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Fantasy Football Podcast August 1st Edition.

Aug 4, 2014|

We’ve turned the page to August and it is OFFICIALLY the Fantasy Football Draft Season. Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com have you fully covered as you prepare for your drafts. In this edition, Jim and Pete take a deep dive into the Quarterback position, providing Nine Tiers of Quarterbacks and how the rank top to bottom. You’ll learn lots about drafting strategy and the different scenarios Involved in drafting the Quarterback Position. This Podcast provides a more in depth look at the Quarterback Article Pete posted on WEEI.com http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2014/07/31/fantasy-football-quarterback-rankings/ Enjoy! And get ready for the launch of “The Fantasy Football Hour” on-air starting August 10th!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by Mohegan Sun on -- Welcome to the WEEI fantasy football podcast August 1 edition I'm. In the studio talking with Pete Davidson chief writer of -- -- -- dot com we are officially in August Pete welcome. And dumb our show as always is presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun -- -- news' Pete we've got some responses to attend to -- let me first say hello. To our fantasy football expert my good friend Pete Davidson ally. Hello. Jerry ha that's that Jerry alone. It's not -- -- -- yeah so let's also -- got back from -- -- -- the battle. Whole stack of books for free. That act act -- that lets also lets welcome to the show a new sponsor. People that we at WB I've known for a long time. Clark like Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and say that again Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram -- -- with the when Massachusetts. And what you guys at Tennessee football enthusiasm -- listeners need to know is that nobody -- o'clock deal nobody. Go to Clark chief dot com for all the details and done there and adjusting sponsor -- because you know there whether endorser is. Who they're endorse or is it mr. mr. For mr. Christian Fauria the uncle one Joseph Fauria who you can find in the top 400 rankings. And -- on dot com. But actors hanging on by upgrade his hang on -- -- I don't think there's a lot of celebrating and afford it badly when NATO -- on it yeah you know that it is in the heat with -- first trumpet I don't think any champagne. -- In the four out so yeah I. A -- he was here is he was a guy it was interesting last year -- touchdown maker but they. They definitely. They definitely didn't help him by -- you've not. Now they have did you just because you brought this is exactly. What -- -- -- -- -- business yet they did the detached receiving tight end but hey. You know what cal and not getting any younger it's not like they're loaded receivers on the team I think he could still develop and someone's got to. Well like uncle like nephew low Christians in the other studio recording hi Alex -- that's a that's so it true or yes he does so all right so -- our friends that doc clockers a -- we're here at the podcast it's officially August while we've talked about this for a couple weeks deep. That the god the draft -- in the NFL season -- -- we say this a lot but now it's officially August and it's time now for our listeners to. Turn their volumes opt in and really pay attention because it -- season. Yeah it's one of those things right you just when you see it go from. July and August even though it's not necessarily a huge day on the NFL schedule I think in fantasy footballers. Mindset. When you see -- when -- when it's -- August I think we all do a little bit more intense we all start. Think OK got to get ready got to get ready. So it's exciting I know it's it's it's interesting and we get a traffic bump on August 1 just because of dollars. Now there's a traffic -- sued or earlier in the week let's let's -- let's talk about the patriots sound a little sneaky move that they made this represented learned about now and yes let's go let's go back bill Belichick's -- again. Made kind of a nifty move that done I'm on I'm guessing you're. Didn't do it describing there are other people describing it really different adjectives. The fact that the -- did just didn't hear what your -- right now I don't know addictive at all I think it's a little you know. I actually among Belichick's side on this when I do it because of course you put on. I mean. It -- if you know if if if it was uncool to do well YE a -- Don't let's give let's give our listeners an overview we're talking about it did you start out. A running back. That they finished my Q are you out there is teaming up there that's a different but does that -- made -- -- -- -- an acquisition this week that that Carolina had doubt let out with with Gaffney running back. Yet I Gaffney is a guy who we really like collateral on I mean there we still -- and and I think. We don't just judging you know by the patriots actions I would have to think that they don't view is neat thing as a long term concern. I think it's even. If you could be impossible that you know Carolina may have been able to bring him back this year we don't know yeah but -- I guard him probably because. You know they've got such deep backfield begin with so they probably didn't know what they're gonna do with all the running back anyway. It had our money back field since their inception. Pat I think Gaffney -- You know we sort of felt that he might be the future of the back field you know not the immediate future but you know the long term future it is really like him as player. That we think he fits their system is sort of you know he's he's got something in common with -- you just in in terms of you know size pigs. -- a big guy on key piece faster than Tolbert he doesn't quite have the same great feat that Tolbert has but. You know if you plays -- -- NFL -- we think didn't get there to -- guy who. You know is not it was not really full time football player until last year Stanford and put minor league based out the little pretty well. So you know the kind of her interest in player I think patriots fans. Which everywhere Ireland to come -- somewhere on Twitter that comment by giving the other guy's just a pure patriot. Yeah he just screams patriots. Just because of the high character. You know aspect and at this three cone bigger picture of all of those and I got to have this recall got the -- arbitrary -- And then the other part is just that he's one of those. You can just tell he's got that gym rat mentality. Yeah use the use of basketball term but you know he's -- -- -- you can you can tell he's going to be one of those first guy out left -- the field types love. I like them already and you know it with. Who I was watching some commentary on football last night. On Comcast sports net New England Tom current shows contributor ready I a year and dumb to. People were sending in tweets in using social media to ask questions and three in a row. Cited the loss of what Garret blunt and I went to -- as a big loss for the patriots are laws that some of the agree even though it was great in Tennessee football into the patriots last year. Don't -- agree it's a huge loss but. The first in the came to my mind the reason I bring up his with Tyler Gaffney at the debt that's. That's the guy down the line obviously it's a 2015 thing but he's got that size stature and that Tennessee running ability. Yet it seems like they're covering their tail you know on you know if -- doesn't return your. You know I mean of Ridley is -- like this and -- benched I think that'll definitely mean he's not coming back right yeah and then on short leash on him to share. Yeah I mean it's you know just one more. You know. Compelling reason why Stephen -- we need to get his act together in the very short term a bomb. Because she is a guy who could be great really would greatly to be real good some. But he's also the kind of guy where if you look at the running back market now I'm Steven Ridley. I do not wanna be free agent -- I wanna come back at patriots it's because it's not a kind of market out there. -- commander running backs that's for sure not -- -- a case. Gonna go bring in some exciting bonus on the open market you know the way it's set up these states -- you really want to make himself valuable to his team. And we'll we'll find out that your. In the coming weeks and months -- able to do that but -- Gaffney would be a big back. -- -- you know maybe take the power role but he's also a guy with all around skill you know so it's you know it's not like the guy couldn't play on third down he probably could. I mean you have -- 4540 to become by which is pretty amazing yeah. And that's the kind of thing I think that really. Shocked people I mean you know but it shocked out of the Uighurs I'm sure. As deeply deeply baseball high level that is a good chance due to -- He's a good overall athlete you know it's like I said I think that citizens got reports which you know I. You know yes we we think he has some room to grow the passing game but you know this guy can play the outfield with a professional -- you know the guy with a very skilled secular. So it is typical pitch remove I think it was a bright move good move armed. And you know I don't know if it's hot topic in New England. It's certainly not New Yorkers. It's New York but. I mean I'm just. Generally impressed. With the way the patriots have sort of re loaded the back field and went out -- spending and yeah. I it's to me it's pretty impressive I think people were starting to hear buzz about it but what do -- Turner's running backs. They really like this year and we don't think he's the high end guy so we can go crazy element -- market were fantasy outlet. But in terms adjust to a football value. You know that white -- Seems like yeah he's already getting some buzz didn't turn into quite -- Good players so you know you're talking Ridley green light Boldin. You know -- chizik should listen talent and you know there's just a lot of guys in patriot -- who's got game and direct -- -- -- the mix for next year. It is is just a whole bunch award any kind of tight TU yeah noticed a lot of guys are scrappy but who also have talent. And there that is jet there that's not something I'm happy. Like the mix so way yet there are related to its value. We're talking about on a high price -- So that it's a once again I see the patriots doing the Smart thing they're there they're