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Former Red Sox pitcher, Tim Wakefield, joins MFB, 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Tim Wakefield had a few things to say about the state of the Red Sox including his disappointment in the Lester trade. He also pointed out that Clay Buchholz is veteran now and needs to step up as a leader with the losses of Lester and John Lackey. Wake also thinks Lester deserves to get the money he wants.

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Former Red Sox pitcher Tim -- -- kind of join -- before -- tees off today we decided golf tournament a couple weeks ago and from what I understand you did pretty well right and you're trying to replicate that today at your own tournament if not -- while -- you try to do the right thing you don't -- your -- tournament but played good enough to invite your your -- back again right right yes I was that gentlemanly -- yes exactly so is that conversation on the course today largely about what's gone out with the Red Sox -- later you try holy god I got caught -- not like probably will agree that that's -- It is what it is looked. To raise a lot of money for -- choice and I'm proud to be the honorary chairman of the of this organization and another five parcels -- their giving back to him it's something new dad to their fundraising and and to help bettering the lives of children and masters. We all know he always involve raising money do great things around and it quite cruelty Johnny Damon then I'll eat I got it. Johnny Damon flew it I don't think he might have landed but he's sleeping right after he's here three -- eight hours. But but I appreciate it off later this year I saw Doug would be you know -- Boris common accurately rights you know -- crew. We it's amazing yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- back it back nine but it's awesome that we we we were able to get thirty Boston's sports celebrities here and that's the one account wanted to do you know you play in these events and yet the celebrity events but I wanted that the -- when we have -- oriented. Offense. Where you like I played back to make you think about what this. One pass and got that didn't get to read to the bottom of the barrel size and color field but the but it's nice that I wanted to have like a legend there that were in Boston when I have a bunch of sports legends that common and raise money -- them -- I'm pleased that a lot of guys responded. 011 of the big topics that surely this as a PG -- run support -- -- -- offensive help at the beautiful thing but I think -- -- -- you also realize the importance of needing it. And when you see a guy like -- leave. I'm still I'm still -- little shocked right now I don't -- exactly league east by the whole thing the fact he's even gone what was your take when you see Lackey lead when you see Lester -- I was disappointed that it came to this point I don't think it needed them to be this latest talk about a week before this all happened they were buyers they really -- and all the sudden. I don't know what happened. And at that they'd -- -- some -- and I still can't put my finger on what happened except for them. You know the lack of run support Urlacher runs scored but if you look at their statistics. You know they were third in the league are getting on base whether it be walker hit but they just couldn't get that one. Where -- yeah meet every week to drive and a -- so. It shocked me that this meant to this many trades happen with them you know 34 day period him peavy -- to brought out Lester Lackey. We got you know blockers are ace of the staff right now so and that's that's not a bad thing he's pitching bad right now but I think it's all mechanical things so. I'm excited. I was disappointed at the point. But I'm excited the hottest teams going to be looking offense -- league going in 2015 so I think the big key -- they need to finalist about the soft. It collectors yet to lose it you are one of those gathering. Lester has not come back I do. I wrote it so that's where the series starting right here -- It's a battle tested very optimistic throughout the season outlook -- -- blast that we've met with few. You were pretty optimistic we we really answer -- would actually fire -- -- well. And how good they play out that well if it bit late but my points so the optimism -- gone while I obviously the operative. I think so for this -- yeah but I'm optimistic on I I think they did the right thing by not. Going get all these. Prospects. Because you got to put a competitive I mean this this Boston you gotta put a competitive team on the field year after year. They won three out of three of the last ten World Series championships so you can't. This can't be this is not a city to have a rebuilding. Phase for two or three years so I think that yeah exactly so I think that the that. The that they inject him in the front office staff is much is that it was disappointing to see some guys go. I think it at the right thing getting the right pieces to move forward to -- The first Red Sox foundation tournament here hosted by Tim Wakefield is the chairman at the Belmont country club that's where we are broadcasting it's at 2 o'clock sits on the encouraged him before -- that you thought it was a mechanical thing with -- -- what he's seen. I just think he's he's fallen off to the left side too much is the way his misses are open -- two -- writing down and away from varieties yank him balls left and right. You know it's one of those things that I went -- I struggled with a -- that. You know I mean they're blue you probably struggle to hitting you know what you're doing wrong but you just can't fix it quick enough and it's gonna. You know but -- might disagree with me but I I think I just don't like -- stuff and he's got potential lineup everybody keeps -- -- two or three years but. I still think he's got to sleep I -- it off. Right or even David