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Former Red Sox pitcher, Pedro Martinez, talks about the pitching staff on MFB, 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Pedro joined the show to talk about the departure of the "irreplaceable" Jon Lester. He said the young arms coming up from the minors would have greatly benefited from his presence. Pedro also talked about the struggles of Clay Buchholz and said that when he was coming up, it took him about 4 years to really figure it all out.

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Pleased to be joined right now by former Red Sox ace and legend Pedro Martinez in 937 WEEI. Page thanks so much for suffered by how -- Very happy to be here so it's a lot of drafts in mr. mr. Dion day. They couldn't have -- the ball. You like golf let me feel like you smoothie out there as well a lot. Well -- -- will be driving the car. Sure. If anybody LB. -- -- -- -- -- They wanted to take. You better around Jon Lester a long long time I mean. You seen this guy in camp at what he's meant what was your take you for so this whole thing down on Thursday -- sleet and left and right. Well I I wasn't really surprised because in office scene that. And nothing worked out in in spring training in a little bit of disappointment both both sides especially on the left that side. I could sense that something was gonna happen but at the same time I IE I or so extremely -- worry. About him leaving because. But to be honest I I don't think youth replaceable right now by by any means. Which they replaced old about the the young guys they have that come about the prospects and those guys -- that the moment. You know they could replace some but is there got a you can look at now say okay this guy's got a shot. I think they all do because their reach in the -- -- and rich in talent I feel -- have a chance. At the wrong man it's gonna guide them. You know the colts play. Well it's cool learning in felt like -- now. Right now this rolls -- going through think. Probably hoping to be more than you know. In India and the of the moment. You know we talk about the young guys there's a lot of good arms down here browsing you never know. Those first 23 years in the league you're learning yourself you learn in the league learning. A year one of eighty -- -- how to get through thirty starts 33 starts how long does today we go back to your experts. We viewers a rookie to elect what you're figured out even a guy like you. Well I I came up but the reliever. But I -- so -- in the minor league tells the spotter and I remembering nine why Ali I got the beach island 77 -- in the minor -- which is weird non de Cuba and either. You know it took me out fellows in the big leagues including the 983 year -- -- with a reliever. It took me at least two and a half more. To finally figured out a little bit what I meant to do when -- annals when all of the levels going and so to feeling command of the game honestly to feel like I I how to plan and I could've executed. I'll say it was -- complete years. That I had to -- and big league pitching struggling and having good times and how many good games and bad games. Took me four full years to develop into the person that that I thought. What's so more on top of the game. Pedro Martinez with -- -- pitcher with that being said then. If you had one piece of advice for Clay Buchholz what would it be would it be where you were just talking about getting a planned building a plant or something more mechanical in nature for him. I'll say thought to yourself first. Because if you don't know -- so nobody's gonna get them all you view that he's gonna have to spend a lot of time on -- in itself. They've gone out the spent a lot of time looking at that things went right when you'll write and -- things went wrong. I'd like they're going right now I I think. Booking needs to spend a lot of time in the video room. I don't like -- mechanics and looking to all the all the pitchers biko's. All of that always looking up myself. And and and sometimes it but you're looking at yourself everything seems to be familiar. But you look at a guy like Hudson when I when -- struggling. -- look at a guy like all of them we'll look at John sometime I'll put him on the right side. And in all look at the apron guy that I -- and now a look at Roger and we'll come out of look at grabbing some of the things that they use to do. And and and trying to piece together. You know something they'll make me feel comfortable I'll make me feel like I like I could do what I want to do and also all the same time. My focus was so important I think in baseball want to let go for 12. You'd you'd you have a chance to get lost. And I think it's mentally you have to be there on 2% of repeats the if you look at the game every time -- -- game. You lose a game want it. Or you win one -- that day you moved to focus on one page that day you moved to gain on one -- It I've talked before about and for him to that physical preparation right. And I remember you tell me what time both the physical preparation of but. When the seasons thus become physical it becomes mental later on in the year talk about your preparation his body type I mean placed on a big -- and let yourself. Well -- -- forcible. I will always. Ready to take on the way too -- because I really train hard holes really part of my body. But at this time where you -- not gonna get any better basically it during the season is when your mind needs to takeover. Mentally you have to just let your body do what it's supposed to do. In in in in the final stretch of the season because you're not gonna getting in any better today in August. Done -- did in. July. -- -- Opt auto focus on is more mental than it is physical because -- body's already in shape. Probably getting tired already -- not to start mentally thinking I'm not gonna get any stronger by what can now -- more. I candidate all right now and stop what can now. So mentally out to be ready to just be mentally and let your physical body take on the lol you up put on your body. Early in the season. Victor Martinez for this tonight 37 WB I wanna ask you same question that we asked Tim Wakefield when he was here and there seems to be an mentality and approach with in the Red Sox organization that they don't want tied down. Starters with big contracts. Obviously with what happened with Jon Lester partners -- -- 1% before they got the tree line. Is that wise or is that need to be -- thought to a large degree because. Maybe they can milk positive years on the back into the contract even at the pitcher does get in their mid thirties. All of the first. That we have to we'll have to realize is that the red. Under no pressure. We want last year when nobody expected that -- gonna win whatever would be excited do these years. I think it's. You know it's the wind up playing him time to. Kind of put together a plan to -- to build a -- the team got voted in the winning column. Within the next three years. They have the luxury to do that because winning last year on effectively. I think gave everybody's face -- we. Now. I think -- -- put for the good of the young arms that we and in the minor leagues I think they needed someone to guide them. I had been -- full well that left that would be because that's a great guy to have in the clubhouse. A role model worker when you when you go to Google qualities he left -- DA for the team working. You have no choice but to -- away. When you see his these mental approach -- about the game that respect for the game. And that respect -- teammates I think it's a wonderful laudable in so many different ways to build up to really. Be performing. But it's the influence that he brings over to the young arms are coming up and probably. Hoping to develop into earnings later on. Your -- when you left you indeed low left you know Schilling was still here Wiki was still here. But you do you is there ain't do you relate like -- leaving to when you left as -- people bring that up you know -- -- left when -- level -- guys left. It's like when Jon Lester leaving can you see any similarities -- him leaving when you did. I think it -- it about similar effect because. That's the guy that -- will respect in the clubhouse and whatever that guy stance and and that little bit of -- hits but it doesn't seem. He's more openly about action. I would. And I think it's eco nuts in there effect because. And that's that's the one that everybody respect in the clubhouse and everybody wants to emulate when -- -- -- approach in the game in and being a professional he has talked as much as you know he's so many people do not call them and people do end up -- bet -- glad I'm on the Booth. I have to. That's really different between you and let. Well honestly who has read more time with the city needed him more as a loose goose but I'd -- to tee off so anxious not -- what he -- page or really appreciated you're here for the first annual Red Sox foundation golf tournament benefiting. Red Sox scholars RBI youth baseball and softball programs of the Franciscan hospital since that thing you're doing today. Text to be an apartment thanks for being a part our broadcast as well -- with the president of I --

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