other players and situations are okay. Here's one of the greatest ever to play the game you know I -- -- one of the best -- -- what's he doing. That I might be able get a little but I used to war when -- -- chance so -- your office to play against Harry Carson I would watch Harry Carson all the time and say it. What is he doing -- and half the stuff personal -- office. Kitna and and a book yeah I mean -- I want Lawrence Taylor a matter of. Exactly but you still so you would view it for book for a guy like. Like euros -- to look currency here's one of the best ever. Let me use this time near him to learn that that's that's Smart you know it's it's very easy especially their quarterback to gets sold sort. With all the information that your coach is trying to put your head. For him to take a step back. And look doubted that Brady and and -- some pretty Smart move. Until monument he got an opportunity to -- -- Quinn is the best benefits for three or four minutes. You know why not do it I would think for RG three the number one thing he could look at for Tom Brady -- Brady clearly doesn't have the the speed. At RG three -- so. How about his ability to. Stay in the pocket. Beam extremely mobile about Brady -- to be extremely mobile in the pocket for a guy who's not fast. Before progression. It and he he's he's quicker than Brady's so -- the temptation I can understand the temptation is there a lot just break out run him. Because he has the ability to do it. I wonder if he scaled back by 15%. 20%. Stay in the pocket more and not use that. Not use running not use his legs. As much as he does right now wonder what that would do form as a quarterback -- last year -- needed him more last year than ever before because coming up that entering. And he still fast but not as fast as he was his rookie year. And that's how we got an it was a fluke injury but that's how we got hurt a first place troop. So I I don't think guy like that who cared and who does. Had a good arm who is accurate. He can stay in the pocket and still be a very effective quarterback. Me think about the number that Tom hit RG three. And -- same offense for fifteen years and just think about battle how many quarterbacks in the National Football League can say that. First fall how many quarterbacks played out on second of all how many quarterbacks -- but but he doesn't he that they didn't play the same coach the whole time the way this guy as. But he took his office with -- to Denver and he develop that office would talk more bout was that was a collaborative effort between. Between Tom Moore and Peyton Manning developing that offense. We similar to what you see what Tom Brady and and Josh McDaniels who struggle and the other officer organizers had a -- Tom Brady's head. Influence on that offense. He'd merely took office -- them to vote to Denver. But you're actually right different head coach different scenario. -- -- difference that a receiver had a great they were patent that my office take out take that doubt about. -- inside me I'm bringing it I miss those records are thrown 6177797937. Angelos and -- hey Angela. Michael -- don't I don't what's gone on not much I want to pull off a little bit. And don't want to put you know what exactly were we talking about. -- just -- that. And you found out I know that -- Andre Johnson. Reportedly not happy -- and well at the patriots look under optics and now. -- that aren't done yet given a twenty mile. 21 round draft choices in -- is probably too much to a for a guy he's still a deep throat but not the deeper it was one time. 21 round draft raises a lot to pay for. -- almost why does everybody think Ryan reality is this big catch for other -- -- -- -- real brought -- as migrant Alex that it had to today. -- definitely felt no one needs a one good practice that he hadn't and now he's on board I don't know this is for you like to take leaps of logic. While others O'Brien -- -- familiar with -- -- of course you'd like -- meant a great okay if that's all true. Okay what we've done -- already -- -- is already got all offseason to get himself ready -- that that would have been one of the first things Billy O'Brien and me justification to cope with these ideas these -- salt rock solid ideas. Routed in. Our wish for the team to do. Exactly look like sixteenth. You look at this how this team views wide receivers. They're -- it change it. -- Bill Belichick all of a sudden he's gonna say I've never I've never used a first round pick. On a wide receiver but in this case -- -- straight tournament. I'm gonna trade tool first -- And a backup quarterback. Second or third quarterback where everything is going to be based on the way it looks right now for he's going to be back -- quarterback -- Four receiver who has a huge contract hammered out -- -- Johnson that I am kinda come in New England. I refuse to do anything else for the Texans I'll go to Al go to New England. And I will rip up my contract. And they can do whatever they want I mean for whatever they want four year. So -- can prove myself but the patriot. Aren't there maybe we got a conversation with 21 tropics not happen. Way to -- price now we got word late last week that apparently Josh McDaniels went to Denver. To work out Brady Quinn last week. Brady Quinn is -- starters TV career here a couple of weeks. I said he had a good work out. And he he didn't say who was width but it was reported that Josh went to the Denver work out Brady Quinn. All that led me to believe -- is while Tony grapples a long ways away isn't it. In Houston began the two people the first round -- and quarterback. Let me go through -- I recommend that merits -- slant and angle is a story of Tim Tebow alone -- -- not a great -- -- -- wait a minute let me just say guys that current quarterback he's a good quarter all right you wanna play -- how many playoff well not now he's honesty all holidays like -- -- would you have done now. -- -- update any adult does got a 150 million dollar contract yes that's right. Yeah well playoff definitely isn't the only five million dollar -- bug -- everybody -- feel better to say a hundred -- five million dollar -- -- -- this year seven next year and then after that was. You don't single handedly dragged into the playoffs he -- did not have a playoff win. Pittsburgh's defensive coordinator had a playoff lost to abuse that. Fortitude and all possible -- That Tebow can Everett's role. When you give that house up in overtime two boys are going to fight I don't -- -- -- -- that's your take -- to what are the what I news. Tim Tebow going up against hall of fame caliber. Defensive coordinator hall of Famer. Dick LeBeau. And I thought it. -- And -- have -- -- to bring Majid used to incite to college football on TV you know -- -- hopes notre. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line. 37937. It Dele -- with Steve DeOssie those two boys are going to be fight and they're gonna be Roland in the dirtier few minutes. It's dale holly sports are not like let's -- -- WEEI.

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