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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley discuss what the Red Sox will look like next season

Aug 3, 2014|

Ben Cherington and company have started to turn over the roster for 2015 and beyond, but what else will they do to change things? Clearly they'll need more pitching, but where will they turn for that? Also, the guys talk about what Boston will do with their crowded outfield.

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61777979837. On a Sunday morning. Open all doing well out their trade deadline has come and gone. -- -- -- We always joke over the years you and I about your playoff rotations. So I think you're the perfect person asked -- I don't have one for this year. Well. If we put our hats and other cities embryo is running game to here's my question for you. Who would you prefer. We feel more warm and Fuzzy about. As a staff Detroit or Oakland and the great postseason request you like Tony and I'll just opened three deep. Do you like Lester some larger. Sonny gray and mine. Kazmir. -- war. Do you like Verlander David Price. Max -- not to mention while Sanchez reports so I think it tigers -- deeper deeper but I like Oakland's top priority at the last three say what one. -- -- And they had David Price who's who -- it's very very good and but you'll cronies have Jon Lester whose money. He's bank. And he is not one who's going to be I I think a -- pick one guy who's been traded. And this is not a reflection I guess it is a reflection on David Price is that. Jon -- it strikes me as a guy better equipped to make the transition to a new team. In mid season. I'm not gonna say that they think they both can be pretty good but I'll take Lester. Because he's got the post season credentials he's got the real World Series record. And I guess I'll go one and I guess I mean prejudiced because. I I I have a better handle on Jon Lester I do David Price that but David Price is really good and the other thing about these guys. You both really. Smack as we say they they are some Lester yes yesterday they -- -- -- there are two guys I mean. Price obviously you know he's got he's got that was Vanderbilt I think he's he's a pretty bright guy or end of the draft and boy that's one name Wendy but I guess I would go at -- because the World Series record so again you know in just looking at playoff rotations but. If you got to predict who's starting game one for the tigers. The playoffs as the rest of the year to be determined whether that would be I mean we've had this topic is doing with -- reflect that that might come down to. Whose turn it is if if the tigers don't have things wrapped up I think they may. And they can I do it if bias against the tigers will be in a position to set the rotation would you agree I would agree yeah so. It would not be priced because he's the new guy I'm guessing it'll be Verlander. I wouldn't rule out David Price to go anymore if he pitches great maverick he's our referees and 0701 down the stretch yes. Six or seven and also very emotional guy and seven on seven under through some demeaning and the numbers there. Cost and those were these text and photos and whatever. What you do to wit. To lead like that. I read page ego monster seats but you're also the guy that those. Party in 99 -- off a year BC the -- when he was Euro way. I don't know what that mean I don't need. It's gonna Alan Webster. 20% she was a year away with -- which I am correct about the 2% to begin 2001 by the way. That doesn't mean the millennium was in 2000. Go to this go to Vermont talked. Hi Allan good morning -- I'm not. Oh. So I think -- questioned -- People -- explanation I've heard that. That order that it would ought to be it collapsed bridge and know what well -- I opened up the discussion began and Jon -- it won't do it it was got a bit calculation that art. I'm a we can only go by what bench Arrington said publicly on no sleep the other day and he said that numerous times. He said in fairness to Jon Lester he's an Oakland a known you wanna talk too much about it but it was a bit revealing I thought when he said we. Wanted to talk but it just didn't happen from the other side for whatever reason. So I thought that was pretty interest in. I'm thinking maybe it didn't calculate -- what -- thought you. Opened at such a -- that they get. It's obvious that it but I get my. They not been quiet. At a very good question one year it's your own question now what. What would be an alternate plan for the Red -- I hear what you're building when. I sit here -- picture. Will await your -- So women -- let me see if I understand your point you're seeing. But the Red Sox -- might be not only to not sign Jon Lester 2856. Year deal 'cause he's over thirteen given twenty plus million. We're not sign anybody like may be taking eight. Try to get Cole Hamels try to sign James Shields at a veteran right. Replaced Lester and Lackey but see who of Varnado Webster -- rose. Henry Owens can be in this rotation to start next year used the rest of the season to find out out. I don't. Really. At all I'd like now. You know I -- but no -- Without a picture you. Actually there it is not the -- All I -- a little perplexed. By it other then. We'll. Get well. Let's go by what Alan said -- his exact words. You need a couple of big time pitchers -- those big time pitchers be on seasoned guys. In other words would it be unprecedented. No it wouldn't be Bret Saberhagen 1985 -- -- when he went about Francisco Rodriguez and what he did on the stretch for the -- -- -- -- -- For the Los Angeles Angels back then and all that against the senators go giants like they're ready and I mean what to and they had some. That they -- that here with Los Angeles Angels five names in five years but but. Do you think that's part of the Red Sox plan that not only they're not gonna pay Jon Lester and there's no chance -- open to anybody or -- moan don't discount and he's not back. But they'll go with young guys. India China saddle road that an enemy we're giving you successor -- was that trio the Mets it is during 2000 and pulse of four and yes. Missing -- that tomorrow at Texas a packet to the text machine. Some would give us the they're but the Mets had a trio of young great pitchers. And it it didn't work out so I understand. You you can go with these young guys we've seen. Time and time again. Time and time again we've we've seen these. Buck stick to wallpaper -- that. But no we've we've seen time again young pitchers come through Lackey in 02 with the angels in in in. -- Hagan with the royal loses to a top my -- Nineteen -- the law Morgan -- a couple years in the big leagues 67 so that that thought Jermaine. And do you agree with -- -- kind of kicked around the -- -- -- 2526. Where he found but Bob Barker I'm thinking young guys. Monica what the Orioles in 03 but he kicked around the -- as a few years but if you talk in my young guys making a pastor of the miners and emerging as big league stars in the post season on the mound to become a minor Lackey with the angels and 02 and Sabin -- in 85 with the growth. But again I'm sure their Brothers six or 7779793. Similar American Springfield. But -- and much of a sports on -- I don't -- -- bombard a -- Good hey -- an -- piggybacked out less tolerant sort of answer the question how -- yeah obviously it's time to really evaluate these -- hard. For the rest of -- season and I think it's a necessary thing to do cardinal that tendency now because the -- and Somalia and to make the conversation that you guys had a before about who's the better pitching staff Detroit our local but really pissed that I don't think. And in that town what we should be doing -- look at Amoroso last night actually a car that quarter -- Who can't throw strikes. And we definitely have to go back to 2012 when we govern those salaries and we -- it was a rebuilding year. Last year we get -- -- won the World Series -- we're -- kind of forgot that we still rebuilding -- -- full rebuild -- And chicken is that it held accountable for treating oracle tried starting -- the Serbs either -- and really looking at these guys we got in return and whether or not only viable candidate. The next thing -- like mark -- is. Being a -- here. Press conference. -- Demands are talking about how they really need to work him into the -- really serious about -- we just got chill it mr. Kelly. We just got -- I mean I'm sorry -- -- much and we just got Allen Craig says it is our credit assessment that. These guys -- proven occasionally count him in the lineup that kind of move on you know and probably not immediately. Clear. I mean this certain. Does it bother does he bought I understand and -- and standpoint in -- yet the same discussion we did. While Red Sox Nation I would say are here and W I discussion about peavy and Gomes acquire they bothering to be here and then they get rid of those guys. What do. Does it bother you that there are decidedly right handed in other words the lineup by game there's only one left in -- that's Ortiz. I really doesn't because we done that and it's -- for years and we now are about it that's right handed -- in a -- You know. Craig is it's not just so one sided battery and deep. We released -- 315 last year -- 97 RBIs this track record except this last year that he looked solid Major League Baseball player. Alex spearheaded peace and yet dot com the other day in which he referenced the piece by. -- Nicholas in Saint Louis that that the cardinals got a pretty good track record of knowing when to move along with certain words so that would be. Bad news for Red Sox fans who think that Allen Craig's gonna like have this magic elixir. Good news is again you can make the Michael example but Allen -- a very good ball player is on. I agree and that talk about -- -- -- -- ride with young pitching that I'll look at the opening look at the Tampa Bay -- I mean this is what they've done so yeah we got to look at these guys we got in the and that that chicken ballot BO we got to look at these Garrett. That we made. The future and gambled on the garden approach it's we get a part really evaluate them marks are what they -- -- last night and I'm saying. You definitely got -- -- me is that his normal onslaught that core arm slot