remaking the position groups. That you can do on the cheap. On the cheap the same way when Belichick first came in what you guys got all those will be yeah and and operate practically you know its intellectual thought it was point 34 at the time. Right now they picked up re able for nothing and offensive line to they were Swiss cheese in 2000 Bledsoe it's. Because it was under attack. Quarterback you play in my Christian right and so in the offseason the -- of a lot of guys you know that. That would go on song if I remember probably Mike Compton who's a senator for the straight lines huge addition. And it picked up a couple different guys that just the -- solidified it. The running back they had a gut court defense all on the build and I think you you seem kind of those those same elements. And it doesn't fourteenth. And again I'm not saying I like it because I think it's gonna probably messed my team up by. I think the patriots -- had a really nice combo offseason when you look at the value moves they made. And in the previous moves to -- at -- it's either saying and they're like OK we just dropped twelve mil whatever was. Now we got to go you know find someone Iraq somewhere who can afford and I and I and I think that that. Yeah I think they did that was that showcase to earlier this week so. You said something adjusting -- during that conversation about Tyler Gaffney which is producing I don't know what kind of news it's making new angle well. You know what. All news including the article you put up on WEEI dot com has today was just. Not the right data -- at the great quarterback article no kidding the day of the so the articles posted he puts up an article fantasy football quarterback rankings on July 31 at 306 in the afternoon. Right in the middle of a six hour window the Red Sox. In and out moved and it was eleven players that moved into the Red Sox clubhouse and out I -- unbelievable. So we're gonna use this podcast is serviced -- what you are listeners but do you pizza that people can understand that it's there because it actually yeah. Believable the Red Sox dropped nuclear warfare on Major League Baseball yesterday's that we need to clean up -- It was an impressive afternoon I didn't take it personally Boston it's all fine would have done the same bank. Hey those are some. And have some pretty earth use the check for some of the personal is a whale like you know so it can up the deal and we can't even get into this we're all out there was a medium but like I I thought they got. At least yet. It was a great tweet last night by someone who follows you and out wrote a bond and an immediate out Radovan -- Map Belmont day who's a Tennessee football pundit of his own and he he just sent out a funny no last night he wrote if Tampa Bay had stands right now that deep test. And that was such a great two week. It's consistent victories I mean yeah I mean. I don't know from the I'm of the belief -- do what you're gonna get a king's ransom for a stud pitcher. You don't move and it was it was a panic move they -- -- our left you know that's like they rudely woke up and so -- -- -- that we have to -- -- and the -- -- Your -- baseball warts which you have a good player at the deadline have to move -- yeah. It's it's sort of strange I mean I mean to me the only reason he does if you don't plan on competing in next year are -- our partner you know drew broke. I mean you know the Mets signed the Daniel Murphy which I think was the right thing to do yeah yeah they get rid of them they're just gonna have to find a way to replace -- they actually plan -- -- -- maybe Tampa doesn't side. Maybe issued a division swinging up and they need to reach you know sort of regroup for a year. -- -- -- -- -- And and we. Got Embraer and -- excuse yeah we are Tennessee football experts here are going to. Give you hope -- as much good advice of that when your trade deadline comes later on. By incoming into the draft in the trees start draft night. That that make good decisions not balance like those. Kind folks down in Tampa -- so anyway. Because of their stupidity in the Red Sox -- an amazing flurry of moves a great article I think probably eating get as much eyeball as many eyeballs as it should of which is he Davidson's. Quarterback rankings updated on WEEI dot com it's there you can find it funny it is what it is blog under our patriots tab but we're gonna talk about it. Because it does a lot there and in the quarterback position. Coming into dress is always one that you really need to focus on and then refocus on and refocus on -- talk about a lot. But now the information is updated we are in August 1 it's time to draft and it's time to get your mind right about the quarterbacks because there's a million album. And Pete and I are both preaching that you wait. Yeah I mean iPod that little area a proponent of well I mean you know I mean look I thought yeah I tend to wait and I I think you tend to wait and I think I think our reasons for doing that are are good ones. But I -- the most important thing isn't Kuwait it's to get. Really good value and quarterback right on certain yet that that that have to involve waiting a little taste right now could be taken in the first round. It's very unlikely you're gonna get good value. Exactly and there is no value in the first round you just hope you don't mess it up really for the most part you know with some exceptions but. You know so yeah it I mean we're not what I say. You can win but for example if I say I went early on a quarterback. That -- -- public the quarterback in the third yes give me that's -- yeah carpet you know or maybe in the second depending on the scoring her. You know so much depends on how well you know. Believe you're in yet. You know the other owners tendencies how they draft. Yes so I mean if you know that the quarterbacks are all gonna go early. What is this going to be counter intuitive but I tend to I I I I'm very careful in those straps not to be one of the people doing it sure. Because the counter effect. And everybody taking a quarterback early Alexio and one of these leaks and they're out there were eight quarterbacks go in the first three rounds. That's so think about what the sun browned and the third round are gonna beat. Right you -- be getting second round slip in the third gonna get third renders the beginning of the fourth. So what I do in those traps -- I try to scoop all the slipping talent yeah then once I have a real edge on most of the other teams that running back tight end receiver -- right after the draft. Now when they're taking 5050 players in the 67 dates around. We're taking locked in quarterbacks is still a good value like Romo our Cutler whoever yet. You know so yeah I mean that -- there's -- there's definitely that whole thing about trying to wait. -- There are times. Yet it's -- its weight within the parameters of how the draft is going in in your specifically -- rules. Turn to two quarterback leave that blows all the -- and it. To talk to correctly obviously were never talking about the right where it yet Holcomb. We different than -- talking about it's reported at least quarterbacks are basically running backs rice and little things different. Yeah we're talking about your standard. Twelve team league wants. We're back with -- include the boot boot salute don't believe that the way I look at quarterback. If you want to win the position and we can win the position to get the most value compared everybody else to draft a quarterback and the way to do that for the most part. Is to try to wait out the runs. But just to give an example. You know and and we say grounds which I I know I wouldn't record wrecked the third round well what that really means I wouldn't take him until the late second. And here's what I mean by that and this sort of important for those people let out there who are listening who maybe haven't drafted. A lot you know maybe your little bit different people -- here. But me distrust and are becoming down towards the end of the second -- okay. One thing you're thinking about is you know black guy who picks after Munich I was the first pick of the second first -- He's got Jamaal Charles shall McCoy yeah I don't know I want to give him Peyton Manning. Right yeah that's an -- that's going to continue to support it. And then you look at the board and you say wait a minute. I wanna double. Double blank myself. So you look at things and you say OK what am -- gonna take our military. Say it took a really big time running back in the first round at Peterson Lacey something like that yeah. We come back he's -- quality receivers here that you looked down at the receivers and you say well. There's three of my like. Format like yeah. Does more than that probably but but let's just hypothetically should answer for right to -- when you look at -- see a lot of what dignity to the third round but wait a minute. Ottawa investment -- appear if I take Manning now. I'm still -- get one of these four receivers. That I don't have much separation right whereas I take the receiver now. And hold true to my whole I'm not taking cornerback in the second round thing what happens well it was a quarterback. So there is -- time to sort of go out of order you know you just have to really look at the board in the NFL that's the way keep straight back. Right -- like New England in Seattle and San Francisco mean to treat the total to launch its next defense secular and the way to do it if it's a simple process you'll look at the board this year we got seven guys we can't decide which one yet. We'll go hey let's move back 67 spots let's get one -- -- yeah and some don't really do we don't think -- let's let's let's -- back -- -- if we can move back. And then pick up a third round pick -- -- One of our guys that we increase our -- it's the same concept when you're drafting of -- -- you wanna try to. What do I want how much of its -- how long before I pick next one of the teams in the interim likely to do that and then you make a value assessments. You know on what you plan to do so. Everything is sort of you know up in the air that's what sort of look at what's gonna go on and get that really -- to border like you said Jim you have to know the people in nearly. Yet a yet to track don't have to keep track of it too because if you bet if you are if you know what's happening then you can be fluid right you can follow our advice. Historically our historical about being patient filling out your