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Butch and Buck on the possibility of Giancarlo Stanton coming to Boston

Aug 3, 2014|

The Stanton rumors will never end! The boys talk about what it would take to make a deal with the Marlins and the chances of it happening.

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Buck 52 games left in the regular season Sox -- 49. And 61 their twelve games under 500. Text -- on the AT&T tax line text him and says that 37937. Guys the Sox are playing into league team Saint Louis Houston and Cincinnati the recipe to turnaround. I hope. Is there any chance they contend that. A squabble with 52 games left to go there it's. I'll just plain off what he said how many games with a -- hard. Look at you know and I needed I don't I don't stop we're gonna that a long time ago the problem is it's it's a fanciful notion. But they don't have the pitching at this point to put out there to -- these gains by the way I was driving back to New York last night. How fun it was -- Jake Peavy carrying a perfect game in the seventh inning. That was awesome and he lost it because Morse -- average two balls it's on. And -- -- -- globe. Posted a tweet that coastal areas. And I'm paraphrasing. The like I I I wouldn't I wonder if if peavy when he return of the dugout struck an inanimate objects such as the water cooler or more us. Because he basically stood there it's a bad read in the ball and let a ball over his head. Or a double. And with that -- And then and then the next couple batters later but the ball fall right a -- fall right in front of I think that was by David Wright and remembers listening on the radio. And pediatrician at a perfect game last -- house and he has given up four runs in losing imported to. And it is he just can't win it what it was like these two guys to go Rome. The gram and peavy had double -- hitters go through six innings last night. -- what a game while -- is that the game Friday night it's Citi Field ten games are that he got a nice that's better than music stadium. Ten games -- for the Red Sox of the final wildcard -- so -- get eight teams to pass the gonna make up ten games 52 games. Say there was just commenting on the -- text -- detectives. Said the plan interleague games it's right up their Alley right packet. A thorough literate that are a look at -- MTV -- Rangers -- go to -- Stephens Fall River to mourn Steve. -- Thank you had a caller earlier around -- made a point about the reps are on the middle class immediate immediate need good pitching. And I don't know why you let that continue to -- because Lackey was an expensive pitcher in Seoul was what was going to be. The lefty there. And we just think that what that's like look at attempt by insane upright it was a highly price they could still on the -- all the sources liking country. -- I dislike the way you're fertile Lester as the lefty there at the guy we traded at the point I think -- -- probably. Maine but my point is they had the pitching when they're at the -- Visit issue now that they have an ambivalent -- ready to press the reset by. And when you keep pressing the reset button. Because you're making -- They've got to the middle class we don't need -- While contract that they call -- big long contract and I wonder the -- contract wasn't the thing that put them over the age. They welcome the lately -- -- grown this. That might have been like forget that the equipment which is not only -- we gonna say but so. Well mark the old spice things like long contracts. But what really -- really really have to say so. Better than -- one World Series and not be in the playoffs five years. Mean -- breaking bread LB season ticket holders who granted they don't numbers much rabbit and the people ponying up the money. In the February or whatever -- cottage industry go what could be helped tickets. You don't think that the couple did it a couple of days a couple of bucks I mean. Okay Steve Obama called on to -- lot I don't disagree with almost anything you just said. In all of however the three World Series in the ten years. Sort of goes against what you're saying in other words they did it with pitching. And they did it with three different. Groups of pitching over that ten year period what's so social -- -- he's finished so to your point retooling restocking whatever. And -- reset that's the word used to hit the reset button who's to say it's not gonna work. When you particularly reset button did you want to read that by by definition that you suck on them so they got a -- They got to stop making these terrible. Organizational mistakes. Now I'm not a -- two in new philosophy and I I can see why. They wanted this bad back because I think they will now -- to this this. We got what I would doubt it right why we get a bunch of pop and I look you create you know like. Why do it too much power create the would probably buy out and they went and get rid of that -- typically we have a better chance. Getting that back either look. Our upgrade in the normal people in the organization going out of it I don't have a problem that might want. What we appoint. You wanna at one closely and it -- -- a desert of sports. Let me ask you this sugar -- -- we want our guys got to move on the rhetorical -- the -- -- according I don't -- -- Now do you just put it others about it mr. Luckily there well what amount that they could decrypt it did not -- on a diet did not say that you know he sees enduring tension in April and the people they -- -- -- to. I'm on your item. Luckily I ask you this question who do you think what what do you think is the salary. The top -- revisionist history it's my favorite topic what do you think is the salary of the top Red Sox starter next year. What is the highest salary of the top Red Sox starter and -- by the way -- could buckle goes to twelve million dollars next. I'm gonna -- twenty million is -- in England signed some and he really. Now for twenty million all these fifteen. Mr. rice because you just talk to sub in the match surely say five million bucks right there that in the equipped. Go to Dominic and he's gonna hire me is that talent I waited that -- -- -- five million Jane would you get some coffee appear in the press box please. And me and Steve Buckley and Billy -- go to Dominic in New York City yellow Dominic. Good morning -- Dominic I was in I was in New York yesterday. You are with to a Mets game Friday night -- a lot of fun down there. I watch it on TV. I hate that you and the real. -- with the -- sometimes you know on the planet that are stocked with the Stewart report it is the worst slump in the world but I. The reason I called there was an article on boston.com. -- yet Eric -- a guy and he talked he talked about at the end of the season. Lift the Red Sox. Trade it except -- -- Jon -- stand. And he said that there and it's arbitration eligible and that would cost them a lot of money so