because it's just that there's. He's not the answer because he cannot throw strikes. Come -- over the top of the -- three core arm slot that's all right walk in the ballpark. Well and -- article it's a good -- thanks for the -- the knock on Webster has always been that six walks yesterday that at the Major League level. He's not been able to control the stuff that he has. And command -- and it's been inconsistent at all happened yesterday one inning. Would we getting -- -- attacks on on young pitchers and taken a team in the post season and text to right now mentioned Josh Beckett tomorrow which is a great one. -- as smoltz Avery and may addicts. Automatic scheme of the content and those guys by the way that they didn't emerge. As. Post season performance at a young -- when talking about all three of those guys smoltz. Glavine. Dramatics I think even Avery they have like seven and seventeen records they they really got thrown into the -- And I was trying to read more about that thing's screwed up again and Beckett was a young kid. The three guys that was frank Mullen thank you for the Texas -- -- is in house of pulp and impulse -- for children with Paul Wilson so I think Mets fans. I'd stop moving that thing. Nets fans that you don't it's just a tease me aren't taught honey. But the -- I think Mets fans of Western Europe and my daughter saw Paul -- is -- in both an -- while an industry rotation going forward you know what didn't work out so. I'm just being I'm just giving cautionary tales everything we hear about entering -- suggests he's going to be a solid big league pitcher and I think that may happen. -- -- -- solid big league pitcher in September organized team in September. And I'm excited about these young guys but you know WS via a veteran number one leader on the team next season. I mean that's part of the last 52 games and see I mean if Anthony were not make six or seven starts parked on the stretch. And pitches for most of which he did the other day. Well Sharon Israeli and that's fine but you can't pick the Red Sox -- post season team next year understood on the street of the Renato. Owens. Tiller -- What buckled throw chuckle and joke Kelly Dugard only veterans or did have them grew Jason on the -- -- Jason. I got a a completely on board that went pretty much not just live my additions of these young pitchers right now not. The way I look at it no matter what he got it on at least one notable. Proven guy and in the next year ought to be remotely competitive who is that James Shields. I'm you know that ideal. A -- to see it make a splash news they're bringing back. Lecture maybe publishers there I don't know that pocket. Well what expense net deep but. I'm on to -- on the that being a not a situation and. I didn't know that it it it was a situation I would go ahead. Pummeled they're talking about payroll you finally get not pat. Good year Craig healthy. You get starting outfielder Craig Bradley. And that's. Where Napoli locked into first base where is -- arena he's up for the season. And -- yeah I guess it during you know we never know yeah. No -- no agreement on did I think we can agree no no disrespect Daniel Nava and out -- a bit of big not a guy. Beyond the fact that he's a role player. Barack barrel should and this is not disrespect the -- should not lose obviously trying to find at bats and Daniel -- wait fort he is. A big part of the past he's not part of the future if you can have an outfielder assessment is. Jackie Bradley junior now and Craig there there is no place on this team as a starter for Daniel -- of finding a -- dollar from now to September 27. Should not be an issue. I would agree with you I'm. I guess I mean quite like all that and others. Ability is a Major League the last actually not at MLB caliber talent at a pop and batting average and AL last year. No no no no I agreed on a percent in and out as a Major League Baseball player but he eat he used correctly. Used as a role player in this no shame in that and complete 1015 years. Mean Lou Maloney got nine years in the big leagues he never had 500 at bats in the season I don't think but he was -- 272 career hitter which is very good. Playing three positions that's very good that's a respectable Major League career so it it it's no shame that Daniel Robert May emerge. As -- and he's been that kind of player. So as as a starter not necessarily as a role play yes. About the veteran pitcher that you're looking for. We throw some numbers at you and tell me if this would be amenable for you for the Red Sox next year 200 in four innings pitched. The 175. To fifty so a better than 31 ratio strikeouts to walks. Twelve and nine for record ERA of three point 77. We see that again twelve and 93 point 77200. Innings pitched 321 plus 321 strikeout to walk ratio. OK for veterans that that acceptable to you yet -- but he but the Smart erase. That's James Shields -- James Shields average season is twelve and nine. Three point 77204. Innings and at least and as 162 game projection baseball reference and it's not as average probably 19. But that's a solid. Veteran who's going to be a free agent who by the way. It's 