Ross says he's got the best stuff I don't watch at least notify -- detail many ways when there were executing right -- thirty years old I noticed that that's. They are big fans say you know he hasn't been healthy terrible. -- put it all together yet -- year. You waiting for it if he's gonna lead it's like. Kenny Kenny lead without knowing himself how to get it done. I think he can I think it is this is there a big learning year for him I really do especially now that last -- -- -- on I mean you're gonna need a veteran guy. Not Stan and that he is a veteran technically you know -- given you know four he's been here for a long time to think about it but. I think now the time word I think he's comfortable with himself that he needs to step up and be a leader in his pitching staff -- Because of the guys that were here and all law and order here so it's time for him that released -- -- and sort lead. Because they -- ask a little too much for him -- -- I feel like you know some guys. You know they're just -- can be that guy yeah I break and it doesn't -- -- because you usually its mechanical and it was as mechanical and the last time it was mechanical when at a little. I guess call it a mental health DL okay when he went kind of found himself as being a lowly Expos mechanical problem that he came backe is pitching great right. So so when can we start -- maybe it's a little bit more mental than anybody everybody wants to admit it. I mean there is a mental side of it come on I mean. Obviously when you do when you go through a struggle to go through a slump whether it's hitting pitching or playing golf for whatever. You talk about you know -- -- -- as the big story with Tiger Woods. You know. -- I heard that theory is that he's not really hurt that he. What -- playing good enough and it was gonna make the Ryder Cup came up now of course there's a lot of missiles fighters -- there's a lot of mental. Approaches are at -- that there is a mental side of the game. When you found yourself and in a mental thing like that I know everybody's different but. It's there it's -- a general rule of thumb with pitchers like OK to kind of get them back on track. Other than just mechanics as it is that it is eating the same breakfast every morning is that meet with it -- -- men out there when I. When I talk about the mental side of a part -- confidence now we are all -- when things are going good your confidence is riding high when things start ago a -- You have two or three or four bad starts in a row and you like what that -- on all of sudden something clicks for you mechanically. Now setting your confidence back where you can attest that is when your your goals at single yelling is brought about and all he needs is one start where he goes six or seven innings gives up three or less runs. And he's figured it out but he's not walked and you know 45 guys -- not. Going a full count their hitters that's not the clay that were used to watching pitch and it wasn't that way last year earlier this year he was really really good so. That that theory that I am you know in the belief that I have is that it's something mechanical that's cost them up the regular. Eagles are one thing with him in -- -- they've worked on with that speeding up the game -- knuckleball is Buick fastball throughout the Kia and it was outstanding right to. That's got to help him and yet I've never heard of hitters and they we had a we got to speed this guy up it's always -- and a good rhythm that slow him down you know slows it down so I'll. Almost looks like electrical it. It's painful walk some times when he's not pitching well he hit he slows it down a lot and I'm. That's one thing I pride myself that whether -- its wallet it's that it was gonna happen fast you know because I wanted you guys behind me that was what was. Taught to be as a young you know work fast change -- annual I -- pitcher one point I was yeah it is all my gosh it was terrible like at the first baseman in the pictures taken -- -- -- -- I think quite a purpose assisted his it's his way. Of slowing the game down but it's almost -- -- to a snail's -- sometimes and it kills your defense. -- -- -- to force it by -- and this might be impossible -- you do and ask you to do a good luck. If you could divorce yourself from being a knuckleballer for a moment how you look at the theory that the Red Sox seem to have about not want to -- a pitcher's -- into their thirties I was going on here with Lester projects situation. Is that a wise mentality or should they expand the philosophy that yes maybe you can't get good quality outings from a pitcher that -- their career I know you're different case because Greg knuckleballer but. I think their business theory I think is a somewhat correct but yeah I think you also have to take each individual case. By case by -- and it's not he can't have a blanket policy on how to treat 31 year old pitcher. That is probably the best originally right now yet I think you have to take -- individual guy and and treat that specifically. Based on that and the right at Leicester one of those guys that. Has proven that you know last two or three years not necessarily post season wise but he's been a leader. Of this pitching staff he likes pitching in Boston he can't pitch in Boston under the pressures that. Come with being a Boston red sock and I just think that this this -- this this particular case. On these be looked at deeper. Tim Wakefield is the chairman for the first annual Red Sox foundation golf tournament here at Belmont country club that's where we are and the Red Sox foundation benefiting. Red Sox scholars RBI youth baseball and softball programs and Franciscan hospital. As well Tim thanks much for our topic -- out of me and obviously there. Our guys hop on that is Tim Wakefield former Boston Red Sox pitcher and now with the Red Sox foundation of course analyst on --

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