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Jerry Thornton reacts to the Paul George injury, 8-3-14

Aug 3, 2014|

Jerry watches Paul George's injury for the first time live on air with Danny PIcard. Watch the video @Jerrythornton1 on Instagram or Twitter

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The moment. That you've all been -- -- -- folks. Jared Norton is about to watch Paul George. And he is. Is still loses I don't even ought to describe -- it's a bad. OK now it's bad now we we live in a world. Where. You know a guy like. Stephen Drew will miss liked. Clay Buchholz a better example -- like. Six weeks with a bad haircut you know -- the world of guys miss Golan on the disabled list with. Strange scenes hired Nissen and tightness in everything sell. I'm gonna watch a real injury that sigh of purposely avoided watching. Is I don't that I would never be able to obviously -- a -- to get. Real I knew that this is bad you can and I -- well I swore I was -- -- avoid this standing in now you've pressured me into -- You can see the video of me taken it we will post it on Jerry's -- -- account album -- again at -- -- what it would at cherry point and just want action Jerry -- thought Jerry Norton -- -- is my damage to Erica yes it makes a senator got to saturate the market and -- The reason I'm doing this again not because your pressure -- but I realize it's for the good of the station ligament team player he -- EI. -- -- This this is what I do to make art to make -- better for our loyal listeners the people called opens they would do when a great job. I'm getting great feedback on Twitter people people like the shell and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna suffer for my art to make that in his back and you'll be speechless after arsonists like the rest of us now it's slightly cued up I imagine -- -- there was there was -- I -- out on video and -- but I will video so before -- -- -- -- a fast break has been a recount. Fast break outlet pass I don't know okay. I it I don't kid and all. Just tell me when I got to tell you when you gonna hit play. Right so like you really wanna start estimate you didn't like. Yeah this guy did riveting radio I don't I admitting I could play ball comes out makes one bounce OK just get him don't. He goes not that comes down. What what mobile -- -- Well I'm Leo I'm I'm back in -- on -- of its okay it'll replay -- I'm gonna watch it again yes Mike has it it's just to only -- one. OK I know this is not compelling radio but that that is I think it's great okay. -- I swear I haven't seen a visible to be a replay of this strike okay. -- size -- so far it's pretty mild and so our job haven't it's like the fear. It's like the first of its jaws I was more scared than it yeah it was scary. But they're coming back oh with a replay -- this straight out nationally in the return. Right now it's game right now I can yeah additional when I get it right Amanda -- constitution Kevin Durant is tweet not about world peace at this point among moderates were -- I happen. Right now she definitely did -- that right now she shifts the sweat is the scariest thing I'd seen. I think I'd like to write me and I just -- -- the beginning. I -- tell you what the video that I have a minute to restock this is we don't -- -- gates. You -- you should resign from the beginning and watch why it's it is valued at Nagano where it is not -- -- -- not you know. The plate to pinpoint its. So to play again you play. And -- It's not. Seeming at least there is no god. It. Well he's sold his idea and oh well I can't believe it baby do that's what I'm ready birth I call. And Tom Brady and -- It's supposed to be a day of -- we are brought Harry Reid. And out of apple today and solemn like you body doesn't do that. I'm never that is what I'm gonna deal. I'm just gonna go crawl in -- caught our problems on the status and I think -- get a final edit. I'm just gonna suck my thumb -- for the rest of the show and I'm just gonna try to think happy thoughts -- I think -- is definitely the replay again I guess it -- -- honestly I -- I start once and it was. Oh here it is. Here is slow Mo he got a stumble. -- don't know what the body today aren't any others out of room with it my all MacBook pro. And not just at the culture in front of me I'm -- I've seen it -- I I am sweating like the hooker in church right now I can't actually. Well. I'll never be able to unseat yet on. On Mike yeah he did a double going to be able again it's what I'm not it's no worse than Kevin win. Trade the rest of the Red Sox away that's enough and a little -- -- is not that the believe again oh. The first time the video in live action is doesn't look like allotments -- ball was the most I see our most unnecessary. -- -- -- -- Other regular estimated at -- deceit and know that I'm taken three weeks off from jumping there's still on line -- Atlanta. Worst point. On this problem I'm good with that our rule I'm good with that with the stale yeah I'm getting into the those Forrest -- leg braces and I'm never hesitate to mop up. The -- Did do that -- excellent 777979837. Balls and -- feel it's up all help -- -- held maple.

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