33. When the season starts next. And comes at the by their actions your point about Lester comes at the less years and less money. Price and might be your de facto ace if they sign him next year. Extra says it is not affording him rights yet doesn't have to be till next year likely not bring him up by a and it's in the logic line that but I think it. -- -- -- find a place him in September give him some starts he would he brings the table it's just to get some reports Steve Buckley is on board I'm -- Stearns is a sports Sunday on WBI. With you for the foreseeable future. With most of the players are talking about we had we had. Alternatives. Certainly with Lester and Lackey we had. There's lots of different things we could've done. And there were attractive. Prospect packages. That were available to us for for both guys. You know we just felt like. What made the most sense for us was to try to try to focus on. In fact Major League talent that's that's ready. And we -- we have a lot of good young players we need we have strengthen our our system. So that's already a strength and although there was some prospect packages -- prospects that were available to us that were very attractive. You know we we we want that immediately team and and really give ourselves. A head start on -- that building. Building again in becoming as good as -- we -- as quickly as possible that that sort of guided us at least on the Lester and Lackey deals toward. More proven Major League players. -- sex GM Ben sharing generally this week after making. All those moves at the trading deadline Steve Buckley and -- Stearns and a sports Sunday and WEEI but what you more surprised that looking back on it. Or maybe it was less predictable but they acquired Major League. Talent that they traded both Lester and Lackey. Cause of the two things we didn't talk a lot about nobody talked so. We help people here with that money years has sparked the annual also cast -- brand in my steered mirth and charged rhetoric I I had many many discussions about. David -- With -- McCadam on on WEEI. I always side Murphy was going to be a very solid big league player he said a couple of pretty good seasons with Texas Rangers Indians now. Brendon moss and judge -- never had an opinion on the economy came and went so so no I didn't make those comments but what was your question again. What are you more surprised at that they acquired Major League talent at -- trading deadline or that they treated Lester and act. That they quite Major League talent a lot of really really really good baseball people. Michael Silberman Scott wilder Alex rob. John McCadam PA is right and on the road. Wrote a ton of stuff about with Brian MacPherson -- it does go on and on wrote a ton of stuff on win this team. Would be going and I didn't read every single thing every single writer wrote but I didn't get the impression. Based on what I was reading that the Red Sox were going to acquire players like excess but it's. And down great in it in -- someone did write that and I missed it I apologize. I just didn't see everything so no I was surprised. I do know that of all people Craig Murphy the comedian. Who does a lot of stuff around here and we had our game -- August 25 by the way as a player coach but he. On Twitter posited that the brits like might -- west of the open -- -- says business. So he'd nailed it not as a sources have told me -- -- -- -- was speculative and I don't mean to be disrespectful. To him but I believe it was more. Speculation -- anything else but he is near as I can figure. After remembered. What I remember seeing was pirates cardinals Dodgers. Went into the Orioles were very involved -- it as it happens and I made. I thought I read it as it happens dodges -- really serious contenders -- Lester partly because. They've got a pretty good rotation right now. I mean they're gonna go to rotation with a 12 punch of -- Greinke and that that's really good and by their actions that in wanna give up their Bogart's -- Henry Owens. You got is exactly and and all this that and I'll be frank I never heard Jack Peterson until a week ago that because it's not my job fall. The Dodgers farm system and I'm not like a big baseball America. Reading the prospect reports and all that -- on reading in the policies and they don't take the names and memorized them so so like everybody I had to go research this guy. And he's an outfield -- good on base percentage it's a power steals bases does play in the PCL this season putting a -- there but he's also a traditional. Farm system guy Concord -- Concord double A Concord Tripoli so. I'm brag you know when I know about Jack Peterson for the purposes of saying that five days ago I didn't know anything about -- so. I thought based on what I was reading and hearing that we would be getting somebody's as you put it into Bogart's. -- in the pirates Orioles cardinals Dodgers instead. We got somebody's David Ortiz if you will. How can you look back and have predicted. The contenders would be giving up every game players in their lineup. To a Red Sox team that's out of it how how can you realistically look back. And see