roster at the positions that aren't as deep. But you could be slowed if you need to strike an apple like -- to -- and Manning instance. And you Wear this and I'm I'm not I'm not bashing the other -- you know that's I think a lot of these places so you know lots of good information but one thing I'm noticing. And this year. And I've seen in the past but it's a lot of pictures people with -- they're short of naming draft style zero quarterback drafting zero running back drafting and you don't we start with five running back start with six winning back a single one of these things and you know as much is a much and I can work. It's not cookie cutter though it doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps that's the thing I think -- we are we're a proponent of trying to stay in balance as you draft. So we wouldn't be a big proponent of it you don't start with six running backs although it can be a good strategy it can be yeah it can work. The problem I have with that is it closes off the position to some extent. In the second half of the trap it puts me in a position where. Everybody knows we're looking for right. It will be bad being in that position and I. So I would keep my options open and so you know the perfect trap for me after -- to be to running backs two receivers. That's sort of makes me happy too because everything's open. Now if gronkowski there -- -- third round in my willing to -- Sort of jump that strategy yes sure sure and -- -- by the -- is probably. He's -- is slowly but surely becoming the elephant in the corner yeah. Absolutely yeah Celia because and and and I know some people are probably like why it is -- Oregon have gronkowski ranked. So low. And an estimated to have -- lower but there's places that have given the first. Ran down now now that this health I don't know -- -- a lot trust again not saying -- dads and I I do believe you had been a -- is that came up from. Me in my head Michael I would -- -- there. I mean when I mean it is it's -- stuck up it's so rare thing at this point to see him ranked you know that high and I get what people are saying. I understand what people are willing to do it but from my standpoint from the standpoint of risk. That's tough. Cattle like wristed the risk at the top of the trap. And I don't pictured as -- talk about protesters dressed as -- you know I'm sure if I was -- -- I would just wanted to state. Think positive happy thoughts backcourt -- -- can you do. Bubble gum lollipops in rehab is it -- But. The -- -- from -- football standpoint how much risk do you want pile on. You know I've heard I heard a lot of different things. From people about why gronkowski is not an injury risk I'm sorry. First ultimatum the people who try to make the argument and second of all it's a load of yet. Yeah it just is I mean I'm sorry not an arm broken like the same place twice -- -- -- college. An ACL injury which was just NHL the complex injury involving cartilage to back surgery in college. I mean he's an ankle issues he's had hit issues but not the. Stake -- infection and Everest. -- infection so you know as I I think. The way I set it in the -- Obama not top 400 you know just -- and at -- draw a picture of the human body put an X everywhere crux of surgery. You know I mean. It is impossible place sixteen games stays healthy gesture to -- so it's it's definitely possible. But I mean how. How much are we going to bank on that yeah and if your patriot fans. If growth does get hurt it's gonna massacre football season. Do you really wanna throw your football season -- fiscal policies and do the same. Now -- what is done that before it's not fun. -- at its inspection but by the same token there because they're there comes a point in the draft. Where if you pass on gronkowski. -- you're offering not upside. Two people who go laughter right yeah right so that's the trick is or at -- the breaking point where the point where. The risk of taking him is exceeded by the risk of not taking him. Right yeah -- Yeah it's same thing at the quarterback position. Thank you you just. That was beautiful you just keep my way into the Segway. It's about man he went 82 thirds Nike missile that's expected. In particular thinking people -- thinking we set that up but we didn't he decibels -- -- -- that a valid or not sure -- -- So if you look at our rankings that are going to be out. Later today have updated the top 400 you'll see it -- -- give Peyton Manning in the same spot. I have to I have to say to that that board not trouble it was brought to you by Clark Chrysler Jeep and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so if you look at the rankings gronkowski and having -- in the same spot and the reason. Is the same. Because that breaking point. Where you look and you say OK you know what. Those elite receivers that you and I talked about the podcast with a gazillion times yet. They're gone right. -- -- whoever the last one was you know maybe you pick it Jordy Nelson made you think it's Brandon Marshall but those guys are all gone then obviously the Calvin in the AG -- in the days Leo and we other golf. Right. And maybe they're running backs turned out to the point where you don't. Have a strong beliefs in. Ellington back BC Doug Morton for whatever reason yeah. So now you're to the point where OK I feel like VP lead none quarterbacks are grown. That's the point -- for me I started at least considering. Peyton Manning sure. Gronkowski yes so that we have been in the same spot now it's for me it's sort of breaking point towards the end of the second round where I'm willing to maybe take a chance that a huge upside player. Now if you offered me Manning -- broadcast a secret -- -- every part. Personally you could I again I wanna see that quarterback position. Because when people are taken 5056 and six -- around I wanna bang out a quarterback somewhere in there and beat because that's power move. When one person is taking Stephen Jackson. Yeah it takes him -- -- -- Cutler -- Rick you're waiting and help crack up I you know I grew up so that I like to have that part of the draft for a bag you know really solid picks and other people or to bank and actually -- stuff. Well that's a perfect launch point two to talk about this article that's up on W -- not comment on the quarterback rankings that -- -- And I should talk about this article and a half -- -- ironic that at. But. -- think I know you reflect on the -- But the arm and I'm glad you spent some time on Manning does -- he's he's tier one he's in his own T get it here yet and our philosophy you like it. Jerking your freshman dorm with a series. -- -- because -- in triple. Triple Lutz and learned a lot of -- exactly common area you know it's just at the end. Bomb. So but -- he he's easy to dismiss and these podcasts because. The whole drafting strategy with so much depth and talent the quarterback position is to wait wait wait wait repeat patient so it's easy to blow. Pass a guy like the -- But you just made a good case for how that can happen but he is a -- the elite. And he's in his own -- Not much more need to be set about that there aren't yet there are some losses he lost Eric Decker but. He's in a great offense. Yeah I mean we feel that city in the combination. But Emanuel Sanders who they poached from Pittsburgh. And Cody Latimer they drafted. We feel that the combination of those two players. These probably -- up a reasonable replacement for Decker yeah. They can use those guys in combination get most of the positive traits they got from Decker I mean obviously deckers. You don't do -- two years with them you know these. I ideally they keep Decker but considering what happened the fact that they had they -- -- deckers so they could spend money in the defense. I thought they scramble out of it pretty well. -- and those those two receivers -- guys he can get you you know pretty late in in the draft and make an impact you know good people that target for the back half of the year. Yeah I mean I think obviously Sanders will be heavily involved early. On now Sanders has been a guy whose central stay healthy so we have a soft tissue injury for Sanders I think Latimer becomes potentially interest think it's somebody else goes down. Latimer could become potentially -- obviously Welker is you know you never know what's gonna apple Welker Julius Thomas has had a reconstructive surgery in his career already. So. It was for a the -- yeah. So you know it's not like these guys -- -- to say -- so one injury -- Latimer I think in the game. And if he does get in the game he's a very -- in place and it's something you I've talked about the past. Rookie receivers. Don't write them off when they play with Tom Brady -- Yeah no hey look in mean he's -- -- trooper mailings that in his own here by himself at the top. -- position for a reason he's gonna find somebody. Yes and you can tell he's receivers -- I mean Reggie -- rookie year -- think -- jerk response he -- production -- these rookie yeah needs to. Brett Favre was the same way yeah. Yeah any he finds a rhythm of the hit that same receiver on the same drive he's a -- of definite rhythm quarter of. It -- grab the guy by the college seniors need to learn and you better know it yet -- to throw the ball. And itself and I remember Brett -- the second week he can't he's like I don't care what anybody says about -- that I need to -- You know -- and had a great rookie year. You know I -- could be excited I would Manning I think the issue though is they have enough guys where they don't the Russian. That's a -- the clear one as goofy as -- -- sport yet as goofy as he is he's number -- and we moved in I had demagogue and I couldn't I couldn't look at myself in the mirror reflection on the canal without saying something like that anyway so -- two. No surprise here Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees this aren't you second. Group limited cheer went to I would. The -- put such a gap on the next guy Lester we felt like that -- haven't -- here. I think that's respectful yeah sure. Arms of the second tier guys are Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees great quarterbacks lots of production there but as you. As you read your article you get at the SE a trend as -- quarterbacks. Yes and I you know I think one point that we should they could breeze. I loved what distinction done and it reminds me of what. That happened with Manning when Manning you know a lot of people talk about how well