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Rough weekend for the Sox, 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Jon Lester and John Lackey BOTH get a win for their new clubs. Jake Peavy flirted with a perfect game for the Giants. Yet in Boston, Allen Craig hurts his left ankle and, Clay Buchholz allows 7 runs in 5 innings in the finale against the Yankees. Somewhere, Ben Cherington looked up to the baseball Gods and screamed "UNCLE!!!" 8-4-14

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Do you think any point during the course of this baseball week and -- sharing in looked at Evans. Yelled at the baseball gods. Uncle. Because it wasn't enough that the Red Sox lost coupled with the Yankees but along the way you see Jon Lester go out win his spurs game pitched well. John Lackey a lot Saint Louis win his first game pitched well. Evening Jake Peavy flirted with that perfect game for a while the San Francisco Giants against the New York Mets and then on top of that. Allen Craig hurt his ankle the minute he gets here. On top of that Clay Buchholz goes out and once again is buckled Clay Buchholz -- -- what more. In May prevent from -- to -- dramatic thing from happening that. I think the -- things worse for the Red Sox right now after the way the trade was received. The multiple trees perceived here aussies are actually that's crazy. -- -- Here earlier law. Soviet Union that was. Illegal and it's well and it's it's buckles last night and I think you look at you look at -- last three outings. -- Toronto meant when the whole thing turn of the positive view that we -- about this team. Ortiz three run blast bought the first inning -- three nothing gives it all back. He'll against the other day against Toronto again at Fenway game now is doing. He walks -- first pitch to Cabrera home to run bomb down to the already in the last night. Again the arena gives all that means that they won't give it about. Three points. Last restart. -- Yeah -- left. Was there -- that there's a sense of excitement. At Fenway on Friday that though right we did it feel like opening day didn't feel like OK you got a brand new team. I -- an excitement. Everyone in the last night there was some excitement just couldn't stop the bleeding. I think the one in just this last night the one thing was that Craig Breslow got the loss. Right and he came -- -- run and he took the loss. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All talk about the Red Sox and their pitching staff will let -- -- Tim Wakefield when he joins us live because we are here at the Belmont country club for the first annual Red Sox foundation golf tournament. Tim Wakefield is the chairman he's hosting it benefiting the Red Sox foundation Red Sox scholars are -- youth baseball and softball programs and Franciscan hospital. Thanks to everybody brought us out here today including Tyco. The host sponsor will be here until 2 o'clock hopefully have a number of Red Sox related guest for you between now. And 2 o'clock to an -- it will be one of them but like you said -- it's sort of the icing. On the -- to what was otherwise it rather. Typical weekend I think for Red Sox fans to get through and yet is a sense of reality is sobering sense of reality when you look at please say this is the guy who's going to be the most. Senior returning member of the pitching staff next year now. Of course on Friday -- a little bit of optimism son Renato pitched the way that he did so that was a positive I suppose but. Your right it just underscored how rough week is that spin for Red Sox fans to wake up and realize their state players or the day before to it now Webster. Who choose you know I know after the game girl on her talk -- -- well you know -- He's not too far off you know it's always -- so that is always -- silverlight it's close it's right there. Sometimes when you look again at first -- -- -- locker -- spring training he's just sat in his walker walk through. You know shoulders kind of stories now locked excuse me elect the atlas scared typical right I just in the big league locker room. That left eight on the mound. Pitching scared I didn't look like -- assistant dared you to succeed he was skate he was so nervous about. Doing the wrong thing that he wasn't able to a packed in like just be productive pitcher. Right it's like lack of confidence. He looks at some -- off there -- amount you know and that's it last year he couldn't pitching any like he led the internationally hits batsman. So who's afraid to pitch in both the power stuff is -- it's -- asked the -- This year he's he's cut that down a AAA beat back up -- big leagues announced that okay. In particular lot of get over that Tripoli -- is a big league hitters got to get over -- here. So it's just it's another power -- it's not a prospect that you see in you realize how far off these guys talk. Yeah I think it's going to be the longer this the second half of the seasons. Of -- The new season the first half of the new season all the new players. There's going to be -- heightened sense of frustration. Okay based on betrayed if these guys do well. You're gonna see guys staying optimistic staying in the by yours these guys. People writing about it if they'd just all their -- what's routing if they have it had your -- ever does come up. If -- work when it's continued to struggle. Bat is going to get around here how -- tree is going to be knowing. That all the pitching is gone and there's no sign of anyone coming up -- -- that for eucharist and I'll thickest and he did that. Negative or that frustrating because it seems like the new narrative the new. Story line is the Lester back sources to continue the story although you thought it was over what Lester finally got traded alliger -- You're at they go get through this for a couple days that the Paula -- in the patriots and patriots received all gets shot -- was heated air. But there. Look at the whole week -- every stories