the contenders. Are gonna acquire pitching. Would give up every day guys in the lineup as opposed to prospect averaged don't see how. Anybody could have predicted that Jonathan's in a car and has a reaction to that too Jonathan your thoughts. You have guys that I particular like Bob -- What there Jack did last week reminded me some old habits. Don't -- -- several years ago many years. Besides that your record. As well -- are -- it's not working and you gotta change something bad that was very impressed. Bet the average actual cash yet I was able and willing to make all the changes they've made. To restore the seeing. To be a contender and I think what happened to the game this year. Well it's a very natural. Letdown. From the big lift they got last year from the -- top names in the aftermath of all that. And they were emotionally charged up they -- just natural that would have a let down. So you can get -- bad side that this year but then. Here we are trading deadline and management. You know we're at we're that's not good enough for us what a cute. Making the effort to be contenders are very impressed that they did that and the fact that they got Major League players. To being being debated a great job negotiating because they've already got Estrada. Young prospects. In the murder league both Beijing and that position players and I just I was genius. That it would go ahead and bigger -- to negotiate. These -- to bring in. Major League. Chart that I said -- I think he says some interesting things there you said the restored themselves to a contender even tweaked got a little bit and said you. Admired them for the effort to get back to being a contender in the and you called the genius. If that's the case clearly that's all yet to be seen. What they did do. Was taken uncharacteristic. Uncharacteristically. Second worst run producing team in the American League or worst run producing team from most of the season. And try to give it a boost at the expense. Of their pitching and so the contender part is clearly yet to be seen -- clearly demonstrated. That they knew they had a problem scoring runs which again is uncharacteristic for the Red Sox I think it's a huge stretch to say that they're contenders. All of. And other contenders and saying they had unit is making the effort. And make the changes. Do restore them hopefully to being content and my view is if they're willing to do what they did last week. They're going to be willing to do in new local saying after I've been ordered. Make the effort to stay as a contending branch so that -- productive work going to be like -- -- -- we got several significant changes in the works in the -- that they don't want a political long term contracts. Immediately sign that there were willing to work in the short term can maintain flexibility. So that they can -- -- -- the changes that they need to. Well it's a good call Jonathan and we appreciate your perspective I think it's an interest in one -- because when you look at it one of the things they've gained or a couple of things they've -- down the stretch here. Is they get a trial period here. To see. What Allen Craig in -- -- it is can do specifically for this lineups he would joke Ali. Can do for this pitching staff I would argue that the lineup couldn't get any worse so clearly they got to get better but the get a trial period. To see how it's going to happen which is really unusual here. Mean that's what do you gain when was the last time in the Red Sox had two months of meaningless I blessing meaningless and meaning two years ago. Wheldon. Two months because and try and maintain an early August they mean as we now know. It it fell off the fact they thought of me Eric but not not is are always issues. Not as are always issues team not so. What what's gonna happen butch is and I think everyone would agree with this this is is that good news bush. That once the dissection analysis of the trades. Once that's done and we move on for the most part to the patriots. We will not be getting that daily bark and bite of the disgruntled fan there it's like slows because people recognize where they are now. And if if smoky Betts comes up and makes a mistake in the outfield if Alan Webster walks guys. If if Henry Owens makes his big league debut in September and struggles. There will be no bark and -- the disgruntled -- because I think people recognize that this is this is. These -- baby steps being made with the future in mind. 6177797937. To your point about. Two years ago in the matter of perspective on August 2 two years ago and there were 5353. Days ago. Played 500 baseball. Under Bobby -- No attempt to great point look at that is that season wise but it did not go completely south until September I told you. It could go to Scott in Framingham -- next pillows got. My lawyers and good morning early morning. Staying without a wondering everybody gave Sharon came. And keep my -- He also outrage for what he'd done on the Osce -- the networks. I think that what was -- secret now. You do know we assign these trades mostly for fun correct. I didn't hear that but it. -- -- -- -- it in our you know it is