it's amazing how well managed playing at the end of his career well he's also playing with the best. You know group of skilled players he's ever played and he's never had more palatable but it this year but last year we -- Welker -- -- and the various parliaments and Julius comes I mean good lord and that's pretty six foot four plus coombs up. We've never had back when he was with the culture is sort of mostly small guy yeah. Even Dallas Clark the smallest item that -- them like NH stack up right so Manning got that huge upgrade still count right when he needed it right when he's declining. Boom he gets an upgrade all around him and that was huge I think the states -- the same thing for Brees I think. Obviously Jimmy Grammy young and now you throwing can still last year branded -- this year. Now all of a sudden breeze is more dangerous because once he gets the ball out of the hands of the guys who. Who have it are more dangerous right so that's I think for anybody who's worried about Drew Brees. Declining in skills because it's already started to happen. I wouldn't worry too much this year because branding -- is special and Kenny -- is going to be even better and you know Sean Payton and the guys that they're really putting nicely together robberies. Yet this still is still a lot there -- many old standby Marcus Colston there and he will. That's still there in the backfield is solid and and and and even with Sproles -- care promises there's as a glue guy. They're going to be just fine. The next so those early options and if if you're inclined you know those guys and get you points is just you know be Smart. If you if you if you act on those guys -- early. That you need to draft a well rounded team around and do you best to do that as soon as he can't. Yeah I mean look I drafted these top three guys a couple times earlier this year it's opened the fourth round I take. Yeah yeah it's real importance of value what would you have it in front of them -- yes the next tier is tier three quarterbacks fourth through seventh. And these guys are pretty lock solid -- couple questions but you know you're you're happy with anyone of these guys Matt Stafford. Andrew Locke who -- love knicks bulls and Robert Griffin. From our John Street for those and acronyms. If you -- Stafford was close to be involved perpendicular to up that high and Stafford this year. What I decided. I mean I'm I'm generally I have that Stafford every year live in peace for the most part paid the bills for being. You know I think there's there's sort of a weird. Undercurrent of disrespect for him look I'm not sure what it's about out. But jeez I you know sometimes you just people talk about it which is not bright but that you know the fact that he's unconventional that he throws all the different -- angles people's. You suppose there's almost like a man who advanced fellowship -- when you don't disciplined. In in need to know as prepared for the beginning of the years hasn't slow starts right last year Lowe's card I remember correctly. I mean I'm not yet but I am personally not. I don't buy that I think step at a pretty darn good quarterback and I think all he needs. Is for things to work correctly around and many to be a monster. And I think you know the fact that they upgraded the receiving corps with Golden -- The fact that they brought -- abroad. And the fact that they have so many good receiving running backs. In our members feel -- we talked about last year we like it was a rookie Yani make you finally make some waves. So they've they've got a nice deep backfield and you know guys with real receiving skills Theo -- complain in the spot and he did it did motivate you. So you know they've got a real -- diverse set of skill players and I don't know in the US there's an injury that we don't see coming -- -- I think staffers in the monster. Yeah Asia pile -- points I would be worried about him. That same for lock anywhere the what where the questions for me in the steer the small -- from come with full dozen Griffin and -- yeah -- obvious it's the injuries. An and his playing style with a history of some injuries so. That worries me a little bit. And then falls it's by IAE with folds and and that got me was so good last year. I think -- to see more. Well you don't get to yeah to appear to have to make a decision yeah last year yeah on yeah I mean you know -- I've heard some people doubting false. I'm not doubting and destroy our. I'm doubting them at the Internet in net here at night admiral I. Right. But you know pierce three I mean -- ADP is you know six or seventh round to me -- I'm just jumping on the economic thinking about my doubts -- I'm just excited to get a player -- back on the upside. In the seventh round I'm I'm not I you know it's weird I think sometimes people just war. I'm a talk about you but I've heard a lot of people sort of going well -- defense is gonna adjust. They're not. Yeah let's not tell which just yet and it just -- rises again according to figure out chip Kelly's office of the biggest -- ever -- like I got it figured out I nuclear McKinley couldn't figure them out yeah I agree with you on that debt and also the cream rises -- and can adjust it's not that. I'm not saying is -- is the next comic. I think he's -- good young quarterback yet I'm not saying it I don't think polls is Andrew Luck over the during the same galaxy in terms of how good they are tigers. But I -- completed Chip Kelly. To defend reluctant to Chip Kelly. He'd be the first quarterback on the board. That's how good. That would be in combination -- could put those two things together. Right he's the guy just stands out that -- for me that's why were my first question comes as polls Griffin I do I see a fallback but. You -- is an and that's that you not all this. Interest in its wonder what some sometimes people think about the -- I was reading. You know on the Internet this morning and people going into that we expect a regression from false because we don't expect the same interception to touched operational well. -- -- -- -- The BD OK well first I need them -- what what do his touchdown interception ratio do this fantasy value. Okay fight in my purse seven picks this year so that to maybe don't pretend. That particular sensitive side. Yeah. We're just gonna score gonna portable -- yards and is gonna get on tie -- yeah. I think it's you know if he's -- more picks maybe -- more in general maybe that's good I mean the bottom line is. The Eagles are gonna have a lot of -- eight games. With the exception of the games against it with the west. They're gonna play the Redskins twice -- -- place at a -- Dallas twice -- awful decent as you know this type. The Eagles are gonna light people up. You know an end and if and another thing I keep hearing is how -- run first team. They're balancing their run first team now about that they -- about 5050 question. Yeah McCoy might get 50% of the production but that'll be running and catching the ball. Well yeah -- no -- McCoy McCoy yeah I don't have the whether they were our past is not going to be huge factor in the push for election your -- percent. But just in terms of you know. I've heard again when people are arguing against falls I've heard the -- -- run heavy team. Well Serb and actually bouncing there about 5050. I look at them as a move the chains team. You know that's they just normal -- Do best to and they do it quickly. You know just this. But think of -- Chip Kelly scheme and look you know we said this last year before he was waiting in the NFL everybody is going to sort of go to work in the at a -- like yeah it. Don't go back illegal bond we we never any doubt that Chip Kelly yeah. It's because she coaches could sound fundamental football people talk about him like he's gimmicky cowboy and -- not they'll show you the pictures of you know when he spreads just -- -- they do some funky formations yet he does a little bit of that stuff. But first of all it works second of all he also just does your basic candidate to blow people off the ball stuff yeah. A lot of the stuff they do is just basic for the little football blocking. You know just. And then they spread people out run out and they do everything they do really well and it. The idea it's gonna changes is this -- I mean they have a good offensive line as well coached offensive line and it's just really hard to imagine -- -- -- Struggling on offense really has -- there are so fundamentally sound. Well that's a good case for falls to do to be in that TO like the passionate and at. I was talking about last week when we talk about Bridgewater. That we're talking about Bridgewater and -- he has -- all of the -- gonna run the ball. What is it that's going to be a problem for brutalize you might feel more. Right so if if they can run the ball that's just gonna make everything more effective and actually you know what I'm sergeant we talk about all we did we say that were not at all. Credit I think we've made the same key -- that we noticed that same case that ritual of the the president. Let's look at the talent he's got you know there is Patterson there you gonna use them. -- but look everybody's getting in the stats these days and I understand that and everybody was talk about all you ever say well you know they'll throw the ball enough to put up the stats. I think -- to be really careful when you start saying that because. Good to me I want my quote my guess quarterback to be in a balanced offense. I have no problem with that because because you're going to be consistent and you're gonna make big plays terrible yeah. You know that it's not like teams that go -- -- I would first seems to run the ball 70% of the time. Right I mean what it well and heavy team's front last year I think the team that -- the most was Seattle I -- think it was 54 point three. -- is setting a solid the patriots trying to time the -- we ran. Oh no it's furlough year pitchers to run yeah external at all at 38% of some insurers out. I don't I don't have -- over at my fingertips although it could probably. Definitely think that -- -- quickly but yeah I mean the patriots and an obviously at the end of the year the patriots put a dent in that number right. Because they started going you know there were blood at least attitude and unfortunately -- had to. Yes I -- it will. Whether they actually they didn't it was the right thing -- doesn't work Berkshire but on the whole hearing Curtis and the patriots threw the ball less