they would listen to people. And -- that this would. Attract the Cuban population. Bringing in portable pocket he would be a tremendous to. The do you think that the Red Sox with nick -- of Asia. The issue I have with that is I I didn't read the policy talking about but obvious a lot of people talked about that which. The issue I have with that is that one gets the sense and made him way off here. And is reading tea leaves one gets the sense that the Marlins are going to hold on to Stanton. He likes it there he lives there. He's flourished there and I think all he needs is assigned. By the Marlins that the gonna build around him just to -- I don't understand if they're going to spend some money why they're gonna spend money on says it is over Stan. First of -- you're talking 2829. Verse 2425. And I guess when your. Dealing with the payroll that the Marlins are dealing with. That every million dollars per year is significant -- would be a significant difference and signing a guy like. Stanton oversized that is -- the logic of some -- red -- using excess produce to entice the Marlins. And to get -- the logic of that assumes that the Marlins are willing to a SaaS business. Are they willing to pay him I don't know what can says but his command all things being equal. Mike Napoli gets -- -- whole -- thing is is over done because there's a whole lot of people without Florida the Cuban Americans I understand. That he would be a draw. But I think there will be a bigger drug because he's the age he's their guy IRA but I have built in fan base. I don't see how they're gonna place just produce. If they're not gonna pay Stan part of the reason of trading him would be that you -- a -- to -- -- -- as well because -- do you then buy into the notion that that Stanton. Money rebuild Marlins team would be bigger draw because in and this is not my case. I'm I'm giving you the other side for the sake of keeping the discussion go I don't happen abide. I think bringing in ethnic players because they played DO market is today. It is shortsighted because it it. Just assume that that people just gonna rush to the ballpark we've talked about you cried for every local guy and Red Sox you know -- for years that's just me. But but that misses the point. Is that the Red Sox there it's exciting and developing local guys isn't got to fill Fenway and majority fail. I'm not saying that and in -- the guy like hunger for them to get because he's local I just champion -- -- -- ritual for milk and I never once I never said. At this thought -- get a guy because local what I said it would have always said was while isn't it great these guys in the big and it's such as Boston Police weapons so Portland Maine. My border when report main. Richard you openly Hampshire. Who the late Mike Flanagan aboard John and road I'll join Rhode Island -- are not a -- -- -- -- barracks. -- -- I had no idea that. Yet so I wanted to ask you guys I mean the -- just talked about. Another trade possibility. I think going into next year you have a lot infielders and outfielders that can compete in Major League teams I mean between but now the LP -- you have. Movie -- step in -- -- that. Bad B Cragg and that it is that's by the outfielders you know an -- and play. You know mentioned Victor Reno he's under contract with thirteen million next. Right and then infield you've got -- well block coal. And a ball got. No books you know running means like again that but for guys to play the two. This in the on the left side -- so. I think something that apparently not happen now may be in the -- and I want that to you what you got one thing about well I think there. Thanks for the call John Buck I think a big part of what they might do next to John Rhode Island two point. Has to do with what's gonna happen in the next fifteen games in other words one of the benefits of this situation now is the middle Brooks. Bogart's. How much do you think they're gonna make a judgment on those two guys or maybe even Jackie Bradley junior -- -- those three together over the next. Two months how much of a judgment they make on those guys whether or fish or cut -- with. I don't know at these answered I don't know. And Bradley needs to hit at some point. And what was he overheard. Nineteen over that's when I was looking at yeah we really had a roller coaster mostly and so the question is are you -- opening the season and bench very ten and John Henry if you read Michael Silver men's Q&A lesson is Harold. John Henry is on record as saying in retrospect. Opening the season with three very young players Jackie Bradley junior. And to Bogart is in a bowl guards who went missing a woman of middle Brooks unum may have been a mistake. I don't think he actually called it a mistake but it it was fraught with -- -- put words in John -- about but. Not looking at. Are you is it's like it's comparable with the opening the season next year Jackie Bradley junior in center field Bogart's at shortstop. Middle -- at third three players who as of right now and proven that -- in a short sample size did well but has struggled since then. Or at -- very short sample size flourished last year but struggled all this season and Bradley who has yet to prove he can hit Major League pitcher. But he got those three you've got you've got Dustin Pedroia. I happen to think they're great seasons left for him before he retires but. He has trended down what the last couple years so there's a question mark -- -- fourth question mark. Allen Craig on the basis of his having a really bad season this year and and if anything great seasons in the past. But for the purposes is -- got a call him a question mark next year. Eyewitnesses five question marks your opening up -- season with baskets or why are behind the plate in either case. They must officially be with this question marks with both would be rookies -- So the only the only difference. I guess would be Napoli first Ortiz Manny and Ortiz is a year older. So mean and and that you looking at starting pitching so we NATO if I I'm guessing it won't get a Frontline starter. But even with the Frontline starting used to looking at a whole Congo line of all of wept -- dual roses and all lenses and Renato was and those guys and we talked about guys like. Goodrich coming up as a rookie of winning a lot of games and saving -- with the 85 royals and Lackey and in with the angels in O'Toole and Barca with the Orioles -- three we've certainly seen it happen but can you get three guys to do that one season. Now and I would answer your question as we go to break -- this. What's the likelihood of them starting with the rose three. In the starting lineup Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior and middle -- next year I would say it's unlikely I would say one or two of them might be gone. Quick break we're back with more -- which on Sunday.

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