aren't needed to -- Doug and Hillary doesn't. Errol does that to everybody does and it's in it's it's it's the same thing is when the patriots schedule comes out you picked -- Game by game -- -- record. And well thought out there who now lives with this -- fourteen into. But I mean there -- other probably I mean if if Fred the RC -- guys doing it their fifteen and one at sixteen you know Aniston thing. But it's it's a good question it's fun you realistically it's like when when teams. When teams graft. When teams draft you don't really know. You don't really know how things look until three or four years later we have to assign any. So. Tell -- also Scott what are you give Arrington for grade. Right now I would I would on a key Jean Martin. -- you'll I like -- and your colleagues. Put out right now I'd I'd say she you plot. -- -- The only because I didn't like let's pray but I like the -- I think I think what people and. Wednesday night Joseph Kelly makes his Red Sox debut in Saint Louis by. All right all right Scott thanks for the call appreciate it 6177797937. Steve Buckley. What Stearns board Sunday on WEEI. So -- here I would I am proud to present you with a check for 250 dollars. The sponsor a player you're watching on the several cast you -- which immunity cardboard -- The photographers lining up all time baseball game dot com but I'm proud to sponsor and I'm proud on behalf of all the people that support the memory of -- Stearns my dad dad families dad to sponsor your game once again. Which we've done in the past and I speak for all of them can check out the -- Released the refund people can make out checks still for August 25 Monday night the old time baseball game to a couple different please campaign. It's with Colin on the game is Monday August 25. And you know -- accurate big big boss here's the big. Graeme nobody's gonna come though ice it's brownie points for the fall you should come there and I thought -- -- and it -- But. Obviously you know -- doing the -- when he first edition in two different here a year year and keep Brady's when BC baseball captain. He's from up and Beverly. He was diagnosed -- -- a couple of years ago and the use -- -- is that like this at the poster boy for -- countries become a rock star. All across the country he's even he's even -- by congress trailer three search where do in the game as a fundraiser for -- on repeat Brady's. And it will be the usual glittering real time uniforms and all of that the home team. This year will mostly be made up of -- warmer buddies from saint John's prep BC in Italy and whatever. -- rapidly gets to play GM he gets that soleil lot of his old written by the last riff Raff from -- And he has the mask I'm not crazy about it -- the other times you have to get his lineup cards at like 430 and so on -- emergency riff -- was going to be at our game. And and shocked the world view necessary to get in and out so it's it's got to be a good week for me personally is that gets it. It on Monday. Al gets he would take part in the annual time baseball games that are on Saturday what UMass beat BC fox thought of a fun week but that that's illiterate. So what we're doing is is as Pete brings it all is beat BC riff Raff. And home. And so you can you got to still refer ever think Bernard Richard 200 -- -- we're proud to be on the way. But it's going to be a fund raiser for either LS PDI which is their developments in Cambridge. And the economic check -- LS TDI. Which is a nonprofit that the tax deduction or that Pete Brady's number refund. Which raises money repeats here experimental therapy and so what that not tax deductible. And you can do either but he said beanie Nellie -- Buckley at boston.com. I can get more committing an F Buckley at Boston Herald dot com. And you can just sent me an email. With more information. Requested and in which 31 response in peace it's one of fifty dollars sponsored player that old time baseball dot com. And that will give you all the other possibilities for sponsorships. Important thing is that we do in the game between when years. A lot of us feel this is the most emotional game we've done because he is that a part of our game. He made a brief appearance in the game two years ago his brother played last year this whole -- Aniston three busloads of people from Beverly coming the game. The important -- you'd be here Monday night August 25. 