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Kirk does not like the Lester trade 8-4-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Kirk returned to the show and voiced his displeasure with the Sox Lester deal.

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This will BA bizarre way to commence this program but bear with me. Back in the day and I mean wave back in the day like junior high date fourteen or fifteen. Before had a driver's license a was gonna go to the high school dance of my girlfriend Vicki. Of course at fourteen or fifteen I don't have a drivers like I told you do -- likeness at the picnic. So of course my father the late departed Alfred drew robots in the Ford galaxy 500. He drove. And I set the back and grab five. On the desk I feel like my father and the two of you playing grab -- backseat -- -- -- -- -- you two. Soldiers Dow's best pals yet. And I should also note not watching. And only listening. It didn't take Cuba and ten seconds to move up the seat. From number three. And that number to -- month vacation next week my guess is. Europe's will be in number one -- well my stock is rising dollar is no question about. There's no doubt about that welcome back. Jobs that I would say this. He's tired as he was that the game last night in the -- channel seven late last game you know identified who I am rob Bradford -- thank you. And for -- -- help reward him that's not that obviously but here in those close Bono listen I I -- I did not sleep in my sport jacket the program details them now so you're a channel seven to -- quarter to twelve. -- boatman while. Jerry god bless them finished pan mass challenge as far as I know I think he did and he's tired. He's taken today that photo album -- faced down yeah yeah. I just I'm always hired and you got a lot of vacation week new X prize valued about a pretty good. You should feel good accurate showed it -- would -- aren't -- was monument. It's already want us to start -- to on the I thought trade -- at all about the Iowa Tiger Woods a star Paul George try to fake and I don't I don't have to act -- for 12 I've received definitive and know that Donna now. -- -- wanna start. Or a -- about time to complain about the weather pushing back key time last week. That was tough stuff to put a couple of minutes it's not think about buckled -- bad weather. Too bad days did you yeah re older appointment now there was it's tough process on Clay Buchholz. We read John are talking before the shall summaries needs to us in the -- weird zone it's kind of I have my own office and I just learned I have my off. Lottery from Fargo I don't -- don't operate Joseph McDonald on the lottery -- rob Bradford -- for these guys anymore I don't need to be told the -- -- at his best. Was a good start -- we get that it is now August. Is he -- raised over six I think it's the worst ERA among any by starting -- indeed that's hard to do it pitchers in their prime don't have years this bad. Our viewers that are bad argued that Lester a couple of years ago bounds that's fine. Your viewers -- well collapse so bad excuse me -- have been so bad. This year there were literally what we're out of the flow already have a role that we could just close the book I mean I wouldn't trade them a couple of weeks ago that'll -- you trade guys -- But he's done this idea he's gonna step in now being number one started Lackey Lester got. We move on I might be somebody else that's fine it's clearly not -- -- Wondered leads of three nothing and 74. Buchholz is allowed seven runs in back to back starts and at least four runs in four consecutive outings and you're exactly right. I'm reading from Joseph McDonald who says the following and don't ever ever ever ever write or say this again. When Buchholz is pitching at his best he has the ability to be at the top of the rotation. I'd call bull crap that's over that is that's dot. You said he says this never happens wall. Six to -- you know you're right it it doesn't capitalists here currently Lackey W years ago the same boat -- at worst CRA in the American League. That's the most disconcerting thing about this is that there's no sun and no signs of injury at all. Right he's right he's not her I can't presume he's meant to meet guys are watching that game last night and I know we're gonna talk about that trade. But when you look at this trading you analyze this trade you have to look at that performance by sparkle say while. They have a lot of work to do this is gonna be a daunting task to find these pitchers because if you had a good Clay Buchholz. But it might be a little easier but you don't. You don't those days are gone and I think last night and the game before and probably -- -- got 8910 starts remaining to be stays healthy yeah. As prove to the Red Sox front office the baseball ops people certainly bench Harrington that there is issues say much work to be done on that staff if you go to spring training. With this starting pitching staff are they old don't -- who are you weren't dead man walk. Well I don't think there's any chance that happens but again it makes it so much more difficult. To film adapter is not only do you have to find. A replacement for Jon Lester -- the -- place for John practice and it didn't we say at the -- in the year that the starting rotation was going to be it's the strength based strength. Borrow five of over content and the other one has been -- strength -- this was the rain this year was right -- by a big the biggest part of that though were the top two guys know guys are gone right. Here's you're Dead Man Walking they buckled after the game. -- -- -- Hilton excellent that was for -- Everything command. Then -- feel for. What you really do and senators -- over walks. Walks were killed. Worries me a bunch of things but in particular he spent countless sessions with head shrink -- Bob to cheaper. And what does that say the what does that say to you this is a physical thing this is a. A lack of -- TV Bulldog mentality here wool balls I was I think not. Which were mentally tough -- the ceiling he barely see -- -- -- -- the army for two expert -- five -- fine. And that is at its you know with buckled I don't know -- little he works hard enough. On a -- on the physically he doesn't seem to me to be guy puts it what time it is humid is a big workout