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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Another Kennedy wedding 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines is brought to you by AT&T. I ever. The finish GA TT they cover more than 90% of all Americans building a better network migrate house eighteen levee AT&T would favor. Onto the market best. Political topic I was going I just treated. Do mr. headlines last week that nag the ombudsman who -- -- meter meter did it. Very well. What -- elected. No my -- Ice for that segment of the army guy I know it's -- it's because of -- true that's a big factor why -- you -- you are which ones I -- let me ask you this were able to market -- -- now it's to -- the decorated to question yes. If somebody comes up Hewitt says the you know. Probably ten seconds what the market basket situations and you do it yet what's that. Two or to our third Melissa one -- and one day right. Hate each other bright lights right. Company which side with everybody I guess I should be with a but it was the TC like here yet this kind of loyalty at the company where they -- do this for the guy that seems like this really 2014 never see this were -- mark. When the market basket right where you start by saying I know -- market to market basket he musicals blueberries and that's the art -- might tonight -- all while the wedding this weekend nothing like better and -- anyway yeah Peter -- out. Roberts. F Kennedy junior whose name environmental lawyer environments whenever. -- Cheryl Hines from curb these Larry David's wife who went for -- -- to discuss the last couple -- here it was a week. It's a year or not walker having as curb your through via the vault yet she has people got better look like you she's gotten -- yeah -- -- on. They get married this weekend and are exactly it's grade girl happier -- the people on the golf carts and Kennedy compound sailing playing around. What's called read the thing -- would you say you admit what you said you -- them is that you look across long. From your place of people -- don't we don't we don't go back people call all sports that the long this -- sort of a cup which. Robert -- -- -- he kept a journal to journal of all these women. -- from -- -- -- of all these women rates from one -- -- -- it -- it -- of the gets attacked by women assets to he's a sex addict and his wife ought to kill yourself. Idol after finding out yeah she inch body she buried like. From where this wedding is yesterday. I ask you right now. But we were doing -- Wonder how long this lasts this robber can be shorelines. And tell understanding she is -- she's like most geez you know not she zero tolerance. Three and half years ago now under on. Divorce takes a while she going to do this with their eyes wide open saint. You know position. I would also she thinks she's the 11 is gonna -- him he's found ways. You're going on under three. Under yet but what's different about her after she marries this guy. I agree -- -- -- that the girl show has seen the show -- the real. Yeah I never thought I watch -- show I never thought she would -- -- -- our announced on east Sonia honeymoon period. Not having an -- Turks and brokers newlyweds. Yeah yeah -- -- still frisky yeah. Address and your business Herbert artists. Here Barry play talking about the Kennedys. If you ever heard of guardians of the galaxy I went -- With electric Tokyo Kobe rightly. If you heard of it before came out. Yes because they kept cocky about this last look at marvel movie that never -- and I never I had no concept -- probably ninety million dollars in the box offices. Yen ninety million bucks that he forming its debut weekend. That's the biggest opening for film released in August ever preach to sixty I'm going to all record at the port open -- what -- your review. -- goal for I've got a lot of movie says you know. I don't I don't remember these I don't I don't room. I know movies I don't remember. Having to get up in the in middle of a movie and walk out and just walked around because it's far. -- yet that value is so much about the -- I was just tired and it was it just wasn't for me is a lot of in now enemies not animation -- -- -- he -- yeah I didn't producer -- arms -- -- ready. It's we have talked to me just recently sought re. So he'll put the -- -- and democracies -- lives a long and prosperous life. But it is the draft the draft begins in and so via a zone dot now issues and -- Zelda Abdullah and avatar. Yes she's she's she's did you. Consult your. Before you go to a grumpy grumpy view of the round -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he's by himself but he bill done and Geico came into our wives did for me. -- I was about the same number two this weekend was Lucy and I was driving around and I heard John -- state. He saw -- I was drove into the -- back river I was so surprised this is I look at the you know excursion in the I wanted to go see boyhood. The Kathy didn't wanna -- boy that really want to -- outscored its core I go okay short by myself right now I was I was Lucy take. It was an Arctic we know we're not sure if we couple we will you leave the -- for seat actually. You you must invest in a considerable