7 o'clock in pews field in Cambridge. I'm probably -- one of the is millions of people work in this game all -- appear. As a whole but to be put the game and on the that it does the right now. Which is a company well on behalf of the -- -- memorial fund currently -- the big -- which -- To regularly check in memory of -- our dad and to support peace treaties and -- heard you talk. Com. A lot and I mean that is compliment about the different foundations and nonprofit is proud to write it out. Be -- by the way tomorrow if you down McCain had trouble getting off to keep this morning -- you back here tomorrow. For the boys and girls clubs. Of the KP go to boys and girls clubs Cape Cod dot org. The find out more partners at 1 o'clock shotgun start at new sea -- still some. Single. Groups opener I don't think this foursome is available but you go to golf right beyond what I used to play in a scramble and and I. I'm a fourteen handicap. So by nature I -- between 85 and ninety that's good. Com and now it's not real good girl but I mean it's that you can go to these tournaments -- Scramble Ayers has -- tomorrow I am not only going to be playing in the boys and girls clubs charity tournament put on by the 9917. Year in a row to support the boys and girls clubs and kept an -- the auction. So I'm looking forward to it with -- -- that 99 -- pro most. Of the boys and girls clubs tomorrow and on the -- come down and -- still openings go to Boys and Girls Club dot org let's go to ray. In Revere who's next on sports on -- already. And -- I reported on the Red Sox so first there's. I did not victory would rather than you can let Roger Clements one year ago but he complete BQ. It is right when you brought in Peter -- that they -- and I think that they are mature at all. The title in Thai culture and lock her up in different. Second point. -- that cigarettes are now on the spot a lot that are. This statistic there are now urging -- cheated on line game either Korean diplomat -- -- it. Richard out of the -- the Yankees got this started and our chart. Almost all time. This year there are now in -- -- batted that away and the arts. In and we get out on Oprah and I'll let her get away at sold it to the right -- at an at a -- my third point that. I think the Red Sox are. Yes I think that artificial boundary at thirty. What -- what are that it let that we are believed to -- in his prime -- -- more -- left -- you know it will be a better approach would be. Redick I get to a arbitration years -- foreign -- That's when you -- very dire real contract. And I think the tenor of the discussions between brought a note brave person let to a very different. Elect had a contract. And the other to get -- in arbitration. But you bio you arbitration years that you get the next three years. On the contracts and maybe get guys to 3233. Years old. To have immediate and I think there at such really need to be doing it they need to be penetrate -- that. They've done that right now -- they've done that they didn't do a couple bunkers you didn't wanna do what they didn't do with Ellsbury. 'cause you didn't wanna do what they did you would Buchholz they did do with Lester. On this last -- which only took them to thirty though and they did do what we've god -- Dustin Pedroia recently to. Yet I think this year got Lester a new contract two years ago. It was foreseeable and I don't and I don't excuse that he does. That's -- that they've gone to hear that three whether a lot place and -- you you'll -- got your rates. Your big argument against how they botched. -- -- big argument for how they quote unquote botched the Lester and was not the seven million in spring training this year it was two years ago and -- pro. Exactly the same thing that I think now Obama won a long term high -- I don't pay their crop of one -- they wanted to draft. You know in the arbitration amount -- he created a model changed. You don't want to get to six. You know -- that -- -- -- the cardinal bird lesser under contract because they're just not that. Well but -- may get a big lead you're assuming in -- -- were there I think you would agree with me he's assuming -- and -- that Papelbon. And Ellsbury. What have signed deals. Two years are free agency there was no indication from either one of those are just agreed to wrongly. Apple blonde almost date you right in the big leagues at a clock going right he talked endlessly about his service time and being a free agent. News. If there was one guy Cota picked as the locked. You remember when they watch the final game that that game in Baltimore 2011. And then they were apparently up the field in Tampa Bay at one its gain but the brits like that of the playoffs. Everybody in the club Boston Baltimore with talk -- what was -- the season's over and look what happened. Papelbon talk with the media for 45 minutes it can't aren't that night in it was definitely a there was definitely the sense he was moving on but -- he was always. He always had -- clocked going right it's always looking at the clock. And looking at free agency in that he signed with the Phillies was not a surprise to anybody and I would argue they maybe -- -- despite the and I would argue that Ellsbury was in the same boat and if he wasn't. The day he read from their piece of paper. Toronto or for worse whatever it was different because that was changed right -- if if he wasn't yeah it was different with -- Ellsbury is Ellsbury never. Never said I can't wait some free agent is as recently as the beginning of last year. That was great at least was saying oh you know I like it here stay here and so forth he never went with apple one you always got the -- with -- -- -- -- Meanwhile the whole you know Billy -- the big heavyset drop out rate and Helio atom in the belly when -- -- out of the bullpen. Like to when that -- down -- run in and that long stretch in the moderately lovable friendly thing -- he