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Another season of Hard Knocks set to debut for the NFL and HBO

Aug 4, 2014|

We discuss the best reality show on television... Hard Knocks... training camp in the NFL. This year featuring the Atlanta Falcons.

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You know we were just talking here off the air. Hard knocks begins tomorrow on HBO. Hard knocks Atlanta Falcons and the reason why I brought it up is that. Somebody tweeting from practice three minutes ago -- Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman -- Kareem he just went down untouched in practice while running. Grabbed his right leg. Well we'll see what happened on heart I won't be this week will be in tomorrow's edition but probably next week. And then you know you know some of those guys run in the Atlanta franchise and they kind of cut their teeth football -- here. Every about a -- and the book war room available on Amazon -- -- I didn't have no no plugs at all or anything like that but. And we -- you were sand yet all you could see where -- to meet for often. Scott Pioli don't really like this whole hard knocks thing in yet they're don't want it that they have to. Yes. I think they have to do it because. Even though I don't pioli had historically it's been crazy about this kind of stuff. Thomas. Is more open to -- that their bare best friends but they look at this completely differently you know Thomas. Is used to you of people being in the Atlantic draft room and they have some celebrity limited partners. On the falcons do. You know Hank Aaron is a limited partner for the Atlanta Falcons award -- is a limited partner for the falcons it was Andrew Young the former. Mayor of Atlanta civil rights leader so. -- On draft and draft pace. Have likes to have seventy people in there amid a big party in the Atlanta happening assure that down here -- -- -- it'll just the opposite. Not -- all the scouts aren't allowed in in the up patriots draft room. And the only -- and the same kind of operation are very similar operation in Kansas City. So -- they have different views on it but the guy who was all for it all about publicity and and transparency. Is Arthur Blank. Go to any any kind of publicity is good publicity so come on man cameras and check it out. I asked this question before in the league make a team do. Can they say and and look everybody knows if you ever if if they were ever gonna hit a home run with hard knocks what do we want -- Let's go to your god is all grown -- him and all. I wanna -- box for. I wanna see bill ballot second that staff yeah could they ever make him do it. Yeah but you know which you can you get a watered down version on what's really going on you know that that everybody down there would be so cognizant of of when the cameras were on in the meetings in the in the offices but I came to a field but. I think you get a boy Amphenol over a hundred no question at all but it's a medical questions in -- right but clever but the larger question can the -- -- to the patriots a it's your turn. On there may be they did it and they would like they would never do again. I have but there -- -- meeting. Bill Belichick have a meeting before the hard knocks cameras came in with a team of. You aren't you nice and -- The talk after the game I just saw the it's. -- and they're. Hatred of George Allen how -- -- I don't think you get that on hard docs open bill would be -- but. I pay less about fell into these a holes coming over these cameras -- not gonna say yeah it pay interest to -- -- the bill. Here's a script read from this that what did you say you have told you to say. But if it was going to happen it would have to be through Kraft I don't know. If they would just try to convince Belichick over. I just don't see it happening in Belichick's time. Don't we always feel like and and texture here put a perfectly it's said the first year the patriots do hard knocks will be the first year after Bill Belichick retire. And computers up to that it's not as wild dog do you like it are still still I mean for this I'm fired up about. The falcons on Harden got some friends and all of a -- I don't care what team is involved. I just figures that don't look behind the curtain on loved those things is is always interest. So. Even if it's a team that that -- expect to be competitive the raiders. I've -- jaguars. Had a hard not to go and the dolphins a couple of years ago when it's vacuous and really the story with the dolphins. And that was the first glimpse that -- Joseph Philbin was a little overwhelmed and we saw that. Last year two things are happening with this team that he wasn't aware of you always see something. On hard knocks -- to hadn't really thought of before. Well -- a bunch of cheeseburgers. He's the best I mean he was built for -- good thing about it he probably wishes that they can deal with him every agrees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll be good with a purpose that is probably the funniest line worries that our defense was a jackass -- -- albeit jackass. Know what our defense wasn't a jacket. Especially in a jackass. As -- -- was the last of Cincinnati. Remember it was all last year but it's. What's the if it takes it well if you had a if you have more. Personalities involved it's obviously better team players and coaches and there's not a better. Personality coached there and -- immune system with some that would be obsolete -- His group would have been good. You know in that situation joint military. Would -- good news maybe maybe if you have a contest which got to raise the number one guys since we've already seen Rex right Rex as the number one personality constantly what should we play like the New York yet. And a half. But the the second guy I think. After after Rex B Chip Kelly. You think about the yeah yeah if it's a novelty offense. He does things a little differently. I wanna see what with a Chip Kelly experiences like on a daily basis he does a lot of things to two. Two to a point where even matter. The foods to predict the winners trying to generating a lot of things different on there that would be years ago it was especially considering the success they had last year when the finally figured out what was going all that office. Now it's it's funny because as several -- have pointed out when bella check. What was on football life yeah it was great. But he has a trust level I think with the NFL films people. You know I don't know if that I I don't know that he has editorial control but. Yeah of course he had editorial control of that there's no doubt at least at least some and here's the