on this week -- every angle -- sought to what was written about the Red Sox -- it would Jon -- maybe that means. It's no signs a seven year 210 million dollar deal. With the New York Yankees you're gonna have to deal. All is it close and that dumb and dumber -- so you're saying there's a chance one and a million OK so let's all think it was yesterday. NFL season has officially started. To get Jack get excited. We have a game Thursday. Which we break down every single politician. -- that first set it down both daughters well yeah down there are. Yeah our double up with the make the roster. What you think about some of the picture it like for instance on Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- didn't read this but he said this. He's -- same as what would Jon Lester really mean about not meeting. In the middle. -- Jacoby Ellsbury was talking about how he left that he's not surprised. That Jon Lester. Had to go because of his negotiating with the Red Sox it was no surprise to -- and then. In the same article that I saw. Jon Lester was quoted as saying it was -- come in the middle what was the middle that we ever determine what the middle was any point -- these negotiations. Idol. For both in the middle they just -- comment. Their efforts on both sides. Meet in the middle so I don't I don't know if there was. What is the middle let's although I don't know what the -- if if if the if the -- -- -- -- sports seventy. And the comps are five to six years at 14150. Him with a metal. -- the middle of getting someone got to -- a year. He's gonna have to get the year because of -- when it comes to he's got to give to sell it to somebody wants a bill of seven years he's gone they give five years we take a year or less to stay here maybe. Maybe ill will that this and that's always a way that's less of that conversation don't go away the problem is now you can get a look at some young guys. And what you gonna see is the occasional. -- good -- over five starts band like two good ones three bad ones because he hitters kinda. You know -- via. Good three weeks swing at a bad and bad three weeks swinging the bat because that's they're not ready. You know mile -- the guys out there he's ready to play at this level. You know it's in the some bad years do you happen but they -- slumps they stop bad start stretches they they stop you know three weeks all the bad inning and it turned around. This is gonna sega's -- bunch kids with potential. Silver lining you know either rate consistently contribute this level and -- because they're being rushed appear I don't think so. Here's the exact quote -- from the Boston -- enough -- press conference I apologize not heard all I understand the contract stuff -- the contract stuff that's stuff is always Dicey to be difficult at times but I understand what they were trying to do. The relationship is still good we just couldn't meet in the middle ground. And for me to no middle ground is I need to know what the compromise. Point would have been a reference on the far -- We got a far and on the response to Ford's seventy. Then I know where the middle is and how they can work to the middle but we never got the public response. From members agent. No never never an. Were they talking yes what are your ground there polls all put together formally like you know like let's just send the balls to them -- Selena that was the only one offer. The Red Sox I believe are smaller organization that while aware of what the marketed to -- Peter Abraham a week ago sale Monday. That the Red Sox were made aware of what is assigned Jon Lester at the numbers of 56 years 2225. Million. OK so. Didn't just find that out that day that they've known this for a long long time -- a lot of people around journalists that do that for a long long time. Here rob Bradford this morning say five and -- when he was number six -- know that and they know that -- like. Rob Bradford extremely tight end knows the agents very well known as the pitcher very -- that they were discussions but I believe that number that that was the number. The Red Sox they'd look at the market -- Smart. You know they they know exactly what all these guys to projections of where the ballpark of what they're gonna -- possibly making in the open market. They knew what the number once. They were never willing to go there and make an offer in that ball. They now here's do you know they know -- everybody knew what that number was around Jon Lester. These you tell me the Red Sox are bunch of idiots that he didn't know enough bullets into their home of course they did they just weren't willing to build. And that's why it betrayed people were prepared for the trade to prepare for him to leave. And say what you want what you like Trey with us that -- -- it is or not it didn't matter. People fans were just ready for it to happen so regardless. Of what they God's. You're gonna end up being okay of the new York and resign him anyways and Ellis to my point to you last week. It's forget about what -- the what do you like to trade or not. The can get over the fact that they just didn't sign Lester in the first place if you can't get over the fact at least they didn't sign Lester -- you'll never be happy with any trade that they do. Six point 777979837. And it's obvious that westar is continuing to wage the PR campaign. Takes out a full page ad in the Boston Globe. Over the weekend thinking Red Sox fans for. Being good -- stamina spam annoy viewers here at route to championships and so forth is this -- -- Lou do you think to actually make it. -- to come back by him or is this just in trying to look good on the way out. I think this element of both a method that does interest to come back here. This where it comes down to do you believe what you hear it when you hear John you know John Henry in this Red Sox -- they don't feel. It's Smart investment best pitcher over thirty years old. You believe that. If you believe that