got you know like -- Not subsite well seem like ought to expertly work for the team right. Oh I -- don't -- they still talk. Yeah you go back to last year was talking to -- to expert last year -- an -- I don't know I don't know what is going on with politically -- I have no idea. Why are you know is the head. He came off the DL he was a little bit better -- now he's right back to where US before all is that a year whatever it was. Fourteen months ago he was the best pitcher baseball yet that's pitcher -- Usually -- or whatever and then since then is the area has been about six and you smack in the middle of the prime of his career. Guys don't do that and -- something's seriously brought it just doesn't happen. Well when he signed his deal so he was going to be a free agent after this year if he doesn't sign his deal a couple of years ago -- He went when he signed a deal yes yes yes so what he signs a deal I'm used thinking OK this is a good deal you have the -- and control. And it's going to be very important when these other guys -- well those other guys are gone. And it's very important to this guy isn't any good right now it's usually import. Sure yeah I assume that they tried to move him and that was very well both is yes -- no now because. What they chose to get rid of Leicester and -- employed -- what is -- that you get. Fifteen sent out what's what -- was of value. -- they got nothing. There were that they thought as well be. Like it or not he does have upside in near rise. And he has no value right now so it doesn't make any sensible like trading -- Brooks now know about I had -- -- -- -- small -- -- get -- -- -- tree that didn't make any sense to me in on our surprise -- I don't they just wanted to get rid of them but you're selling -- left in the picture -- a year ago was good. The lowest possible value they just gave him away that's another move by -- in the buff -- of moved by him this year that surprised me because you keep seeing it hearing well. He has the potential beauty as a potentially game. And he's not gonna hurt the pay year old Ollie let me be binding arbitration. Right but aggregate discount to the point where. Maybe you is such a detriment in the clubhouse I don't know. Maybe apple who -- but -- but give back to buckle and me I'd you know you have to question his toughness yet it is we have to do everything. Yet to question how much you how much she wants yet the question if he wants to be that guy -- the question you have to question this guy mentally because of frogs right. I presume he has and is no physical problems with him present there is a bright as it would send out there at this point a year if he was hurt. You have to wonder what is going on this guy that has to be something. Deeper and darker I guess going out and it must be maddening when he gives up leads of 3074. For not only our teammates and as a marriage as well. Yeah they. The 23 run leads that we do. Mistaken to. The one thing that's kind of recurring things. So what did the unanswered runs that's -- your hopefully go out and put -- zero -- those following innings. And then after two quick outs in the fifth inning you're thinking that -- chance and get through six innings you've been on a night where the pitch count climbing. But after two quick outs four consecutive base runners and that lead evaporates once again so. On a night when we had probably four innings maximum bullpen following yesterday's game. And needing Stephen. Wright to be held back from -- that needed. You know try to equate that -- an unfortunate those are. So -- I have to strike Lester wins Lackey wins Gomes is productive and Williams Stephen Drew is very productive. And wins. And this guy goes up and spits the bit. That won't 2014 it sucks and -- as it. And Ferrell is supposed to be like guys like -- why they brought -- I mean this is supposed to happen no under one -- right he's the guy yet that dollars now it is overstated. Anyway I mean David pitching coach won yet is to get enough credit last year. And maybe just get enough play in this time. -- Guys I look at last night in the one thing that I look at is not about yeah okay the Red Sox lost whatever seasons -- deal doesn't make a difference I look at it through the prism of this trade if that's all anybody's talking about this is the future this is 2015. And this highlighted the fact is that it is going to be so difficult so typical. Define these top of the rotation pitchers and hey could you go get James Shields and great. Who's the other -- Who's the other guy Buchholz is barely a five forget that moderate to -- -- -- dictated who knows maybe he bounces back next -- but you can't rely on and you can't go to next year right now what years. He's not even what Felix to brought -- heading into next year or this year. Because at least fields to brought went on that run the year before. This this is our this is going to be like out more daunting task and I think anyone's part I keep reading it Lester is coming back struggle that it's a big concerns reverend -- players saying is coming back John laid back and back at fairness they would now I got their right their right senate. Mustard and John Henry Huggins and all -- that -- that is key to not know why this wouldn't happen capsule this is another one story -- people want to believe to be true the -- of a full well that in some newspaper ads that speak so they've -- the -- three I don't I should be element so. That you know than ninety million dollar difference in in contract offers embassy -- -- guys two things have to happen for journalist -- combat you tell me if either -- -- Number one team can't this. -- -- -- -- -- I'm talking about seven years and you -- all happen. It might 11718. On the Red Sox from another to know from the WG six or seven or get -- so. That can't happen right the other that it can't happen is that the Red Sox can't dig in and keep going on this reality are the business week model. And not go past four years right. Have to change their philosophy I think and a third thing had to happen. Jon Lester has to be that one guy that one guy up every forget you can never think of in history that says I don't need the most money unpopular. Give into the players' union. I don't need 180 I'd be happy with 1151 twice he asked to be that one guy I think what can