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Three For All: Christian's luggage sleeps better than you!

Aug 4, 2014|

Tim stayed at a hotel in NY that Christian claims to have stayed. The truth comes out that in his Patriots days, him and 2 other players simply rented a room to HOLD THEIR LUGGAGE for the night. Also, Christian brings up the story over the weekend about Sergio Garcia driving a ball into the gallery, which hit a woman on the hand, and popped the diamond right out of her wedding ring. The question remains.... is Sergio at fault, and should he replace it?

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man -- at least three or wrong. Number 30 yeah I -- 33 overall picture. It's 34 wrong on these days -- -- -- -- beat. Time for the -- today as -- broadcast live the Red Sox foundation golf tournament at Belmont country clubs brought to respond applauds all construction in new roof they've got you covered him -- Malone lakers or is where we take a whole bunch of things they're not actually sports -- we -- them under one roof. And we call it the three for all and today I'll start off because we'll watch to see you. You side with or missiles or OK is it me or Christians so I roll vs ultra general Colorado -- see who you. Relates you'll have a moral high tennis if you identify what our. So my wife and I go to New York City this week she comes of that announcement a couple of days in Boston and then we had a fortieth birthday -- Long Island which goes to print in my turns forty. Go to the party along now which side -- city it. Nice dinner at SEC Jersey boys -- if they don't know to miss that haven't evening in New York we get a real quick -- -- searched like a cheap hotels last minute hotel what's openly they put them up there for chiefs and not -- 700 bucks or whatever for development. Find a place called the Hudson morgans hotel. And it's one of these hotels that -- to trendy for its own good but it's New York for the start. It right. There's nothing on the front of the hotel. It is no word to the front hotel Hollywood is statistically it Meatpacking District notes the west 57 those narratives west 58 all right. It's just a plane that's the only indication that your at -- hotel you walked -- huge escalator. Going up to the top. It's incredibly dark it's -- it on a scale once and do about it every now and then you go upstairs get your room and it's. -- set up like if you're on a cruise ship like cruise ship quarters. It's so tight and so compact and obviously the point is they don't want you to be in your Rome. They want you to downstairs they're expensive -- at an outdoor deck bar another -- aside. This really micro roof on the place and they want to be in their spending money right yes some talking about this hotel -- Christmas is all I stayed there. I stated that hotel. Well -- -- -- continues he didn't stay in the hotel is I know that hotel is as always thickening of the rooms are small right as I know other really small. I stayed there would mean to -- patriot teammates once. It's three NFL players and these rooms are incredibly. Like the bathrooms and let it ago by a curtain lag during coyotes. Isn't what you guys do that he goes oh we didn't get the -- rosters -- luggage. And we did a good match people still dot com because they're regular Clinton's life after a 700 dollars and 98. Can you repeat. So it was gonna stay there. We just don't listen it was back -- -- -- -- just like oral final when Alaska but I don't remember you tell us and you'll played I think it was. Chronic Chatham was there maybe. Jim Miller could not champ Jim Miller and again for you had a rule that says. They were needed but they get nobody really used its facilities for luggage. So the the flight got snowed out to the picture and decided to put everybody on a bus and the bus them. But all was back to Boston because the flight couldn't get out of out of the airport so we elect okay we just wanted to. Which clinched everything like this and if we wanna state that we stay. So -- like sure you could face of some guys pop them up on buses and took like a seven hour bus trip. Back to Boston we decide to stay -- -- by -- -- like -- they're like all right. We we might think we might now -- ago. Well -- we don't need more than one -- what is. We were probably never gonna be all the time and we're catching a train like 7 AM. It all I know is that nobody used to room half the guys couldn't find room and we all -- up at the same point at the same time which was at the train station. -- monitoring. Such -- it ended up. It up to you actually read this rule strictly luck she just now you wanna make sure it's somebody had placed the kind of crashed if needed. Where everybody go instead. Strange golf strains strains the the club like 4 o'clock. So basically. Closed with a breakfast it's like it's the shot that's. Did you check out to the guy behind the desk in the -- to hit open -- tight jeans look you see asserted your luggage enjoyed -- it. I had a great time at all. Don't forget to do your -- I wanna get the point life for my luggage could have its own vote. Hillary -- dear boy in the Arab emirate of my luggage but when it comes to road. I noticed that now Iran that the president type of trip right if you just you need so when it crashed me checking you gonna go see some friends a night doubles lately that's cool. But sometimes you -- -- room because it might be some -- to regulate our values but if that's terrible weekend you had usually regulating. It's undergo their girlfriend here why that was. Waitress all the it was all you can't yet you know remotely street enough for them and -- A lot about the hipster stuff though are. It was unbelievable he talked about Buick right art book which that's you off my back on now that that ultimately it's their right to ask our area are different. That it was like you're just right -- to -- get -- out of give an excuse -- -- big bucks on my six. And Bucs roll itself broke look at robot -- yeah relays worked out. All right so have -- -- so yes obviously. You know there was the -- Bridgestone invitational Sunday though Sergio Garcia played his final round hole. Just jinx it makes the shot into the gallery the ball hit a lady wring its third I mean lady. And that I -- pops out of the ring. So obviously she's on the ground looking for obviously part of why there you go there he tried to -- with. They can't -- it what does -- do beside the offer any gives her his contact information. Basically saying I've visited the camp fighting golf off -- -- heated up biting her diamond ring okay. The question is should he feel responsible. A -- field and get it to elect he has to replace that diamond ring. Alec is really it's all of it. Well what you feel responsible would you what you -- to replace the odds are. Your strikes me is the kind of guy that can get a hotel room for his luggage so I think he might feel. Obligated what I feel indebted to him 101000 bucks to help replace a ring or something like that epic with the habits -- -- still -- Up out of box. It depends we ought but I would feel obligated by any means she probably lucky that it was Sergio Garcia and lots of images on the floor. Right I don't at this is that the good guy factor that he's made a lot of money he's not obligated do it no responsibility but if you're Sergio Garcia a probably do. Yeah I don't want apple blow a little diamond -- replace the pulled it. About depreciation and always there regardless I appreciate. -- made sure they do. Damaged appreciate everything to -- and ask you buy -- new it's lockout it's not worth as much because the mark up on it was so extravagant that there's no way it's gonna be -- to see the papers. Publish it downwards it -- yeah clarity -- the cut. What's the color series on the things they do I'd just like with. Us you'll have to deal with that you're a baseball right now. Golf ball off generally it's goals somebody and feel bad about it. Yet if that's pilots and you probably look at these -- await the evidence and -- injured some with the pulled it left I've seen guys that are rattled by it. You know it was a responsibility once again go to the good -- factor right the game is over your good guy. So how's that -- you're constantly -- everything -- do you know where they are other hospital where -- -- letting -- -- -- articulate meet god and I hit it just makes it's okay. Nickel our goat that yet -- if you beat the body and had yet you need yeah I was that volatile time. -- took it took cat ran out of bounds at the camera guy. Not now the guys have had to go the half without -- hit it's. It basically states is light -- this whole doctors they Tony Gonzales -- yes should they have -- -- you -- -- doctor you. Billy Bennett do YouTube use Google pay a diamond -- on the job done what you've done a sale will be find it I'll see you later. No. I'm not replace somebody battery. Six what's good citizen on dial it straight now what we're distracted you down you had to keep it down that it debug 11 -- Our fault it's your fault all right up for them not feel like you had you down -- somebody you're gonna have to pay for I -- for driving with a cigar. I don't know Leo -- we speak -- about this golf course right now we just -- really loud laughter. Probably the best. -- Is -- ever had a suitcase Ramada hotel and if that road trip.

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