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Former Red Sox OF, Johnny Damon, sits down with the guys of MFB, 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Damon admits that he STILL wants to play although he's quite busy with his 6 kids. He likes Jackie Bradley Jr's speed but admits that he needs to hit at least .270 to play CF for Boston.

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Is that regulars -- about the way that everybody -- -- I'll have everybody thought was what again little -- to -- Johnny Damon that they say despite the ballpark the guy great years and you'll when he left everybody's different -- this man yes that's right. -- -- -- it doesn't help you just got off a plane right you're only here for eight hours yes it is that your yeah that's accurate do we tell you had to be here are certainly enough to hear us OK okay he runs everywhere I go there. Yes I do. Yeah I'm big RV trip right now so I get back the way. He mortgages. Are beachfront case you -- that are elect early. We conduct this though are being imposed announcer you know. To -- agree that have about eight united you'd like to stayed in shape -- they'll face a really great I went why don't play soccer during the zone because it's adding. -- Soccer season starts on Sunday. What do you know I don't know I don't know reset well I'd bodies and -- like the next dance. This 31 annual Red Sox foundation go alternative a -- hosted by Tim Wakefield -- -- guest of -- earlier here at the Belmont country club brought to us by Tyco the Red Sox foundation sponsoring. RBI youth baseball softball and the Franciscan hospital among other charities. We're joking about Johnny being in shape but the last I heard joint chiefs did you see some about the prospect of coming back oh shoot that one to come back but it you know. Those times are over I mean I feel like a shirt has a players still -- -- -- the last answer to give enough that. I want it to quit you know they have called so why keep they go to the Red Sox or anybody. I think anybody you know. I guess after you win a couple of times. Ago he won and that drive may not be there. Yeah. So anyways I'm very happy I've got six kids. Give me some guys that you that you visit them at six -- know more than me. Went to EC Jackson he's here with Roman gods that beast you know Mol played already a lot soccer that you didn't look you in the soccer at weekends well. Yeah we -- soccer the -- bureaus -- fishing catching lizards salamanders. Are elected so. I've got big outdoor. Crew five euros and one boy that's here with me. They had real quick hit a lot of the topic obviously what's going on the Red Sox in -- things like that aging players and how they -- -- falloff. Obviously we -- left there was a lot of people felt as -- It does too much to his body you know to me it's it's gonna it's gonna fall apart. Red Sox shouldn't go long term and a look at everybody individually Jon Lester himself -- got to bring him back some memories here of of you leaving that you think you can do that you could hold on for 45 years. Well the thing is Jon Lester knows how to pitch it especially in in the post season alone he knows how to take care of his arm during the course of season. Yet maybe I did run into a few to make laws but. -- Jackson's head yes -- Jackson's head but I was like to say whoa. My mom has some agent -- so I feel like that helps with my longevity and helps with. Staying young perhaps you know all that the right. You know I hate to say all the -- say growing up without a healthy food eight growing out of the fruits and mangoes and apply is an orange. Oranges so I mean I think great guy growing up. And from my agent heritage it definitely helped out. -- you put one year Oakland and noticed just this comes here Boston a lot has been made about whether or not coming to Boston from Oakland's -- -- -- numbers look better. In your experience and are we to 56 in Oakland when he there's -- is that. As part of a ballpark to hit in as we have been made to believe -- Howell says this benefit if at all by coming to Boston -- ports. It's a very hard ballpark to hit an -- perceive. If you have a whole bunch of night games and you know it was the first time that I was playing for no team besides the royals just getting used to. A different team. Different division. -- -- so I think. Says this is going to -- up here in. I mean it looks like a great trade for both teams right now so it's. I think it's it's a positive you know unfortunately traits that have to happen to make things feather. -- deficit says that is now because he was on the first place team is going to attain that. Won't make the playoffs this year and so that makes it really tough. The best you bowed out of how much you've seen of Jackie Bradley because I know you played -- there's any run around left and right. What's best in every day elect good night I mean the defense that he plays. Every says -- long -- you -- what does he have to hit to be an everyday player I'm a firm believer that you Betty hits the B in the big leagues I don't care how good your defense is. Talk me through that -- how do you feel as did that good that you can hit 230 to forty. Well as you see right now there's a whole bunch of players who are hitting two -- into there the my son -- I was reading the USA today. This morning and we saw one team with other batting averages it was actually Houston coming out to be was -- for a 339 and everyone else was. -- one. Hundreds of those 200 then. Probably the red -- that's that you know we going to come back here. For the Red Sox. Anderson I -- probably as ago 27. I mean conspiracy he's very fast mean. Deductible once every now and then bring the defense and then you can -- that ball by the end user in the confidence. -- -- You and you can grow up -- that philosophy. Your career. Two little party you feel for Jacoby Ellsbury last night former Red Sox player -- -- when it comes up the -- yankees uniform that the funny thing is the only channel rather RB -- we acted. Is he is instantly and I am always aware he wears you are you parked right now it's over at stone mountain. Or over. That's out of Atlanta Georgia big RV at six kids and they're -- you know we have a robust eight people in their. Right now and it's going great dries. I've enjoyed driving and being up there about yourself mixer the -- does jacket made that. -- -- -- -- -- It's too close on these cars which I really can't it is the army cruises about six in Basra are brought up slowly and yeah. He was getting -- heavy and Jeter of course batting in front of it was get huge cheers so that it was diametrically opposed -- have -- We know -- in news it's because -- the Yankee uniform. You know and he could be the difference of why the Red Sox or were they are now and by the Yankees players staying in the race -- -- primates is that talent and the defense he's been playing in this year's and just -- three. The entry. So what the season basically I mean they're not commit the playoffs right. So we have a lot of auditions are young guys coming up guys going back down trying to but Pritchard pictures. How do you how do you approach the season in general state interest it keep -- the young guys -- I mean how do you go about your business knowing that the season is over yet you're still have to kind of pay attention -- Well a bunch of these young guys have allowed to -- for -- they have a job to play for next year but really think. It's up to big poppy and the other veterans -- on the team to help bring the young guys and get them accustomed. What. Baseball is like up in New England so. It's a tough please slave is going to go out play hard. And try to win as many games as you can try to learn how to win and once you learn how to win. You're going to be pretty -- for. Most of your career. John thanks so much for -- knowledge really do appreciated out Manny is here today to give a short drive he's not gonna cut off your drive and it hit the rest of the way or anything -- that what that's it. That's a good thing I mean I think he's out playing baseball -- they want the US comeback -- yeah well. Well come out of the woods amount here and display I would be surprised. John thanks a lot we appreciate you literally running over to join us thank you are right now I have to go speed that golf Gartner I did it appreciate it meant.

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