happen not that I think is going to happen. If a team offers six years. In the Red Sox offer five at the same annual average value. Been Jon Lester probably will be back I do believe that by just don't think that's snares an -- so bitter debate only five million a year. Yes right. Right now rocketed -- that I mean based on every piece of evidence to date so far this Sunday and -- philosophical change and give him money they'll if you if you were gonna do that would you have put your best foot forward. Before the trade deadline now listen. If if they do they change your mind and they sign enemy still obsessed Bennett's good trade. Great well because -- and yet the conspiracy theorists say the deal was done with a wink and a nod they've already agreed to revisit this and they it. It's seems to -- is a surprising lack of acrimony. Based on the insult was seven million dollars at no point to John -- say screw them that's insulting that's a bunch of BS. That's because you know why John he was pitched well. One why should he be mad. He's like listen that's fine look pension crappy that he'd have no claim no I know what I understand date in east -- -- well. He knows -- two months away from his pay day he's two months away from making having all the cards. So why should he be -- what player who is pitching well. By most accounts is gonna get a 125 million bucks from just about anybody back to five teams -- I guarantee of Bible offer modern 25 million men and not get pissed off that the Red Sox offer we have got to grow up this organization. Seventy million bucks. -- big diskette to the I think he probably was early on I think you just get to the point where this is reality. I think the the teammates were more pissed off and he works. You look at they already elect Jacoby got Jacoby Ellsbury to different story he was gonna go right. But not to put a better -- border Jacoby Ellsbury and to take the same -- you did would you go -- Jon Lester. That's what has these guys off well here's what's giving people hope Jon Lester anything is possible he said. Obviously that's still my family for the Red Sox are still got a lot of guys over the air the -- consider my family. I think when it comes down to it if the Red Sox are competitive. And we feel like it's right that absolutely -- relationship could continue -- did he mean. Competitive contractually yes Tokyo I think so that's -- average yet they're as it may be competitive otherwise write everything up to this point suggest they won't -- -- 530. In the way. You with figured if if they were -- they wouldn't they -- to come by about. He's a master plan over the signal will low ball trade him. Then decided that offerman big trouble quietly tell Lester his agent Jeff -- yes. Make the -- get the guy we want that's the lackluster and sign that's seen bloody you know the -- -- women that thing is that seven year deal which is probably out there for right right. Does it -- -- because because if there is that offer out there. Jon Lester is not taking five years to win seven years is there Michael couple years ago took one year last year -- off from four years he took -- rate. Having Jon Lester would take a year or less but not not two years last not that much last. So that whole sorry sorry everybody sorry. Conspiracy theory that Lester Lester has gone lackeys obviously gone your right now you look at next year they bring -- -- great to be 3330 forward every going to be. OB OK maybe maybe he won't be. Too gonna have a million question marks in this rotation this team you'll get next for you think this is going to be good team not. Unless they find some. We really -- to -- who got it is not only finding the -- he's not only going out and committing to aging she authored Justin Masterson -- -- -- -- for await my earlier what these other guys. It's not only that but you knew what these guys were could do in Boston. You know it. It is -- those guys I know it's hyperbole some times but fighting those guys knowing what you have those guys now you're chasing you're -- like you're chasing power. Now you're chasing -- I was the guys -- never wanna see again ever beyond just as sports he sees gadget that's it's a bottle Buchholz is now I was an American -- he -- it is an American Daisuke takes forever stinks can't throw strikes either you say American Felix abroad could be that he was great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paired the look the and the face the dumb quotes after the game the walks on dot buckles can just. Which I'll chip in. That market basket you know among among them team to move. You -- part of market basket a Clay Buchholz or some golf market. That paragraph and I vacationing receipts up job on the wall I'm tired of the market baskets during I'm tired of the immigration story I'm tired of Israel and Gaza story I'm tired of clay buckle. When a lawyer familiar with one story went over to boost the market -- official summit next -- -- -- to -- it yet. -- -- -- -- I am but buckles to me is just that -- had a brief. I get it I know the whole deal now. He will never be -- was last year sorry Jack the song ever wrote that. It's it's it's not -- to be with whoever it's not it's just it's not going to happen it's not that it stop spending apocalypse is going to be good. Kfar wrote the same thing again to -- all year we all well -- he was a year ago we understand that but not no buckles was not that it's over he's the worst. Pitcher in baseball in -- hurt like Lackey was that he's not right. As far as you know I mean you Lackey was hurt we -- Lackey was hurt he was pitching some idea. All is a reason they put out cause contract in his elbow ligament could fall so why do you think buckles -- -- no idea I think that. I think between the years well. I think that's part of it John but it it started with this year about the whole thing -- while you know while we're scaling back him because Walters last year and -- I don't at all. Ever since that is desperate and weird. And and when he came back off the DL he's actually better. But I doubt it orbits are going to come back to this is just bizarre. 6177797937. Are we seeing any added value or any hidden meaning. In what David Ortiz sort of said but really didn't say in the clubhouse yesterday -- that we.

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