than. Excuse me the patriots re on the ball less than 43% of the time -- 42 point eight. That's closest at 30% I was in the in the ballpark so. So I mean you know. If I don't run heavy OK so you know let's look at. Philadelphia. Plus it's Philadelphia last it was supposedly. -- I read this and obviously you know a bunch of places a run heavy team won't guess what. Philadelphia through -- Iran last year they were available 49 point six. So they go out yet so I'm not I'm not worried about taxes -- yet and and and it -- the fact that they can handle the ball on the ground the fact that teams. Have to -- and and the Eagles make a couple of people can be spread you out Enron if you. So you've constantly putting people and it -- a situation where they have to make choices people we're leaving here in the and then you've got big receivers. So it's it it's a tough combination for defense is to deal because they hate you and so many ways. That's a great -- to good justification that's what falls is there going where you have -- so. Yeah every -- -- an and I think one thing that people need to remember when we look at that -- at this list. Remember the ADT's. Because when you when you when you get to -- free only Stafford is going before the first fifty. Yeah -- these guys are hanging back you know luck luck might creep up a little bit more of a falls and Griffin. Will be available. -- -- later interest and -- what does create did he really hasn't been but I mean -- of the same interview I would think his name will move up but yeah. I think you know what might -- and -- is. They're graduating this -- is running well now look so if Reggie Wayne continue to practice well defense and then some positive -- comes out on Hakim nicks and maybe moves up. Tim he's got steel guy like I just as well it looked like a small break out. You don't you're your your -- I am. Now I don't blame so marked a slide where -- -- -- he does everything well he just technical institute an -- is at the multi Hilton guy -- and I just love tennis and. Maybe Andrew Luck is likely portals but -- really good night that it display -- she's got a future but I mean Andrew what has Blake portals. Where they want him to be in three years -- The -- there who. I -- and put art book. Yeah I would agree yeah I would agree thought. Idenix has Griffin but we I think we know what it is there he is the d.s. But he's shifting what are -- article lottery pick yet he's the high reward high risk guy. Yes I mean if you don't -- David Griffin again keep things EDT you're gonna get to a point where you're going to be like -- I'm not gonna. It right in the points and we've. Points -- points is points and yeah -- points -- points and you know you're in the sixth seventh round and you shouldn't go out got my top three backs I've got two great receivers I've got a tight and I love. Well -- pick Robert Griffin. -- to -- heck you can win the league with epic if you're already in great shape but we don't like -- people reaching for Griffin in the fourth round. Right he says debt buyer beware and be ready. He's complex guy the next -- -- because the agency when I love what you wrote here this is here for. And this is really I I'll use my own terminology here this is the the road -- playbook. Like. A defining -- you know this is like -- erode -- strategy in the encyclopedia. Tear formed its quarterbacks ranked eighth through fourteenth check out these names so. Not that we're that you waiting on Manning may be would wait on you waiting on Rogers you wager you view let Brees pass but Stafford pass that Loc passed that falls passer like Griffin passed maybe get a little anti doping -- Colin -- and Jay Cutler Matt Ryan Cam Newton. Russell Wilson Tom Brady and Tony Romo not that I love it I -- here -- protects you tier four is your body. A picture for. Yeah that's terrible -- problem. If it's -- John Cusack movie I'm having trouble remembering yeah. It looked underneath the but the look on that but anyway so Labrador and a you've been the key thing about are forward I thought I'd mention it in the article this is only teacher. -- -- This. Has got blood on your but I mean none of those guys in that two year global four picks 72 right and that greedy. Who's who's moved up in terms of the GDP recently. So. You know the way we generally talk about cheer for that general area is just wait and try to get them back out of that here and you win yeah. The trick is you have to be careful but I think I mentioned in the article to on it's you're up or draft position. So if you're. Did you draft first or twelfth yeah and second or eleven yeah. You do have to be a little bit careful if you're into that two year record in the apple into the traps they're in the seventh round -- ground. And you're like okay it's my second of my two picks right. You have yet to get back to back picture few media of one picked the guardian that to an annual one right when you're making your second of those two picks. You do have to think long and hard if you don't have your quarterback injured in that 78 -- range. Even pictured it it's tempting to try to keep playing the value game but the -- to think long and hard say wait a minute. It's real possible but I come back come -- 5%. Let's let's poll put a couple of Romo but he whichever -- the board now. At the -- in the QB electric. And that's prudent and in this thing to remember their listeners is. What Pete said there's a gear you're at them at the at the turn around 78 that at this point. You've built a pretty nasty you know team if you drafted well so that's a good time to jump in anyway he's got to me imagine imagine that dumb. Five of these guys are gone and in order cap protect Cutler Matt Ryan Cam Newton it's -- a look at that Russell Wilson Tom Brady or Tony Romo and what -- And if five former gone okay. Then figure it at the end of the round to take a quarterback there's no doubt out here come here in the middle of the round. But figure in the middle of the round and figure in the middle rounds seven OK and let's say that only. Brady has been taken yeah. I'll not -- cornerback. Right and they wanted to wait until the middle around because we talked about twelve packs right right so what are the -- that you know six cornerbacks go in the next twelve picks probably wanted to keep Torre as Gordon. So ominous odds they'll probably gonna look to wait and try to get one more high. Upside player but when you're at the end of the round. You know -- really early around you're looking at like twenty something perhaps yeah. Before you pick again that's a lot of unknowns. And like you said we're happy about our team -- use of value based approach we like our balance. Which knocked our -- off quarterback off. And now at that point. You pretty much have your starters locked in place tenured position and just picked up best player on the board that for most of the rest of the draft. It's in in effect on yet exactly I was gonna say that's so fun when you when you write that name down like me you -- -- all right -- a little time before a draft. -- that Nestle five -- composite just looked down there and -- and he's. He -- to erect a little bit yeah I can do it again com. Then -- you've got like you know you've got two or three running backs and -- to a missed odds and you got. A couple nice receivers may be -- tied and then yet Tom Brady said they like I'm feeling good. Practical I'd like to take -- five minute break in the draft. I can you need to go back to -- well and that's what hysterically incidents there might -- -- end up smiling right now thinking about it but that the it's true -- and that's the thing. That's sort of underscores what we're talking about quarterbacks is when you do play it right and you get that guy in -- strong year to get -- the value number. That's good that's a good field. -- and if you if you don't. Count. If it exactly yet -- smelled so if you if you. If you look at if you -- of those is gonna wait until -- eight and then this always happens there Iran's right as the quarterback Ron. The tight end run the kicker run it always happens the defense -- well here's the good news Seoul may be with here. You ain't dead yet. Okay because tier five. Has the three guys who could also stop for you any week. Right pretty much which years especially. Yes a fifty years Ben Roethlisberger who could. Unless he can make an argument for -- for you beat Andy Dalton this is probably. Literally and figuratively the redheaded stepchild. In -- in this year but that but the thing is. Look at the stats at me he was my right there's a backup quarterback for me a couple times and like he was always outperform in the guy and lineup. And then rivers -- is coming off a great I mean I. I was in -- -- -- in -- you last year I was racking up major numbers rotating last year Cutler Dalton and Sam Bradford right. I mean like I didn't spend more than two bucks on any -- right so I mean you can do a lot with a little at this position. And and you know for those people who are inclined to really pushed the envelope a quarterback for example I was gonna -- the other day. Where I didn't take cornerback until my last panic while Ryan -- hill. I assume but again and they did I -- yes. I don't know that we do I want right to know which you -- now I don't I don't know why but by the same to him. You know dad okay yeah he's not gonna pick up a big bully every week he's -- a deductible of single digits he's gonna put up fifteen to twenty every week. So in the interim while I'm working on trading for the quarterback I want. I'm just fine and that was the worst case. Scenario we'll tell the listeners in that worst case scenario what you got before he took them. Nugent connected happy feet I would have to log onto my computer to do that night Justin holds a -- and -- highlights and mean. An excellent question. I should have an answer that brought it up and radio program. But I do but I look at -- -- a couple of this break in the action is brought to you by Clark Chrysler Jeep in the film. Nobody -- to Clark deal nobody. -- like that those like little quiz show thing there and cheer Magee avenue which has the fact that -- -- -- of its and by general at all. But it's -- well right now they don't go to says that's that's what we're just jumping go to red lobster is it's a because so where does that Jack and just. In -- look I think it's subway. I don't know how happy do the commercial for so yes. At the there's Jews while