was committed to go to free he was committed to making as much money as possible on the best way to do that was the go to free agency. Now I don't think Ellsbury. If body English and in semantics and so what I mean anything. I don't think Ellsbury it was never wedded to Boston and -- it's unfair maybe he would call show NC will be not that lobby here but did you get the sense that he was never. Deeply wedded to Boston. Yes by his actions and his words a dot org ads and as far as the the holding up -- -- points in an argument music criticism would you do it raised the issue. What -- it and it wasn't there that was a week answers and Ron. Win. He met with the media. And he held update it and critical a lot of things. And it was never big Ellsbury guy and did I didn't dislike him I just didn't seem as the long term guy here. And I think he had one great season and eventually capitalized on your complete support on holding up the good point that we because. Eight eating get the sense he was real comfortable dealing with the media to begin -- in -- With a complicated issue his medical care who did what win and who said what. In when he spoke with the media he wanted to get the timeline correct. So he. Brought out a piece of paper this happened on March when he trip this happened on April 3 you know whatever just to make sure he didn't get his his back to mix them. In a lot of people while look at he's an idiot -- -- -- he's reading you know his agents get. I had no issue with that whatsoever. Better -- that he do that many say some in the he's gonna regret later on because -- weeks later estimates it. Yeah but it's Rory said this. And then he with it while I misspoke this when he doesn't speak. That out of the way you always got the sense that that it was going to be a long term thing. Go to Chris in a car. For the top of the hour here hi Chris. Good morning guys are in good. Let's talk about straight spurt that. I am -- with you lack E*Trade. Except for one thing. Allan -- it is does that throw away he. We are at now break in they're -- eat those. Basically expect the bank that you went there it. President Allen Craig as the -- -- pieces drove in ninety runs last year and has a three is an all star 203 years so not catch to -- Speed does not serve a purpose or that team. That is absolutely needed they needed somebody searched at the table -- -- -- upset if they can have gotten somebody else back. That the top of the order. That -- A -- it prop it looked at the office this year. What then in things that permit somebody to get up at our coach Roy and or eat that apple. While they need to needs produce runs like they used. That's what I need to do. How to produce it. Well I don't disagree that you point that they need a replacement for Ellsbury need someone off the top of the lineup but. Two to go against that. They've won 49 games out of their 110 games now would Brock COLT mainly as their leadoff hitter hitting 300. He's not been a bad lead off guys it is still not producing runs so while you argued that Allen Craig is what did you column. Throw it throw away piece I would argue that. They needed deeper lineup that can produce runs and knocked guys in when they get on base and Allen Craig could help you do. You got that piece but that the sort of things did you did that was just and guys in the in the lineup to start dreading it brought. With nobody at the top they order a bit. OK so all things being equal Chris thanks for the call you would have rather had a lead off hitter. Instead of Allen Craig I I see that argument it's still the leadoff hitter discussion -- as we go to break is still there. You -- it is -- leadoff hitter to start the season next year it's -- -- I mean I agree with -- -- said. Except for the phrase -- -- calling on pro pro pro eight peace is is an -- caught disrespectful because he's a pain in his right. But -- I just think different colleges wrong. -- -- -- stated he says it was ill advised and by the way. By the way they treated John Lackey. Into -- is a very good pitcher on this team. But they were -- have problems having him play for the fifteenth of 500000 dollars next year and by the way put that on Lackey Lackey. Wacky got a gazillion dollar was not the pitch for the team per year the reason the Red Sox sign that exotic contract which. With debt 500000 dog -- built into it is for protection. In the event that John Lackey missed an -- year. So dot he misses an -- a year in the reflect a thick woods -- policy they collect on that now. In the form of one year for 5000. In yet when it comes down to collecting on that. It is -- I don't -- McCain -- said -- but there was this understanding electors in mobile will wait a minute. A good idea for this team Muster up when the World Series and I'm gonna -- 5000 dollars on this coming home. I expect. When we come back we'll talk more about a bunch of ex Red Sox. Pitchers pitching today. And this week some of them making their debuts including. A new Red Sox player Joseph Kelly the -- in Saint Louis on Wednesday it Steve Buckley what stern sports Sunday on WB.

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