amount of suspension of disbelief OK you're 240. Yes -- much worse than that. And you must also. It's very violent. Just recently as this diskette to the -- there is a if a car chase that -- he's pretty much every vehicle in the streets of Paris and it went on a little too long. She's not as hot I thought US ought to answer. Now. And they had the most villainous villains I've ever seen in any movie these were some bad guys and sense that it brought that up without -- in the -- Five. Drug mules. Guys and and her board has in her makeup their stomachs open -- the put the drugs in the stomach console back up game passports and tickets -- -- -- drugs somewhere else if it's me. I don't know a -- FedEx. As pain as he's talking could care to see his career path couldn't. Mean right now -- Roger Ebert Siskel Ebert beat out I think every year you could I don't know where Agassi you know at a younger. Saturday night movie law which jogged off all in person ever -- I go downstairs and -- it down it's it would talk to a program about this a few weeks ago. Like that we've got hit. A great place to live among I want to -- -- -- -- CO2 no no. James Brown. Moved out pretty good guy from the typically Jack you're up forty custom exactly Tennessee's great -- your big -- -- what's your view sex tape. Terrible. Awful reason I thought -- knobs interviews -- OC boyhood it is fantastic so long ago. It was 244 hours and it. So was light on them to go in the Atlantic and cover last night Red Sox game -- long tube but boy is -- buckles who I love island beauty an alien movie. For Lucy -- James Bradley began on up open at third place. Reports humans -- guardians of the galaxy because August opening ever. Do you know somebody John -- Margaret -- -- -- Hopefully they note -- -- I'm Oakland can build dreams. -- -- -- no panic and no I don't she's out of art market collapse she 68. -- we caught having sex in public in the -- scored a retirement community if she's been sent to six months in jail after copping a plea. Reduced exposure disorderly conduct charge. This is what's going on the elderly are. This is what happens -- Arctic communities. If you've been talking about yes I don't wildlife to be let out. She pleaded out to misdemeanor charges filed at Miramar expansion that was -- with the villages up really back. -- -- out of the Arnold Palmer and Nancy Lopez evidently you know. Mock her boyfriend David Bobby 49 bowl having intercourse on the stage in middle of the village area. Responded to a 911 call about two people having intercourse public. Cops on the ball intoxicated -- -- is the ball around 10:30 PM. Clinton's pants popular player removed pressure was pulled down. And he was in the similar see you address discovery of the -- have been a course that would be able appeared. Highly intoxicated. General was sentenced to six months in jail this is this mysterious life yeah six months in jail. -- -- That's around adults now I don't know that's you know comment any community as -- -- he is asking for support that -- She should be congratulated. -- Oh yeah hurting. -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- tried. Running over here I. I think. I thought Brooke. Significant hours so odd to accept this. -- is commercials -- golf ball yes. It's reminiscent. -- -- -- -- -- And complained. Some old guy yeah -- -- news at any. Clearly taking once this argument this operation -- like Ray Rice pop it is and the -- -- -- -- satisfied that it does does he do. Not not that you guys -- eighty days in prison for having sexes girl right Stallworth 24 days kill -- right that's true. I do what is -- read stories -- its all time -- -- -- Old age homes the system retirement communities. About not missing votes but these places where there's a lot of stuff going on them. Well I've suddenly -- not nursing -- that -- him to be put them to be about 8 am. I walked through some nursing homes in recent years I didn't seemingly every day short of that one in the hour that stuff goes I don't know is what women and -- of these places right generally Edmunds dot. It is when we just live forever correct yes I don't know. I gave me and I'll walk through place -- Rob dogs much is that mrs. consent dissent there is that this question now. It's not we're talking about I ask is -- on air he said aren't here after the York book segment. You asked me and you dead or you seemed uncomfortable I explain why might be uncomfortable but I -- cute perfectly Adrian -- blow my ass off at all -- to you a hot what else that I do I asked him about what career -- might be like at -- Q school. What else that I -- Bloody Anderson Lotta years that was a pretty fresh new ones you -- -- think these are we what are you Anderson is. That's a good one -- up and our rob vessel baby Aaliyah that. And Eddie Davis. Was. I love that excitement and I would love that segment I almost everyone that's that's true almost every mr. -- will be back this. Ticker and next week. Yes yes are all about next week off next week I should go to Florida here's what it does a little -- -- that's headlines brought to you by AT&T it's 21777 I 7937. Your phone calls next admit I had Brad -- deal.

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