it is. That that's right but again let's get back on -- and drag your. I don't know man I think it was there's really -- this -- the fact a picnic at this. The case they -- fell asleep but there's so it would be talking about. In in waiting on quarterback is the overall strategy in and one example. Deaton a draft -- we had a long time ago Bryant and a hell which is probably making people's scarecrow all of that but. And be decent but that but the point of the whole break. In the action here -- to talk about you know what the yield was before that in terms of lumps I'm sure you have a star studded lineup of running backs receivers tight ends and upside guys. I'm sorry that I was listening to that you were. The -- -- outside pick I found it to go. It's. Back to get back to America I found that attracts. All right listen to this running back group I got against -- available aspect yet are running backs are DeMarco Murray Shane -- Andre Ellington Carlos I'd Terence west. Interior Robinson and my tight end Jimmy Graham. And -- got Eric Decker tours that Michael Floyd Mike Evans and -- matches overseers saga on a loaded yeah. With high upside guys. And I -- -- quarterback yet. So yeah you know I started out that trapped with Jimmy Graham and DeMarco Murray at the last second -- -- you -- So when he's -- it -- you know while we're at it. The twelfth hole is really accomplished this year yeah it seems it not easy yeah I I'd like to tell people could -- are not a great spot. You can win from there this year but you got. You've got to have a plan you don't go when they're going out just wing it from twelve point you gotta have a plan and I don't think one of the reasons you're seeing people grab gronkowski. You know into the first round early second round is 'cause they're desperately trying to find a way to battle out at 120 yeah they're trying to find a way to put stud in their line up. It gives them some identity and their team and -- talked about argued it makes some sense. But you're also taking double risk because now you're taking punitive position where you're not traffic from position of strength and I -- risk on the. The single camera to take grammar -- first this year's other matters is that was one who doesn't. Better. But I spoke. Very at twelve -- at thirteen but yeah like you said it doesn't it's really doesn't matter yet the interesting pick I mean for me we're cutting interest -- was the of the quarterback excuse me the receivers all -- early in that draft. Sounds like you so you like I took guys like marine and ellington's right. You know I mean Ellington for my mind is a borderline second round pick. And you know. I got him obviously in the upside Padilla in the third round so I you know I went I would Graham and I went. DiMarco and when I came back around. I took Ellington and Michael Floyd. So that's pretty -- -- concern is you're trying to do -- looking for upside trying to find some guys who can outperform their draft position. Help me catch up to the course of the world. And Jamaal Charles of the world. Yeah it's Smart it's this it's a Smart strategy and I know we got -- we got more work to do here are sort of -- the quarterback yes let's you're five just to just to recap what people want to listen and you look up another one of my traps like that we do that this weekend. Must sponsor mentions the Sony sold. -- five Ben Roethlisberger. Andy Dalton Philips rivers I think you know what you have there is a Nestle safety net. While the elites the sub beliefs that brilliant here for to Pfizer had a kind of save you a little bit not as exciting but down to good good output there. And then and then the top of -- six on. That the very top. It is there there's some there's some mom similarities to -- five you know all throughout the steer couple upside guys there. I would say like Eli Manning is the Ben Roethlisberger of of this year but then you've got Johnny football Carson Palmer Sam Bradford. -- antenna hill and Joseph Flacco. Flacco is now playing in the Shanahan often yeah you may do -- Kubiak offense but that's basically the same thing Sarah and we think he's potentially very good enough. And so just so it makes sense and these are the guys who are ranked eighteenth through 23 so dirt it if you come up of one of these guys as your QB to. If you took like a high risk pick like higher risk pick like like RG three. I can feel pretty good about these guys. Yeah and we're about people who are going a 14850. -- -- there you know Eli Manning won 47. -- over at 140 and that's basically a name value right now that most people were talking about how he might not even start. And obviously it -- -- doesn't start folks we will pull and so little bit in the rankings. Bomb them. And in the opinions could pierce seven. Are there right now. If Josh can get any more good press at least get bumped up the intersection and kids he is a group of either very underrated player. I think a lot of people a lot of people think all of his career back up he just had a great year last year playing -- trojans' offense was great receivers there's some truth to that. But that paradigm is still a place and he went from Brandon Marshall and also on Jeffrey he go to Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans yeah. So it's not that he doesn't have great targets now he's got big targets. They've got good slot talent and they've got. But the you know pretty good running game the only thing that worries me about -- is that interior line now because they've taken you know now they've lost -- right and yet there are some issues on the interior. But you know -- I think is. Tampa sleeper they can be better people think they could go either way make its -- to buy it. It -- it's you know they get that defense. Playing the way that's scheme can work. That be pretty good team. Gave -- if they even if the record doesn't show well for them that they're going to be tough out I think on a weekly basis. I yeah I think that there there's more talent there than some people realize that I think they've brought in. A pretty good group in terms of -- yet but it is pretty good draft to debt that our aid and military -- -- -- do it. I was just gonna say the you know we we try to avoid the drama and stick to the facts but. I -- cells is not a cut is jumping off the -- just want your your recent now the training camp is actually ten year and is not Vegas and is not hanging out with. Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen and everybody is. What what do you what are you seeing in and and he knew scuttlebutt from football side about -- football. We're big believers in themselves when they do really well. But I have to say -- the browns are thinking about not playing him for the first after the season or whatever I mean. Obviously that's a difference fantasy value. It could be real good I mean we think -- that don't complain whenever you need to play. But if you wanna give it a richer here that's only gonna make him better right divided if you can if you can keep teaching him what you want -- -- him if you can keep. You know again that's Parcells says you can do a lot of good work with the lights off but you never know please -- -- well. You know sometime in the dark is not going to be a bad thing for -- but you know I think it was pre draft we thinking committed if you need a quarterback -- you can do it. You know we were so sure about building car in that regard yeah but we felt -- celebratory guys who could handle the speed of the NFL right now. But Cleveland might be reassessing going wait a minute you know Gordon probably not gonna play out. You know we've got a budget injury or pull old injury prone old guys we've got a bunch of tiny water -- young guys yeah. You -- they -- they don't want to throw Johnny for all out there early in the season just to have them get pounded. -- that clears -- yeah it does it seems achievable person going to going it is not a word lawyer because it's funny everybody's acting like. Mandela must be playing awful lot to be had Horton -- -- the -- right order. How how many years in the the bill Belichick's -- three floor debt and then he would admit it you know. Strategic that he was good lord turner last year this is the guy who's received a lot of good coaching he's a bright quarterback. Due to Haiti quarter yet gives you the field well keep you very composed -- -- or you don't have a great arm yeah. And outcome of the companies she got so there's issues but I mean this is the kid who comply like human Pennington. Yes he's like a little -- -- yet. That no doubt I mean do we. -- in -- to -- I think he's great backup that this thing I would if I'm Cleveland I'm sitting there going you know it's nice to have lawyers back up maybe we don't wanna sacrifice. You know I hope that he needs to go to protect himself. In ACLs especially for smaller quarterbacks you know I don't. You I don't like seeing guys with fresh UCL crushed. And if you have to throw that offense this year. You know the one thing Johnny football can do without offenses he can keep the played a lot camels yeah right so. That I think a lot of kids are and I had -- MI what is your question you bet and kind of at a child and try to stop doing that on. But you know Cleveland I think what it's may come down to do is what to Cleveland want another season they're never gonna tell you. You know are they thinking we can compete this year or are they thinking we want to make X amount of progress. And here's where we wanna be at the beginning to 2015 we -- insult starting then we want Gordon back. You know we want to add a piece of the offensive line you know and about wouldn't be at a reasonable way of approaching this season for them that seems more reasonable more on Ellis brought. After last season. You know I think it's -- Cleveland -- such a hot town you know I mean it's LeBron you're a browns what -- mental approach maybe they're thinking you know what the whole -- give this year they're all happy that LeBron to back then everybody is giddy about LeBron I -- do we can fly under the radar for a year continue to build. And then try to really wins something next year. And you'll want to say. That feels right but browns fans and -- media would tell you. That makes much sense. -- it. Well now and then the other thing is Israel's one of these guys -- how long -- watch contractually -- -- you know -- yeah it's going to be -- case tonight you know it's it's a tough -- the one