philosophy. Why would that change in November. -- why would it be no we don't believe in going five years for pitchers. Okay in November you don't just wake up and -- You know it's that philosophy we are willing now Google -- years. I don't believe that and only I'm hoping that it's true I really -- but. They don't feel comfortable -- five years and that guys thirty years old and couldn't honestly I I don't understand why. The only thing that would change their mind would be and responding to public influence in public pressure if there is a perception of such out there and I don't know that they well this is a pretty big. Business philosophy for them to keep on just because the fans are happy that John molesters no longer Sox player. If I agree with -- point if they are committed to it assures he'll look like they're committed to it -- that would have signed him before all this happened correct. I'm not one who believes that he's coming back because I don't see them pony up the bill and less. They decided there haven't gigantic paradigm shift in how they do things and I don't think there will just because people are. And you know all of the names vote out the red electrical Hamels -- called turns 31 in December. And he's got four years at 22 and a half million dollars -- so. -- that much more comfortable gonna have a guy at 31 only for a couple years 22. As opposed to a guy who is. You know good at a five year deal for someone who by the way it's gonna be 31 before the season starts at -- like the same but for 22 and a -- Makes you feel that much more comfortable at five and 25 of five and one point. You get a guy in 28 career starts in the American League people -- with a point and the irony what does it just tanks would go back much more well. It's just that this is a bust of -- ankle really is screwed up but he can't play much over the rest the -- -- -- is no good. Did they do it just to save face in a bidding war just try to get him back to try to recoup. Public sentiment comes to Kelly -- -- they -- these two months is. I've -- a -- get rid of you know I think it's more of -- let's Hewitt says -- does that he's the guy when you -- It invests long term interest wake up either in the morning to say we think Alec Reagan joked Kelly. You know I believe that some of these reports -- Lewis was it in -- beat. They turn it went a different direction with its masters and then added lackeys believe they've watched his team. For a long time they played him in a World Series they've they've scouted -- Reagan -- to prepare for World Series. It's got to continue to this year when they might have been some interest. So there interest in those two guys is just -- let's assume we got they know they think they have been both those -- public this scenario if it's game seven of the World Series this Jon Lester pitching against John Lackey cardinals vs eighties. And it's a four month bash session on the Red Sox between now and the start of the new year. They changed soon. And if it looks that bad publicly they changed their approach they changed their view if that's the reason why the change in and they. A violent Nate that's the reason why they decided to give a guy into his thirties along turn the other kid excuse I think it'll work out. About Campbell's 31 years old. That much more comfortable for used it to. -- James Shields 33 years old. Is scherzer -- what's lest to leave leveraging get those two guys that rates and laughter. James Shields they're gonna think they're gonna get argument -- -- can get a bargain because they'll be over bidding war on him than the other teams have been over a cursory lesson liking it shields for 1012 million dollars. I think shields is like three years seventeen -- So -- three years of him from 333435. As the -- years for thirty years old at the back end of -- deal. So the best three years and -- -- that fit the seventeen year. Or four years of Cole Hamels was 31 years all it went. All that makes sense that it risking risking going five for Joan Lester who done it here. 677797937. Let's go to you autonomous car phones -- or not -- -- wouldn't it. God you're on go ahead. Of the -- there. -- -- Yeah. That I can't hear us because the wind is too strong or because we're not patched through what you want to bring up the Lester. Situation as well and I just maintain that. Either we've been here. Months and months worth of BS from the Red Sox on what they wanted to view and why. Or there's no hope of Lester coming back we need to move on and David Ortiz was talking about that. -- greatly that some of the comments that he had. Various outlets. That's some quotes Ortiz was the phrase used over over it we'll see we'll see what happens like -- at all as like that area at an Austin think that quite good though. Which is what he was acting US actually speaking is he has no idea what's going to happen as David big big talking about protection for long long time. And adding more pop to this for a long time. So everybody relate to says it was the site. Must be ecstatic about this you assess. The problem is that it sees the big picture it's what you left this deal. And it compete if you're gonna wait what a lot of regular season games by the ball ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- gained by by swinging the bat in the best -- in baseball that he did have a best pitching in the regular season. But -- it compete for championship. Postseason. It will get some of the rotations. That -- good match with a league pitching that -- the big picture. Excited he says the human costs Jon Lester. Yeah I think that's the sort of cost benefit analysis that he's doing his alternate. Right right now are we come back Tim Wakefield is going to join mr. -- first annual Red Sox foundation golf tournament that's where we are the Belmont country club. The days and haven't been reloading four events and at present WEEI.

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