other thing about a football life -- -- great as it was I agree it was terrific. What they did that they filmed it during the 2009. Season. And it aired in the 2010. Season right so. No immediacy so he had time they had time to go for everything -- That that could be controversial. And it had no effect on the current season of that was so if -- think if somebody asked him about it during a press conference he had a steady response. Did you get -- on. A lot of guys in the right in the right place. At the wanna -- won't. But. It's. About. Like doctors are killers his response if somebody says there saw this on a football life and you know broke to talk about this this and that's. And we've we've moved on that was last year each year's a new season. We're just focused on the bills which focused on the jets were just focused on whoever's on the schedule. And then you really have to answer something that's in real time where as hard knocks. I mean you're seeing -- happened. If that's that that you're right that's the immediacy that Bill Belichick will not allow when when in Miami when they called Chad Ochocinco and economy. In autism and you gotta go now and it's like bills like that I'm surprised Pete Carroll has tried. Get him on. How to be great thrill every you know via the enthusiasm. Of Pete Carroll there's another thing about 2000 -- known as he had editorial control. Football -- 2009 season one of the most controversial things happened all year. Was aborted deal with Thomas bill he's got all the answers eight the Jetsons I can't just jump up and flak over cars. And -- those guys being late did not come up. Income up one time wasn't just looking -- book club. Great. -- sit and at home asked for kindergartners motivation is for kindergartners. I'm not a chemical and -- in my own missile or use those to combat the league victories. -- Struck record drew. Now I will say this I watched the Bengals last year got no rooting interest in the Bengals but to watch it. Balkans it was easier it was an AFC east team January interest -- -- got a real rooting interest I know you know Scott Pioli a little bit have met Thomas to me trough. Which is still watch your football fan. It's like if you're an NHL fanned the hard knocks the already heard one way or that is all I mean if you watch every minute -- -- Now it says -- dad and Ben says the exemptions for hard knocks are a new coach playoff team in one of the last two years. Or hard knocks appearance in the test at in the past ten years so. The patriots will never have to be -- Playoff team won the last two years they don't have to go. Well. I still even if they were audit it would be such a guarded -- it would be cashing out exactly wouldn't be the camp guard he can guard some of that stuff put. This -- characters in a -- -- CIA I would I would think. The insight if you were to get some real insight to what's going on in camp. It's a 70% they incited to some of the meetings and what they're talking. Mobile more they're old player valuations than two other team valuations. I think that -- from all powerful people seem to have to see the level of detail you've seen it. Martin we've seen that the level of detail that these guys going through it it's just amazing. Bet there is that much information that they want to digest for any given situation and you you've. You said at the right way to I mean digesting the information coming all the stuff that that Belichick goes over with his coaching staff. That stuff never gets to the players absolutely not he's not trying to overwhelm the players so they go over. Tons and tons of scenarios and why -- play will work -- play won't work. And then he goes to the players in gives them something that they can all handle. Not he might chart says this you know 7% time that you know 25% of -- -- some time this. Not trying to get players to think that. Running play I have as the throng. Again that's not only running wide map it was gonna stand tackles on a draw okay. -- I mean every once about the show on hard -- they'll show up a group meeting. Where they're assessing guys okay worth sit around offensive line and they'll go through names -- -- on. And I'm always amazed that a coach would let that stuff out there now I don't know if this guys are gonna play -- I mean. Why would you do. And and you hear some stuff. You know those meetings stuff coach's meetings. GM's talking about you know he's he's asking for way too much. And those -- the things that Belichick and they have never letting. The jets and there are some they have the Revis contract negotiation -- So it had Mike tanner -- at the time that you -- talking about you know the previous commercial. Felt a real had a commercial Revis island is actually pretty funny how does that get doctor and he was going to visit that is going to visit rivas -- Scott that access is about Regis god damn they pretty and our restaurant edit -- right. -- now a text -- point out that the falcons were in the playoffs two years ago they work. But you could you could say you can say -- you step -- say they have all that means they are they can't make Q you were in the playoffs and -- You have that yet they asked him before. The think they asked the falcons to do it that two or three years ago and at that time it wasn't that good. In this case as I said Arthur Blank is all about it I don't picture Pete Carroll -- now goal of course not and I'm actually surprised that it masks. Mean he's kind of the the flavor of the month anyway in the and I did that whole division would be down with our -- like Photoshop yeah. Arizona. Yet they know could use its efforts signal cares about them drug hit those every Cisco. The rams. Now the -- that be interesting result you know Michael stand situation. Wonder if that I wonder if that was something that was asked and they set for the same reason they pulled the plug on the Oprah shelter and we don't need that right now. You know we got another we got enough stuff going on here we don't need the scrutiny for that I wonder if that was one of the things that. I could see where it with the NFL it's a you know out of them along the sub. At the F -- would even ask that situation you're you're you're gonna have ample media coverage. As shoes do you need some very serious I'm missing stuff about a rush -- but it felt the -- him. You've got past sales plus Jeff Fisher's I want to guys in Ohio are really about sample. But I want you to -- this -- this I got it today back to Rome. 6177797937. -- telephone number Steve the -- in the house -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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