thing I'll stick -- -- -- Once -- themselves starting quarterback. You know who knows what the results of because the other. Ten players in your offense in your coaches and your situation account there's a lot of things have to get into the mix in terms of how successful will he be initially. But from a fantasy perspective. We're pro people points of one's neck as I mean even if he's not throwing -- time you go back cam Newton's rookie year go back to RG -- rookie year and look at the total number of fantasy points. And a quarterback numbers were. Media Eagles of that matter since monster frustrates an excellent example look at look at what look at some of the big games he had -- -- I started to run a playoff game went -- Yes that's dogged the four point. When you control wins fifty yards on the ground and a touchdown that's huge. Yeah I mean is that what that does to the total quarterback number but I -- if you throw for 150 and it touched what you're rug for sixty and a touch you right. Guess what could begin to call the big day yeah yeah so yeah and demand -- has that potential. And it does this thing that makes it. But the thing that has not giving up on him as a rookie even though Cleveland seems to have done everything they could possibly do to hurt the receiving corps. Is that they got there was running backs. Back gives him something to work off. Yeah it's if this is a lot that a talk about in in the is another round. Another story in there and it interestingly these two teams are gonna play each other. In the pre season the browns and the rams. There's a quarterback in -- six that is very intriguing to me which is Sam Bradford. Kind of nondescript. But. Well played pretty well before -- got hurt right -- great but but the middle Tennessee wide you'd get it done this telecast of a forgotten commodity -- -- remind our literally season he feels they're yeah. A reminder Ellison is what you see him and NY. You might be a nice little. Upside guy you know should all Needham has a second or third quarterback on your right and it looked. Bradford was the number one overall pick for a reason he has some talent. He's got a pretty good -- -- You know he's decent sized guy. You trust and the pats played again you know he he he throws an -- falling the boys deacon at some. And a little bit of mom. He's writing a little bit of Mo Joseph on drives you know iconic tell them my momentum going their food better as the game progressed when I saw. Yeah he's he's definitely a guy where they put the pieces around him and protect him yeah. Thought he could be good. You know you can put up dancing numbers but things in my opinion that the rams have to do what you and I talk to us about the last year last pre season yet but I'm not mistaken. Is they need to helped define that offense. That they have so much -- that they keep finding time for everyone. But I think the downside to that is nobody gets a real solid lather and a real solid -- relationship with a quarter. You know and Cleveland got that potential this year they're talking about receiver by committee. All that's nice but they you have relationship by committee -- did you know that's not good for your QB and now. And we saw the outbreak last year one of the greatest quarterbacks -- ever -- And you know you if you saw him getting a little impatient with having guys on -- off the field sure you know lately you know not. Being where they had to be and yeah. So if that's the kind of stuff that happens when you're constantly. Switching up your personnel. You know during drives. You know especially when you're talking about. Again -- I might be a little biased here because I watched Brian Schottenheimer offense up close to the jets fans from a long time and I'd never liked it yeah. So there is a little bit of embedded bias here about a -- -- You know. It's I -- it might not be buys it might just be I know a lot about it. Yeah and it's not enough in its just not impressed. Yeah I mean you know Mark Sanchez never developed you know. Maybe that's and Sanchez. But it's not to look real good for Schottenheimer he gets in there for Chip Kelly. And I hope the guys that barely sentient have a good camp. But Bradford you know to his credit has done better than Sanchez. Which Schottenheimer. And I you know if they can protect them and if they can figure out who they wanna play -- You have to look at Brian quick play Brian quick and I don't -- -- -- fifty yeah you know. On if Britt is the guy let him get a ladder to let Kenny -- play and what are the problems for Kenny -- last year I mean obviously it's coming -- a major injury. Those around once you have he's on the field -- off the field it's hard I mean he's he's the guy who is gonna really get off on. Snaps yet you know he -- to get a feel for the guys who are defending it. So you know I think that's going to be a challenge for the rent is and you look at Stedman Bailey and -- on Austin Austin pettis and Kenny Britt. And and -- -- I think it is I mean it's just don't ever terrible. Knowledge and all pled evolved they both live all shown flashes and mean Austin's the big guy there but the right emotional flashes. -- comes down to like what you are talking about -- may be among the so -- member we're talking about. I want to say Grady Little look through the darn good -- they're injured in -- page out of the game there you -- every little nuggets are. They have to -- you know Fisher house to have. You know -- -- the -- spot you gotta hasn't addiction holidays say these are our guy. And you know I'm sorry -- I'm sorry. Peter Gibbons or may be quick you don't you guys don't deserve to be benched but we gotta get these guys -- regular listener we need to get this offense honed. Because you can't have. Jerry cook. Being the go to. Now from them you can't have more than just gonna always be who they are in -- Right and remember they've already lost Stedman Bailey for the first four weeks. That complicates matters -- I think Billy was the guy they wanted to be I think they had him take it it is sort of the blue receiver yeah. You know the hands guy the routes guy. And they won't he won't you know if he is gonna be doing that this year will be two weeks five. So there's a little bit of you know we'll see what happens the first month and then we'll have to see what happens -- Billy comes back. But yet that's that's an offense that could go a lot of different direction. You know it's interesting and and again interest -- grabbed a guy that this is because the bottom of the draft so don't like you know. Did this is these a depth guys that upside in end. They are -- guys but the public you know just to the point you were making before I mean. Like I took the last guy took mr. entitled to pick before it was Bradford. And you know if if if it -- gone the other way out ended up with Bradford. Giving you complain to -- Brad -- quarterback I know a lot of people roll their eyes and I say that. But if you are getting the value. That you should be getting. In the early rounds right you to win -- Sam Bradford. If you getting smoked all throughout this -- -- don't. They don't -- don't do this in danger thanks. You know December and it came down now so they are some words yeah. It stinks even -- I took at the bottom of the article are are the end at least we should talk about -- -- football player we should talk about in tears six. -- sorry but I don't you're gonna jump to about an article a -- a city I was gonna I was that -- seven. I was -- a house that's not -- yet in tears seven interior interior nine. There's some you know names there that did I think there's some -- some upside people's self. In -- 72 talked a little bit about Josh McCown already is Teddy Bridgewater you know how Pete and I think about him Alex Smith Jake Locker. Ryan Fitzpatrick in EJ Manuel. We wanna hit. But you know what well I -- Bridgewater I think our guys with real potential to jump. They can be while. A couple of had a battery on that they can be -- the end anyway you know look at these big ticket be the kind of players where they're real waiver wire. Monsters yeah yeah. Because. You know again if things go right from the -- I think he can put up. You know really ridiculous numbers. You know on the other side with Bridgewater. If he's starting -- quarter. I mean I did have something there in that same area. With Taylor hill and Brad from where I'm not scared. Could play Teddy Bridgewater. Well it's gonna be adjusting -- -- pre season if you if you get if we get a sense that around yet we get if you get the sense like -- week three that he might be the guy. You know. -- just don't. He wins the job. He will be my number two quarterback got a lot of teams would collapse the contrast -- -- Because it's because I mean again. Yeah like what we could cross out nick false name and -- Chip Kelly scored hack. To some extent yeah same kind of thing with Bridgewater forget about him for a second talk about norv Turner's quarterback. You know offense. It's got a lot of talent that sounds right so you know one of the reasons people are hi I'm Brian Hoyer because he looks so good whose offense. Norv Turner right right yeah thanks -- Josh Gordon how you do -- well with or credits Norv Turner and there's -- -- guy -- it'll happen nor -- got that guy off all your along. With no running game at all yeah. Yeah every single team the technological don't get a pursuit editor's Scott Gordon and they couldn't. Yeah that's so that's a lot about. This scheme and the players yet I didn't you know wouldn't turn their scheme is a proven thing it's been producing finishing numbers for a long time so. Got to give some some upside respect to Bridgewater and you gotta get some respect to the tight end. Yeah absolutely absolutely a -- like I went wrong on that close this thing out there wanting to say about 77 here. Every single guy in there as significant upside. I was gonna say like you know Alex Smith is an upside play -- -- -- good offense you know any meaning I would. I moved here right now Alex Smith could be a guy where we would keep pimping him as a great value at the position but the chiefs. Took such a nasty hit on the line right. That we just you know we're a little bit concerning this goes to trolls and highly Davis and just all there often. We're a little worried I mean you know losing Albert that was big. Back guy we but sure I went back watch some film on them last week just to take a look at that guy -- A monster get tougher schedule this year for them to. Tougher schedule and they do they need them. There's two things really impressed with on their offensive line first was Albert at left tackle but then in the -- was how well -- -- -- and so the question is can they bring that cohesion back again this year conveyed. Can they bring in that did the start at left tackle official over the other side and make it work. You know if they can you can see what happened last year but it's it's really hard to imagine them being -- -- is good on the LL as they were last year I think people need to remember that. And I think it's something we need to think about ownership and they're going to push on the court -- Jamaal Charles. Yeah that's. Good to see I go to court and the reason I go on the court has nothing to do it can be better -- trials because he's not. It has to do with Chip Kelly and the fact that. The Eagles now have an absurdly good offensive line let's it has to be even better Wi tribe would make it jumped back -- In that's the thing it's always there's always factors right I mean if it's not yet is investing in the player Tennessee football investing in the coats the situation scheme the surrounding parts. Exactly critical to remember. Not we're gonna get caught we're -- we're wrapping up soon but this is what this bubble more guy wanna hit -- at the bottom. Actually two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now so but it that the bottom this year eight miserable passed since united the book as the blink of the bone to steer but. Is there -- two names there that are very interesting gonna rattle them off this is the bottom of the draft guys Michael Vick. Derek -- Mike Glenn and Matt Flynn Kirk cousins the two guys I wanna talk about a Michael Vick in Kirk cousins. Because. If you're in a perfect world for those two guys. Dainty or nine a hit if Vick is healthy and he's got the job I mean he's a game changing quarterbacks and cousins is really good. No doubt now so. No no no doubt about it I mean. You know. Cousins I think is still underrated he didn't shine last year they -- from the start at the end of the year a couple of them were in just awful weather. And if you watch the -- he actually did make some good throws. And it's not like that offense was loaded. I'll do -- -- and it's like I don't know remember there's no more Jordan reed died there DeSean Jackson last year and I really you know contests. Only -- into losing a little bit. And I hope I saw was battling injuries to people -- maybe not Catholic. Yeah I think he felt the chemistry but if you're waving it came to covered him. -- you know it would put the easiest spot for -- opinion and I think everybody and their mother news the champions on his way out the door. So that was not a creates a chilling out at the end of the year I think they did the right thing sitting RG three. That was the right thing and I know I I think -- but -- cousins is an NFL QB by -- and if you know if you played in -- deep and awfully good -- fourteen team league or sixteen team league. You can back up Griffin with cousins. Yeah Yucca quarterback Erica. Right as SA if you take Griffin and then maybe you took let's say Sam Bradford -- Tenet owes you back up and then with the third quarterback he took cousins. That's that's really deeply -- when you look at the waiver wire there's nobody left. Protect yourself by drafting is back up in this case cousins were put up good numbers you can do it. I'd say the same thing about Michael Vick but that would imply that you drafted Gina Smith and then after that you like you do. It's -- medicine that lets off couldn't secure it demonstrated not. Just for secular Turkey -- yeah you know accused of the guy. Do what any of our readers trapping him no you know I. Three weeks and he could be a waiver wire -- it's not out of the question in mobile quarterback -- scored four touchdowns last year. You know you never know well that's -- that's a crazy quarterback is -- like our thirtieth guys write and write it off. You exists sneezes. On our cities in the NFL but his output in out of a tough opponent that's sacred and that you let. So what does this -- is that that's why should 100 players are ranked on wrote a blog right now brutal bond account has. 400 players because it doesn't lend on draft -- you know we're gonna keep podcasts in the show's gonna run all. All yearlong throughout the season on on WEEI on Sunday mornings like just a holding it keeps going because the waiver wire will be happening guys like. The ones are talking about now can make an impact on your roster. Yeah I think you and I know that because we were because we we have -- we talked about the watch list. Throughout the season last year every every week we're graduating national watch -- right all you can -- and -- you know these were not like insignificant guy so I mean Riley Cooper young guys who really went on to do some major statistical bench. Absolutely. I think that that's said we got to wrap it up but before we do what's upcoming -- -- Well. Today I am working on another update to the top 400. Moving people around taking out the dead guys. Should actually dead but -- yeah we've what I mean we've already lost so many players. -- -- I would not as -- last year so far but you know the Tyler -- and so on so -- you know pulled them down we pulled you know what Michael James down although he is gonna come back Kendall Hunter. Kendall hunter's one of the big ones for sure candle under -- Japanese Vick Ballard. So yeah we've we've we don't work on them and we're. We're making the adjustments that you make what you take them out of their depth -- obviously a lot of guys on those depth charts are moving up. Carlos Hyde I give the guy. You know it's a -- -- big across sighed yeah yeah period we will we will concluded that period. Yeah I mean if it's I mean. I don't even know -- we try to put it in terms you can understand -- I can cause tied. Closely tied would be if specific to score forty niners. As. Kelly will block it. Do this since it. -- -- Gary and why -- why can't I can't. Jim Harbaugh. And -- bulky at that computer hooked up now. NORAD or wherever they were actually I didn't look. And they can just build a running back intact due to the -- shooters it's Carlos I would without the -- -- -- because I think actually the perfect. Genetically bill chronic back. For that team so yeah that's where where I go outside and that's the reason I knew we user number one rank -- afford 49ers took them. And you know the gore thing slows the whole process down a little bit. But long term he could not found the -- -- -- -- for those -- long term -- he was actually our number one guy dynasty leagues. I know that's way off typical rankings but we're stick in the. Ankles and voted on up updated. I didn't -- the -- rankings coming up bump in the next week we're gonna have an article on coaching changes that that the head coach and coordinator level anywhere we see. Offensive system changes were gonna try to get into that and give you know our readers an idea what we think that means. We are -- an update our projections hopefully get them all updated over the weekend to -- again we're gonna pull out some of the guys -- -- -- done for the year haven't gotten that yet. And -- and it is one of the things I -- we wrap this up but we're gonna have hopefully on Monday or Tuesday next week will be brought out our next WBI article. We're gonna do cheers for the running backs the same way we've done for the receivers on the court. Excellence will stay tuned for that to come back to WEEI dot com and on Monday or Tuesday check -- that article you will be posting. About the the running backs. And then not also wrote on has a lot happening wrote a bond dot com. Get all over and will be back with podcast and then the debut of the fantasy football hours Sunday mornings at 7:30 in the morning on -- REI. Yeah I'm excited where credit though it were ready to go it's -- a lot of fun -- to an end. Great great great for your morning coffee and down and if you're sitting at a church parking lot dad and. Don't wanna go -- but we've got we've got what you need. We're going to need on the radio so. Total understanding right we're gonna give people. A good idea of injury situations. And we're gonna go to some nice place for the week in and cover whatever topics are our listeners feel likely they need you know they want covered and they'll be initial hours fantasy football every week before. Yeah I do it's it's four -- -- Yes exactly and then he will be diving in on the NFL Sunday show. Which is that basically -- is the patriots pregame show ER WIs you know they'll be a little segment there. And I didn't get your questions and -- a lot of changes at the live chat a lot a lot a lot happening this year with Tennessee football. We have to think a lot of friends to do it first our listeners. Also Mohegan Sun are presenting sponsor a world that play great place to go for anything. If your mom your dad your kid whatever go to -- inside it's a great place to hang out dude everyone to do concerts gambling restaurants dining bars they'll have a blast. And of course our new friends we love Clark. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the fluent nobody -- o'clock deal nobody just like pillow will be your fantasy football team if you take our advice Clark chief dot com so. That's the thing and Christian -- if he had you don't believe me believe screwed -- at a -- if you don't believe me NP -- Christian authorities he speaks up for them. And then a shout out to our friends at draft -- that they're leading provider of daily Tennessee football sports so. -- she checked out Arafat's you think it's a lot of fun to do it's a great way to augment your fantasy season so with that said mark. It's gonna keep the bad this season alive so easy to sit service yet so I don't know if you want to and in going to take it was -- you know get a little action everywhere -- and working together on short notice but. -- definitely filled a gap in the fantasy football world. -- doubt no doubt some draft things done commentary wanna go for that. And that's a -- people do it again next week at the podcast check out all the articles and fun stuff happening at WEEI WEEI dot com and wrote a bond dot com the fast track. For fantasy football domination thank you -- Thank you -- Fredricka let's go off in -- sounds.

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